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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Intro: Aproach vs. skills

    • 2. Holiday quality walk

    • 3. Postcard hapiness

    • 4. No-reading challenge

    • 5. Million dollar coffee - idea

    • 6. Million dollar coffee - task

    • 7. Bonus: Decorate the problem

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About This Class

Few nice, gentle, simple but also powerful and crazy tricks how to be happy and nurture your creativity when you are alone or have a minute to spare now and then. Example of some of the best excercises from my own experience but also enriched by proven tips from from great book "The Artist Journey" by Julia Cameron. I will be happy if you share any results inspired by these excercises and your experience.

This class is a first test to see how I can manage it and also how you like the tips and style. If you like it, let me know - I have a lot more ready to share. If you need different inspirations, let me know too - I will be more than happy to see if I can create something fitting your needs.

In all cases, I send my thanks to Mary, Community Manager here on Skillshare for her help and support during preparation process.

Meet Your Teacher

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Foxie Irena Sofie K. Svobodová

Great skills are based on great aproach


Hi, I am a self-employed mum of a 7 months old babyboy and know what it takes to keep positive and creative mind.

Some time ago, I?ve participated in "The Artist?s Way" programme and it helped me to change my world to a happier one. Being a high-level manager in a bank those days I made everything not to skip my Artist?s way lesson. Soon I reached my first creative child-dream. Since then I wanted to share the beauty back somehow. So I found this way to share further some of the best tips how to nurture your creativity. I want to support your uniqueness and from time to time help you to recharge your creative batteries by excercises and inspirations I share.

So feel free to write me your feedback or any ideas about what you would like or need more to feel creative and happ... See full profile

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1. Intro: Aproach vs. skills: 2. Holiday quality walk: Have you ever dreamed off a great holiday? That costume? Nearly nothing. You know that the best ideas comes your way when you are relaxed and experiencing something new. So join me on your free holiday Someday soon This week without picking and exhausting traveling where anywhere you are used to go every day somewhere near your house you need just to dress comfortable for the weather and bring what you like for catching inspiration . Your camera sketchbook Favorite Ben for coffee for just your hands in your pockets. Now comes the secret. The quality holiday booth Temple that you choose. Really? Just holiday take. It s your main focus. Good It Now imagine that you have three times taller than you are. Look around. Have you ever noticed how treat ups look where you live? How this windows, roofs or balcony varies how people decorate them, Make the person go with ice and mind open and hungry. Everything was new for you Catch inspirations. Some of you make it inspiration even just from observing the sky and clouds talking to the houses I don't feel inspired with beautiful hides. No problem. Imagine you have size often end Watch everything from the ground, 10 centimeters high. Did you ever notice beautiful natural drawings on the path in front of your house? How they change? No. Sit down on a bench or in a nice affair, Maybe the new one you recently discovered. Do you think your journey and your inspirations and write down or sketch as many of them as you can. You have many right requirement that spends out to you and create something beautiful inspired by this. Enjoy the process and try kiss the son through your work. 3. Postcard hapiness: once I've heard about interesting survey about happiness. Three teams were given different tasks for some time. First was to ride down a simple diary off what they experience each day. Second group was encouraged to take a good care about themselves, and the third group was to show altruism, toe others to help them without expecting something in return for sure. Happiness increased to all but in which group raised the most surprisingly, the altruistic one. So this exercise is about simple but powerful altruism acts and, of course, a creative one. All of us have some contacts in their phone, but we may have another contacts, important ones, and some of them may be lost due to death, follows changed numbers or just somehow disappeared. Some of the great great people in your life There are these people that you have not contacted for some time. Find contact to someone you didn't reach to for some time, or take time to trick someone from further history and contact them and do it without expecting back to improve. The not expecting back. Try to find a way that doesn't give dark chance direct, so it is better to send a postcard or letter other than SMS or email and piggott least four people who you miss O didn't hear from for some sometime. Write them how you enjoy your time together and you think about them from time to time, or something else that comes to your mind. Enjoy decorating the message if it's your style or if you feel like trying it for the first time, you can use some nice special paper or unique letters or your own. Also bet. Brave it, decorating the first letter or use pictures instead. Some of the words send a coded message. Inform off a quiz. The former is purely up to you, but keep in mind to make the person happy. This'd is the main goal. Or maybe you want to bring the exercise to a new level and send you a postcard with additional empty one that this meant to be sent forward by this friend to someone who day miss, you can send an empty picture, or you can help your friend to start by starting some doodle and let them finish it as they like. 4. No-reading challenge: this'll exercise. This may be the craziest and most beautiful inspiration from the artist way. I can still remember how Scurti there. Then we discovered this challenge in our artistry group for the first time. But everyone who took this turn seriously, they're happy and got to a great results afterwards. Are you ready for a challenge? So now comes your time. Can you? Every three days? Well, sure, but for how long? Just look around and think how Maney written text do you see and experience every day? How much text are you forced to read? Work emails, presentations, business contracts, maybe Estimates from four million friends. Your favorite book That just gets exciting. Sign in the tram on the road. Billboards studying materials received for dinner letters, work males, magazines, local on your shampoo in the shower, your own written work data on monitor in your car, even icon stock to you. Can you not read all of them? Which group sounds as the biggest challenge? Can you skip reading for full one week? Well, every challenge is a hidden opportunity, and it's a perfect exercise to use your creativity. So whether you are a businessman, mom on maternity leave or independent creative person right down your reading challenges and find a way to avoid reading for one week. Write down your inspirations, write down your experience and that during this week or afterwards, create something new, something beautiful inspired by this experience. 5. Million dollar coffee - idea: I hope you will find this is last exercise tip as inspiring as I did when I've heard about it for the first time. So think for a while. Who or what did you give your time during last week? How many hours their safety entirely for you. I believe everyone of you have a favorite place to go when you want to relax, right? Favorite. Bring their. Whether if it's a cappuccino tea or something else, I guess you won't pay more than a few dollars for it. And what if I tell you that your drink might be worth $1 million you even want to need to pay for it? The trick is this. From time to time, erase everything and everyone from your life for a Knauer, or so, sit down with yourself and drink your favorite drink at your favorite place and think, I think in your favor only. Maximize your focus and support to your wealth, your happiness, your inspiration, your good inner feeling, whatever that you find important to you. Focus. What were your best moments last week? One before last month. Seek. What were the moments when your energy flourished when you felt like nothing is a problem, but by the people and moments that boost your energy the most that's made you flourish and feel like flying. What happened that this was possible? And most importantly, what would you have to do to experience something similar next month? Tomorrow in an hour, or even now, sip your drink, think then enjoy the time that has the biggest value for yourself, unique opportunity and power of talking to you. 6. Million dollar coffee - task: for this exercise. I encourage you to make your creative work in advance. So before taking the one Millon dollar coffee, I encourage you to make a really nice drawing, painting or maybe mixed media photo. You capturing or imagining your favorite place and yourself, enjoying the atmosphere there and enjoying your great moments for $1,000,000 coffee with yourself. Think about all the details that may be important to you. Maybe how you are dressed, What do you drink? Or do you sit? What's your posture? The expression on your face? How much light is there from what sources with cars are dominant there, How many people are around and where what they do, what direction Dale their expressions really anything that was important for capturing the best moment off your 1st $1,000,000 coffee. I seriously can't wait to see your results from this exercise. 7. Bonus: Decorate the problem: this'll steps Strike my mind when I saw one off the Ted talks about really young Children working on a big project, even you might get into trouble without knowing how to correct some mistakes or how to move forward in your project from where you are. So if you get into a trouble, encourage you to take a break first place. Maybe talk to a friend about your frustration. Tell them what you need to hear. Let them repeat it back in their own way. He will be surprised how well you know exactly what you need to hear. And even sometimes this doesn't help. And if you still need help, try to decorate the problem. It created the problem in some way way. Make it nice, put it in, opposed to fly in any way that comes across your mind. You can, for example, write down the key word describing the issue, and then they create electors as much as you can make it beautiful, shiny and full of happiness, right the world in as many design race as possible or brainstorm right words connected to the problem bigger and normally, some off them Google. Nice pictures connected to them and make a nice course. And don't worry, solution will come your way So Shin will come your way soon with no need to push. It's a creative work, so find creative solutions. It's your so only you need to be happy.