Figure drawing from Life: Why and How to get Started | Ariel Vittori | Skillshare

Figure drawing from Life: Why and How to get Started

Ariel Vittori, Illustrator and Comic Artist

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7 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Course Trailer

    • 2. Reasons if you're just starting out

    • 3. Reasons if you have started a while ago...

    • 4. Doing it at home, or getting out there

    • 5. Working with the model

    • 6. My personal approach and what yours could be

    • 7. Final tips & goodbye


About This Class

Learn why you need life drawing if you're studying any kind of visual art - or be reminded if you know you should practice it - and what you can get out of it. Then get a few useful tips and tricks on finding the resources to do it at home, or with your artist friends!





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Ariel Vittori

Illustrator and Comic Artist

Born in 1992, Ariel has decided she was going to draw for a living when she was 12. She self-taught herself into signing her first paying art job at 18.

She has since decided to delve deeper into art thanks to various workshops with many important industry professionals, many of them with the amazing Idea Academy.

She makes erotic comics for body-positive, female authors only Filthy Figments, and freelances as an illustrator, specializing among other things in food illustration....

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