Fashion Drawing: Techniques for Sketching Garments | Danny Roberts | Skillshare

Fashion Drawing: Techniques for Sketching Garments

Danny Roberts, Igor + André co-founder - Artist & Dreamer

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6 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Big Pen Silhouette Drill

    • 2. Turning Silhouettes into Figures

    • 3. Drawing the Grid Suit

    • 4. Sketching the Garment

    • 5. Carbon Copy

    • 6. Final Draft

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About This Class

The process of fashion design requires a plethora of skills but perhaps the most essential is the ability to sketch well. Though sketching is naturally an unbounded form for brainstorming fashion concepts, this class will teach you the basic technique of using grid suits to add a professional structure to any kind of fashion sketch you draw. A grid suit is essentially a grid that is placed on the fashion figure that allows you to depict the dimensions of the body you will be drawing garments on. 


I have been working professionally as a fashion illustrator since 2006 and have had the honor of working with many incredible clients including Tiffany & Co., IMG Models, and Lancome. The techniques that you will learn in this class are the very ones that I have used in all of those endeavors. 

What You'll Learn

In this class you will learn how to draw the fashion figure and apply grid suits, a sketching technique that is used to accurately represent the flow, weight, and construction of fashion garments in a drawing. We'll cover:

  • Selecting garment & poses. Learn how garments and poses interact with each other in fashion illustration
  • Sketching poses and drawing the grid suit. How to sketch the fashion figure and apply the grid suit to showcase the figure's form
  • Sketching garments using the grid suit. How to draw garments on top of the figure
  • Finalizing the sketch. How to finalize the sketch and render using lighting

What You'll Make

In order to practice and refine your own sketching skills you will create a fashion sketch that includes the figure and accompanying garments based on grid suits for a piece from your favorite brand collection this season. At each stage in your process you will have the opportunity to share your progress with the rest of the students enrolled in this class to receive feedback and high fives for your wonderful work!