Feature Film Screenwriting: The First Ten Pages | Kevin Kawa | Skillshare

Feature Film Screenwriting: The First Ten Pages

Kevin Kawa, Screenwriter and web designer

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13 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why the First Ten Pages?

    • 3. Establish the Genre

    • 4. Introduce the Main Character

    • 5. Clarify the World and the Status Quo

    • 6. Indicate the Theme

    • 7. Set Up the Dramatic Situation

    • 8. The Project Details

      The Project Details.pdf
    • 9. Outlining Your Script

    • 10. Formatting Your Script

      Screenwriting Format Guide.pdf
    • 11. Good Writing Habits

    • 12. Giving and Receiving Feedback

    • 13. Closing Thoughts

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About This Class

In a script, to actually get it read, your first ten pages have to be really stellar. No matter how great the rest of the script is (and it needs to be great), no matter how many amazing twists happen throughout the script, if a reader can't make it through those first ten pages without wanting more, then the script will quickly end up in the garage can, without an eleventh page read. Therefore, in those first ten pages, all of the important elements of the script must be present, and they must hook the reader.

This class will focus on what needs to go into those first ten pages, as students work collaboratively in a community-based environment, giving and receiving feedback as they work to complete their projects.

This class covers:

  • The essential elements of all screenplays
  • How and why to outline a script
  • Proper formatting for a screenplay
  • Why you should establish good writing habits
  • The importance of feedback to grow as a writer

How this class is taught:

  • A series of 12 pre-recorded videos that introduce the concepts of screenwriting
  • A number of contests will be offered to help students in working towards a deadline

What is expected of students:

  • To complete the first ten pages of a feature-length screenplay
  • To read classmates scripts and offer feedback
  • To help grow a community of screenwriters in a supportive environment