Fashion Inspiration Boards - The Real deal | Rebecca Klementovich | Skillshare

Fashion Inspiration Boards - The Real deal

Rebecca Klementovich, Fashion and Abstract Artist

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5 Videos (12m)
    • Intro to Fashion Inspiration boards

    • Inspiration boards customer

    • Trends

    • Color inspirationfinal

    • Inspiration board


About This Class

Here we have a series of videos that touch upon the process of how a designer produces an Inspiration board to start the season. This board is critical as it points to the trends, the color palettes, and the mood of what the designer is heading for the season. You want to make sure the owner, the sales rep. and assistants are all on the same page as to where the season is going. The Inspiration board does just that. 





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Rebecca Klementovich

Fashion and Abstract Artist

I was a fashion textile artist for twenty two years in NYC. I have seen how truly the industry runs. My classes are practical along with fun. The information that I will provide will show the process of how a fashion line is designed and what skills you will need to develop. My projects are what designers or textile designers actually do to show how and where their fashion lines will be about. I have been teaching fashion classes in my local community for five years.

The my other artis...

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