Fast Flash Fiction: Writing Tiny, Beautiful Stories | Kathy Fish | Skillshare

Fast Flash Fiction: Writing Tiny, Beautiful Stories

Kathy Fish, Writer & Teacher

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10 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction To Fast Flash

    • 2. What Is Flash Fiction?

    • 3. Overcome Fear & Honor Your Experience

    • 4. The Felt Experience: Sensory Detail

    • 5. Free Write

    • 6. Write A Compelling Opening

    • 7. Breathless One Paragraph Flash Fiction

    • 8. The Title: Not Just Window Dressing

    • 9. Recap: What Have We Learned?

    • 10. What To Remember Going Forward

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About This Class

Begun in 2015 by the widely published flash fiction writer, Kathy Fish, the Fast Flash© Workshop has exploded in popularity, attracting writers from all over the globe who are passionate about the burgeoning literary form of the very (very!) short story. This one-hour mini-Fast Flash class will fire up your creative brain and inspire you to take pen to page on a daily basis.

Kathy’s positive, encouraging approach to teaching flash fiction will get you “in the zone” and quickly creating a lot of new writing. Packed with practical guidance and fun writing prompts, as well as loads of inspiration to awaken your creativity, these 10 video lessons will have you crafting a very short story that only you could write.

Throughout, Kathy will help you:

  • Tap into your memories to mine material that is uniquely your own
  • Use specific sensory detail to draw your reader in
  • Write a compelling opening sentence
  • Create a “Breathless One Paragraph” story

Plus, Kathy will provide you with a recommended reading list so that you can learn from and be inspired by the very best flash fiction being published today.

This class is for everyone with a desire to write. Whether you’re a relative beginner or an experienced writer in need of creative rejuvenation, this Introduction to Fast Flash will have you writing a fresh, surprising story now and arm you with the tips, tools, and inspiration you need to stay creative and productive beyond the class.

Let's get started!