Fashion Collaborations: Creating a Successful Product, Together

Frank the Butcher and Rick Williams, Creative Directors, Novem

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4 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Identifying Brand Value

    • 3. Creative Storytelling Through Product

    • 4. Building Your Pitch Deck


Project Description

Create a fashion collaboration pitch deck.

Identifying Brand Value

  1. Who do you want to work with?

    The first step of building a successful collaboration is to figure out who you want to partner with. When it came to Rick, his dream was to work with New Balance on a footwear collaboration. For your mock collab project in this class, who will be your partner? This answer will guide the rest of your project.

  2. Identify Value in General

    No, this isn't just an exercise to boost your self esteem. Write out the unique characteristics about yourself or brand that make you a valuable collaboration partner. Rick had the midwest on lock through Burn Rubber, and Frank had the northeast in his pocket through Concepts. In addition, both of us had proven ourselves as consistent creatives and strong storytellers. 

    To determnine your value, answer these questions and place them in one slide of your final pitch deck:

    +What do you bring to the table that is unique? 

    +Why would a company want to partner with you?

  3. Identify Value for Partner Brand

    Now that you have established your own brand value, it is time to write out what your value is when it specifically comes to the partner you are pitching.

    Answer these questions:

    +What do you provide that the potential partner cannot? 

    +How can your project/effort translate the potential partner brand's mission?

    +How can you brand value and the company's brand value combine to be greater than the sum of its parts?

Creative Storytelling Through Product

  1. What is the style of story?

    When coming up with a direction for the product in this fashion collaboration, it is important to decide what direction you would like to go in regarding the story. Sometimes product stories are literal, i.e. designing a new sneaker based on a statue in your city, which takes color, material, and details from this city landmark. Other times the product stories are purely inspirational. I loved this one adidas shoe as a kid that I hadn't seen since the 80s... it became my mission to bring that back!

  2. How can your story direction inform your design?

    Now that you have selected your direction, ask yourself how this story can inform the design of your own fashion product. Are there certain details to the physical piece that can be applied to this product? (for example, speckles on a cement statue step could go onto the midsole of the shoe).

    If it isn't as literal, how can you capture the essence of the inspirational object or event through fashion? 

Building Your Pitch Deck

  1. Marketing your product!

    The product will always be the key part of the collaboration, but do not underestimate the power of the marketing plan that will accompany this release.

    In what ways can you add to the whole project by utilizing various forms of communication? Think more unique initiatives than simply using social media. This will be a great portion of your class project.

    Think about photo assets to share and also effective channels to spread that word that tie back into the essence of the product. 

  2. Create a press release

    It is important to inform everyone you are sending this product to the greatest extent possible. Make sure you are including any and all relevant details to the product release, because if you leave anything out, bloggers will fill in the holes for you. And they will most likely be wrong. 

    Write a 2-3 paragraph press release that explains your product and the story surrounding it. This will be an essential component of your pitch deck.

Additional Resources

  • Tie it all together! Bringing together your personal brand value write up, product and story description, marketing plan, photos, and press release, you will now have the makings of a professional pitch deck. 

    Remember, if you wow us we will help you take it to the next level and try to get you in touch with thi dream brand of yours.

    Get CREATIVE!!!

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