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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Material Required

    • 3. Drawing the Animals

    • 4. Colouring the Cow

    • 5. Snail

    • 6. Donkey

    • 7. Frog

    • 8. Bunny

    • 9. Pig

    • 10. Sheep

    • 11. Hen

    • 12. Project Work

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About This Class

Hello everyone !

I am Suman Aggarwal and in this class you will learn to draw and color some Farm Animal Doodles.

This class is for everyone out there who want to learn doodling of Farm Animals and requires no prior experience of any kind.

So, let's start

Meet Your Teacher

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Suman Aggarwal

Artist and Educator


Hello, I'm Suman Aggarwal, an Artist and an Educator.

I love Art and Crafts and I want to share all my experience and knowledge with you.

I have a few classes for Illustrations that I really love. The best part about Illustrations is that you don't have to be perfect, You just have to live the moment while illustrating that particular thing.

I have a few classes for Crafting and I am still trying to make a lot more for it, I find Crafting a great way to Recycle and Upcycle. I hope through my Craft classes I would change something for better.

You will also notice various classes in the ART CLASSES section of my profile, there you can find a lot of classes that are for multipurpose, may be for Schools, Home Works, Presentations or FUN. It's a compete package.<... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone. Welcome to my Skillshare class. I'm so another one, an artist and educator. In this class I will show you how you can easily draw and doodle some farm animals. Dave's farm animals are really easy to draw and color that anyone can do So, so this class is for everyone out there. In the next lesson, I will tell you the material that I am going to use in this class. And after that, we'll start with doodling and coloring the farm animal. And in the end there is a fun class project that you have to submit. So let's get started. Hi. 2. Material Required: For this class, I'm going to use this A4 size sheet and a pencil to draw an eraser. Anybody cab that you can draw two circles with. And if you want, you can also use a compass for this. And to color, I'm going to use these pushpins. Let us start with the drawing in the next video. 3. Drawing the Animals: The first step to draw these various animals is to draw a circle. Now, this step is common for all the animals that were willing to draw in this class. So the first thing that I'm going to do is going to draw all the circles in one group. So I'm going to draw all the circles first and then we will change the circles into animals. Make sure to leave some space between these girls so that we can do editing. Then we can draw even haunts, tails. And first of all, maybe the ears of the animal that we have to draw. Let us now start with the first animal. So here I'm drawing the two horns of the cow. Yes, our host animal is cow. And Ben, near that Han, I'm going to draw this leaf shaped ears. So on the both side we have to do the same thing. Now during this concrete design to show that it is account, these are some maps that we usually find on the how do too. So that is what I'm drawing here. And then this half circle, we can say this is the mouth of the cow and these two are the ice. Now, I feel that I should remove this mouth and then make it a little more curvy. So you can also do the editing as per your drawing. So here I am doing so so that it looks more graceful. Now, yes, it's better now. So our first animal doodle is complete. Let's move on to the next one. For this, we have to look for a point, and from that point we have to draw a spiral inside the circle that we have already drawn. Now you must have already gives about the animal. So this is a snail and overhead from the center, we have to draw this curve to make its body. And at the bottom we have to draw the line that is touching it and then crossing it and then the tail of this snail. Add to draw the eyes, we have to draw these two lines and then add a circle over them. This demonstrates the eye and then a small slide. So this completes our snail. This was the second animal, doo-doo. Let's move on to the third one. Now for the third one, Mountain Center and like DES, draw two circles touching each other and crossing the circle. This represents the two eyes of the third animal. Our third animal is yes, frog. And here I'm drawing these two lines and a circle near the eyes. So this is for detailing only. Now at this point, draw a big slide as this frog is really, really fatty, fatty. So we have to make big smile. And then these two loops to draw his leg. After loops draw these lakes that are the feet actually. So for the feeds, draw these lands. Now our third annual doodle is also complete. Let us now move on to the fourth one. This we have to draw these two loops. Two denotes the IO of the bunny. Yes, we are going to draw the bunny. Now. Draw two cubed small circles to denote the eyes. Now, Cute nose in a triangular shape along with these three lines on each side to denote the hill. And then you draw a 2D peak of the money. Now, this fourth animal doodling. Let us now move on to the fifth to one. Let us start by drawing the ears for this animal, the Eurozone in leaf shape. And we'll have a lining between them. So this animal is peg. Okay, so far the peg, we have to draw them out and do circles between that mound to denote the knowns. And then the two eyes, the cute little ice. Now draw the four legs of the pain. Now as animal doodle is also complete, let us move on to the sixth one. For this one, we have to start by drawing the skewed federal onto the head of this animal. And then two goes on the sides like this. And then we had to draw a triangular node. And then these two small circles to denote the ions. And these two triangles at the bottom like this to denote the freedoms. Let us now move on to the next do-do. This part, this, we are going to use this as a reference. And we will draw that goes like this. The way I'm drawing. These are the, these are the first that denotes the body, the rule on the body of the sheep. After the outdo body, we are to draw the phase inside this. So this is the phase that we'll have to draw. We have made these girls, these GI will have phase and the eyes are close. After this, we'll have to draw the tail of the sheep and that dough with a great firm. So I have drawn that and do a course that we have drawn the body like. And then the four rectangles to denote the fourth legs are the sheep. Now, after drawing these, I have some space over here, so I'll add one more animal, 10 if you want. And if you don't have any space on your sheet, then you can draw till here only. And if you have space on your sheet and you won't learn that, you can draw the themes that could litres. Add the two ears on both the sides and draw a line between them. Now for the molecule area, notice that the friends that I've made in this loud area, this curve of the circle, because this is very much Sharp code and not the slightly lead to curb. Now draw this my eyes and these hair on his face. It's a donkey. Now our drawing but is complete. We'll start coloring this and the following lessons. 4. Colouring the Cow: Let us start with the first animal due to that is cow. And let us start coloring it. Firstly, I'm using the brown brush pen to collect the design that we have made. And I'm using the brush pens, but if you want, you can use any cladding medium that soon too. All the three designs that we have mean that is on the top, on the forehead, and on the two sides. Now use the yellow-colored to fall into the hands of the car. After yellow, take this baby pink color and filled into the ears of the com. Make sure to fill this very likely. And if we don't have baby pink color, then you can also use skin color. But you have a swell lead very, very carefully so that it does not come out of the ears. Now, here's the same color to fill into the mouth and nose area. But keep in mind that the color does not get mixed with the pencil so that it does not look that bad. And it will look like a skin column. After this, you use the silver brush pen. Are the silver color of whatever medium you are using. And, and to the upper side of the ears. Now, use the black brush pen to fill the color into the eyes. And also knows this. So this has all with the coloring when then use the black pen, all the black sketch been marker or any kind of black outline that you can outline the car with all the, any animal with. And use that very carefully to outline everything that we have drawn with the Pennsylvania and make sure to do this very neatly. See outlining any drawing is really important because that is the thing that is going to make your drawing look very, very beautiful, neat and attractive. And yes, you can choose any coloring media and any event for outlining. So are sourced farm animal doodle is complete. Let us now move on to the second one. 5. Snail: Now let us start coloring the second farm ending little doo-doo font. I'm using the dark green pen, the Dow green brush pen, to fill the color and to the so-called of this name. Make sure to fill this color very neatly if you want. You can also use lag green follow, but here I'm using only the unclean fellow. After filling the green color, take the Benkler and fell into the body of this name. You can also choose similar shade of any other color that is very much light and very much vibrant. Once done with the coloring, grab your black pen that you have used for the outlining of the cow. And we're going to outline the complete snail with the same pin and the eyes or just nailed to the smile, the body, and the links that we have made, right? Our granting the rings that we haven't made inside this big circle. You have to revisit that your Ben as Rosenberg onto the green color that we have filled-in. Though, this completes our second farm, animals DO, DO. Let's move on to the third one and the next lesson. 6. Donkey: In this lesson, we'll color the third farm animal DO, DO that is donkey. Firstly, I'm using the brown Reshma to color the outer side of the donkeys. And now carefully outline the complete phase that is, without a doubt the mouth and the nausea, the complete face like this. You have to outline this and then fully color into it. But keep in mind not to color the eyes of the donkey because we have to collect them with the black color runs than this much. Take their local color and fill the color into the hair of the donkey. Here also, you have to be very careful that the colors don't come on. Here. We have to draw these two nodes trails that were left earlier, non trying these. And now you have to color this same ADR with the same color that is orange. But you have to keep in mind that you don't have to color the nodes trills because we have two colored differently. Now, use the may remain colored to fail and to the inner side of the ears. Once than with the coloring, you have to outline each and every stroke that we have drawn using the pencil. Now, we have to draw outlines using pen. With this, our third farm animal DO DO that is donkeys also complete. We'll move on to the next farm animal do recoloring into the next video. 7. Frog: Now in this lesson, we will follow the fourth adding. We'll do drills that we have rate. Firstly, I'm using the blacks sprint to outline the complete to fro. Make sure to outline the frog completely. Anita Hill, I'm outlining the frog first because I'm going to use only one color to fill into the complete fraud sold. You can also do the same, but hell are going to use dark green color to fill into it. You can also use now complete grab the green column. I'll fill into the upper half, that is the eyelids of the eyes of the frog. And start coloring the rest of the frog. Keep in mind that the only area that is to be left and not to be colored is of the eyes of the frog. Fail colors really neatly and ready very precisely so that the colors don't come out of the drawings. And you can also use light blue color to fill into the legs and our green color to fall into the body. That's up to you. So I fold animal doodle is also complete. Let us now move on to the fifth annual do did in the next lesson. 8. Bunny: In this lesson, we will call the fifth animal, do do that as Bonnie. I'm using that twin color or you can say the magenta color to be filled and to the triangular nodes of the valley. After this, take the very pink color or the light pink color to fill into the inner side of the ER. Make sure not to fill the color into the outer side of the ears. Just the inner side of the ears with the pink color. After this, we have to fill this baby pink color and the light green color, whatever you have chose into the phase of the bunny, you have to be very careful that the colors don't come out of the circle that we have drawn because that is the phase of the bunny. And also make sure not to fill color into the eyes of the binding. Make sure to work with the medium that does not black mix with the pencil that we haven't used. After gardening, grabbed a pen that you have used earlier to the outlines. And let us start outlining from the nose. The heroes of the bunny fit into color into the eyes of the bunnies to outline the ears of the bunny. Make sure to outline this very neatly because we have to all playing with toys, the inner part and the outer part of the EU. Now, I'll run the face of the bunny fathers. You can also use light pink color but of discipline radium, like if we are for Linda color with the light pink of brush pen, then you can use light pink color or pink color from this sketch bins to outline of an intact will mean this bunny look more beautiful. Now our fifth bomb and it will do Julius complete. Let us move on to the sixth one in the next lesson. 9. Pig: In this lesson, we will color the sex to farm animal due to that as Pink. Firstly, I am using this black pen to outline the complete pay good, so that we can fill color into it later. If you want, you can pause. Do you fill color and then outline it? That's totally okay. And if you want to choose any other color too outlandish, you can use any other color that's totally up to you. While outlining the circle, you can also use the compass on the circle that we have used earlier to draw these with a pencil. Now, after outlining, setting the color and to the nostril is using the same LED pin. Every are using any other color pen that you can pick the black pen and fill color into it. Now use the dark pink color on the magenta color to fill. And Logan knows of the pig. Just the way I'm doing. Also fill the same that pink color are the magenta color, whatever you have chosen, n to the four legs of the pig. And further the same color into the inner side of the ears of the big ones done with this much, you have to grab the light pink color, all the skin color. Firstly, I'm promoting like pink color because data is the actual color of the pig. But if you don't have light pink color, you can use those skin color too. Now this is the only color, light pink color that is to refer them the complete left of the pig, that is the complete phase, the body of this big. Now our sixth annual due to that as also complete, we'll move on to the second file and we'll do two. And then next lesson. 10. Sheep: Now, in this lesson we will color the sheep. The focal meaning we have to outline everything using the black sketch been hill. The main thing that you have to keep in mind is we have used the circle for the reference only. And we have made this design to the actual animal 22. So you don't have to outline the circle. You have to outline this design. Will later ON delete that out. It is that using an eraser. So just keep in mind to online only the things that we need. Once done with the outlining, we will start coloring. But in-between we have two ETAs, everything we have to erase all the pencil lines that we have drawn so that it looks neat and clean. Make sure to use a razor very lightly so that it will not harm our paper are the drawing that we have made. Once done with the outlining, you have to use LED blue color to fill the color into this shape. We don't have to call it the complete sheep using this color. But we have to draw some lines like this. Firstly, color the tail, and then in this body, the role of the sheep. You have to draw these kind of nines using the blue colored cell. You can also use light blue color crayons to fill into it so that it looks really beautiful. But these lines are combusted to draw. Okay, so after this, you have to fill color into the four legs of the sheep. Now grab the silver brush pin and fill color and to the mouth into the phase of the sheep. Makes sure to use the silver brush pen very carefully because this is the restaurant that overlaps the black pen. So we have to be very, very careful hill and you have to be careful about the eyes to the eyes of the sheep. You don't have to fill any color in those eyes with this invoke. Hello. Okay. So just be careful and fill color into it. The fill color and do the legs of those, she will have to Yoda sale silver, yellow. And we have to color all the four legs with the same color. This completes the animal doodle hill. Unless move on to the next annual doodle in the next lesson. 11. Hen: Let us now color the last and then we'll do our this class that is Hen. Firstly, I'm using the silver brush. I'm going to color the two sides of the hand that we have drawn. After this, use the orange brush pen are the orange parallel of the midterm that you are using and fill that color into the nose and the dough triangular three of the hand that we have drawn. Now and do the feathers will have to read Coelho. If you want, you can also make these feathers of orange on the pink color. But to me the color is red. So this was all about coloring. To grab the black sketch been to outline every strobe that we have drawn using the pencil. Make sure to color the eyes a little with the black color and to outline everything very neatly. If you want, you can use any other color to, to fill into the body of this hand, but make sure the color is very light so that it looks skewed. And if you're rich, you can outline the hand using the light pink color to rigors that will look really very cute. So this completes the whole to-do list. All the doodles are now colored and outlined and are looking really, really cute. So this was all about this class, are wrapping it up. See you in the next lesson for your project work. 12. Project Work: So guys, here is your project work. Try and making at least one farm animal to own your own. Clickers picture and upload that picture in projects and resources section or this class. Also, if you don't want to miss any updates regarding my newest classes on Skillshare. Don't forget to click the follow button on my profile. And please consider leaving this class so that I can make my future classes based upon those reviews. Thank you so much for joining. Bye.