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Fast Homemade Pill Pockets for Your Dog

teacher avatar Tatiana Ambrose, Helping You To Be Creative & Productive

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Welcome to DIY Pill Pockets for your Dog

    • 2. Pill Pocket Recipe + Alternative ingredients If Your Dog Has Allergies

    • 3. Pill Pocket Test On My Dogs + Alternative methods To Get Your Dog To Take Pills

    • 4. Dog Class Conclusion

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About This Class

[A must have recipe and dog class for all dog owners]

I have worked in a wide range of professional dog related fields to get as much knowledge as possible when it comes to a man's best friend from dog training, dog grooming, multiple dog food stores and even dedicated 3 years in the veterinary field as well. 

If you own a dog, you know, at one point or another you will have to give your dog medication. Your dog actually taking the medication can be a nightmare in itself but also spending the money on pill pockets can drain your wallet fast (especially if it is a lifelong medication). 


In this dog class you will learn:

  • How to make your own NO BAKE pill pockets for your dog
  • Different methods to get your dog to take pills easily
  • Signs your dog may have an allergy reaction.
  • Alternative ingredients that can be used for pill pockets if your dog doesn't like peanut butter/allergic to peanut butter.

My goal is to always take my dog knowledge and experience from working with dogs and share it with other dog owners and dog lovers so you can have an even better relationship with yoru dog. If you are ready to get started click the ENROLL button below!

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Tatiana Ambrose

Helping You To Be Creative & Productive



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1. Welcome to DIY Pill Pockets for your Dog: Hi there. Welcome to my class. My name is Tatiana Ambrose, and I thought for this class I would take a little break from creativity and switch on over to my next favorite topic, which is dogs. I have been involved in dog grooming, dog training, dog bathing, worsen all natural pet food store and have worked for three years at a veterinary clinic. So I have a little bit of experience when it comes to dogs. Now, one thing dogs do not like to dio is take medication. What happens when your dog is diagnosed with a lifelong disease that needs to be treated with medication? The pill pockets can get expensive. So in this class, I want to show you how to make your very own do it yourself bill pockets. Talk about allergies and some other substitutes you can try and, as a bonus, go over a few other methods that you can give your dog spills. If the pill pockets just simply do not work for go. If you're excited, go ahead and roll in this class and I'll see you on the inside 2. Pill Pocket Recipe + Alternative ingredients If Your Dog Has Allergies: Okay, So first, let's take a look at our ingredients. You're gonna need a tablespoon of smooth or crunchy peanut butter. I have used both, and I do not have a preference for which one. I like Mawr. Nor do my dogs a tablespoon of water and then two tablespoons of flour. This could be any sort of flour I used all purpose. Some people like wheat, some like brown rice. So it's your preference on what type of flower you use. Okay, so first thing first, we're going to add a tablespoon of smooth peanut butter, followed by a tablespoon of water and, lastly, two tablespoons of flour. Now, I don't know what I was thinking. I definitely had an off moment. But if you do this recipe, do flour, water and then peanut butter that makes us and all you're gonna do is take a fork and mix all three ingredients until you have pill pocket consistency. Once it's not a sticky. You can even use your hands to really makes up the flour and peanut butter. Since I still seeing a few ribbons through my peanut butter. Once you're done with that step, the final step is going to be rolling it into little balls, pinching it flat to get a small little pink ache like pill pocket. Now, if you want your pill pocket toe look like the pill pockets you buy from the store, you simply roll it into a ball. And then I'm using a skewer stick. But a chopstick works as well, and you're just gonna be poking and enlarging that whole simple, just a little bit more time consuming than flattening out into a pancake. So now you're just going to continue making your pill pockets, whether they're gonna be that small little flat pancake, or you're going to continue making the pill pockets in each of your pieces. It is up to you. But continue until you have run out of your peanut butter dough. Okay, so from this recipe I was able to get 16 pill pockets. But it does depend on how big or small you make your pill pockets. You might have less, or you might have more now for these pill pockets. I just leave them on the plate, put clear wrap over them and put them in the fridge. They will be good for one week I typically have a routine down to where I make him every Sunday evening to prepare him for my week. Now what if your dog can't or won't eat peanut butter pill pockets? Some of the reasons why your dog can't eat peanut butter pill pockets is if your dog is allergic to any of the ingredients. Some ways to keep an eye once you give your dog thes pill pockets is is the dog having any hives, which are bumps underneath the skin? Is your dog overly itchy, licking and chewing on his or her feet? Or do these upset your dog's stomach to where your dog is eating grass and having diarrhea ? All the signs point to that. You should probably look for alternative do it yourself pill pockets. The key, of course, is to get something that is smelly, enticing and the dog really likes. So if peanut butter isn't the key or your dog cannot have peanut butter, turkey or tuna are great alternatives and for flour, instant potato flakes or rice. Now, with these ingredients, of course, it's not gonna be as smooth. It's not gonna look like your typical pill pocket, but these will do the trick when you mix them together. Now, if turkey or tuna still don't do the trick, or your dog cannot have those ingredients as well. You have sweet potato or even plain canned pumpkin for these ingredients. I definitely want you to make a small batch and test it out. Now. If your dog absolutely cannot have specific ingredients, of course you will not be using them. But if your dog can have canned pumpkin and instant potato flakes instead of flour and peanut butter, make a small badge. See how it goes. See Higher Dog likes it, and then, if that is the key, continue on with making a bigger batch or try something different. 3. Pill Pocket Test On My Dogs + Alternative methods To Get Your Dog To Take Pills: Okay, So now that are pill pockets have been made, it is time to test him out. This is my typical daily routine. I give the dog's breakfast so they have some food in their bellies, and then I get their medications ready for this morning spill pockets. I, of course, have my peanut butter ones in the center and on the outside. Those are my turkey broth ones, so I will be trying both of them out, but mainly sticking with the peanut butter. Because I know my dogs love it. And I do want you to notice that I am having zero problems with my pancake type off pill pockets, forming it around the pill. So I do feel like it's unnecessary for me to take muscular sticks and form the actual pill pocket. In each of these pieces, I just prefer the flat pancake and then just mold it around each of the pills that I'm going to give to my dogs. Now comes the big test. Romeo ate it up. Awesome. Airy's not even one little bit of hesitation. That's exactly how I like them to take pills makes it easy for me. They're not running away. They are eager to get their morning pills. Great. Now let's look at two alternative methods that you can give your dogs a pill. So the method behind this is the fact that the dog doesn't chew, so they just automatically swallow. It's very stinky, savory smelling. To them, it works like a charm. You can also use plain Greek vanilla yogurt. If you do not want to use any of the baby food flavors, make sure that when you pick a flavor that it's not toxic for your dog, so just double check of flavor. But this turkey broth one is stinky. To me. It's really gross, but my dogs and cats love it. So first is my baby food. I have my turkey in turkey broth. It is very, very smelly. So all you do is you take a spoonful and hide it right in the center and cover it up. Boom! And we are ready to go. Let's see how Athena does perfect the second method that I like to use if my dogs absolutely do not fall for any of the previous methods, which is highly unlikely. But it does happen like once in a blue moon is to have the first pill pocket contained. The medication. The 2nd 1 is absolutely empty of any medication. Avoid of any medication because I want the dog swallowing the 1st 1 and ready to grab the next one. So if that doesn't work, you can do empty pail pocket pill pocket with medication, followed by an empty pill pocket. And the goal is to go really fast with this. Okay, so let's put this into play. Here is a new morning time for medication. We did pill park with medication. Empty pill, pocket pill park with medication. Empty pill pocket worked. Great. Now Aires medication, which he choose. The glycol flex. Not a problem, but here we go. Medication empty Bill Pocket Pil Park was medication empty Bill Pocket boom. Perfect again. 4. Dog Class Conclusion: Hi. You have now reached the end. This class. What did you think? If you enjoy this class, as always, I would love to see a thumbs up or a written review. Let me know what you thought of this class. Thank you so much for joining me. And I hope to see you on my next one.