Fiction Writing: 5 Ways to Create a Compelling Read

Devangini Mahapatra, Because Content is King

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6 Videos (13m)
    • Tutorial 1 on Fiction Writing

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About This Class

They say everyone has a book inside them. If you are lucky enough to have been hit by inspiration, and are now toying with the idea of writing a book - then this tutorial is just what you have been waiting for! Learn about the five key ingredients that shape a good book, and get insights on how to use them. Plus, you get to do a fun assignment related to each of the five aspects we teach you during this tutorial. Ready to become a best selling author??

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This course was great. It's always good to do classes like this because it's great that when things are put in front of you in an organised and intelligent way it makes it so much clearer in your head. It helps you get motivated too once you start seeing things clearer it makes you think 'Yes' I can do this. It's getting organised that helps actions happen rather than living in a shambles and feeling overwhelmed. I am happy I took this course and found the teacher easy to understand and thank the teacher for sharing their knowledge. 5 stars for presentation and effort :)
Thank you kindly for this super quick and useful 'recipe'. I have attended writing classes before and this was an excellent description as well as a good reminder of all the parts that make a good read.
Meg M.

sketchologist and content designer





Devangini Mahapatra

Because Content is King

Devangini Mahapatra started And All as an answer to the growing influence of new media and ebook publishing. With 15 years of experience in writing, she has been on the editorial team of various online forums and even penned her own book - Speed Breakers (available on Amazon). With a degree in creative writing from The Writer's Bureau (UK), this published writer has become a coach recently, to help people turn inspiration into effective writing technique.

And All is a media, content an...

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