Fantastic Yellow and Red Angry Birds made easy Using A4 Sheet | Bhagavathi Sankarapandian | Skillshare

Fantastic Yellow and Red Angry Birds made easy Using A4 Sheet

Bhagavathi Sankarapandian, Creater, Learner and Sharer

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4 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction to the Class

    • Things needed to make Angry Bird

    • How to make a Big and Yellow Angry Bird

    • How to make a Small and Red Angry Bird


About This Class

In this Class, I am going to create a project on how to make cute Angry Birds in different Sizes. It is a very easy tutorial for kids above 5 years of age to make for the friends and family.

Angry Bird is a Very famous Cartoon and we can make using any colored papers namely Green , Red , Yellow, Black or even using the simple white Paper. The Basic idea behind this making of Angry Bird is " Making Perfect Triangles".

In my Class, I have explained the things which are required for making and I have Created one Big Yellow Angry Bird and one Small Red Angry Bird. Enjoy making your own Angry Bird. 






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Bhagavathi Sankarapandian

Creater, Learner and Sharer

I am an IT Professional and I have more interest to create new designs using the Art of Paper Folding. .I am passionate about learning new technology and I love teaching it to others. I have Completed Bachelor's of Engineering in 2007 and started following my Passion.

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