Fear to Freelance: Transform A Photo With Digital Doodling | Jena Holliday | Skillshare

Fear to Freelance: Transform A Photo With Digital Doodling

Jena Holliday, Digital Illustrator

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8 Videos (38m)
    • Hi! Class Intro

    • Our project

    • Photo Selection

    • Digital Doodle Basics

    • Warm Ups: 40+ Doodle Examples

    • Sketch Your Doodle Scene

    • Completing Your Doodle

    • Final Thoughts + Thank You!

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About This Class


In this Skillshare class, you'll transform a photo into a magical digital illustration piece!

I'll walk you through my workflow and what I learned to help me get started in my journey of digital illustration! Along the way, you'll pick up tips and tools for planning, sketching, coloring, and editing your digital doodle drawings. We will also go over doodle warm ups and get your creative juices flowing for your own piece.

By the end of the course you will create your own doodles on a photo of your choice! You can share it with me on social media with #JenaHollidaySkillshare or #TheMagicOfIllustration



A Little Back Story:

As a self-taught illustrator, when I first started practicing the best way for me to learn was by drawing doodles all over magazines and photos. It helped me gain confidence and identify my personal style. Now, one way that I integrate my love for digital illustration into what I share online is by using digital illustration on my photos. These bring in the highest engagement and people always ask how I do it. I am happy to share my process with you!



This class is great for:

- Beginners

- Those looking for a new, fun creative exercise

- Anyone looking to kick fear and start a digital drawing practice


For this course you WILL need:

+ Access to a program that has layer editing capabilities like Photoshop or iPad apps such as Adobe Sketch or Procreate. I will be using an iPad Pro and Apple Pen and sharing step by step in Procreate.

++ Basic knowledge of these programs will be helpful, but I will be walking you through how I use them for this specific project.

+++ There is no need to have any prior drawing experience, you can create fun doodles with many of the themes we will be discussing in class. If you do have drawing experience - its a bonus!






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Jena Holliday

Digital Illustrator

Hi everyone, I'm Jena! I am self-taught artist and illustrator who loves to create whimsical illustrations that incorporate children, color, and encouragement! I am a huge believer that we all have something to share and everyone can get CREATIVE! 

My work has been featured on a variety of publications including Essence, Yahoo, Today's Parent and more. My personal style is inspired by my life as a mom, my faith, and my heritage. I have worked on...

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