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Filler Florals & Leaves

teacher avatar Esther Peck

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What we will be learning

    • 3. Art Supplies

    • 4. Colour Swatches

    • 5. Leaf Stroke

    • 6. Filler Foliages

    • 7. Filler Flowers 1

    • 8. Filler Flowers 2

    • 9. Projects for You

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About This Class

This is a basic class which I will guide you from colour swatches, basic leaf stroke to create filler leaves andĀ florals. This is ideal for beginners who have just started watercolour painting.

Some techniques that you will learn in this class:

1) Wet on WetĀ 
2) Wet on Dry
3) Basic leaf stroke
4) Blending Colours
5) Mixing Colours
6) Fine Details

Hope you enjoy this class and post your projects.

I will be happy that If you can take time to review my class. Have fun painting with me.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Esther Peck


Hello, I'm Esther. 

I have always enjoyed art from a very young age. My first form of proper arts education started at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore), where I took a course in Western Art. I have since held various roles in the art industry such as an Assistant Art Director, to a freelance graphic designer later on in my career.

In 2015, I took an interest to watercolour and brush calligraphy, picking up the skill on my own. My background as a graphic designer has helped me create artwork, designs and publishing. I have published 2 books - ‘Lush & Blooms’ and ‘A Guide to Floral Watercolour’ and my second book was sold out within 4 months! I had reprinted my book, ‘A Guide to Fl... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm I stepped back and alter off lashing blooms and a guy to floral watercolor. In today's lesson, I'm packing in a number of basic fueler leaves and floors. This'll is a basic class which are about discuss about colors I use and I will show you that by learning basic lifts stroke, you can paint various needs. And Flores, I'm so excited to share with you all the leaves and florist on I hope that you were paying some chance like this. Join me, my class. See you soon. 2. What we will be learning: Hi. Welcome back to my class. Today's class is failure leaves and Flores. And I'm sure you knew this pretty colors from Primo. What tropicals and the classics. The's other water colors that I used to pain. I think this daisies and there from my book. I have the feeler leaves them teach you do flowers I'm teaching you is definitely have speeding. I might be able to teach you a speedy it rascals as India for my book Lashing blooms. So I'm gonna start with the color swatches. 3. Art Supplies: Hi. We'll come back for today's filler leaves and flowers for the color bookshop, the supplies that we need a round brushes. I use a number eight number six for smaller flowers, number two for details, and I need to palette for mixing colors. We are using tropicals and the classics by. If you don't have these colors, you can actually use your own palettes and the people I recommend. I just Coppola Street 100 grand. Of course, you need your to just of water again and we've ever think pet, I'll see you soon. 4. Colour Swatches: When comes the painting leaves. I like to explore different greens. So with this two pallets, three classics and tropicals I have some greens here. I'm going Make some at the greens from this palace US that from tropicals. Ah, used come Tiki Thing is what I have tried earlier on even with come and take a I go in other green because I have more green here. So this one less that way exploring some colors Just so this is Pam, and I'm using takina way blend the Carless you probably can't see over here. So there's the colored I get case quite nice green and not a one usedto again. And I used less tiki things Time you things time I get this color and if I water two days, I think it's the color that I would like to use So just with limited pilot from tropicals we actually have a few greens here to play. I have these cars and we actually have another green. This is a writer one call island, which I probably wouldn't use it. So the big bright for said I even want to use it for right Foreigners probably use that and okay, parrot, over here. I will make sense. This now makes a little bit off. Come. You get a bright green. I got a right to is to if you don't have prima What? The colors. You can choose similar greens that you have in your palate. So we order starters per pet. I see you soon. 5. Leaf Stroke: we'll come back for today's class. I'm going to teach you leak strokes, basic leaves, one Brit leaf and to relief This is from my book a guy to float or what color Using the colors that have mixed earlier. Probably just use some of this color. I'm using my number A brush thesis home. I hold my brush holding it about 75 degree If I wanted us to leave, that is narrow one more time. I'm just using another comma that I have mixed earlier. Come and Tiki and I like this color. Okay, if I wanted to be brother, I'm holding my brush a little bit lower and I press harder. And if I wanted to be shorter, I don't jacket so long one more time if I wanted shocked. Er I just pull up. And don't worry about this team one more time. Okay, so this is full one Great leaf. We need to practice a few times in factor. Sometimes in my workshop I will encourage my student to practice a lot on this leaf before they go on with the two relieves. Let's continue with the one great leaf. I would like you to work on to Blakely's for true greatly. I have my pain loader and I'm moving upward One break and downwards inaudibly. So I had a tube lately using just a number one more time for this. The reason why you had this is because I hold a bit long just now. So we cannot you do a bit off, have trapped with this one more time, e, I hope your practice these strips one break and to Britney's with that, we are able to pin lots of leaves and this leaves our with a sharp teeth. Now, I would like to show you some least be round tip. So I'm just morning my brush this way of it lower. And I just end this week press and I lift up again. Can you see that? This is round it one more time for this back. Okay, so your Simon is the practice. These one bit leaf two great leaves and leave is around. I'll see you soon 6. Filler Foliages: welcome back So far the filler leaves. I hope you have done enough practices I've done mine on So I'm going to teach you with the basic live strong one break to wear Going to Pain Rascals Way Start with me in vain Can you remember your stroke? Press, press and go back to the tip Press angle back to the tip Picking for right hander We always have problems with this site so we can always turn. I'm just using a number six. I continue to show you turning this down and you just have to continue adding on And this make very pretty filler leaves the next film released I would like to teach you ease, deal e have done their own. I've done some over here, so I stopped before. I mean and you notice that I'm holding my brush a bit higher. You and I need impress. I just painted this week way This'll deal, make very pretty filler lease you Should I just I have been through one of the corner off my floor a reef, so I just pain them its descent angles some my press even light a smaller one. So I hope that you will try this out with the basic strokes that year. Flynn. I'm teaching you friends with the common stand we have prepared earlier. Using Palm and Tiki, I got these pretty mix. I start with the main vein using the leaves stroke you have learned. I paid one site, and I turned the paper to a comfortable level. Control your strokes by painting is smaller and smaller. - You campaign with another green from classics or try another anger. Have fun trying out different friends. Three of Research Emmy Lynn A lot to research way for Dusty Miller's Less that with the stem and using the tip of the brush. Press up around struck and lift up my brush way. So we have meant for tax of colleges. Dio funds Russ Goose that stimulus and I have Pinter. Several off the foliage is chance. Let's continue with fuel of forests. I see you soon 7. Filler Flowers 1: we'll come back. So glad to see you so soon. I hope you have practice the leaf stalks to form the field of flowers they have taught you . But today's lesson I'm going to teach you. Well, a benda. Definitely. Um Hefter And I'm using because explain again. I'm using the tip off the brush. Let me just show you home. It should look like this is the tip. Just using the around. Oh, and sometimes I use a bit of blue. This is the custom for the Avendra, right? So but some of you, because the brush tip is a bit shut right? You may get this. So what happened is that I would advise you to hold your branch, because if you hold your brush about how you would get this But if you hold your brush a bit lower, you get it a bit rounder. Something. I just happen. You just have to strokes to small stroke. And then you will get something like this. This requires a bit of practice. So I'm going to show you how the pin is that the stem I painted a few flys different direction. Look to is the real like pull and blue and using the tip of the brush Just the tip of the brush. It's a bit too much water. I just cream. I just picked up pick up the pain leading in a bit of blue here. Yeah, you need to leave a bit of distance because there's home Brabender actually go in 5 to 6 small Castell at this and a little bit of pot in the big pink. So that's ah different kind of colors in this cluster, making it look more interesting. I said, move up. It will get smaller and you have fewer. It's gonna be a blue looking. So you have something like this. I would like to pick up a bit more off the pain, a few that it's a bit too of it to duck, but I think it all depends on individual some of you, like a bit of stronger color. I think these gravy a doctor. So, um, Sofala Benda, this some in me filler flowers. But if you're not painting as full of flowers, it will be good to pin them. We so a few stocks together. Oh, okay. So I have to this book on the game. You've been colors as I mentioned some, uh, like Ping to make it more interesting. Of course. Okay, let's continue with this thing. Like a little bit more Ping somewhere. So there's some of it coming off overlap. All right, So do practice How to pin with the tick off the brush Cost us a lot. A few more hours. I'm gonna teach you the next flower I'm going to teach you. Is the film him again? I'm gonna use the tip off the number eight brush this time I'm using a bit off blue from classic ice blue and a big, tough just blue. I see brew and blue and maybe a bit of poco for this. So I get them on my palette. Just got a bit ready. Some poor. Right. So let's practice a little bit again. I'm not sure you have done your practice. I hope you do. So the tip of the brush you can pain a small flower refined at those that, uh, papo just on this three. If the brew is too much again, I picked up. All right, so we're gonna look something like that again. I'm going to start Mr stem over here. Just that one. Not to abuse one, Tina. People don't. And, uh, we saw very light value off blue. I stuck over here, overlap a little bit and with the but pull now, just get on. So this is cool it on a bit And I'm adding in a bit of green in the center and with a bit so this is a bit, uh, run toe. They're showing in the frontal we and, uh, some more. I think it's a bit too, too bright. So a at on more water showing a little bit cut off having one of the pets of cut calls and I at on this pain again a bit of green bay, A capo in the center. I will continue to paint a few more. So perhaps I would like to have ah different color here. This one would be a bit light, like toe blue again. The center will be a couple. If I think that this colors a little bit duck, I can lift up the pain again. So it's this re and I add more water mix and we continue because there's quite a lot of small flower in this bunch. Let's move a bit faster for me and at the same time, you can watch how I paint them. I will. I will come back to the center. I think it should be. Still be it. As it moves up, my flower will get smaller. So take note of debt. Get on the poor game. It's do it. So I see you're still bent and I want it some green here in the center, some green, right? I'm quite happy with this. And as it moves up, I want, uh, some like proper flowers like this and the inauguration. I'm not going to show the full pipette does. Now I'm showing that one to just a few p. It gave a lot more interesting design to these and by having one more here, while most so in this them and flower again. So this really allows you toe practice a lot on your lowest. I really enjoy coming back to paint a basic flowers again because even the basic strokes thes flowers. They're simple and pretty, so you don't need to really learn very competent, complicated flowers. Start with something simple, something behind. I would like a little bit more Talk a blue gin, so he may look a bit confusing, but, uh, it's just behind. I just add a few more for hours behind and against Over here, I will have a few. Just the potatoes. This one. I would just let it drop. 12 Pepto, Say that one. The big off site. So if you have joined my cherry blossom class, I have thought about floor composition. And and I really hope that you will take up this class because I have added in floral composition for those of you who are new to painting Flora Reef and it will help you. Yeah, definitely informing you're Flora Reef and also teaching a little bit on the anger. Why is it important that your flora re for your okay? I need to have a different angle. And it looks a lot more interesting in this week. Okay, I'm finishing. No. And so I always mentioned it. A flower without leaves. Just as a lot nice. So we're gonna at the museum. So for the leaves, the leaks I'm going Teoh Live store again. One to something like that. Okay. Show you one more time. It can be a me in vain again, and then you will have one to just coming up from here again. Cream cool by. The lead is something like that. We look to What's that? But if you can do that just pain. One beef Tulley. Really? Just like that would do We need to have small, some small live here. Okay, So with that, we have finished painting definition and I will continue. Please, Petr, which is quite similar to this flower too. But we have to prepare right way more comfortable with painting with the tip of the brush because we're going to pin one more flower. I'll be using green again for the stem. It's that bit the stem a little bit, Uh, not a strict. And since I'm having the green color with me, I, uh, perhaps like to start with the leaf for this one. Then let's get back with some breakfast again. Case Uh, all right, so it's like these, Miss. Tomorrow we will have the leaf just a small this way. All right. So I'm good at Ping at the bottom here, fear small leafs. And then we moved up to the flower, some off the green that I have prepared earlier Capers a little bit blocking me. So I need to talk. Always pain and anger this comfortable closing up more. Okay, now I'm going to pin this the tip off the brush again. I'm getting I'm branching musically, the big green at the same time. So, uh, from the stock here were fulsome by drawing the deal. I don't remember. You know, we know we're earlier class. Get the Rick color again and the tick this time I want a shop Techno. So I am a tree drawing. Join in something like this and Yep. So you'd like to know the design is actually from my book Lashing room. I always mentioned that if you want to pin something, it is good to have a reference. So you will move up again. Branch op, draw out this, uh, with the stop, and we pain some. You will see some of this as filler flowers in my floors. My earlier painting I use quite a lot off this in my roses fill us and they really make very pretty filler. Flores come. Adding more and it's moving up. But I would like to have a little bit of green here. So that that's a green desk Green and us A bit off. Yeah. So it on some different colors. Right? So for this fella Flora, using the tip of the round brush, we have done three flowers, Venda, the Athenaeum and Hector. They're going to make very pretty floor attack, which I will show you very soon. So have more practice, and I'll see you. 8. Filler Flowers 2: for this lesson. I'm gonna teach you Philip Flores. And let's start to Dahlia Bedelia. In my book, I show leave stole again. I hope you have been practicing. Leave stroke. You can pull in, then you can pull up. Sometimes we do touch up a little bit. So I have it here. And I washed my brush. Get back some green and I have a bit of weight on here. You see the lease? Let me show you a few more. Comes a bit more water. As the actress paper is ops, the pain a lot. So I'm actually pulling out quite a long at bolts Sometimes. I was in a bit ago. I like Corbett off proper. I'm using the classics from prima watercolor and you can pull in. So this require practice again. Basically, this is unlike course. A more site, dahlia, which you can use it for your fill of floors again. That in some green a study. I didn't really study how the Lucia look, but basically I just in something like this. Yeah. So I have to off this. Should I show you one more? Yes. Okay, I would do one more, and we will practice another flower. One more you press and you pull, you press. Then you pull pool. And if you want something this from the back, you can actually pull back and you can join them, you know? So, yeah, I want to emphasize again. It's all about practice. Okay, though. This are pretty basic flowers, but they really need very, very beautiful Flores. But have to Rick pull up on something, some of the color coming up. So I hope you will practice these flowers the next feel. A flower that I'm going to pay East Djubera. It looks like Zenia in the the comments. I'm gonna use this piggy Rick and orange Probably yellow from the classics. And I'm gonna use the Leafs trouble again. I think I prefer to be lighter. The pigment seems a bit too bright. I'm leaving a bit of a center here. Do turn your paper. If there's a difficulty, I'm just pulling them to a center. And I'm working on a little bit on the bank, holding up just like what I did for value. Just know, live it to dry. And I'm, uh, using written for another one. I mixed the color a little bit if you have difficulty off keeping the center because I do have fit back off some of you telling me that you have lost the center just draws a little sucker here. You just press with the leaf Stop that you have learned again. Kind of. And I would like to get on pay the back. I think I get it if you need to. Still very light. No, in a little bit. So straps it. Okay. I would like to get on the big color here. This for the back. If you didn't want it to show that they get the colors blend like this, you can wait for it to dry, for example, Like this. Now it's just dry year. I can't get on a little bit. Pop of color behind to show a little bit. A proposed from the classic set. Just a show that this other backpack builds. Yeah. No. So you create Moshe does this week get back to my just a little bit? I'm not going to like too much, Right? And back to this. I have I still have a bit off ping on my in my brush. Yes, So there you go. That's how you get some interesting colors. Now we work on the center, the center off the djubera. So I need a much darker color I use I use a bit off upper to mix with the rich to give a little bit more one color, and I just step it here. I used to take off my brush and pulled it and add a bit. Mom have elected to be a bit dr over here too. Yes. So if it is Rhett, you will get this effect, which, actually I quite like it to see the color blending out so so very pretty effect. I would like the center to be any light, so I just keep these batter. I want a bit faster here so that over they will not dry the center cook up a bit more pain so you can see that big leaf stroke that Ueland you actually Kendall in the law floors. Early on, I taught you how to paying Dahlia and now Djubera and later on I will teach you Basie's. That's no leaves. What about? Why not? I pain in the leaves to show you get my greens again. Okay, I would like to help a brighter one for this since the colors so right and vibrant I need the vibrant colors. So this my leaves, we stopped again. Right? So we Kyle make a lot off. See your friend A small bouquet, Rather So we can all make a small bouquet off. Kibera relieves. And even for the CIA. Yeah, I was about to say, Try to help your friend Carla. He will. Looks very nice in this way. Smaller the bookie try toe on some longer. One have a bit of a different shape. So we have one small little bouquet of Djubera. I'll show you the daisy later to bring out the center like this. I use squash and the lineup. I am in the details. Just a tip and we finish up this three Djubera. I love how the colors off the that Petters Brennan with the front petals, I hope Youll try this. The touch for our that we are going to learn is Daisy's using beef stew again. And I'm going to use yellow from the classics mixed with a little bit of green and using cocoa brown for the center. So I'm going to use a number six round brush and for the yellow and diluted with quite a bit of water and the stuff again, I wonder strokes to be a little bit around with it. Okay? I'm picking it because it's too much too mushy. Oh, okay. So far, those off you who find us enter this area is a little bit hard to pin you can't you Just like we draw a bit of the circle again similar to Djubera. But this time around, as I said, my patterns just a little bit rounder ous you can see I didn't want to be so sure. And one last one here. What it is do wet. I picked up a little bit off brownish Carla and I allow the color toe be This one is a bit of it. So this is the center off the daisy. If I want a little bit more, I just are more brow is more Pickman. So they won. He wouldn't kind of floor so much less water. I'm going to pin another daisy. That is a site. So meaning I'm not sure you so many petals now, so I will paint it this way. One. Okay, If you have joined me before for my cherry blossom class, you'll realize that they are always very similar. And that's why I'm making making this self flora classes very similar so that by learning belief, stroke, you're able to pay lots of flowers. So we have this and way have green color again and a bit of opera picking up the green again. So I have this site daisy jump What Happy lives on. And perhaps I'm going to pin one more time to show you. Yeah, I'm painting a little bit off anger. So there's a big there's a big of pet girls here, and over here I live it smaller. A slight anger and one more term for the senator. If the green I just stepped lightly and I would like to have a bit off around one that again this'll one. I think a little bit dry year. So I just Yeah, so this one is a little bit wet, right? Because I just picked up. So they go, I have three. And now I'm gonna add leaves weight because for each Fieler flowers, Although this one is that the flowers, but I would like you to see as a smaller the bouquet of flower I am painting. So get back a little bit off the green Let me see how I like this book. A loose right. Probably this way, son Again with some leaves using the least trouble GIF So I'm like, I'm trying to touch something basic because I realized that there's a lot off you like to join me with basic and we need to learn the least first. And they looked really stories actually. Are there interesting with lots of flowers that way? Djubera and Daisies, the last feel of flour that I would like to teach you East Crispy Dia. And for this I would like to use a mix of orange and yellow from the classics again and I get a pretty someone color. So I'm using my number it round brush again and a peanut this week. Quite quickly. The customs of respect so quick for us. I work on it, so there's a kind of a filler flowers here for my bouquet. I'm adding onto this daisy bookie, so I'm using a bit off yellow for the high, like, yeah, Mom, reddish color below for the shadow. Make sure that is circular like a round ball. I don't Yeah. Sometimes it get bigger and bigger. This is awesome. Not so difficult in a bit of greenness. Well, and this just coming out here. Or you can in a few here. Yeah, let me just can't it on a big who really, like toe in a bit off 1/2 1 behind a daisy, so I would get a bit of a shadow. Okay, so here, too. I was at a meeting coming over. It's always easy to pain. Easier to produce wheat. Yeah, this one. I caught a bit off, right closer. A little bit, but on for the share don't. And that one over there is a bit orangey, so I lift up some pain. Okay, Lift up some pain with my wit brush, but not with a lot of water. So I make it lighter a little bit. Join? Yeah, a little bit. Join. It's OK. Just at on a bit of shared door hopes this stock here and then he joined it up. Yep. So I have my fellow this way, but I thought able looks nice. Service son Green small greenies. I teach all this in my basic workshop. Right. So this small early So you give the whole okay, Some interesting contrast feeler with different colors quite contrasting. The orange and different sizes of leave like this. You have a bigger leaf and a small early. So whatever you have learned. And I hope that you have joined my cherry blossom cross because I touched the broke composition, as I mentioned early on. Yeah, so we bet you're able to, uh, pain. Lots of interesting breathe, remembering all the rules. So yeah, some smaller, some small Elise here. Now just get on so comparatively you'll be able to see one. We don't feel us one. We feel us is so much more interesting. 9. Projects for You: we'll come back. So this is the last lesson. And then I story kept what we have done with the basic leaf Stop. I taught you rascals, do you friends? And after that, I taught you with the leaf stop some feel of flowers, Valya Djubera basis. And with the tip of a number it round brush. I thought you a vendor definition and hecho. And lastly, I also taught you how to pay crispy idiot in this daisy. Okay, so I hope that you will take on the challenge, the pain, some beef cuts which I have done here with the leaf stroke, you're able to pain all this, but you can use different callous the colors that you have in your parents. You don't have to use prima Karla's. Let me show you some. This is the one that we ever learn. Juanma, the flowers. I would like to challenge you to paint something like this off course only those that you have learned this and this on Daisy Bouquet, which I have done this some time ago. And this but brighter Carlos for Dahlia in some trouble. Chuck, I hope you enjoy this class and I'm definitely be coming back very soon.