Fashion Illustration: Create a Minimalist Fashion Portrait

Jessie Fisher, Designer and Visual Identity Advisor

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11 Lessons (1h 41m)
    • 1. Minimalist Fashion Portrait Trailer

    • 2. Overview of the class project, tools, and more

    • 3. Mini Lesson 1: The proportions of the face

    • 4. Mini Lesson 2: Drawing facial features

    • 5. Creating a rough sketch of the face

    • 6. Creating a rough sketch of hair

    • 7. Refining your rough sketch

    • 8. Inking the face

    • 9. Inking the hair

    • 10. Adding color

    • 11. Creating metallic jewelry and finalizing


Project Description

A Minimalist Fashion Portrait


Using the videos as your guide, complete and share each of the following phases of the assignment listed below:

  1. Reference shots: Share at least one pic that you're using for reference for this assignment. 
  2. Initial sketch: Don't worry if this is rough, loose, or not at all in the style you're looking to attain in your final illustration.
  3. Refined initial sketch: Share the cleaned up version of your initial sketch before moving on. Remember, this sketch is just your guide for building out the next part of the process. Don't worry if it's not perfect yet!
  4. Inked sketch: Before you get to all the fun bits with adding in the bits of details and color, share your inked sketch.
  5. Final illustration: This is it! Share your work in all its glory.


Be sure to look at the other class projects for inspiration and to share your own feedback and encouragement.


I'm guessing that, if you've made it this far into the project description, you're interested in this class. So, yes, this class is right for you! 

If you're a beginner in portrait drawing, I will walk through how to draw the human face step-by-step. You'll want to pick reference photos that show your person from straight on, not in profile.

If you're not a beginner in portrait drawing, you can skip the begginer instructional videos on drawing a face and jump right to the rest of the class videos.



  • I will be working in photoshop using a tablet and stylus for this class. So, if you're looking to pick up a few basic photoshop skills or already prefer working entirely digitally, follow along.
  • If you don't have Photoshop or don't wish to work digitally, you can follow along with the process with some modifcations using regular media. You'll want to have drawing or marker paper, pencils, drawing pens with various nib sizes, your preferred colored media (e.g., colored pencils, markers, pastels), and a lightbox is highly recommended.

(optional) Photoshop brushes

  • I highly recommend using artist brushes created for Photoshop to give you better control and quality of lines to match the style you're going for with your illustration.
  • I get my brushes from Kyle T. Webster, but there are other sources available as well. Kyle also has resources on his site for how to download and install his brushes.
  • Photoshop comes with brush presets that will definitely suffice and get the job down if you're not looking to invest in new brushes right now.

Reference photos: You'll want a handful of reference photos to give you a solid foundation in developing your illustration.

If you're picking a real-life person, have a few photos handy so that you're not stuck trying to perfectly copy on picture but rather getting a sense of that person's features and look.

If you're picking a random person or picture for inspiration, have a few that inspire you so can draw on the parts you love about each one to develop your illustration.

(optional) Metallic foils: In the final video you'll see that I use gold foil as one of my colors. If you're interested in doing something similar, I've linked to some free ones below. You can also do a google image search for " metallic foil"as well. Be sure that you're using images that aren't licensed and you are free to use!

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