Fill A Page - 7 DAY Doodle Challenge | Jane Snedden Peever | Skillshare
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11 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Fill A Page 7 Day Doodle Challenge Trailer

    • 2. Setup

    • 3. Day 1 Flowers

    • 4. Day 2 Leaves

    • 5. Day 3 Spirals

    • 6. Day 4 Outlines

    • 7. Day 5 Overlaps

    • 8. Day 6 Inking The Line Art

    • 9. Day 7 Inking The Details

    • 10. Bonus iPad Doodling

    • 11. What's Next

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About This Class


Doodling can be one of the most fun and relaxing hobbies and so perfectly portable that you can take it with you anywhere you go.  What a great way to unwind in this busy fast paced world we live in.

Come along with me and let's draw together in a 7 Day Challenge.  Each day I will challenge you with a new technique that will work us towards filling an entire page with beautiful doodles. 

This course is set up over 7 days, but you can do it at whatever pace works best for you.  If it takes a couple weeks, no problem.  Each day is set up that once you finish one challenge, you move onto the next one, until we have finished filling our page and completing our doodle.  

The Very Simple Supply List:

  • Paper or Sketchbook - I use Letter size - 8 1/2 x 11" copy paper.  This will work with any size paper.
  • Pencil - I use a mechanical as it never needs sharpening, but any sketching pencil or HB will work great
  • Eraser - I use both a white eraser and a putty eraser
  • Art Pens - 3 different tips are plenty - anything from sharpies to microns will work

I have provided a printable copy of the finished line art and the finished artwork for the doodle in this challenge.  These can be found in the file attachments section under the Your Project section.  You can use this to help you get a close up look at some of the techniques I share and how I work my doodles in and around each other.

At the end of the challenge I offer a bonus lesson for those who love to work on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil.  You can do this entire challenge on the iPad Pro if you would like.  I love doodling using both methods.

If you are looking for more doodling ideas or want to learn more about how I draw my designs in this doodle you can check out these other classes I offer on Skillshare

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