Figure Drawing Basics

Mark Hill, Fine Artist

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16 Videos (2h 24m)
    • Intro Figure

    • Measuring Ideas 1

    • General Construction Ideas

    • Landmarks (Front Pose)

    • Landmarks (Back Pose)

    • Standing Figure Front View

    • Standing Figure Front View 2

    • Standing Pose Back View

    • Seated Pose

    • Neck & Shoulder Ideas

    • Torso Ideas

    • Basic Leg Construction

    • Basic Leg Construction 2

    • Basic Arm Construction

    • Basic Arm Construction 2

    • Book Recommendations & Closing Thoughts

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About This Class

Hey everyone! This class is essentially a general overview of figure drawing and how to get started. Figure drawing is a very broad subject and theres a number of ways that anyone could approach it. What I wanted to do is create a basic guide of what I feel helped me the most when I began studying the figure many years ago. 

We'll go over how to get started blocking-in and measuring, how to use anatomical landmarks as a guide, and essentially simplify the figure into basic elements so that it doesn't feel so daunting if you're just starting out! 

This is a bit of a longer class as I wanted to do my best to be thorough. Even still, there was no way I could cover everything, so look at this as an overview to begin with. I will hopefully do follow up classes breaking down 'parts' of the body afterwards, or develop alternate figure classes based on your feedback. Thank you for watching! 

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This is a fantastic series of videos. Thanks for your hard work on this, its great to hear your personal working method. I draw the figure from life often and I've still learnt a lot from you explaining your own process. Thanks again!
Emily Armstrong

The Pencil Room

Great class for beginners or those that struggle with figure drawing and proportions.
Raven Knight

Artist in training





Mark Hill

Fine Artist

I'm a traditionally trained artist currently residing in New York City. I specialize in traditional mediums from graphite and charcoal to oil painting. I've studied in several places in Southern California, and recently finished my studies in New York at the Grand Central Atelier. I've taught everything from drawing to painting for several years, both publicly and privately. Looking to share what I know and help others on Skillshare!


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