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Fashion Illustration: 30-Day Shoe Challenge

teacher avatar Michal Cohen, Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What You'll Need

    • 3. Getting Started & Finding Inspiration

    • 4. Inspired by Makeup

    • 5. Inspired by Art

    • 6. 30 Days of Shoes

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class we are going to commit to a 30-day challenge and draw a shoe a day as a way to deal with artist’s block and as a way to explore different sources of inspiration and explore new mediums.

Our project for this class is to draw and render one shoe every day for 30 days, sharing daily on Instagram and in our project gallery.

This class is geared toward beginner and intermediate drawing students, and anyone looking for a great 30-day challenge or if you are currently dealing with artist’s block. Prior knowledge and experience is not required.

Let’s draw some shoes!

Meet Your Teacher

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Michal Cohen



Hi! Welcome!

I'm Michal and I teach fashion illustration and design classes. When I'm not teaching on Skillshare you can find me working on my own art practice here in Bethesda, MD, drawing fashion illustrations, designing shoes and logos, and hanging out with my twin sister, and our two adorable cats!

I love fashion, art, cats, nature, and photography.

I look forward to sharing with you my love and skills for illustration and design.

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1. Introduction: everybody. Welcome to fashion illustration. 30 Day shoot Challenge. I'm me. How and in this class I will introduce to you my 30 day creative challenge that helped me deal with my artists block a couple years back. Artists Block is very common for artists that any stage of their career and there are many wonderful ways to deal with the frustration and often times the scary notion that you will never create again. Which is what happened to me about a couple years ago when I thought, Maybe this is it. I will never draw again. And I started researching online and came across this concept of a 30 day creative challenge where you challenge yourself every day to draw just one little drawing and you build from that and you regain your confidence and your love for the art that you are worried you might have lost. Least that's how it was in my case. What I did for myself to deal with my artists block and to make my challenge a little more fun was I geared it towards shoe illustration. Shoe design. My background is in fashion design. I love drawing shoes and I had recently purchased the fashion Eri Shoe sketchbook. So combining all those elements together I would draw a shoe a day. Doesn't matter. What was it inspired by? Doesn't matter if I was looking at an existing shoe or pulling from art or makeup or any kind of inspiration that inspired me in that moment. So long as I sat down every evening, drew the shoe, rendered it and posted it on social media. And that helped me overcome my daunting, intimidating artists block as well as explore other mediums and push my drawing skills and my rendering skills specifically with shoes. And that's what we're gonna cover in this class. And I can't wait for us to get started, so I'll see you in the next video. 2. What You'll Need: So for this challenge, I think this is an awesome opportunity, especially if you're having artists block. If you're doing this as a way to challenge yourself just to grow as an artist and explore different mediums, you're gonna have fun with it. But one of the things that I found when I was dealing with my artists block and I really thought, this is it I'll never draw again is exploring and using mediums that I have that maybe I haven't in a while as an opportunity to kind of try things out. There's no pressure. You don't have to create any finished work. You're having fun with the different mediums at your disposal, and you don't need to have anything fancy. I even have these Creole markers, and these would work well, too, if you just This is what you have. Go for it, feel limited. You need to have artists, grade materials and tools and such for this challenge. What worked for me really well, and I mentioned it briefly. In the intro is the fashion Eri sketchbook that is specifically for she designed and for shoe illustration. And like I've said before, I am obsessed with the fashion Eri line of products. I think they're their products are just amazing. They're so useful and so helpful and really great for young artists and people learning about fashion design and shoe design. And it has the dotted lines that shows us the last of the shoe and the various heights of the hell. So we've got the high heel in the mid heel, on the flat and even the platform lines. And for this challenge when I did it, I solely used this sketchbook and kind of briefly see some of the shoes I did. So I could kind of go back and look, and I numbered each one and put the date. And so then when I shared it on social media, I would set it up nicely and focus on maybe one of the shoes that I did for that day and add that element is part of the challenge, and I think it's important to have certain restraints when you're doing this kind of challenge that it keeps you focused. If you are able to get this sketchbook great, you can also just use regular sketchbook whatever size you like, and you might draw your shoes. Several to a page, maybe go larger scale. That is up to you. This challenge is free to help you overcome something that is already bad enough and upsetting and kind of traumatizing in a way and very depressing. So treat yourself kindly with this challenge and create an environment that is supportive and warm and encouraging. And that's kind of how I treat this challenge. I have to be kind to myself, not hard on myself. Oh, you're not creating what's wrong with you versus we're gonna do one shoot today. And what are we gonna do today? So Oh, I typically like to use, I'm sure before little touch on it again. I love personal color pencils. I have 48 set here, which has a lot of colors that I also added to, and these were just great, adding texture and shadow and color and everything. And I think they work really well with public markers. I've got the topic. Sketchers Just a bunch of colors. I'll definitely my favorite. My grown in the various recently started exploring the co pick multi liner pens. Can those as well I have quite a collection being a fashion student in the past of color pencils that worked very well, obviously, with Prisma color markers. Sorry, that worked with. And that's another fun one to try out again. There's the Crayola. Like I mentioned, if you're really into watercolors or gua sh, I don't feel like you can't use that. You know, these are a great way if you're really into blending colors and you like more the paint effect, I say Go for another cool material that I got or medium I got exposed to in my studies is the Prisma color pastels. This is another really fun medium, because you can really kind of smear it around and blend it and get really messy on the since one as well. So I would say, if you have stuff on hand, work with what you have, if you feel like going and getting some new stuff, kind of open yourself up to different mediums that are out there but really have fun with it. I mean, the bottom line is, we're gonna You've got 30 days. Every day you're gonna be doing one small sketch, one small drawing that you're gonna render so you could try in each of those days, something different. Or maybe get into, you know, a rhythm, and you're just exploring and having fun with that one particular set, like what happened wise of happening with me as I usually get stuck with my co picks on my personal in my pens, and I might add a little white wash for detail. So that's kind of tools and materials. What you'll need definitely have your pencil or a variety of pencils, and next we will go over pulling sources of inspiration. 3. Getting Started & Finding Inspiration: uh when it comes to pulling inspiration for this challenge, my favorite most used platform is actually Pinterest. I love that I can organize my board's by theme direction, source of inspiration, whatever it is. And I can easily access it on my phone on my iPad so I can pull a piece up in front of me or print it out and have it side by side so I can revert back to it often for this challenge. One of the sources of inspiration that we're gonna explore is makeup. I think makeup looks can be really inspiring and actually great for shoe design. It's interesting how looking at the elements and the colors in these beautiful editorial images of makeup, you can actually come up with a really cool ideas for shoes. And I picked this awesome image, and we'll go through it closely when we're rendering inspired by this image. Another great source for inspiration that I found on Pinterest and that I have a board that I update all the time is just other artists. I think art is a great source of inspiration. I'm often inspired by art pieces. If it's the color story. If It's the shapes if it's what we're saying in that image or peace, and I just love seeing what other artists do, and I find it so inspiring and amazing to look at. And one of the pieces that I was drawn to and I will demonstrate in the later lesson is this art piece. I mean, so much is going on here these beautiful books, but were in nature, and it's got the curve and lots going on here, and I'll talk at length about it when I am drawing inspiration from this for a shoe. But that's kind of stuff to think about when you're going through and looking for your inspiration first and foremost having a Pinterest account, having boards to look at all the time, stuff that you're always adding to. As you can see, I've got tons of boards, and some of these are good for inspiration, for design. For illustration. Some are good as reference images. I, of course, have a board that's all shoes that I had to regularly, and if you're looking to just get better at drawing shoes, it's really helpful to just look at them and all these different angles and how to render if it's shiny materials or suede or leather for whatever it might be. This is a great way to have something to go back to all the time, and you can go with the traditional way of having a sketchbook, and you go through magazines and you cut that stuff out and your patient. If your sketchbook, I definitely do that as well and encourage young designers to do the same. It definitely would always recommend my students at Woodberry to do that. I think it's a great element. Have accompanied with sources. You can never have too many sources of inspiration and for our challenge, the more the merrier more boards you have if you want to explore architecture. If you want to explore animals, whatever you think might give you inspiration, start a board and just start adding to it. You'll be surprised what you confined. I have one here, for example. It's just texture and I kind of laid it out by color. It was a very intentional board where I started off pulling stuff kind of and more monochromatic blacks and whites here and then I started progressing into the blues. I love Blue's and into pinks, and this right here could be a source of inspiration for a shoe. You might not know it initially, but as you're going through, just allow yourself to kind of be a sponge and absorb all this visual inspiration. You are more than welcome to come and check out my Pinterest. It's Mohali studio, and I'll include a link in the project description. If any of my boards can offer you inspiration for your shoe challenge, please hop on and take a look. I'd love to be able to help in that way. I know it can be intimidating at first to start all these to start boards looking through. And where do you start? And I've got here boards with the different fashion collections as they come out. So I update my Pinterest daily. I'm obsessed. I love Pinterest. It's so fun. So you can always find something here to look at and get inspired. And once you have your inspiration at your fingertips at all times, when you sit down to do your daily sketch, you can kind of dive into one of the boards and say, Oh, you know what? I really love lightning An instance in this board that I have here, and I did do a boot that was entirely inspired by this mood board here of lightning images . I mean, these are just breathtaking, the colors alone and the lines. And I did a whole shoe based on this, and I spent a lot of time researching to collect all these images, and I didn't necessarily know what first what I would use it for, but I was just drawn to them. And then I went back and actually found inspiration for a shoe that I drew as part of the challenge when I first did it. So really, inspiration is everywhere. And don't limit yourself. Allow yourself to just absorb like a sponge, like I said, and just add as many boards as you want. You can also go the traditional Google round Google images. You'll find tons of images there, but again, what's helpful with Pinterest is being able to revert back. You can collect over time, and as you're trying to get inspired or you know your sitting and waiting at the doctor's office, whatever it is, you can always ADM or to it that you can come back and use later and it is a constant resource. So we have our inspiration and we have our images and now we're ready to get started. 4. Inspired by Makeup: Uh, all right, so you've gathered your materials or mediums you might want to explore with. With this challenge, you have your sources of inspiration you can always revert back to. I selected to start off with the maker book that I picked out from my makeup board on Pinterest and for the purpose of this demonstration I printed out Don't typically print out as it's a little wasteful, but I wanted this visual to be really nice and big for us when we do this first example. So I picked this cool makeup look. I thought, the way her hair's done appear this cold fun and the green, the black that's creating these cool curves. I love the purple on the kind of I see White. All the elements here, I thought were really cool and could be kind of an inspiration for an awesome show. So I'll keep this next to me. And as I went over in the earlier lessons, we have these dotted lines which probably aren't coming through too much right now, but they're here to help us with shape of the heels of one high heel. We've got a curve here slightly lower. We've got a platform flat and we've got the height for that. I feel like with what we've got going on here, we could probably have a cool shoe with a heel. I definitely you know that. I'm gonna be playing with these colors, so I kind of have that here. And you don't. This isn't gonna take too long. You want to really, you know, spend maybe our each evening or each morning, whenever you're throughout the challenge everyday find kind of a set time to do it. When I did my 1st 1 it was in the evening when I got home from work. So you can look at other shoes while your drawing us if you're not too comfortable withdrawing shoes in this example. Here I was looking at the Gucci boots and I was trying to draw it from the reference this shoe, for instance. It's kind of more from my imagination based on inspiration and elements that I was exploring. So whatever works for you, get a have fun with, but I'm thinking something with this bun area school. Other hair time. These curves are going to be part of the elements of my shoe. I definitely feel like doing high heel this one. A lot of times I'll just and look at the page and start thinking, OK, Well, what I want incorporate. Maybe the hell. Since we're going with a high heel, we've got that cool bun effect. Maybe it's going right through the center. I'm gonna do kind of a stacked Get someone of the narrow hell, I'm just kind of lightly in a sketch it out. Get the shape. Alright, so I've got my hell. Why shoot drawn out quick little sketch. Sometimes I'll spend more time on sketch. Really? Depends on what I'm feeling with that shoe and we're gonna grab are colors. Next, I'm gonna go with co pick for this one. Cool rendering for that, I might add a little with the prisma, so I'll start off with getting a little bit of the green picked up. 03 for my lines. - So I have my sure rendered. And I'm just gonna Oakley do her skin tone here with e 30. And there we are. We have our first shoe inspired by 5. Inspired by Art: Okay, So for next possible source of inspiration, which I always a fan of, and I think our and art pieces and sculptures and paintings are always truly inspiring and could be a lot of fun when it comes to your shoe design. Here's your challenge. You can look at amazing art pieces, well known or less know whatever it is, if you have a favorite artists and pay homage to their art and draw inspiration from their work incorporated into a kosher design. So I found this piece also on Pinterest and just thought it was so cool. We have all these books and the curves, but we're out in nature. We've got the water, we've got the trees, but it just seems so secluded and yet relaxing to be able to sit and have all this world of wonder around you. And it's kind of almost your imagination. You know, you're in this place and you can create a beautiful world around you. So I thought that was a really cool piece and really inspiring and kind of fun. So we'll hide the one we've already done. I'm not confused with this. One of the first things I thought of when I saw the image and thinking Oh, for a shoe, What could we do? It was what if we had books stacked in the hell? I love incorporating things in the hell. I think that's a fun place to elevate the design. Not about with this one. Always this wall of books. And what if it's in our hell? Could be kind of a cool idea. So again, start off here with my sketch of Got my template. My daughter lines may go for a lower hell. Maybe a bit of a platform. Since we have these book shapes inside some starting a little lower. I'm already gonna go down to the platform line. Here. Do little wedge. I think my boot will be kind of this gonna play on these greens. So again, I can test amount here for always. You've got your coping markers color sheet. You can revert back. I pulled this BG 93. Maybe that's gonna be part of the green that I'll use Jeff. I'm thinking I'm gonna go with my Gracia with my G 94 to start off with. I like to start with the lighter color. Go with my G 24. Do the booty here. - Marea 6. 30 Days of Shoes: All right, everybody. So before you go on, get started on your amazing a 30 day shoot challenge, which I really can't wait to see what you all come up with. I know they're gonna be amazing shoes. I just wanted to share with you some of my shoes for my 1st 30 day challenge and kind of reiterate what we talked about throughout this class of. You can find inspiration everywhere if it's from magazine images or if it's from fashion runway. Really anything nature, your surroundings, maybe a certain person you really like. And something about them inspires you or seasonal like Halloween or masks or lightning. Whatever it is, I hope you find inspiration and that you work through your artists block and that you feel empowered and return to the love and know that it's not the end. And you can keep creating beautiful, amazing art. Good luck, everybody 7. Final Thoughts: while everybody back Includes fashion illustration. 30 days to challenge. I know I'm excited to see your beautiful shoe illustrations, and I hope you never have to deal with artists block. But if you do, this is a great creative challenge to have in your back pocket. If you have any questions about this class, please feel free to post him in our discussion board, and I look forward to seeing you in my next class by