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Fashion Design: Learn to make a Shirt in 3D using Marvelous Designer

Charles Elum, 3D Artist and Graphic Designer

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20 Videos (1h 19m)
    • Trailer

    • UI Environment / Modes

    • UI Environment / Windows

    • UI Environment / Navigating the Scene

    • UI Environment / Change Screen Size

    • Setup Pattern

    • Using Edit Pattern Tool

    • Copy / Symmetric Paste Tool

    • Sewing & Arrangement I

    • Sewing & Arranegment II

    • Free Hand Sewing Tool

    • Merge Two Patterns

    • Internal Polygon Tool

    • Cut and Sew Tool

    • Adding a Texture/Fabric

    • Export PNG Images of Garment

    • Edit the Fold Angle

    • Add Particle Distance for More Garment Detail

    • Saving your Garment

    • Dress Speed


About This Class

This class is about being able to turn a flat drawing or sketch into real looking clothing using 3D software. You will get lectures that cover tool and concepts along with Marvelous designer files of the final output and textures used. I would however recommend to look around the web for your own textures for more creativity.

We will focus on using each tool and each video is dedicated just for that so that it is easier to reference if needed.

By taking this class you will be learning about a tool that covers more than just fashion but it open up other industries like game and movies. You will be learning a skill where you can either save money for your fashion company or provide 3D clothing for your game characters.

What you will need?

  • You will need: Marvelous Designer, PC / Mac , Mouse and Keyboard.
  • A FREE 30 day trial of Marvelous Designer can be downloaded at

What will you learn?

  • Edit Patterns
  • Sew Garments
  • Sew using the Free Hand Tool
  • Add Textures
  • Use Cut and Sew to add details like Hem lines and Seams
  • Copy, Paste and Symmetric Tools for Editing Garment Patterns
  • Add Quality Details using Particle Distance
  • Export your Garment PNG images
  • Create a Shirt

What is this for?

  • This course is for Fashion Designers who would like to save time and money making their samples. It allows them to give their pattern maker a clear picture of what their sample should look like.
  • This course is for 3D/CG Artists who would like to make 3D clothing for their characters. This course will not teach you how to convert 3D garments into OBJs for use in other 3D packages.

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The teacher is very easy to understand and thorough. His voice was easy to listen to, which is a huge plus, for me, given the time needed to listen to the instruction. I'm disappointed that this is the only course he teaches. But I did learn a lot from this tutorial.
so well explained





Charles Elum

3D Artist and Graphic Designer

I am a 3D / Graphic Artist. I started using 3D back in 2004. I now focus most of my time on helping others start businesses and encouraging them to learn about unique ways to either save money or present their brand.

I was introduced to Fashion through my wife who is a fashion illustrator and production manager. I gained lots of knowledge by being so close to that industry, thus allowing me to freelance for many clothing brands from Los Angeles to Atlanta. I became so interested in it...

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