Fashion: How to Pitch Your Products & Start Selling Wholesale | Emily Weckesser | Skillshare

Fashion: How to Pitch Your Products & Start Selling Wholesale

Emily Weckesser, Designer and Founder of The Oyster's Pearl

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10 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Project Overview

    • 3. Jumping In: Definitions & Terminology

    • 4. Getting Started: Linesheets & Pricing

    • 5. Wholesale Policies and Procedures

    • 6. Finding & Pitching To Your Perfect Retailer

    • 7. Coming To A Fair Agreement

    • 8. Getting Paid!

    • 9. Following Up

    • 10. Conclusion


About This Class

You’ve already created a beautiful fashion line that you believe in and are passionate about. Now, how do you actually get it carried in stores and into the hands of your ideal retailers and consumers? This class will walk you step by step through perfecting your product line, prices, and policies as a vendor and then finding and developing successful wholesale relationships with relevant retailers. This class is for beginners who have a fashion line they'd like to distribute to stores, whether online or brick-and-mortar, and have little or no prior knowledge or experience selling wholesale.





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Emily Weckesser

Designer and Founder of The Oyster's Pearl

Emily and Brad Weckesser are the husband-and-wife design duo behind The Oyster's Pearl. Located in Northeastern Ohio, they collaborate together daily on custom stationery, unique apparel, and modern home decor from their sunshine-filled, exposed-brick studio space. Emily's background in graphic design, typography, and fine arts are complemented by Brad's skills in woodworking, ceramics, photography, and screen printing. Together, they have created a full-service design company where their pas...

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