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Fashion Poster : "Elastico Girl" creative retouch in Photoshop

teacher avatar Photoshop Classes By Fred, I will help you get PRO at Photoshop

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. "Elastic Girl" Introduction

    • 2. Removing background

    • 3. Creating the "Rolls"

    • 4. Finishing editing the "Rolls"

    • 5. Color Grading

    • 6. What is next?

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About This Class

This course will show you some interesting techniques that you can use in your other projects and create unique artworks. We are going to focus on using masks, adjustment layers, selections and raw filter.

This is the artwork we will create. Get the image here or in the resources are of this class


I remember when I posted this on Instagram somebody commented saying "This looks like a colorful thing that falls from one stair to another", I was laughing so hard, I guess he meant slinky :D

Anyway I hope you are going to enjoy this lesson. Good Luck!

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Photoshop Classes By Fred

I will help you get PRO at Photoshop


My name is Fred and I will teach you the most advanced and modern skills that Photoshop has to offer.

Already after watching one class you will be able to create stunning artworks.

Make sure to check my other works and upcoming classes at my instagram @freds_gallery

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1. "Elastic Girl" Introduction: once a guy spread here on business and next few lessons and going to show you how to create this project here that I call socials on, I guess I don't think you explain Why did I go to flows? Because it kind of looks like social, or at least to me. I don't know anyway, so this project is actually not that difficult, but it's were interesting to create, and I'm gonna show you some interesting techniques that you probably haven't used before. So the first thing we're going to do first Well, we're going toe, remove this, go from here, Echo. So there's going to be just empty background. Then we're going to put her back, and you will see why when we start doing this project and then we're going to use mask to remove this part, I'm also going to put it toe flavors, brightness. We're going to add some different calls, as you can see here for them who have golden color, you have that kind of blew school, which makes a perfect like the sun is shining at her on it looks kind of cool, you know, her hair her skinniest, glowing her hair is going and so on. I hope you go to enjoy this project. So see you guys during the first lesson by 2. Removing background: What's up, guys? And welcome back to the Western. So let's go to file on press Great. You on our way to the way to make sure our were using exhaust here, which is 1000 fighters. Want to get the orientation like this. Results in 200 calm or RGB colors. And if everything is fine, but just press create perfect. Now let's take our image. You'll be able to find this image in the project files. This one put it here. But of course, you can use the only adjust well, but have with adversity use this image so you can follows the lessons. I know. Let's make it bigger. So just hold it here on the criticized So it feels a bit the whole art board, this person. Okay, First of all, let's go here to background on doing this background. Where? Let's get closer. Okay, now, the first I went to the weight room of this woman from this image. Basically, how are we going to the first full us press? Right here? Chose duplicate. Where, uh, just persecute when you press that, make sure you press here not on the text on the image, but exactly somewhere here, Okay? Because if you present the image, you're going to see different options. Now, when we did that, went toe Just this image. The one that we created the contra basically or social dollar hunter, One of the first right on Jews here, rest arise, restaurants, lair, basic. So when we have that, now we need to select this woman here and actually two options to select it. If you go to select, you will be able to see here subject. But if you don't see this option here at Miss, you have an older version of partnership and I would not advise you to after it on we're going through Is this subject options? But in case you don't have it, let me just show your words. Is thus birth Apology, press You press here, subject, remember, to savagely is going to sweat automatically the subject on the where s you can see the selection is almost perfect because the background is clear on the difference between them is very clear. That's why for the shop can see the selection not go to swing on this one. Okay, Now, let's say you don't have this option here. You can't just do this one quick selection tool. Make sure you have this plus selected on samplers on. They can just, you know, press press on select legs. It's OK. We have to select the whole Basically her her, the whole body It's not, but again, you're going to subject option. Let's go to sweep them. Press this link again. Now let's go to select Just step. So again, if you have subject options, you subject If you don't have it, just use this thing. This one section Now we have selected this. What? You should actually go. Make sure you have selected, for example, the Squirtle. So you can see here so I can mess. Now let's press select that mask. So when we have this president you and chose overly so you can see it was red. I go to shift edge on, put it on maximum Last 100. Let's first, Acuna. So what is actually that? This helps us to move the magical. It just from social to be wider. If I get called, for example, here, you were able to see Look at this rate zero. You see? You know what if I make it. 100. You can see the selection is going to build a writer on espresso, Kate. But actually, in this election to be wider because right now we're going toe us. Polish of automatic toe to removes ago. From this image on is the selection is why they Usually there are more processes better Because, for example, in this election is here. I'm not here. Then she is going to go through everything until here is going to live. This kind of line here, which we don't need. That's what we need The selection writer. So we removed. Does that go now is going to read it before you did that. Make sure you are no signal here. So you slept the image that we rest. Rice. Let's go. Take it. Just here. Feel Make sure you just hear from contents content aware purse. OK, let's wait. Perfect. Now let's go to select, um, press this week. Okay. Now let me just show you what would have happened. What would have happened if you didn't chose Select must And then we will make the selection by their okay, because this were important for you. Not to only see how this project was great, but also to understand how, actually techniques birth. So let me just turn it off. You don't have to adjust what we do. I want you to see what would happen if you wouldn't make it by their Let me just great. Another copy. I'm gonna just quickly press right on the restaurants. Learner. So it subject. Okay. And now we got really just going to go to select a mask right away. No, cancel. Sorry. We're not going to make it by. They were just going to use the selection like this. Let's go to end it and then feel on first looking. Okay. Lets make their own seem it. So life I go to select on this like, look at this. You see, here you have this kind of. But this happened because we didn't make a selection by enough. That's why it was. That's why it was very important to make situation fighter. So when we, you know, use content or virtual, we don't have this last year lets me live. Let's not lose this. Uh, yeah. So now we just have to remove those things here. Let's go here to a spot healing brush, though not just on when you do let, make sure you have content simple their status. So when you use spoke to fresh, it'll make sure the first that content there were selected. Make sure you get a sample where? Sweat that. Also make sure yours is like circle normal. That makes it a little bit smaller on. Try to remove this slice here on this. You don't have to be perfect, Southern part of both that. Okay. Here. You see this kind of off line? So what we could have done to make sure there is no landless ist? We could have made the selection even invite her by making it by twice off. For example, clicking also it must emigrated, making it 100% once the impressing okay. And then doing the same thing again like this is going to be twice fighter. This is this thing here. You sure there's the line? What? You can also dinner that toe, you know, Is this land from here to here? You can press once here and then you can hold shift on press here. And when you do that for the show automatic that draws a line from here to here. Sorry for the first ones here, as in the whole chip, I'm press. Yeah, you see it. It works like magic. Fellowship is actually in magical. I would see Agana, as you can see within two. Do some work, but it's the reverse it. But yes. So we actually need to let on your her legs basically on her house because we're going to, you know, make only her legs enhance. Looked like so shit sociales, social sociales. Andi Yep, that's it. We can, you know, change it later anyway, if we need to. So we can leave the desperate, because here, we're going for head on her ears. I'm not going to see that anyway. That's it for the first Western guys. I hope you had no questions. And if you have any questions, just go to my instagram at Fred's glory on direct message way with your question. Or just come in with the lesson. That skill ship. I'll be happy to help you. So it's you guys. It was the next lesson, but 3. Creating the "Rolls": What's up, guys? Welcome back on her. Continue with that. True. Something interesting. So I posted this animation right now and when I saw time in like you see on the formulas that ghosts are just creaminess advance against its separate interesting admission. What you think of it, like traditional tutorial, is this. Would you be interesting in seeing how you can actually create something like that? But this actual looks kind of creepy, but, you know may have your like this stuff anyway. So let's get started on. Let's continue. So let's listen. We related to go from here remaining on this copy. But of course we have the original, which as well, so let's just turn on George Mitchell amid the colonel's original image. As you can see, we see, is a lot of women image that so far, so I'm going to see a Web need actually need to go first of bullets chose the first image. Okay, unless press here to create the mess. So now we have here this kind of diet must create it on. I really hope you know how mask works, because if you don't just go see how masks work outs Avital your my adolescence. I spoke because musk are probably the most important thing that partnership last. And if you don't know how, master, then you really should learn because resulted. You can't do much with one ship. So now let's pressed right here. Joe's most not spunk. Restoration answers Brush tool. Just normal breath. Let's get to quote. Let's get closer. First spoke. Not going to go to her list. Make sure you have this Must here selected. Not the image, but the mask itself. Get now we need to make sure you get your black color. So if you just press here you go toe like a white aside the cold cause. And they can press here this week with vitamin like. You can also use peaks on the keeper to switch with for the bagpipers expense. You can see there. Switch prospects. Begin This which against Why Didn't right now black are to be the 1st 1 must go here. Just harness. Make this 100. I'm really sorry. That's most miler. Okay. Ah, Now we're going into this 100 goto a pass to make it 104 100. Meza's Europe and infirm sing is fine. Let's continue so it may actually make my birth filled with bigger We can't suppress right on your mouth on, you know, change the size from here. You have always quarter, but you can use called kiss. I mean, it is So what you actually need to do now is we need toe required drawer like this. See what happens? I drove and c we start seeing one sexually, like you know, quite like this we start seeing was actually located behind this girl. Why do we see that? Because here we have this image. Yeah, on we actually seeing this is name is Bill. Right now you fight comes up, you see, it's a by turns its back on you See, Resident, that's actually the reason why we Then it is a girl. And we made sure we see. Let me make sure there's a coffee result that go get Let's get to call. The listener knows that. Go for now on that seat overseas yet? I mean, of course there. Some like some of this stuff. But we want to go see that an increased that the final image. Then we will change. Don't worry. We will make sure everything is looking good. It's enough. Remember, we do it is that it will look here on the find What works, for example, We can see. So it needs to go like this Under right again. Up right, upright slices on. Then we're going to make This place is darker, so I'm sure with them, for example, I met this like this. Like it, uh, lives. Withdrawal exists a little bit. So now we need to choose what we can just press sticks to change to the wet. Let makes it smaller than it. A knife drawer like this. Your happens? Yes, we see this land. But here, that's actually what we need. We had to be like this. Now it's just a game Black. So again we compressed X to switch witness, and I'm going to switch between quite often. So keep that in mind. Goes again this again. I switched toe isis toe. I mean again, like right now on you go to draw like this. So right now it just a lot of drawings on is going to take some time in order to make sure this looks good. You know, we always have to change the size of the brush. Then we have to switch from black to white and so forth. So it's going to take some time, just like you said on. If you don't want to see the whole process, you can just, you know, go ahead. You exist. So as you can see, there's nothing really automated we can do so man over. Unfortunately, how many questions? Because, you know, you can just put had muscle on. Uh, but this this is time. Make sure there just are not too sharp on to change the white color again. So I said, I said, You can just go ahead if you don't want, because I'm going to take some time for the truth. Drugs that on. I'm not going toe. You know, skip this part because what if you want to follow exactly what I do? This may be important for you because some people really like to polo exactly the right steps. They don't want to improvise or work on those, and they need to make sure everything's right. That's what I'm just going toe keeps this processes the video going to cut it up, but again, if you want to go or what? You can just do it if you want exists. Okay, let's see. How long did that go? Here? I'll get one more on. We can stop with the right leg, left leg. And again for that. We can press ones here, but they can't boat trip on press here On this there is notice. Like again with President Handholds members here I can say it's against straight line. So you can't do that here as well. See that press against right now for them will be Cassis like yet on. Yet we go toe, make sure it's it's not, sir. So basically we'll have to moments from there. Yeah, If you want to move the slide from here, just make sure you swept the, um this layer great that you went to were on. Then go here for a stretcher. Sponsoring brushed over a short sample wears on. You have contender it selected. Then you can just go like this when you left. You can, you know, religious. Okay, let's go back to being back. But make sure you don't knows that the popular believes that some pros and then you can turn it back on. I'll get perfect nominee. But is that just toe explain you how Actually this is going to work. Let me show you on this left leg and then we're going to go the other parts as well and finish them. So for example, we have to choose the upper layer. We have to choose press here, just brightness contrast on. Then we need to make sure brightness is down a little bit like this summer. Then we go back to wears. Now we need to make sure this brightness is not shown. So basically, this white must has to be inverted to a black mask in order to let we can just press control. Plus I if you're using windows, if you think back, you compress common. Plus, I okay on what else you can do. You can just press twice here and they go to scissor a small window and then just press for your property, is there and you're going to see this property. So again you can choose this layer mask. Man chose properties and they can press him. Where and when you do letters against this white mask isn't worth play black months where you can just use for case control plus my Oh, come across way. So now when you did that, make sure you go here to brush, make sure you change it toe white color because we need to call his right. I'm for that border. And right now, make sure. Yep. The mask off the brightness suspects elected on if I drew it, see what happens. Okay, this is getting Doctor. This is actually what I mean, but also what you mean to the main to make sure we're making dark on this place. Okay, so we're not making darker. This place is not the background on this woman. This farce up, you know, to let press right here anywhere on their place. Joe's. I mean, on this layer on this empty place over the layer press, right? I'm just Where is it? Great. It must mean that actually can see reoccur. This kind of are up here on IRA shows that this where is the subject is not going along the tow. This woman, basically, that's why it's not affecting anything that is located behind her. So tonight, stop picking on his brother was at night, and I can choose the mask over the brightness effect. I can continue. If I draw us, you can see what happens. I'm drink on the on the room, on herself on when I drove with brightness so you can see that it looks like this thing is going like this, you know, because in a in a part has to be dark, actually. And that's right, folk it perfectly meaningless. Continual exists. That looks cool, right? Continue gains here. So not Of course we said yes. I'm kind of places that you want to change for them. For this one. This looks room on. You know, if you want genuine, can just select back the mask that's belongs to the woman. Make sure you have black color, so it's on. Then you can just draw here to make its mother right, but well, I'm here. Uh, you know, you can just do that to other places. You hear a professions? No, this what gave us? So if I continue working on that, just make sure you're going to save this, okay? This very important on if you want to look at the original image for his uncle began, you can go to product past and see how it was done, therefore, that'll where we're actually where's exactly where to occur. As you can see, the government processes were important for them to hear. If you want to make it more realistic, they need to make sure that it's carving at the right place for a couple here. If you look at it, we may need to make this a little bit. So we may need to do sport. I can't like this, and when we do this part, it actually looks better. So again, their results. There's lots of little bird right now here on. Of course you can do that and you don't have to. But he wanted to be really nice to be on. Generally, I'm going to give you an advice if you really want to be. If you really want to become really, really good at making this kind of edits in partnership, then you take. Didn't it takes lots of time to make sure everything is detailed for not it's nice that we're gonna be perfect. But you know you have to pay attention to the chops because details are the only thing that make your really stand out from the crop Okay, This looks already. Oh, so so let's Goto file on. Still forget to say this. Of course. I'm going to see it during our next lesson by 4. Finishing editing the "Rolls": What's up, guys? And welcome back. So we have with your right leg weapon right hand on. We'll try to make this really quick. So if you see here, they're not Not so many roles, I would say so this is gonna be not so much, I hope. Uh, yeah, let's continue games like the master suite of Abrash Tal. So again, we're just going to repeat what we did during our last Listen on. If there is something that you don't understand, just go back to the last lesson. Because I spend their reasoning Littles, And here I'm going I'm will try to work faster. I'm really sorry. I'm so sorry. Story. Okay on. Yes. What's this? This? It's going to go with this and then we have to do this. It's going to go then against comfortable exist. You do this. Okay, so sometimes we need to make our breath. I guess I'm just going to make it smaller. So it's always like An s letter. But you could also say that letter, you know, one of them doesn't really matter that much. - You know, we need also get this was just a little bit again If you want to change Something can always know Back. Get back the white color on on some more. If you thought this one was, for example to think on this one he opposite toe sick Think Okay, now we need to go toe brightness toe on income Existing dark, big. So again, shoes are wet Corp start doing for level here. Going t o Go on. This here stars your game to grow this. Okay, which is like color? Sure, then a swell to exist, right? This looks, please beginning for them, we can disperse here on the whole trip That person grills and you have a straight line. So once you will draw a straight line for you automatically from point A to point B. If you express was in the whole trip to impress again. Okay, so she looks fine. Let's not continue to her hands on going to start here. This so you can just always go back. You know, it did under Rush Tau toggle Riendeau paddle estates off yourself. Post that help us to go back. I mean, I'm sure you know that if you're if you're taking this class there, that Missouri have some knowledge about father shop. So you should know that already. But if you're not, it's fine. You know, we learn new things every day. There's messing shamefully if you got financing. No, no, it's never Hey, she who is knowing that you don't know if I'm not learning anyway, that Shane Cooper Okay, Here. I'm sure. Touch the dress bums. It was fuck it began to go toe brightness contrast. Now we take right, Forget to switch because them on now start drawing. - Okay , I know this one left, Finally lost. But yeah, guys, if you, you know, successfully did not hear that Congress situations with Almost done you're so close to becoming for show here looking, getting to go toe brightness change the color toe, right? I just not calling. So actually, when I was things this project I worked really a lot on making sure that this lines are smalls, so I would advise him to do the same here. I'm just going a little bit quick to make sure this lesson is not too long. Thank you. That's fine. Now we need to make sure these things are gone on. You want to make that first open toe turn over where the woman there outside, then go back to this live. We were actually getting some parts of the lens. This lens. Anyway, we don't have it if you don't have a just grade in your everywhere. OK, then we need to go here. You're spotting, rushed, or make sure content over its on sample wears on that we can just start remove this thing. So again become pressed once here and then we can hold ship on press here and then you think you can see yourself out too much? Be drawing a straight line between game press wants bullshit Press again like this means that side they can draw, like, successful. That's what Do you want to go? My returns this back on on. We make sure we don't see in your wife on that. This. Okay, guys. So we don't Was that us? Well on now we're on the left to change the cars and make it shiny. So you guys, those next listen, But 5. Color Grading: Congratulations. Finally, we almost that on now there is only the easiest part. Let so you can just sit down, relax and enjoy this. So what made to direct now is actually being to slit all the wares on to do that. Just press on the with the first day as a whole, Chip impressed on the last thing on. When you do it, as you can see, all the wares are selected. They can press right on just here or anywhere was right. Just convert smart, too smart, public. When you do that now, the whole artwork is converted into one smart public off course. You can still edit it. I mean, if you press twice on the image itself, so not on the next. Not here, but on the image. Exactly. If you press you can see that Focuses opened in a different window on, you can make adjustments here, for example, let me just show you, let's say, Let's just say you know at first myself the brightness and then I make writer and he's making darker. And then if I want this to be in the original forecasts, well, I just go to file, say then I read when this is sent, I can just cause this. Unless you can see now, the original artwork you can see is change. It has changed again, but they want to change again. Just press twice here again. Cos in your window. You can just do any changes we want. I mean, we have We can create a new every can racing Watto. You like this? We just need to make sure it saves us. Doesn't let me say that we can just go back to the original art form on sees the changes. Anyway, this is a smart object on. I will show you right now. Why did I create this? So when we did that, let's go to filter, um Kummerow Center. Okay, so this visit is actually going to help us to change the card on. We need to make it two colors for scholars. Good. Could be blue. The 2nd 1 is going to be kind of your low golden, I would say so. Let's just go here and makes the temperature a bit left. Something like that, because it play with other options here. Presentable pill to make it greenish or purple. But I mean, we don't need to do it, but you know, we can make those purple. We don't need to play this expert or stuff like that because this is actually we can actually make the export of done like this. Yeah, yes, a little bit. This should be finalised. Personal kit. So what we have is that being to create a quick fears that so this press right on shows duplicate layer press. OK, no one ever called you. We need to change the common Ro Theatre here. The 2nd 1 is going to be golden. So again, if you want to change the Camero, Peter, just press twice on it. So here this precise Wait Yeah, I can just just become a drive a little bit. The golden on also makes export dealt with air like this Unless prosecu now. So right now we have here to Where's the 1st 1 is golden on This turns up on the 2nd 1 is full. You know, to make this kind of effect like here with me and actually to go, is meant to create a mask. So we gestures the golden layer repress here to create the mask. Now we select the mass. We go here just grated option press. Right? And it was great to when you choose the great until you automatically have here black and white for they compress here gesture like why this is the fault for this repressed. Mostly. Make sure the 1st 1 selected question is 100 models normal, Andi yet it should be fine ever since, uh, now you can just, you know, click on drag. And when you do that, see what happens automatically Readiness credit here in black and white region residences, of course, are now moving from black to white. But we didn't actually write about me to the germs away around. So this listener press and drag from here press and drink up. As you can see, it looks like like exactly like our original image right now. So of course, it can continue playing this present. We can present back to make the line longer on so different you can, you know, make it through small. As you can see, it's exist now. It almost looks like your shop child. Oh, from one building to another building so I can make it longer legs. So I told depends on what exactly want to go. The only thing that we didn't do, like I mean, I also been doing zone in Africa as well is that I didn't change the shadows on Actually had that in my in my mind. But I saw No, I'm not gonna do that because I just wanted to be like this. It looks kind of cool. I find that it's not exactly the way that the original Yes, on we have the shelter. If it is those who have been also like, you know, like socialites like this roles. I don't think it could be that interesting, but there's this one is kind of looks also cool. That's it, Guys, don't forget to save this on. Yeah, if you like. This video is and also check my Arthur lessons courses. You know, you guys does next listen by 6. What is next?: my guys right here. The guy will help you, Master Bullish on before you continue have electric a venue some other magical classes that you would absolutely love to see. And also don't forget to pull me as though I will miss all the unique projects and classes I create every single week at your my recommended classes for you Enjoy. This class is dedicated to advanced for the shop animations. I will show you how you can Really Any makes your images on. I will show you I can basically take your still photos and bring them a life is different options and this is just one of the projects They're going to be four really cool and interesting projects that you should take. This is in us animation from that same close as you can see, it looks also really colorful So we're going to animate the course here on after this project, you will be able to animate any colors on your own images as well. This is a really cool poster and during discuss, we're going to transform a normal image into something really magical. And as you can see, every creating this kind of liquid glitch on I will show you I can do that. It's actually a secret technique. On also, here we have this golden light. I also show it will show you that. I don't say we're doing some color grading to give it some really artsy look. I would say so. This just an epic project and is Goto Wydell on instagram? Make sure to check this out. This class is related to for the shop animations. So I will show you I can create this kind of interesting animation off poster on as you can see, here you have the text and the text is gone. Also appears this led the blue light, which is again on and off. It looks just really magical. That's it. I hope you found something interesting for yourself and you doesn't like Blessed by