Fashion Illustration: From Client Brief To Beautiful Piece | Jennifer Lilya | Skillshare

Fashion Illustration: From Client Brief To Beautiful Piece

Jennifer Lilya, Fashion Illustrator

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7 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. How to work from a client brief

    • 2. Supplies! Supplies!

    • 3. Sketch Out Your Illustration In Paint

    • 4. Skin Shading And Face Detailing

    • 5. Layering Color To Create Shapes

    • 6. Using Ink Lines To Bring Your Illustration Together

    • 7. Finishing Touches & Shading


About This Class

Many designers and business owners have fabulous ideas in their heads but they can't put them down on paper in a useful way. A fashion illustrator's job is to take their random ideas, stick figures, inspiration tears, and swatches of pattern/color and turn them into illustrations that can be used to make patterns from, or illustrations that they want to use in their advertising. In this class you will learn the basics of fashion illustration so you can effectively communicate your own designs or the design and branding concepts of others.

To learn these skills you will be given 'inspiration' for a womenswear brand/store through a hodgepodge of notes and random ideas. You will then turn the "client's" direction into rough sketch concepts and one final full color illustration.

Through video lessons and curated resources, you will learn key skills like how to:

  • sketch the fashion figure, emphasizing pose and proportion
  • add color with acrylic paints to create shape and texture
  • add ink details to style the look and finalize the illustration
  • work with a client brief to execute their vision

This class is for anyone interested in fashion or figure illustration, students looking to improve their portfolios (to apply to art school or jobs), fashion designers looking to improve their illustration skills, and illustrators looking to improve their concept/client/painting skills. Of course, this class would also be great for anyone that loves to paint pretty things! :)