Fashion Illustration - Drawing A Face

Penny Trevlopoulou, Fashion illustrator and designer

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8 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Skillshare Intro

    • 2. What You’ll need

    • 3. Drawing The Eyes

    • 4. Drawing The Lips

    • 5. Drawing the nose

    • 6. Drawing the face

    • 7. Quick Tip

    • 8. Class Outro & Project

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About This Class

 Fashion Design is the simplest and most effective way to communicate our ideas about a piece of clothing, an accessory or a complete outfit. A designer uses it, to present his ideas to a team of people, that are going to help him, bring those ideas to life. A stylist can also use fashion design to present his ideas to a client.

Like any other form of art, it is all about personal development and evolution. Everyone starts with the same basic rules and as your personal style starts to develop, you can decide which rules you want to break and which ones you'd like to follow.

In this lesson we are going to learn the basic steps you need to follow when designing a face:

  • Drawing the eyes
  • Drawing the lips
  • Drawing a nose and the ears
  • Drawing a complete face

Being able to draw a face is important first of all when designing a fashion figure and of course when we need to communicate a make up idea we want to pair with an outfit. Make-up artists also use face illustrations to create new looks they come up with, so they can be able to present them to clients.

This class is for everyone, beginner or not, aspiring designers and artists who have never draw a face before, no matter if you are into fashion or not. I'm going to include the templates I'm using in this class, so I can help you get started, along with some key steps you 'll need to keep in mind