Fashion Design - DRAPING -- Learn basic techniques (and some complex) to create new fashion ideas.

Nino Via, Fashion Design Creative Consultant

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9 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Draping for Fashion Design - Welcome.

    • 2. #1 - Intro to Draping and Class overview.

    • 3. #2 - Draping the 2-Dart Bodice.

    • 4. #3 - Transferring 2-Dart Bodice drape to Dotted Paper.

    • 5. #4 - Draping the 1-Dart Bodice.

    • 6. #5 - Draping the Back Bodice. Plus, pinning muslin the correct way.

    • 7. #6 - Draping a Basic Skirt.

    • 8. #7 - Draping the Circle Skirt.

    • 9. #8 - Draping a Basic Dress (and variations of it...).

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About This Class

A beginner Class with basic (and some advanced) techniques to create new fashion design ideas.  Learn draping skills to further develop and add to your Fashion Design process. 

Draping is used to develop basic Bodice, basic Skirt, basic Dress, a Circle Skirt, etc.  Students will learn how to manipulate muslin, create darts, how to mark muslin, which is then be used to draft a pattern.  Included in the curriculum is:

  • Working with a Dress Form

  • Working with muslin

  • Creating a Dart

  • Creating gathers/shirring

  • Draping a One-Dart Bodice

  • Draping a Two-Dart Bodice

  • Draping a Basic Skirt

  • Draping a Circle Skirt

  • Draping a Basic Dress

  • Tools needed for draping

The draping process is a very creative technique with inspires and empowersthe student to be more creative, innovative and have fun in the process. Learning how to Drape is an intuitive and spontaneous way to create new designs and come up with new ideas.

Learning how to be a great fashion designer includes the learning of the Draping process and technique.  The use of fabric as a way to "mold" it to a dress form is inspiring and creative when it comes to inventing new designs for that famous "Red Carpet Event" known as "The Oscars"-- those designs worn by those Celebrities were once Draped on a Dress Form.

Those beautiful evening gowns seen on the "Red Carpet" most likely were draped first, then through the process of fitting them on the actual body of the person wearing it, refined and perfected to fit correctly.

This Course starts with the basics: draping the basic bodice: One-Dart and Two-Dart Bodice, but then it moves into using more complex techniques such as draping the "Circle Skirt" which requires a little more practice to perfect.

This Course aims not only to teach, but also inspire students to use Draping techniques to be creative, innovative, and become a great Fashion Designer.