Felicity & Ink | How to draw ink florals and combine using Photoshop | Felicity & Ink | Skillshare

Felicity & Ink | How to draw ink florals and combine using Photoshop

Felicity & Ink, Illustrator & Designer

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10 Lessons (1h 53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Equipment & Shading Techniques Overview

    • 3. Shading Technique on Florals

    • 4. How To Draw A Peony

    • 5. How To Draw A Black Eyed Susan

    • 6. How To Draw A Lily

    • 7. How To Draw A Dahlia

    • 8. How To Draw Leaves & Foliage

    • 9. How To Digitise Your Drawings

    • 10. Class Project - Combine Your Drawings Using Photoshop

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About This Class

Throughout this class I will teach you the techniques I use to draw an assortment of florals using fineliner pens, which has become my signature style. This class will cover a good basis of floral shapes and styles in particular; peonies, black eyed susans, lilies and dahlias, along with leaves and foliage.
Finally I will teach you how to digitise all of these separate drawings and combine into one beautiful illustration, using Photoshop.

This class is ideal for anyone who wishes to learn a new drawing style, composition and layout skills, to combine numerous drawings into one piece. No drawing or design experience is required, as I will break up each stage into digestible, easy to follow steps.

The following equipment will be required:
- Pencil
- Fineliner pens (at least two different size nibs)
- Paper
- Scanner or high quality camera
- Photoshop

You can download the Peony template, to practice the shading techniques here.