Female body enhancement under Adobe Photoshop | Joe Ghalbouni | Skillshare

Female body enhancement under Adobe Photoshop

Joe Ghalbouni, I aim to teach in a fun and useful way!

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7 Videos (23m)
    • Promo Tuto 2

    • Plan

    • Step 1 Chest Enhancement

    • Step 2 Waist Reduction

    • Step 3 Body Tan

    • Step 4 Clearing Face Features

    • Step 5 Glowing Filter


About This Class

This course aim in teaching you how Photoshop can be used to modify body forms. This is the usual procedure done in magazines.

The skills you will learn are as follows:

  1. Defining a selection
  2. Creating and using a path
  3. Using the free transform tool
  4. Correcting using the spot healing brush
  5. Using the clone stamp tool
  6. Using the burn and dodge tools
  7. Making use of the Gaussian blur
  8. Changing layer's blending modes4cce224e





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Joe Ghalbouni

I aim to teach in a fun and useful way!

"LearningWhilePracticing" has one of the most practical approaches when it comes to learning. Our goal is to let you be operational as quickly as possible while at the same grasping all the concepts required. Being able to work on your projects through a software while learning it at the same time, is a source of motivation that will make you go further.

Concept: Our concept is to provide for each software, a bunch of "how to do" videos, answering the most frequently searched terms. Be...

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