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Fashion Inspiration Boards - The Real deal

teacher avatar Rebecca Klementovich, Fashion and Abstract Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Intro to Fashion Inspiration boards

    • 2. Inspiration boards customer

    • 3. Trends

    • 4. Color inspirationfinal

    • 5. Inspiration board

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About This Class

Here we have a series of videos that touch upon the process of how a designer produces an Inspiration board to start the season. This board is critical as it points to the trends, the color palettes, and the mood of what the designer is heading for the season. You want to make sure the owner, the sales rep. and assistants are all on the same page as to where the season is going. The Inspiration board does just that. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Rebecca Klementovich

Fashion and Abstract Artist


I was a fashion textile artist for twenty two years in NYC. I have seen how truly the industry runs. My classes are practical along with fun. The information that I will provide will show the process of how a fashion line is designed and what skills you will need to develop. My projects are what designers or textile designers actually do to show how and where their fashion lines will be about. I have been teaching fashion classes in my local community for five years.

The my other artistic endeavor is being an abstract artists. I love bringing realism into the abstract. I will be providing classes that really bring new levels of skill and art concepts to people who want to try something new.

You can find my abstract art at or on Facebook Klementovich st... See full profile

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1. Intro to Fashion Inspiration boards: Hi. My name is Rebecca Clementa vich and I'm offering a class on merchandising and how to make an inspiration board An inspiration board is key in fashion. Designing its the first stage of designing for a season will be designing for one season, and it really kind of shows where the designers head is at my experiences. I've done high end fashion with Joan. Vast selling and even markets have also done work with diesel designers developing a line called Oxygen Required and have also worked in private label, working with large companies like Wal Mart. So I have a very good understanding about merchandising, and I want to share that with you. And I want to really hone in on this creativity on being a fashion designer, but also on the practical attributes of how the process really works in a company and fashion. So the Inspiration Board does a few things. One will show the trends as a designer that you would have on your inspiration board, also developing a color palette, which is very important. There's a color palette formula that the industry uses as well and also keying in who your customer is. So these will have lectures on How do you present all of that information in an inspiration board? The Inspiration Board moved due in two ways. You can do it one way with cutting outs, ideas from a magazine like Vogue. And then you put them all on one piece of paper with your palate as well on their swatches . Or the second version would be using Pinterest. Pinterest is a great way of doing inspiration boards as well, so you can do it manually. Or you could do an inspiration board through the computer. That will be up to you. I hope you take this class. It'll be fun. And I'll also be very educational. Thank you. 2. Inspiration boards customer: this part of the lesson is, who are your customers? So what you want to do is open up interes account and start aboard. We're gonna do this inspiration board through Pinter us. Or your second version would be to go through magazines and cut out examples of customers and then again paste them on a separate board. So either case, you'll be doing the same types of ah, research. So here we have a picture of a preteen pre teen is between nine and 12 a teen between between 12 and 16 missy, 20 through 40. An older missy is 40 through 60 and then a plus size as well. So then you want to also think about who is your customer. What is the inspiration behind the brand? Very important. You want to think about this person culturally, you wanna have someone who represents your theme. For example, we have Audrey Hepburn in breakfast at Tiffany's. You would put a picture of her in your inspiration board. Another one is in half the way in Devil Wears Prada for me. I chose Angels wear black, and my inspiration Board is sort of based off of glam rock for like a teenager. So I've chosen a team between 12 and 14. Some questions you wanna ask Ah, to tighten up your customer is Where does she live? How old is she? Is she married? Is she dating? What kind of car does she drive? Does she drive at all? What does she do for work? Where does she shop? Does she have any pets? Pick a celebrity that represents your brand. What's her favorite food? What music does she listen to? What is her favorite song? What kinds of movies does she like? What does she like to eat? Where does she like to travel? What is her favorite city? What kind of jewelry does she wear? So here for me, I've chosen glam rock. I would represent, uhm for glam rock David Bowie. I put him in my inspiration board. Um, you know, some of these things are really important. So go ahead and do that. And I'll see you at the next lesson, which is trends 3. Trends : What are the trends for your inspiration? Ward? So you want to think about practical trends as well as kind of far out there. Trends. You want to look at fabric. This is where designer would go to a fabric store and see if there's a special fabric that's been developed that works with her theme buttons. You could go to an accessory in a button store. Obviously, you confined this online as well. You could research, and um, either by the designer would buy these buttons or accessories so that they could knock them off overseas. But in this case, we're just going to find accessories on Pinterest, Oregon and magazines and cut them out and use them as as Well, um, one point I want to make is trending is interesting, because if you miss the trend, you know it costs the company money. We miss that trend. We could have made some money there. Sometimes you might be a two ahead of the trend, and people will buy it because it's just too far out there too trendy. One of my favourite examples, uh, for trending was I had a friend who was a designer. She went to a rock concert, and the singer had a T shirt on. It was tight fitting, and I had a red star on it. She knocked that off. Very simple graphic of a red Star and a very cute little T shirt, and the company made thousands of dollars because it was right on trend. So, you know, trending is very important. So again you want to research could go online, say what is trending for 2017. A lot of designers will go Teoh trend workshops that they have at the beginning of the season. So we also want to think, what season are we gonna work in? I have used spring and then I have the year on it. So you're boards should also have information as to what season it is, and that will be important when it comes to picking out colors. So stay focused with your seem as an influence to you do your designs. Um, I'm in, particularly using lace and mesh and black as my fabric, so I've pulled those for my inspiration board. I also have one or two prints. Usually, when you're doing AH, line will use one print for season so that is about it. For trends. As you can see on my inspiration board, I have mostly black, um, trends because my colors are pretty neutral with surrender and grain white. So all right, but color will be our next lesson. 4. Color inspirationfinal: great. Now we have developing a color palette. Fashion has pretty much a formula which uses in general five colors. So what you want to do is in one of those colors, you need a black or navy or very traditional color because that color is gonna be your bottoms. So meaning pants and skirts. So you don't want to have anything to completely crazy because, you know, save its yellow. Not everyone's gonna be wearing yellow pants. So, um, that part you really have to keep in mind. Um, and that is what the sales people kind of understand and CEO. So, um, this is really important to for trending I'm picking a spring season. So when I did the research, I have some examples that I found online, and I look and I could see raspberry seems to be kind of the popular color trend for 2017. And the sort of muted brights seems to be the same theme as well. So when I look at my, um, colors there graze black, white and red. So they're a little off what is forecast, but I'm still going to stick with that, because again, my theme is glam rock and those are the colors for that kind of thing. You know, my the president maybe would say, Hey, why don't you make that right into a raspberry? Because that's what is trending. So you know, there you have toe, have a meeting and discuss that. So the my point is, color is really important because after everyone agrees on the color Swatch is they die hundreds of yards of the color that you've picked. So if the color is off, you know that's where you're gonna company's gonna lose a lot of money. Um, so after you pick your swatches, you convert those swatches into a Pantone number in that Pantone numbers universal, and everyone can use that number, and they know what you're talking about. 5. Inspiration board: This is Rebecca Clementa vich, and this is the final part of our concept boards. So you should have the customer one or two pictures of who that person is. A color palette of five colors a title, meaning your theme in a season. So that would be spring, summer, winter or fall should have a total of about 11 objects. You wanna have one or two prince one that you would use. Ah, you should also have one or two fabric. For instance. I have lace as my signature fabric. What you also want to do if you want to print this out in the physical form, If you're on Pinterest, you could use a snipping tool. You can find that online how to use that, or you could print the page from your monitor so that's up to you. You could also find my Pinterest board under Rebecca Clement. Oh, vich and that spelled K l E m e n T o v i c h. So our next class will be taking this concept board and developing flats from that on. Then, from the flats, we dio a line list. That's what they do. Ah, in the professional field. So I hope you join me for that next class. And I look forward to seeing your concept boards as well. Thank you so much by