Fear & Ambition - Driving Stories Forward (How to Plot Story Arcs p4) | Charlie Aylett | Skillshare

Fear & Ambition - Driving Stories Forward (How to Plot Story Arcs p4)

Charlie Aylett, www.thestorysmith.com

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6 Videos (44m)
    • Intro Fear Ambition

    • Lesson 1 The Role of Fear and Ambition

    • Lesson 2 The Flaw

    • Lesson 3 First Turning Point

    • Lesson 4 The Stakes

    • Class Project


About This Class

The fourth class in the series How to Plot Your Story Arcs centres around the first turning point in a long story or novel and how fear and ambition work to drive a plot forward and launch the middle of your story. Clearly explained concepts along with walkthrough diagrams help to demonstrate the theories behind the practices. If you want to know how to write a novel, are stuck with where to take your novel or novella, or if you have an early draft that fizzles instead of fizzes, a middle that loses its purpose and meanders where it should menace, this class will help you find a meaningful route through the heart of your tale. Driven by character, this class addresses the balance between writing series of events and writing an emotionally significant story with resonance and intent.





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Charlie Aylett


Been writing longer than I should have. Along the road of those many years, I stumbled into editorial work and currently reside at Flash Fiction Online. I read a lot of stories every month, the majority of which are declined. I’ve critiqued hundreds of novels and short stories, read a thousand more, written a ton of rejection letters and tried to give helpful advice wherever possible. I've always taken pride and pleasure in helping writers understand key fiction writing techniques and g...

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