Figure drawing art classes in NYC art studio with Alex Zastanchenko | Alex Zastanchenko | Skillshare

Figure drawing art classes in NYC art studio with Alex Zastanchenko

Alex Zastanchenko, Crave for perfection work your path

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    • Life drawing art classes in NYC art studio Artacademy with Alex Zastanchenko


About This Class

To begin with, we should be preparing for the art class, so let's look through materials needed.

  1. Paper - craft, simple paper can be found in any art store or supply store
  2. Pencils - here we have a different situation as they have to be Cretacolor - -pastel. For dry technique, you have to use charcoal or pastel pencils
  3. Charcoal, not pressed or refurbished, simple charcoal sticks. Why? Because, when you will be shading the dark parts with fingers, only pastel dry materials, not sauce or oil pastel, will be able to spread on paper evenly.
  4. White pastel pencil.
  5. Afterward, you have to fix everything with lacquer, a simple hair lacquer will do.


At the start, we are looking for composition and forms, measurement of those forms 1:24

Then, after composition, body position in a paper has been found, we can switch to finding the points of measurement where you will be scaling your drawing, hands, legs, head from. 5:53

This stage requires charcoal pencil only, or simple pencil with eraser (note: simple pencil works with normal eraser only and charcoal with soft resin type).

For more art classes please check my web page here





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Alex Zastanchenko

Crave for perfection work your path

Hello, I'm Alex. I am a fine artist pursuing perfection in figure drawing art classes, art classes that teach in different medias including oil painting classes, watercolor, acrylic and charcoal sketching.Where do I teach?

My primary teaching space is an art studio in Manhattan, Artacademy-USA. We teach different art classes there the most interesting ones are figure drawing classes, portfolio preparation, and academic drawing.


Graduated from Academy of Fine Ar...

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