Fashion Illustration Basics: Swimwear | Sarah Van Evera | Skillshare

Fashion Illustration Basics: Swimwear

Sarah Van Evera, Fashion Designer and Watercolor Artist

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8 Videos (33m)
    • Movie on 4 1 16 at 3

    • 1 Pencil Sketch

    • 2 Skin Tone Mixing

    • 3 Color Layer 1

    • 4 Skin Shade Color Mixing

    • 5 Skin Shading

    • 6 Final Detailing

    • Movie on 4 1 16 at 4


About This Class

This video will teach you how to sketch and color a fashion illustration.  It is a quick introduction to fashion sketching that will provide you with some tips and tricks that professionals use.  The materials you will need are:

1. a mechanical pencil

2. a Papermate Flair pen (a think black marker, like a fine tipped sharpie can be substituted)

3. Watercolor paper

4. Round brushes in size 5 and 8

5. Watercolors (Winsor Newton is used here)





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Sarah Van Evera

Fashion Designer and Watercolor Artist

Sarah grew up in Minnesota, where she began painting at an early age. After high school, she moved to New York City to study Fashion Design at Parsons. Since graduating, Sarah has been busy working in the fashion industry. She has designed for Coach and Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Michael Kors & Judith Leiber. She is a fine artist in her spare time. She enjoys painting watercolor landscapes and pet portraits.

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