Fashion Factory: Learning the Garment Production Process

Johnny's Fashion Studio, NY Based Garment Manufacturer

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3 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. From Sketch to Pattern

    • 2. Sample Development & Fitting

    • 3. Production


Project Description

Learn how to produce your design from sketch to sample to production.

Sample Cut Ticket

  1. Create a Sample Cut Ticket

    Now that you've seen what we look for in a Sample Cut Ticket it's time to make your own.

    Use the template attached to fill in your information. Sketch, construction details, fabric and trims, the more details your provide, the more accurate we can bring your design into fruition.

    Upload your Sample Cut Tickets and feel free to ask any questions. We will be looking at these cut tickets and choose one designer to create a sample at no cost here at Johnny's Fashion Studio.

    Good luck!


  1. Schedule your own fitting

    In order to schedule a fitting for this project you will need a garment, a friend, marker, fabric scissors, measurment tape, safety pins and a mirror.

    Stand your fit model in front of a mirror and first look for overall balance. Ask yourself questions just as Emily Saunders suggests in our video lesson. 

    Make adjustments using safety pins and if you're willing, make marks and cut as need. Take careful notes of every change you make, the slightest mistake can destroy a garment.

    Use the reference documents for inspiration on vocabulary and measurements.

    Share images and fit notes and we will provide feedback wherever and however we can.

    Good luck!

Production Schedule

  1. Production Schedule

    In Lesson 3 you learned the basics of created your forecasting and production schedule. Some basic information you'll need to begin the production process is how many units of what style in what size you'll be making. It'll be a constant chasing game to find the right balance between this information and fabric price, delivery and factory price and delivery.

    Create your own production schedule and to get the most out of this project go ahead and shop for fabric at the closest place near you. 

    Let's say production delivery is 4 weeks no matter how many units you have. Let's say cost per unit is $45 no matter the quantity. 

    Based on this you should be able to complete your schedule. Use the template and upload your version. We are here to provide feedback wherever and whenever we can.

    Good luck!

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