Feed Your Creative Mind today | Foxie Irena Sofie K. Svobodová | Skillshare
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7 Videos (18m)
    • Intro: Aproach vs. skills

    • Holiday quality walk

    • Postcard hapiness

    • No-reading challenge

    • Million dollar coffee - idea

    • Million dollar coffee - task

    • Bonus: Decorate the problem


About This Class

Few nice, gentle, simple but also powerful and crazy tricks how to be happy and nurture your creativity when you are alone or have a minute to spare now and then. Example of some of the best excercises from my own experience but also enriched by proven tips from from great book "The Artist Journey" by Julia Cameron. I will be happy if you share any results inspired by these excercises and your experience.

This class is a first test to see how I can manage it and also how you like the tips and style. If you like it, let me know - I have a lot more ready to share. If you need different inspirations, let me know too - I will be more than happy to see if I can create something fitting your needs.

In all cases, I send my thanks to Mary, Community Manager here on Skillshare for her help and support during preparation process.





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Foxie Irena Sofie K. Svobodová

Great skills are based on great aproach

Hi, I am a self-employed mum of a 7 months old babyboy and know what it takes to keep positive and creative mind.

Some time ago, I?ve participated in "The Artist?s Way" programme and it helped me to change my world to a happier one. Being a high-level manager in a bank those days I made everything not to skip my Artist?s way lesson. Soon I reached my first creative child-dream. Since then I wanted to share the beauty back somehow. So I found this way to share further some of the best t...

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