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Fashion App: From Sketch to Android Studio

Angga Risky, Learn. Implement. Share.

Fashion App: From Sketch to Android Studio

Angga Risky, Learn. Implement. Share.

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About This Class

In this course, you will be able to learn about Sketch app and Android studio. Firstly, you will know how to design the User-Interface based on Google Material Design for Mobile Application. We will design the Fashion App in the Sketch.

After we have designed all of screens, we will move to Android Studio. You will learn how to slicing the assets from the Sketch and prepare it for the Developer. And also, you will be able to learn about XML and Java to create an Android application in Android Studio.

After that, we will learn how to save our project into GitHub. By saving our project in GitHub, we can easily download the project and also we can apply a job by using this portfolio.

Meet Your Teacher

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Angga Risky

Learn. Implement. Share.


I am UI/UX designer from Indonesia and I love to learn something new and share it. I have designed the mobile app for government and its called Halo Polisi App. I am learning design when I was 12 years old till now.

Currently, I am focusing on UI/UX because I believe the good UI and the comfort UX are made our App to be awesome. I love to use the Sketch app and Adobe XD to create a beautiful mobile App or Website design.

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1. 1: everybody. My name is Anger is kissed their one from Indonesia and I'm specialists in Uru X Designer. But also, I'm learning about the developer, which is the front end. They fell apart. So in this class you will be able to learn how to design the fresh and mobile application in the skits. Yep. You know, scare steps its replicas and they're happier toe create beautiful desert faster and quickly . And you can get so many templates from the skin, sir. And then after we are these and in the sketch you will be able to learn Hajto create the android application by using XML and Jafar language. So the design best on stepped up in the n off the class. I want to. So you how toe Create the portfolio for our project in tow. Our get up, Get up. It's a website that have the developer programmer designer so safe there work into the repository so the people can see and don't not our project And you can also tow apply a job by using this portfolio. So if your designer our you are goingto developer, I think you need to take the class because we will learn together about the Skips user interface design XML and Jefa and get help. So waiting for what? Just doing my class and sealed the next video. 2. 2: How do you feel? Body. Before we go toe, learn about the sketch up and under it. I want us so you how to download this application easy and simple. Let's take a look toe, the official said. In the first thing, we have the skits up so basically sketched up. It's like the application happier to design the user interface easy and faster. If you don't have much money, you can do not free trial you and you can work better faster, and you will get so many experience off these end by using this case, sir. So the second unit installed the undressed studio. We just need to goto different upper dot angry That comes lest studios less index that extreme el This is idea the official nd air for android. So basically Google supports for this under studio. If you want to make the application by, you're seeing the under Andre studio. It's gonna be easy because there, so many liberally that happier toe create the beautiful application in Enter it. So it's so instantly just need toe. Don't not the understood ear. Currently, I'm using the make so you can not. After that you just need to install, but make sure that you have the good condition, because after you install the 100 you will up there many library. Okay, Like the S. Dickie are a Mullah Akhtar or anything else. So right now you just need toe doughnut under it. And don't not the free trail for the skip step. And after death, we will design this place screen. 3. 3: Hey, everybody, Welcome to the skips up in this video. We're gonna tow design this place screen so we can start from the small things toe make you more easy in this case up because I want to make you comfortable when you are using the skater. So just creating a doctor, man. And don't forget toe create no pages. Just click here and double click toe the EPS. And after that, just press a or goto, insert at boat and select the material design, which is mobile. Okay? And after that, I want to change this at birth. Name to displace. And we need toe save our document toe, make it more safe. So we got the desktop fishing there and new folder project and you can give the name Master . So right now, you don't need to worry about the crass about the box. So your file, it's surf right now. You just in tow design and safe. So right now we will leaves in the splash skin. Just press are on your keeper toe, create the single and give the name to the biggie. And don't forget toe group, the player big bones place bt means big run So biggie under constant Pless in the Ondo It you can't use the deaths like this. OK, so makes your there you If you have the another name you can use BDS place or BG underscored place, place and we need to remove the border and thanks the fill color toe the another color. So I really just the looked a lot but this the head Scott iss won the tree for five f So after that we will create the icon for our application. So just press you are toe insert Sepp and run that and we create the Witte IHS 100 the heck it's 100 and we want to make it to the sender like this and just came off the border changed the fickle er toe the white And I said that we need to grow districting Go. I can't express. Okay, so you understand about the name off the layer for development So it's gonna be the don't left Just group Don't at least unit gift the nam What? Everyone But make sure that the name is not group. And by using the underscore if you have more than one words, okay? and after that we will create the here something So we're going toe insert Sepp and tingle and I'm gonna tow my boat So we create here handing off the border and select the return Goto and letting go and make it Oh, center likeness So right now we're goto edit and press common in your keyboard So you will get the middle off the so you can click here like this and click here and this Okay, okay, so you'll finish editing and you will get the simple off the iconic nous. But right now I want toe create new eating. So just press r on your keyboard and like this and live off the border and select the right angle three and two and make it group and open the group and they tingle to we need to masking. And in the return of three, we need toe change the color the sun and make it more suffering And in the writing of To win it to change the colors. This Okay, so you will get the basic iconic Please, If you have the another idea toe, make the icon for your application. It doesn't matter. So from me. This is the simple I can't. So we already toe create the SPLA skin in the next we need to create the get started pages . 4. 4: So basically, we already toe design the spa, skin and retinal. I'm gonna tow, designed, get stop Vegas in the gets that place deaths the text description. But right now I want to make sure that you already don't. Not the a sense, which is the fun. So currently, we are working with the robot off fun. So you need to install the straw boater and we can use this fun into our project. And the second you will have the icon. So basically, this icon from the threat I could not come and this icon were released this icon into our home screen in the next video. So the important things you need to install the robot off on that I have I have prepared for you. So let's get started. This and the get started pets. So we just need toe duplicate this Plaskett just common d and you will get the chance than there did, uh, get stopped. Okay. And after that, off the icon to the top and press a l t on your keyboard. So you will get the diet lance by red color like this. So we're moving to the bottom by press safe whole safe on your keyboard. One jewelry for 56789 10. So it's gonna be 100 in the UAE position. It's gonna be 100. Okay? And off the debt, we need toe, create the packs here. So I'm gonna tow good to insert. Thanks. This and you can tap what everyone but makes it. There you are You seeing the robot? A phone like I do right now. So the funds are sorry. Said the phone color or takes color. It's gonna be white color and mixer. The capacity it's 100. And after that, the spacing, it's only 0 1,000,000,012 Okay, so just have something here. Welcome to the online cut. Look, I hope you are enjoying Yeah. So basic. Yeah, this is the simple description from me. And when it'll change this special thing, So the 26 and just press are dirty on your keyboard, and the margin top is 100 practice, and then it'll create the battle which is get start or with the home screen. So before we make the weapon, when it'll grow up, these techs just comin g and welcome takes okay, So I left them has Bean organized by the folder, which is group. So don't let the name like the group. No. Okay, so make sure you already toe give the name good. And right now we need to create the button. So just goto insert Sepp and run it. And But, um so be we're like this. And we came setting minimally for the service. Maybe 270 and a heck is on Lee 445. And make sure you are ready to make it to the center and name off the border. And the margin bottom is 100. This and then we're going to change the color to the self color. Yes, The head scott is 345 a zero. Once you get discover unit toe goto here. So say for your color into your document. And after that, when it'll create the level for our button by using the textile. So just pressed e on your keyboard. Get stopped. Okay. And the fun says should be last may be acting okay, you know, and make to the center and the middle and good on it and checks the name toe. Get, start, Meet here. Good So this is You get stopped from this press Twin to the get start. But first, I'm curious if I change this culture the wet color. Is it good or not? So it's Trey. First, I'm gonna tow change this color. So we're gonna change to the white color and the local er's Toby work. But this? Yeah. So we changed this concept from the SPLA skin. We have the wet color. So in the get start the big change to the blue. Okay, so it's critical, isn't it? So in the next video really is in the home screen for our middle for the online catalogue. 5. 5: All right. We need to create the home screen. Backtrack now, before we create the home skin, we need to change the group off. Ah, application. So you can see when you click these you will get the icon APS place. And when you click this, it will get I can express. So don't forget to change this name and Islam. So this is BG. Get start and this is I've gone Get stopped. Okay, so this is ill for this plus screen and this is for the get start screen. So we need to design the home screen like No, I just wanted to do pick up this gets that common d and it takes the name to the home and remove all off them except the big around. We keep the background to the biggie home and change the color to the white color. That this So the question is, we need toe create the status bar, so make it more realistic. So what we're gonna do toe goto window and welcome window and go toe templates and when it the material design templates and here you will get the components best on material design free and up to death. So we just need to copy the status bar. We're going toe symbol and looking for the status bar. This one. We need to copy this layer and go back to your project and best above the biggie home. So you will get, like this and group all of them. So their status, But Okay, so this is your star status. Birth on right now. I want toe create for the several buttons. So just press you on your keyboard and keep like this. Just make it for so we're using the great A. Same off the border. We were losing the Greek A So the great stopped from the ache toe the 16 to the 24. So the 32 and next and next. So in the top, the margin top that's will be a 16. And the margin left and right should be 16. So in the white feel we a minus bi 16 and minus bay 16. And we make it to the center like this. And then when it toe group this and just the name toe feature it better. Okay, so right now, the big grown I just want to change. May be to the dark color So the big rounds would be f nine f night and F nine We set the color in the Fitterer but on the big ground So be white color And we need the say though we need to set out to make it more realistic And the sido the white positions would be too And the blue destry and we go toe color and chased the capacity to be five So you will get the center like this. It's pretty minimalist design in the assert Further I have prepared which is the icon. So we will use this icon bloods and backpack We could be Go back to your skirts and common safe fi and the icons will be peak So we need to re Zeiss Derek on. Okay, enough. So we need toe setting the position. Yeah, just like this. Okay. And you will get I mean, you unit toe it more big. Maybe 100 No, 80. Okay. And we will create the text here. But first I want to check the position likeness, the back so peaks of in it. Oh, decrease. Okay, so we need to group this layer and make it to the middle like this. Okay, for medical. So we just need toe have the texture. Just Presti Special Bobcats, Dr. Felon. Okay, the color should be blue practice and mix soda fun in the left like this and changed. Expressing. So the 27 and the regulars will be medium, and we want to make it more love. So we're gonna tow used 22. But I think the funds should be one line like these, and we make it to the center like this, and I think it's looked more better. Okay, so this is the better off this item. And this is the item, and we can make to the center like this. And I think the funds will be regular. Yeah. Is it good? And then we're gonna tow select the return of and going toe mess like this, and we will create this label here toe, make the user more fear. Oh, this item is so good. So we create the off are just press Oh, on your keeper. Handle it like this. Okay. And live off the border and change the color. The right color. Okay. The head scott is e d three B seven to So we can copy this text just common D and changed the text to the this gun. 50%. Okay. And chase the color to the white color. So this is we're make our users more feel or I want to buy this item. Yeah, I think so. And this we're gonna tow decreased 20 because I think it's toe pick. Okay, its enough. So after that, we need to create another button. So we're gonna tow common the this victory button and takes in tow. The ah, one button. Okay. And after that, we sell like this routing go and we divide by two Divide and people minus by. Ah, a Okay, go. So in this group in it to remove and in districts we need to change the font sets may be acting and change stood. Ditto and make So the text Allen a center like this and them off the discount because we don't yet again. And just put the another icon, which is the clouds. Just copy and make it more small, maybe 80. Yeah, it's, you know, and make it to the center. I'm sorry. Select the clutch and a tingle and make it to the center. Oh, Commons. You select the clubs and move men oily and don't make it to center. Yeah, so you can get the name here, which is close so we can change it. The club. Oh, assuming sweet. Yeah, it's better. And the one button you can you can change it to the swim button are just one button. But I prefer, like, one button, because we will have for buttons of 1234 Okay, so you just need to repeat by press one button commonly and change toe to better and press Are this okay? And you can duplicate again the button and you need to change all of them. The three battle and the last one is for button and change the title icon and all of them that I have prepared for you here. Okay, So this is our home screen. In the next game, we will descend the tail off cattle 6. 6: As you can see, I have changed these images and total off its product. So 123 far. So, yeah, I'm missing something here. The snake there is a change. So we let the chance again at this, and so have the sneaker sleeping. I don't know about this name. Maybe just 40 day sneakers streaming and cap and special pockets for try, fella. So you will get 58 I'm here and right now we need toe, create the detail off catalogue. So when it toe create, Just look. Look at the home screen and text the name to the details, and then we need toe. They love for its item like this, and I want to change here. So the here copy. And we best here and William off this one button and name off the discount and change the position to the left and thinks this to the Jeanne. And this is screaming. So it okay. And after that, I want to duplicate the stakes and make it more smaller. Maybe 14 and thanks You too. So people, which is 1892 has been in love with swimming suite. Okay, this and we went to the group and make sure the group and like this. So when I click this button, it so be going here. And also, we need the button. We copy this, gets that copy and go to the town. And best, And I want to change it to the ah order button and takes the label to the order. No. Good. And after that, I want to make it to the bottom. So just make sure, uh but it's on Lee 50 for the margin bottom. And we can at the Tex here by a lot of subsume. So I'm going to use the lot of maps. Okay, So first we need toe create the text here in the time screen, Yes, pressed e on your keyboard description and just the linemen to the left. This and change the way to the medium and thanks the color to the blue and emergent top. It's a B 16 like this, but I think the front will be regular because the media it's toe TV. So we want toe make it regular just like this. And after that I want to duplicate this description and thanks a tow. The another color and just the way the like. No, just keep it regular. But the font Cecil B 14 No. 16. Ok, do you know and goto the lot of Epsom? Because I want copy this continent dummy content. So we got not a copy, okay? And keep the white toe the 300 maybe 300 20. And after that, setting the land hike to the 20 six. So this is for the description, and you will get the button right here. Okay, So basically, it's on the sample off design, if you can. If you want to change the steak. Yes, just change it. But currently I'm using the dummy content. Okay, So in the next video, we'll leave, then the success cream. It's like when you click the order, you will get notification in the next cabin. 7. 7: So we already toe create the details skin, and it's gonna be Laskin, which is the success screen, or congratulations. So just duplicate the little screen and you can test the name todo maybe success. Okay. And that's the day I want to deal it. Sorry. I meant I want to change the stakes. Okay, so the description should be corrected. Edition you already us us to send your total to your press. Yeah, it's only a sample and began like this. The margin top. So be maybe a 70. And this is you can change the back to home. Okay. And like here, we're gonna told him off this and we were replaced The icon with this icon. It's super unique. And taste 100. No, to London. Yeah, and just the elector bluffs. And we want to make it more large sweetness. I think the hurts of me 200 80 and the congratulations. You can love the battle here. Okay? And I think I want to decrease again. Toe 180. Okay, good. So before we go toe, enter it. I want to make sure for the layer so I can't. It's still Fitterer button. You can't change it, toe. Hey there at the time. And this is the other battle. And this is the home big battle. And this is so be, uh, Latif. Figures show you may just Okay, so we need toe cross check again. We need to make sure that our layer has bean organists Bit. Be a good name because it's were going toe developer. You know, if you want toe export it us developer, you need to make sure your design and your group off name off group. It's beautiful. So the different upper can understand about your project, So we're gonna tow self and then we next toe the hundreds studio. 8. 8: so they usually before we going toe development. We need toe prepare our assert in tow us, PNG. So this pinky, we can use it for development in the under studio. First we start from this place in the express. We just Netto selects this icon and exportable by three x and export taken and good toe uh , fishing and create new folder which is export. Okay. And you can creep in your folder which its place. Because this is for displaced grading and sef it. And in the get stepped, we just need toe export this cycle and the button three x and export layer and go back toe expert and create no further again, which is get started and export in the home. We neck off button, so we just need toe expert. And don't forget toe create new father again for the home. Okay? And in the little we need the cedar and the button. We don't know the stakes because they want toe cricket latif by end rape. So it just the heater and button and correct new folder which is the title and export. And the last one is the success pages so we can select the notification and button. Okay. And export able export layer. Create new folder success. An expert. And after death, we need toe Celica off that boat toe expert as the mo cap. So we're gonna save it. Just one X and expert member and goto a fission and export and EPS script and export. So we need to review our project Techno in the export, we have the air, which is con turn off the application designed user interface into detail. We have either in button and get stuck. And this is for the buttons and this place. And the last one is success. So in the next video, maybe we can stop for the under studio, so make sure you're already installed the 100 studio. 9. 9: Hey, everybody, welcome toe the hundreds to deal. As you can see, I already installed, which is fraction too pointy 0.3. So in the last video already toe, prepare our asserts from the sketch Herb. And this is our asset. Okay, sorry. I mean the export for the sets A So it really is this set into our entire It's the deer. So right now we just need to create new under its studio project. Just click here and the applications will be fresher air makes. And currently we're working with the epi F B A 16 and next and we are start from the empty activity next. And, um, the activity name So base Pleiss green. Okay. And here spliced do you this and finished. So we just need waiting for the griddle. Boy it in the first time for our application. So this is our project Clean. All off clear. So every we create new project, we will get to first. This is for the XML and this is for the Jeffer. So right now maybe we will hopefully use the XML. But Jeff, maybe in the last class or right now we are focused on the on the example for So I got the text and we are using the layout which its concern, Lee I began. They move this text field and we want to make this place come back here. But before we create the space game, I want to setting the status bar. First we're going toe styles and that action bar, we change toe no action bar. And after that we need to change the color for this status bar and also for the big room so hard to the death. We're going to the skips, and you can see in this place we don't have the status bar, but in the understood ear, you can't cream off. This are the best solution is we used primary color, which is one day a tree for five and then very little android and colors. And you will get the color primary dark and just replace the color so you will get new color like here. Okay, And then this is draw a bow. What off? Where are the directorial? Where we can put our asset so you can go to express and copy the icons express and go toe Roybal and you can best witness and they will get this for our which is BNG and hopefully is this file. It's so easy, just goto design okay? And then I want toe goto here images and image feel so we can drag and drop but this and we can select the icon AB slips splice So right now the icon is so big So we're going back toe the sketch and let's see the Witte IHS 100 the heck it's 100 So we go toe and do it And thanks on here we can change the 100 dp and what did dp and go back to these and again and director of the center like this and we put like this and death like this on like this and practice. So the icon sort me to the center on in the middle and then we go toe properties and setting the layout with the Mets whereon and the layer hated admits better. I Saudi the layer tech Just keep it 100 dp Okay, so your spouse skin So be like this and hope toe run this application in tow Imola tour. So I will saw you after we have designed the many screams, but right now, just keep it right here. Okay? So in the next video, we will these and gets that screen in the under studio. 10. 10: So we already toe create this, Priskin and ignore We're gonna tow, create, getting start. So right now, just goto Tex, and we can Ah, copy. I'll off court. Just copy. And here in the layout section, you can create new fire and give the name get started dot xml and you will get the blame cuts like this and just common fee toe pass your design. But right now, as you can see, the reason it's different. So the first thing we need to do to change the background But I want toward him off this you might feel first we don't need. And I cared. Go back to your skates and you can copy this hex card. Just copy and go toe android and setting here big round practice. So the big round should be Sam away the status bar. Okay. It's pretty simple and right. No, we're good toe design. I want toe export hours a sets here. Just copy and goto durable and press. And okay. And then we can start from the images were going toe image You and I can't. So we got the sketch again. The heck and Witte IHS. Same. 100 So we go toe here, 100 dp and it's just 100 pp. And the margin top is we can see the margin top. It's 100 go back toe android and I want to make it to the center. On the margin top is 100 to the properties and here, 100 and setting the right and setting the left. And don't forget to make it to the Mets parent. Okay, it's pretty cool. And then we're gonna tow start from the button. So we keep the button hair and Goto takes and you can see you will get the sort Scott, which is better. Just delete it. And thanks to the big run, they're able get start button, and we never toe setting the heck. And with the Witte IHS 270 the heck is 45 so and okay, and go back to design. And I want to make it to the center lettuce and resetting laugh and by and setting here to the Mets pattern. I'm sorry. So right now we just need toe setting the margin left and right so we could endure it and properties. And this is 32 and this is 32. So the weapons will be like this, but I'm not. So it's 32 because when I press Arab t Tohir, we don't get anything. So I want toe quit my sketch efforts and open again to make sword. Imagine, because its importance Okay, we go toe get start screen. Okay, So the marginal like and left its 45 so we can thank you 45. And this is 45 and it's done. So we just need toe create the text field for our welcome to the online Casella. But first, I want to copy this text and go toe 100 studio and go toe widgets. And you will get the text field here and goto texts and we find picture here. And this is so be mets. Baron and I want to make it to the center. The element is centered and the phone size. So be 16 with the color white and specialist 26. So we can takes color white and specially no, maybe. Oh, it's only turn dp Okay. And then the fun size tex size is 16 SB cook so we can see the margin top. It's 100. So we goto 100 studio and design. And we can setting the left and right. And imagine top is 100. Okay, it's pretty simple. So you will get the get start screen here you will get the icon takes and button. So in the next video, we will descend the home screen. 11. 11: Okay, so we're going toe, create the home screen. Do you remember the last thing we need to do? It's only toe copy are off them and create new layout here and you Okay, sorry. I am mean we can no foul. And this is home scream dot xml and good attacks, and we just need toe pass the design. Okay, so right now, we just told him off the images feel, and I'm going back to the skirts to see our So the big run, we can see the big role color is F nine F nine. And if nine we can copy and go back to your enduring it and they grow its f nine f nine f now. Okay. But the question is how we can make these stocks birth. I'm so sorry. We can because, you know, if we only setting for the one color so it's only one color. So we already setting the status bar in tow. The blue. So right now we just use the one blue. We can't use this one. Okay, so I'm sorry. So we gonna tow create this buttons. We go toe, enter its studio and design, and I would assume it. So we only working with the button. It's so simple. We're gonna tow Tex and remove this button. But first, just mixer we already copy are off buttons. Copy and goto. Adorable. And Okay, so right here we can big round. Remember, featured button. And it's so big. So we're gonna tow Copy this wheat and hay and a hug. Okay. And go back to your design and just make likeness and setting dog like and left. And we can see in the skits in the top. We already it'll create 16 life 16 and the right 16. So goto properties and make all off them to 16. Oops. What's wrong with this one? Good. And setting the layout with to the midst better. So this is our button. And we just need toe create the another button. Just drag and drop like this and go toe checks again and remove the head. And we need to check the big run toe. Do about. So, uh, but then start from one ju three and four, drawing a bow one. But I'm sorry I got the mister care. So nigra dry, but while better okay, and it's so big. So we're gonna tow change the size 156 and 170. Okay. And we're gonna tow design and said the the margin top and the model ref. Okay, so the margin top iss 16. I'll off them 16. It's pretty easy. And the question is, I want to copy this button, just copy and best and just end up like this, but just name off this because we don't know. So just get toe here, and we just need to setting the right like this, and it's gonna be 16. Hold on. Oh, I got the problem. I think so. The margin, the screen, its dividend. So this is 360 this is more than 300. So this is 700 so that's not a big deal. We can make it like this. And I want Oh, this Sorry. I think we need to increase the A margin. So came off this. We just need to increase the margin. This okay? And but this Okay. And right now we just go toe did that. Thanks for this. And I want to change it. Make around study Bakero, draw a bow two button So we have two different button here and just makes or you don't miss the I. D. So don't worry. We will fix the idea letter after we create the AL off buttons. So go back to design and we go notto copy and press again and like this. Okay, but you can see the problem is we can yes. Describes. Saw we go back in tow, the 16 again. It it's OK. You go back to 16 again and we move here. Okay. Are we have the solution to make it more small? Maybe the hex would be small, but this okay, and this is on. Did he? And this is okay, so just keep it one screen. But if you want toe once green, you can use the large screen. As you can see, we have the last screen hair, which is this one sold us. Okay. So you can use it. Okay, Not a problem. But we need to consider about another screen. So let's check. Get started, Ok? It's ok. Not a problem. And let's get the splice. I'm sorry. Go to design. I cannot problem. So we are using the Nexus six reciting again. Did uh, 100. Okay. And this is also and this is and this is Yes, and certainly the Maduna no much in top is 16. The margin left 16. Okay, Pretty cool. And then we just need toe change this button toe another big round. I'm sorry. I got a mistake here. First click here and you will get here this butter, and we can check it toe the three. Okay. Okay. One more button. Again. We can copy and best and make you and remove the knots Practice and setting the 16 and imagine the 16. Yeah. So it's gonna be like this. And now the space off this it's make it look back so that I know I can week we can increase it toe maybe. And this is still okay. We need to try something. Okay. I think it's working, so just do it. Okay? It's more easy. So in the care you can see we're gonna to change this. Megatron. So the four button. Okay. So if you see well Oh, my God. Oh, this one. So you can see we have this This and this is critical. And I wanted to improve this maybe 200. Yeah, it's good. Like now. Looks cool, isn't it? So in the next video ever leaves in the hotel screen. 12. 12: So in this CASS, we will design the hotel scream. But right now, when it toe copy off assets toe durable for our screen, which is the time screen I'll be. And after death, select off them for the star Scott, which is home screen. And we create new layout here. New fell and the tile screened out. Except now And we're gonna tow pass the court and, you know, just let the one button because we want toe deal it This button the let delayed and delayed . Okay? And let them one. So here we're gonna change hither the tell. So the header should beachings like this. Okay. And after death, we opened gets that xml And when it will copy the button which is could start just copy and go to but goto the the top screen and we get the get started button. And here we changed the other button. So the button with changed the order and go back to desire, and we need to set in the bottom. So let's see, in the scepter, the bottom it's only 50. So we're gonna tow setting until 50. But this okay, and then when it the description there s o d with the hitherto star and we need the description. So what we gonna do with toe and estudio toe? Create new text field here, and I'm gonna go sit in the next few top and left like this in the laugh We nettle 16 and in the top in it was 16 and goto tex and looking for the next few. And here we sort create the description for the Hindu Tito. And let's say the fun size is acting and the color is one date for five f. So we changed the color and we changed the text size. Okay. And I want to make it to the ball Textile to the but Okay, so the text should be blocked like this. Okay, Very good. And right now, we just need toe copy the structure hand pass, and you will get the text like this, and they most, uh, stop and setting the top off the description likeness, and it's gonna be a 16 go. We're gonna tow scapes and copy off. Thanks. And go back toe. Enjoy it. So we double click here, and this is our text. So we're gonna tow press just let this and the layout way, it's would be small. Okay, maybe. What you for academy? Only Really? P And the textile should be normal. And the fun size should be for two. Okay. And the color we need to change the color. The color is 7676 here. Okay. And we go back to design and click here. Okay. Ah, on our mystery were him off this and we need toe setting the expressing, which is led by so especially turn DP. Okay, so you will get the deter screen practice, but I think the fun so small. So we're gonna change the 16 and increase the way it may be. Yeah, it's enough. Like this. This is our the screen. And in the next video, we will lives in the success screen, which is when I click the other. We will get the notification. If our catalogue is already send to your place. So you will get after this, we will discern the last green like this 13. 13: in this video, we're gonna tow design the Sussex screen in the understood deal with the XML limits. So this is our desert in the sketch map, and we're gonna tow, make it laugh in the end. Right? So let's get started. We got just in the screen and just copy the courts and create newly out, which is the success screen. Don't. Because that mail and after that, we're gonna tow takes and pass out off them. Good. So it's gonna be easy. Just a little fender and copy or a sex and get to know about the pressure or a sense. And right now, just changed the button to the home button. So the bottom it's gonna be changed at the back to home, which is the home screen, okay. And right now, in the top, we don't need this again, so I just want not toe change it yesterday. Look, I want to change. The image is feel here, and this is the Metrodome. Okay? And change. Hit those source, which is enjoyable. Ah, notification images. But you know it's kraut. So in it'll fix it and how to fix it. We go toe design and here I'm sorry. The layer. Hey, I guess I get small Focus. Okay? And here we go, toe. So, like the description and make it to the battle first district. This? Yeah, I know. It's little heart, but just take it easy. So we go toe scapes and let's see, with this 33 300 twenties ache and 200 at de saw, we don't have to change it, Okay? And just make sure the skull type it's center group. And here it's 200 g. Okay. And we're gonna tow make it to the center like this and setting the margin left my gym like and much in top. All off them is 16. So just do it for the 16 okay? But I think with the minutes, but I think the medina stop. It's not 16. But when I have tired to make it 16 it's gonna be met spreading. Okay, so it's something. And right now, just go back to sketch and copy this, and we can't think scholar tradition goto tex here and make it to the center and certain them trying collect this and go toe texts. And let's find, uh, description. Uh, this one sorry decided. And we need toe. Oh, it's so long. Yeah, when it'll pass likeness and make it to the center element center Good And expressing sort be small. Maybe a dp No. Five. Okay. And the description we need to change it. Toe correct coalition. Okay. And let's say the margin top iss 60. And this one is a So we go back to design and this is the 60. Okay, And it's gonna be a center, but this and you're setting the my dinner. It's only 16. Thank go. Okay. And I know we already toe create the Jeff are back. I want to make sure our design is beautiful. So you could not design and just increase anything we need to increase. This takes. I mean, the spacing extracted A okay. And the discussion. Maybe we can change sto t two and go back to design and setting toe to deter. Okay, so it's looks better. So you know, ask designer, we need toland hotel caught. At least you are a little on XML. So it importance because sometimes you are these in the screen and then you cannot implement it into the under it. So the developer will angry to you. Hey, what are you doing? Your design can implementation. So it's not applicable. Your decision. It's not applicable in the 100. So right now you just learn how to use the XML. And in the next time, if you are these and something your project so you can consider first about the elements. Is it working or not? So just do it like this. Okay? Yeah. You will understand what I mean. So this is the last clean. And in the next green, we will love hot to use the jeffer toe, click this button and go back to the home screen. And yeah, maybe we can at the intern where we will learn something. No, which is in turn, in the Jaffa. 14. 14: Hello, everybody. Welcome toe, Jeff Oculus. So right now we can start from the split screen because the app start from this Peskin. Okay, So if you see the manifest, the design start from the Spassky and, well, we will create in your activity here if we have the another screen. So this is the spot in the Jeffer. And you know, if we have the another skin, which is that the town gets start home and success, we need to create our Jeffer. Okay, so we're gonna tow copy. I love them. Just copy and go toe here. And you, Jeff outclass. Okay, this is the class. And right now just create for the, uh get start, okay? And this is for the I'm sorry. I am miss something just like this. You and file and gets the jefa. So you will get Jeffer. But it's been different. Okay, so just press your jeffer here. But remember, this is for the get start, which is this one. Okay, so make so dad the reason they get stopped. Change Still get stop! Copy and the screens will be Get underscore Start. Okay, So before we go toe the dental make your sorry interference I want to make So death our IMA water is working properly, so we're gonna tow apply. So we are working with the next was six. So we need to create new fit Well, device and looking for the Nexus six And next and for the epi A Just make surgery already with this. Okay, FBI 22 and next and fitness. So it's gonna waiting for the minutes. But if you have not done about the emulator, so just don't not and install. So right now we already have the next six, which is epic 22 we're going to start our application. Well done. This is our spray screen. And the question is how to get hortatory. It's get stopped after Spassky in. It's easy. We're goingto Spassky in that Jeff and great here and have prepared the source. Kat Copy. And we just need to like this new timer. Okay, I will put the link here, create functional for timer to change activity. We need to import this. Just press control and enter. Sorry. I'll try and enter after an enter and intern in parts. And this is the next green. So right Now we are in this plus skin, so we want to get stopped. Okay, Just like this. And this is the millisecond which is French Second. So we're gonna tow play again application and that's it. The emulator. So it's automatically after French. Second, the screen will change toe the another activity we case home screen. 12345 So you will see the freshen has stopped Big cows. I told you, if we have the amount of screen which is gets that we need to register this script into manifest. So in the manifest, you double click and under it manifest. And here great new activity gets that. Yeah, just like this. And we can run again. Okay. And let's see again for the immolated. So it's gonna be automatically opened the another screen just like this. But you can see the problem is the button a pair on the top. So we need to change it. Okay, so we're goingto get, start and design and click this button and setting the margin bottom and setting toe 100. And after that said, select this in for constraint. Okay? And we can click here are likely here I'm gonna toe around my application again. So let's see what's happened. I hope the button if self. Okay. So the bust, the bottle is Selfridge? No, and correct elation. We have to learn about the Jeffer. It's pretty simple, isn't it? So we have here and go toe here and in the next video ever learn? When I click this, it's good toe the home screen. So in the next video, we'll meet again. 15. 15: in this video, we're gonna tow create the get start action. When I click the get stuffed button, it goes toe the another skin, which is home screen. So right now we don't need the spread skin again. Just cross it. And we opened the home screen, okay? And in the gets that XML, we goto texts and looking for the button. This one double creek and this is the button. So we need to change it to the button. Gets stopped when it this idea Because this is important in the Jeffer. So we're gonna tow copy this I d. And that'll get start ever. And here we need to define our Eddie first like this, and you need toe import the class, just import and media and get started, but fine. I d and began. Get stuff and media and get stuff. Set a click listener and no fee study. New on quickly start. And when I click the bitch and get stuck, we will create the intern. So just copy this intern. First we create the variable, which is in turn, and we need to import the intern. And this is our activity which is get start that this And this is our next activity, which is home screen. But we haven't not create the home screen. So we gonna toe get good to express cream and copy. I love them and close and goto here toe career. No file. We changed the home green, Jeff, and we parcel off them and just dream off the timer because we don't yet again. And thanks. You toe the oh good and hit home screen. So this is from screen for this home screen. Okay, so every single except now has the jafar activity. So it's already fix. Okay. Do you want Oh, that's okay. Let's get started. Good to Emma. Letter? No, Sorry. We can play here. And the emulator should be restarts. So just waiting for the moments. So it's leading from the spreads cream. And when I click here, it's gonna stop and I'm forget something. You heard from your activity. You need to register again, which is home screen. Don't forget about this again, okay? And we can run again in tow. Immature. So it's leading again for this place skin and get stuff and going to the home screen. Congratulations. It's so beautiful. Isn't it. Yeah. So basically, our the panel screen our daughter was clean right now is the swimming suite. So when I click the streaming street, it's going toe hotel stream, so we don't need another spatter. We just only focus. We only focus here in the streaming sweep. In the next video we will desire. Sorry. We will create the activity for the Jaffa for this hotel scream.