Feeling Flowers: Painting Fun Grumpy Flowers in Watercolor - with Faces!

Kelly Johnson, Connecting humans and nature, creatively!

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5 Videos (27m)
    • Feeling Flowers intro

    • Feeling Flowers draw and paint the grumpy rose

    • Feeling Flowers draw and paint the grumpy cone flower

    • Feeling Flowers add the grumpy faces

    • Feeling Flowers Thank you


About This Class

Fun and Grumpy? Yes! Learn to paint flowers with grumpy faces for a creative way to let go of moods through art!

You will learn to paint a rose and a coneflower with grumpy little faces that will make you laugh! 

This idea came about because one day I felt grumpy, as we all do sometimes, and a friend said "I bet when you are grumpy you paint grumpy flowers" - well I'd never done that, but thought it sounded like a good attempt at moving beyond my grumps, so I tried it. It worked great! It was fun and when I was done I wasn't grumpy at all anymore! 

Art and nature are great ways to relieve stress, so painting some nature that expresses your mood is a fantastic way to de-stress & de-grump on those kind of days!

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Very cute! And wonderful demo and explanation of wet-on-wet technique. Thank you!
I really love the playfulness and fun this class brings to watercolor.
Haha, oh wow, grumpy looking flowers is such a cool idea. I remember I drew an angry flower waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day. This looks so fun, I will have to try it again someday. I really like how the lessons really take the time to show you the whole process.
Jörn Heidrath

Illustrator & Digital Artist





Kelly Johnson

Connecting humans and nature, creatively!

I'm your guide into nature inspired drawing and painting, Kelly Johnson!

If you drop by my world on an average day you might find me gardening, making art, snowboarding, surfing, vegan baking, traveling, or helping humans build deep relationships with nature through art and organic gardening!

I have a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design, an MA in environmental studies from Goddard College, an AMS 6-9 teaching credential & 10 years in the classroom, + 20 years experience teaching art & 11 years teaching nature-study to children and adults in a wide variety of settings.

I've painted everything from huge murals in Mexico to tiny paintings in Virginia to tropical plants in Florida to veggies in Europe and I love how art builds community and connections in every venue!

Discover more about me, Wings, Worms, & Wonder, and ways to join the nature fun here on my website. Follow the blog, join the newsletter, and learn lots of fun ways to stay creatively connected with nature!

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