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Fast and Beautiful Thumbnail Design!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Enroll in skillshare thumbnail course

    • 2. Taking the background image

    • 3. Using camtasia to save a frame from a video

    • 4. Canva for mixing background with a new image and word

    • 5. Class finished thumbnails

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About This Class

See how I quickly make the thumbnail for this class and what I do to make all of my new thumbnails very quickly while showing a consistently branded image plus clearly communicating what the purpose of the video class is!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


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BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Enroll in skillshare thumbnail course: How am I making my new thumbnails for skill share? Skill Share says thumbnails, are really important for getting people actually click on and enroll in a course. I know I also want consisting branding, and I also want to be able to make thumbnails easily for my YouTube videos and for skill share. Now, making thumbnails has been one of the single most aggravating parts of the process. I either get really lazy, which is what I usually opt for and do nothing. Or I take a bunch of time and effort trying to make some fancy thumbnail and then wasting a lot of time doing that, often making a worst thumbnail than just being lazy and doing nothing. Enrolling this course. If you want to see the new system, I'm using to simply and quickly make authentic, consistently branded thumbnails that you'll see me using on skill share with a low amount of effort that I think look good. At least thank you for watching this, and I hope you enjoy the course 2. Taking the background image: thank you very much for enrolling in this course. I'm excited to get started with you. What I've started off with is using a green screen with then the white blank presentation on Microsoft in Power Point. I like straight up simple white background thumbnails, and the nice thing is the strategy I'm showing you can be adapted to any different way. You want to do it. Obviously, the green screen and wire cast recording set up I'm showing is fairly complicated compared to one you potentially might have. The green screen is fairly cheap, though all I've done. I bought a green screen online, a green curtain essentially and bought. I asked the guys at Home Depot I said, How do I hang this curtain up tight for a green screen? They showed me a steel wire and then a couple of hooks that I've screwed into the walls behind me. Really easy, simple set up. And then it's in the middle of the bedroom so I can easily walk through it. It's not propped up, er standing. The old one I have used to get knocked over. This is real, simple and easy, so a green screen makes it nice If you've got a green screen to them, put your face on any background. I've just used Microsoft Power Point, as you can see to do this and I easily then could pick any background and do any different design like this so I could pick this background and go back here and then swap. So now I've got this background. I can put my face now easily and quickly on any background. Once you've got your face on any background using a green screen, this is a great set up to record videos with also. So if you don't have a green screen, that's okay. What you can do is just stage yourself on a background. This is what I see. Lots of other creators do. Just stage yourself on a background, put some you stand behind a bookcase is common or find a background. You want all of your pictures, all of your base thumbnails to be on what I'm going to show you for this system, you have a base, and then you essentially just add one more image and one word on top of the base. So this is how I'm making my base I'm just using power point. I'm picking any kind of background. I'm starting with a white background, but I'm a branch out in the future and try some things like a nice purple background with this little swatch right here and do That's awkward with white border. The nice thing is, I've got as much customization is I want with this. I'm just barely clicking around in the basic things Microsoft Power Point has here. There's all kinds of cool, different backgrounds I can use this way. What I've got, though, is a basic template. I have a basic template that now could be adapted easily to anything. So what I do with this basic template, I've got this basic template. I record my face on the background for a minute or two of this basic template. I record my face just like this, and then what I do is I make poses for it. So I go something like this, and then I go something like this, and then another, and then another, and then a closer are farther away. And then I've got all these different basic faces, and I recorded about two minutes using the video. I'll show you doing this with? I've got about two minutes of different facial expressions. So what I've got, I've got a base. If you're taking pictures on a background, you find a background you want, and then maybe get 20 5100 different pictures taken, even if they're just slightly different. Where you've moved it aside, maybe back farther all these different variations of you on the same basic background. So you get your one basic background picture with your face on it, or your whole body or half a body, or whatever you're going to do for your thumbnail. You get your base with your background picture, and that's the key. First step. So once you've got that, you're ready to then move into the next step off, putting another picture on top of it. 3. Using camtasia to save a frame from a video: if you recorded your background video instead of taking background pictures, this step will be helpful for you. If you just are going to use background pictures so you're not going to record different video faces, then you might be able to skip ahead to the next video. If you want to see some very basics of turning a video into screenshots, you might enjoy this. So what I have is Camped Asia Studio. This is what I originally used to film all my screen capture videos with. I'm doing it all fancy. Now, on wire cast, you can see the newest at any time of what I'm using by going to jury banfield dot com slash resource is that as whatever programs I'm currently using plus, once that I still use like I still use Camp Tasia here, So I've still got that. I'll just leave that up here. So what I've got now, I've got my white screen faces shot that I took before this. So I'm going to do I move that down here into track one or actually, on Camp tase. You have to move it over in the library on windows and then move that down here. So I've got my white screen faces. So these are my base thumbnail pictures now, so you'll notice all different little poses in here. And then when I have the ability to do now, I want to make a thumbnail folder out of these. So these air my basis. So what I go do all I have to do now with Camped Asia, which is really nice, is I can save this individual frame here. I can save this one frame out, and that way, then I've got this frame that I can use out of this specific video, so I can then go through and save it. So I've got this here and I go over to produce special and then I go export frame. As now. This is on windows. It's similar if you use camped Asia on Mac. So I've got this specific frame over here. Now, what I want to do is go to Dropbox. I'm going to use this in Canberra. So then what I'm going to do is make a new folder in Canada and I call this backgrounds, or I could call this. My face is so I'll know exactly what that means. So I go in here and put then happy default. Right? Happy? Or I could go white with the background White Happy default. Right? I guess I'll just go smile. Right? You see, I try and describe these names as good as possible, because then doing this on a repeated basis, you want to build pick it out by the file name, so I can actually even change that if I want to. I go back over here, and it didn't seem to actually put it in there. Not sure what happened on that, but let's see. Try this again. And it didn't save it in there. So try white, right, smile and hit. Save. And they're now it actually saved. I don't know why that happened, but now this is my default background thumb now, and I leave these. The raw footage is you can see this is how really things proceed. Sometimes stuff doesn't work just how you think it ought to. So what I want now is a bunch of different variations on this. So now I go back over here in the short cut because you know I like toe. You can hit control f to do this. So I had right wide mouth. There we go. Just whatever name I can think to come up with to put it in there because lots of these I will see these things different way. So now we'll go control f and then right, right. Smile to save. So I quickly make all these different background videos. And then I've got all these different captions I can use, and I can Right here. Take that one. Right. Right. And then surprise face prize face. So I've got surprised face down, and you can see how quick it is to just film these one right after another control f I've got all these background ones now. I don't have to do this very often. I can white right. Smile for I can just I've got all these different thumbnails here and then curious face here, Curious face. So I've got that thumbnail this way, and I just I just realized you can't see all the different things I'm doing over here. That that's great. Here, let me move there. You can see the different faces now on this side. And then here's another one. So you get the basic idea. I don't have to go through and show you every single one here. So what? I I just do this over and over again. You see how quickly in just a few short minutes here, I'm able to make all these background thumbnails, and then I can do, you know, weird faces if I want to. Weird face. And I've got the background on the side of my face on as the primary thing. Weird, weird face there. So you see how many of these I've gotten? And I've also I tried to intentionally stand closer the camera. So I've got this, you know, close, close profiled. All right, whatever. So the main names don't matter, because I shall look at the shot anyway. So then a slight smile, these air Pretty funny. Close light smile. And they're they're looking that I'm gonna try the other one. Full smile. There we go. Full smile. So this I've got in a very short time. I've got a bunch off different thumbnails. Ready to go on this entire? I think so. How maney is that? That is once I save this one, that'll be 14 of these. I've already got, and there's easily I can get some more out of that. So this strategy, especially if you can make videos on any kind of green screen or background you can, even just If you don't have a green screen, you can just put you can do Camp Tasia to just record the background as your website or something if you want to, and whatever you think will work for you. So I've shown you how I very quickly get 14 of these base background pictures toe work from , and then the next step is to put something on next to the background. 4. Canva for mixing background with a new image and word: in the last two minutes between filming the last video in this video, I went now and made 28 of these. So there's I made 14 or so more after I showed you. So I've got 28 different backgrounds. That's enough. If I do one a day for nearly a month now, what I have all I need to do now is get thes ready and available using canvas a dot com can va dot com is listed on jerry banfield dot com. Slash resource is I have canvassed for work, which I think is very nice. So what I do now? I hit more over here. I'm using canvas dot com. It's a free, online, completely online Web design, Web image designed software. So what I'll do? I'll hit custom dimensions on here. I'll make this 1920 by 10 80 because that works everywhere. I want a thumbnail. And now what I've got. I have this untitled design here. I'm going to go over to the left side and hit upload so I will upload my own images. I will go over now to Dropbox to my canvas folder, and now I will pick a face that I want to use them. So I will just try. I will try the smile closer. And then this will be the actual thumbnail that you saw to begin with on this exact course . So I will use this course up here and then. So I've got this image. So now I put this over here. Canvas. Cool. If you scale on this side, it will keep the ratio. And if you scale, if you scale some of the other ways, sometimes it will not keep it. But this one seems to be keeping it the whole way. So that's good. So now what I've got. I got my image over here. I zoom out a bit more and then I can drag it over here to the exact proportions. It was originally shot in 1920 10 80. So I've got my face here. I've got my background and now I can do whatever I want to on this. So then when I'd search up here, I concert for something like thumbnail if I want to. There's some things I can use for free or some things I can pay a dollar for also, what I can do I can also do something like I can go search for skill share because this is skill share on here. So I can just google skill. Sheriff, I want Teoh. Since this is a skill share tutorial, I could theoretically grab a skill share logo on here and put it on there like that. Now, doing anything with 1/3 party logo can be a bit risky in the sense of you may not have purse. You may not be allowed to do it exactly like that. If you don't have permission to use the third party logo, what I'll show you here is the safest option. I will show you the very safest option. Now you can go. And if you're doing a Facebook ads tutorial, go grab Facebook. The nice thing is, I can search for skill sharing here. Skill share doesn't have anything in here. For example, if I want to do a Facebook ads tutorial, though, Facebook actually gives me a Facebook logo I can use right here. So I can Then do I can then put the Facebook logo in here and that's allowed because Facebook has made this available. So what I've got, I could put on a future Facebook ads tutorial. Probably see a thumbnail just about like this. Since this thumbnail is for how to make a skill share Thumbnail, I might want to do something like a pencil on here. I don't know what just whatever random idea comes into my head so you can see there's all these images I have available that I can use on skill share And then some of them have the backgrounds like this Psyche you. So I can I can put these on here and see And then that's a kind of a fun looking thumbnail I've got. I could take that off. I just pop all these individual things in here. Then what I've got to unique thumbnail. It's a very simple thumbnail on its consistently branded. So you'll see all the thumbnails. Well, then have different versions of my face, different little symbols on here and then to me, this this I thinks what I'll go with this looks nice, fun and colorful. And so I've got this over here, we'll have that balanced out, and then I've got the thumbnail right there. And now I've got it set up all I need to do is add a word of text on it with can va to finish it off. So I go over here, I can pick out a heading. Then I can put a nice heading up here in the middle like thumbnail. So Ah, one word heading for exactly what this is about and maybe make it just a little bit bigger Thumbnails there. So I've got you can see from here. It's then nice and consistently branded. So I've got I can. Then I can pick a different fun if I want to. I can't pick this one and be nice to use the same fun, if possible on all of them So you can just pick whatever fun you want. Obviously you can try that one, I think looks kind of nice, But you want to see how the font comes out when it's actually used as a thumbnail to So I will try that fun. I've got now a complete thumbnail out of this. And then this is four thumbnails. This is for this exact one. So I think then this is really colorful. Over here, I get the one little image to be colorful and fun with. I've got my face over here for consistency. I think it's boring and bland to use exact same face every time. So some people just use this one picture of themselves on every single thing. I want different thumbnails every time to make it a little more interesting to make it a little more live. So you see, it's me. But it's always me in a different scenario. So what I do now I hit Download on this and you'll notice that canvas is actually going to charge me a dollar for this. It's a one time you so that I can download it and I've got it to use for I can use it all. I want to know I'm things online. There are requirements showing only print so many products on it. But for what I'm doing online, I can put it all over online. So I've now got my thumbnail from this image. And now if I open it up here, you'll see. I've now got a nice thumbnail. It has my face on it in a background, along with some colorful pencils over here. Just whatever image I felt like putting next to my face and then the title of thumbnail. So that's my process for going through now. This has been really agonizing over the years, figuring out a good process to make thumbnails, thankfully, see how fast that Waas Now that I've got 28 different images, I could just pull from one of those over and over again, stick a little image on it and throw one word on it, and I'm done. 5. Class finished thumbnails: to finish this class up. How do I then put this thumb now on my skill share course. So what I can do is replace all of these videos on my skill share course. Allow me. They have this little button that says replace cover image. So what I do, I click on this to replace cover image. I go back and find the one I put in here and now I've got a new cover image that Then we'll go on my course for skill share. So now that I've got this cover image, then you can see how it looks kind of in its natural environment. So the word thumbnails is clearly visible. You can see this colorful picture with my face on it. So I think that's beautiful. If you don't, I respect your opinion on that also. And then what I am doing, I'm publishing this class and then what? I ask for your project. Would you please share the thumbnail you made using this strategy? As soon as this class is live, I will put the exact thumbnail image that I put in here. I value your feedback on it, and I am interested to see what thumbnails you make using what you've learned in this course. Thank you very much for watching. If you've appreciated this information and are I would that was awkward. I I have a hard time asking for help. Would you please help Mei? We've collaborated here together. Would you please help me by giving this a review? Letting everyone else know what you thought of this course. And if you haven't followed me yet? Follow me to keep updated on my new courses. Thank you for watching. And I hope you have a great day today.