Fibonacci Trading in Stock, Forex & Financial Analysis

Yash Utmani, Ex- FX Interbank / Interest Rates Trader

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9 Videos (1h)
    • Introduction to Fibonacci Ratios

    • Trading Using Fibonacci Ratios

    • Types of Fibonacci Analysis

    • Which Fibonacci Price Level is important

    • Fibonacci Projections

    • Applying Retracements & Projections on Charting Platfroms

    • Creating Trade Setups - Entry & Exit

    • Live Trade 1: Stock Trading

    • Live Trade 2: Forex Trading - EUR/USD


About This Class

Fibonacci Trading is based on Fibonacci Ratios. Fibonacci Ratios are one of the most popular tool used by forex & stock traders all over the world. However very few people know how to use these tools for professional trading. Through this course I will teach you how professional traders use these tools for analysis and how they construct trading strategies around the price levels determined using Fibonacci analyisis

This course will cover:

1. Basics of Fibonacci Ratios

2. Different methods of Fibonacci Price Analysis

3. How to determine important Fibonacci Price Levels for trading

4. Creating Strategies around these prices (Entry & Exit Strategies)

5. Live Trading Examples - Stock & Forex

By taking this course you will learn how to use Fibonacci Ratios for trading the financial markets. The strategies you learn as part of this course are applicable to all time frames. So these trading strategies can be used to trade stock & forex for day trading, position trading or even for long term purposes.

By the end of these course you will know how to analyze different markets using fibonacci retracements / projections. You will also learn how to construct trading strategies using these tools.

About the Instructor

This course is created by Yash Utmani, Founder Indian Insight a stock advisory & education website. He has been a professional FX trader with leading banks in India where he managed billion dollar flows on the trading desk. He has close to 10 year experience in trading the stock market in personal capacity. He specializes in technical analysis, elliott wave theory & value investing.

He was recently ranked 8th for Position Trading in Stock Market by Pro-Advisory Championship India.






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Yash Utmani

Ex- FX Interbank / Interest Rates Trader

Hello, I'm Yash. I am an Ex-FX Interbank trader with over 10 years experience in trading different asset classes including Stocks, Bonds, FX & Commodities. I currently run a stock advisory and education website based out of India. I was recently ranked 8th in Position Stock Trading in India by ProAdvisoryChampionship, 2016

My favorite techniques to analyze financial markets include Technical Analysis, Elliott Wave Theory & Value Investing. Apart from the stock market my interests also ...

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