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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings

    • 2. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - materials

    • 3. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - equipment

    • 4. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - soldering equipment

    • 5. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - cutting the discs

    • 6. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - doming the discs

    • 7. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - soldering the loops

    • 8. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - soldering the studs

    • 9. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - forming the teardrops

    • 10. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - filing 1

    • 11. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - soldering the teardrops

    • 12. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - filing 2

    • 13. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - finishing the earrings

    • 14. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - final thoughts

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About This Class

A long and elegant pair of stud earrings combining beautifully textured silver sheet and fancy beaded silver wire. Although these stud earrings are long they are wonderfully comfortable to wear as the longest section, the teardrop, is formed from the lovely beaded wire.

This class will reinforce skills that previous projects have taught - for example forming smooth teardrops and cutting and doming discs - and it will also stretch your soldering skills.


This is one of a series of video classes, each one showing you how to quickly and easily make a lovely pair of earrings - sometimes two pairs - as part of my #52earrings challenge. I have challenged myself to design and film tutorials for 52 pairs of earrings in 2017, and I'd love you to join me. In each video I will show you the materials you will need, explain the tools and equipment and go through all the steps needed to create your own lovely pair of earrings. Along the way I will share with you the same hints and tips that I teach in my jewelry making classes and private tuition so that you become more confident with your techniques and design skills with each class that you watch.

This class is an intermediate class as previous experience of soldering is useful.

The equipment needed for the project is explained in the videos and also listed on a downloadable document that covers most of the tools that I will use in future earrings video classes as well so you can plan ahead! All the equipment listed can be used for a variety of other jewellery making projects.

Earrings #45 in the #52earrings challenge.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joanne Tinley

Jewellery Designer, Tutor and Writer


I have been making jewellery for as long as I can remember, and have been passing these wonderful (and addctive!) skills on through my classes for nearly 20 years. I am self-taught and like many people I started with wire and beads. Learning how to solder, however, opened up a whole new world of jewellery making! There is something so magical about watching solder flow through a seam, joining two pieces of metal together smoothly.

My studio is in Southampton, on the South Coast of the UK. I design and make jewellery for galleries across the UK, teach regular and popular jewellery design workshops, and also offer private tuition. My jewellery design projects have been published in both UK and US magazines and books.

Visit my Etsy shop, Jewellers Bench Shop, for jewellery ma... See full profile

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1. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings: Hello, My name's John Tinley. I would you design a shooter from South Coast UK on Welcome to the Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings house. This house will teach you how to make a lovely long, dangly pair of stud earrings. Surgeries don't have to be swollen to screech. They could be beautiful Loman elegance well and in this class are going to be using a combination off texture. It's silver sheets, Onda beaded silver wire beated silver while, as the names just is formed off small beats of silver that are lined up beautifully, meekly next to each other. He comes in a variety of different diameters, and in this class, I'm going to be using two millimeter diameter. Why, that's two millimeters across the widest wit of the beats themselves. This is an intermediate class because the soldering all the back of stud section, the cupped circle the silver is a little bit quickly, So previous experiences soldering would really be very useful for this class. This class has passed the 52 areas challenged by step myself for 2017 designing and film tutorials. 52 different paths of hearings have a look out for the hash take 52 hearings are both Instagram and Facebook to see some behind the scenes photos and some hints of what's coming next. For now, though, that's have a look at the equipment materials that we're going to need to make a stud earrings. 2. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - materials: These are the materials that we're going to need for these beautiful, long dangling stud earrings. I'm going to be making the studies section out off the already textured piece of sewing silver sheet that you can see here. This is a piece of sheets that I really textured with one of my own. Later, in grave texturizing sheets I sent to the piece of silver through the rolling mill with the texture sheet. Andi, I've really used it for a couple of projects. You might recognize the silhouettes of the daisy there that I've used in one of my riveting classes. You could also use a piece of silver that was being texted and through the rolling mill. If you wish where you could leave the silver plain or decorated with hammers or texture punches, this piece of silver sheet started out at about 2.6 millimeters thick on after going through, the rolling mill is actually closer, 2.55 Anything between 0.5 point seven millimeters thick will be perfect for this project. The fancy dangly section off the earrings is going to be formed out of this lovely sterling silver beaded wire. This fancy Y is actually formed off little balls, a little beads of silver that are all joined together. It's available in various diameters. On this is a two millimetre diameter wire, so that means that the little beads of the balls are two millimeters in diameter. That why this point? I have a pair off stud fittings and stunning silver butterflies that are going to finish off the stud earrings, and there's also a short length of no 0.8 millimeter stunning silver around wire. I'm going to use this wire to form the loops that are going to be soldered onto the back of the sub section that are going to hold the longer Frontiere dangly sections in place. 3. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - equipment: These are the hand tools that we're going to need to make the Francie to drop stud earrings , stud sections of the hearings. The discs are going to be cut out. Using my discuss. Attar. I will support this cutter on the other. Kushner Moss. I'm working to keep the noise down makes a little bit easier to use. Andi. I'm going to hammer the punches through the disc cutter to cut the discs with this old hammer, because I don't mind if this one that picks up marks from the punch I don't use it directly on my silver. I'm going to cut my discs out of piece of silver that's really being texted by sending it through the rolling mill. If you want to do the same that you will obviously need a rolling mill. Or tentatively, you could texture the disc using a hammer, either before or after it's cut out the sheet or eating texture punches where you could, of course, leave it plain. Once the disk is cut, I'm going to dome it on the domain block, using wooden punches so that the texture on the disk is not damaged. Using metal punches would damage it was smooth, the texture out and again. I'm going to support the domain block on the leather cushion whilst I work and use the old hammer toe. Hama punches. I've got a variety off pliers, Onda, pair of wire cutters. The wire cutters will see their to cut the wire That's going to be used to form the loop on the back of studs and the beaded. Why that we're using for the teardrops. I'm going to use the round nose pliers to help reform the loops that is going to be sold. It on to the studs on the flat nose applies to help me open them up to slip a teardrop in place. The Nile and your pliers and the stepped manual pliers are there for me to use to form of the teardrop itself. I've got a Sharpie so I could mark the beaded wire to see what I want to cut it on. The needle file is there so that I can file the teardrop after it's been soldered to remove some of the metal from the tip of the teardrop. Whilst I'm doing that filing, I'm going to support the work on the bench Paige bench pick isn't just useful for supporting our work while you're soaring, but also while you are firing and doing other jobs to it as well. This is a soldering project, so we also need have a look at the soldier equipments that you're going to need to complete the earrings. 4. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - soldering equipment: I think this is the soldier equipment, as I use for all of my smaller projects, such as earrings, and so pendants everything sitting on a couple of slate tiles, a heatproof surface to help protect my desk on my work sits on a couple of soldering bricks , soldering blocks while some heating it up. One of these soldering bricks is made of a softer material than the others. Because it's softer, it's picked up some dips and some cracks in it. It's being used over the years, and these could be very useful for supporting work that isn't completely flat. The charcoal block is there because I melt small piece of scrap on top of that on. Do they form nice of my balls as I am used to decorate my projects when I need to pick up my work or to support it whilst I'm soldering? I used reverse action tweezers that you can see here and have also got a pair on a stand through 1/3 hand, and it's there when I need 12 on extra hands to help me out. The blue handled stick is a soldier pick on and that I used to push soldier, move it about to make sure it it's exactly what I wanted to be. Soldier usually comes in strips or sticks. Andi, I've got three different melting temperatures here that I using combination for different projects. The soldier gets cut into small pieces or Palin's you ting. The red handles snips as I keep those little pieces in the labeled boxes that you can see do. Make sure that you label your boxes because once a soldier is cut up, you won't be hard to tell which is which. Melting temperature. My curl over the ends off the sticks of solder so that I can tell which melting temperature they are, the more cold over they are, they're higher. The mounting temperature, bright yellow liquid is a flux. Solder won't actually flow out through the joining unless you use a flux with it. Andi, the paintbrushes. What I used to apply the flux to the joints in my work. Small projects like hearings only need a small blowtorch, and I've got two different makes of those here. Both of them are easy to refill with the gas that comes in aerosol cans. Since the same type of gas, butane gas that you use to refill cigarette lighter at the back of a picture, you can see a slow cooker that Scots a very mild acid solution go to safety pickle in it. When you heat silver up, the surface becomes not darker and dirtier looking that some of the capo in the study silver reacting with the heat and auction flames before cause copper oxides on the safety pickle cleans that Caprock sides up before you put your work in the safety pickle, it needs to be cooled down or quenched in a pot of water. Andi, you need to put your work in and out of the safety pickle with brass or plastic tweezers. Not the stainless steel ones that I showed you before and last, but definitely not least our have safety glasses. You've only got one pair of eyes. Look after them carefully 5. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - cutting the discs: I'm going to make the stud section of the earrings first, mainly because I know the size off the disks as I want to use for studs. It's this 11.1 millimeter or 7/16 of an inch diameter punches. I've been used from my discusses sex that I'm going to cut two discs out the texture piece of silver, so I know what size discs that I want. So once I've made those, I will be able to make a couple of teardrops and test the size next to exit this to see if they're going. I see together. So if I said I thought this piece of sheets that is about 5.55 millimeters thick in diameter. Andi, that's the whole sits the discomforting punch. Go Sue, I've said before, if you watch in my other classes for those that's quite beaten up, this is, ah, reunited good quality discussing set because the two parts of it allow moved closely together. Russia snake together so they can hold the sheet in tightly so it doesn't move about. As you're trying to cut through it on. Do the cutting edge sees I turn it around because If it is nice and clean and sharp and crisp edges and also it off, it's sloping. So in there, trying to hit through or this at the same time. It starts at this section here in the cuts spreads around the outside of the disc. So both of those features discussed up me that the edges of the distantly cut out a really nice own crisp and clear. And it also means that you can cut really close to the edges of piece of sheet. I get the best use after Peter Sheet. I'm going to be using my old hammer. So So first thing I'm going to do is in use. Yes, you have to get one out of that section. We know too far to get up there. That's what I'm going to do because that section there so thin just gonna bend that back forwards they go. And that's ah, hardened that what's broken It hardened it into the point. But being brittle and just snap says you'll be able bit easier to work within the big sheet , so it's going to some Denise do what? Shout If you're using a piece of sheet that has been used for other projects. Please do what shout for the the shop pointed bits that will be bound to be on the piece of sheet so which have been looking for to be moving that about is to see you can see now is first of all, had the edge showing, and I moved its slightly out of you on die that way, when the edge could no longer be seen down that hole, it's slightly out of you. I know of what, which is close, toothy edge of the silver as possibles are making a good, nice use of that piece of sheet, although obviously, do you remember that some all the pieces sheet was a bit so silver will be eventually recycled anyway, like pops in there to make sure that you're not hitting the cutting edge that would ruin it and just hammer through. Okay, says one. If, by the way, like me, you're using a piece of sheet that we went rather you want to give your silver a rolling mill textile, you're going to have to roll the piece of sheet through first on, then cut the disc sounds otherwise, if I had to cut a circle out and then work through the rolling mill. It would end up being an over, which would be quite attractive. But it's not the look of going for I just wanted to show you just how close I've got to the ages that made a really nice use of that piece of sheet. And what have you start big for? Another project? Early stage. So you do the same here. Head for that section there again, a shame. A place where you can see the edge. Chuck's there just going to move the sheet so that yes, she's just asked of you back. In you go the knowledge of the desk on the thick of the piece of sheet samore hammering you have to do to get get that through again. Nice in close to the edges there. So next Say you don't need to do before now have cut a disc out used to doing them 6. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - doming the discs: I went to add a little bit of shape to the desks, and I think it has a little bit of extra interest. It's also going to make the discs a little bit stronger. Any curving off, um, does our strength. So what might dumbing block out? So I'm not going to use the metal punches that came with the dome ing block because if I used those, if I were to basically Sam wage my textured discs in between the metal off the doing block on the metal domain punctures, it would ruin that. A lovely texture, which I really don't want it to do. So I'm going to use the wooden dumbing conscious level separately. I'm also not going to go straight for a small dish because with a small addition having to curve the Silver Mawr, a single movement and you're more likely to get wrinkles that way to put it around the edge of the dis so much going to start most slightly, Baker. Okay, and start on there I'm going to do is hold the punch Nice, Andi Central and use the hammer to hit the top of it. So you know it's actually going to see the hammer heating it top here because I want to be out of focus. Don't there that. See? The punch is nice and straight, but I won't hold it at an angle because that would cause the distal flare out on evenly. And I want to be a a a nice even cup. He's You see, that's Hunt. There's a bit of an effect, a bit curved because I want the system match. Whatever I do toe one, I'm going to do to the other. Okay, so I made sure that not only was the wooden Punch Central, but that the disc was sent from the box in there. So I'm just going to find a smaller one, do nicely. That punch no longer fits in doesn't fit in that one, so I'm going to have to go down sides of a punch. I got to get this one to curve a bit more. I've done that something going to continue. So some of the other smaller dishes until the disk is his curves. I wanted to pay. - I'm happy with those. It's a little bit of carving, as I says, act a little bit of extra interest to them as well. So those are now ready for the stuff fittings to be sold it on to the back and also the little loops on the back that were holding teardrops in place. 7. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - soldering the loops: e I bought the don't disks over toothy, so organization onder put them on the soldering brick on. She might also be able to see just here that I formed one loop that's going to be soldered on to the back of one of the rings on. I've got the rest off the no 0.8. Will me tow wire here, have around those supplies and have wire cutters. Says I can show you how I made suit and a 2nd 1 So I'm going to do this is actually the start off turning undiluted, saying part of the night it So I've got the wire held in the pliers. So it's a grouch floated away down the pliers. Remember the further towards the handle you hold the wire, the bigger the RuPaul win escaped half loop. You're going to be making Andi the wire. I hot feels as I run my finger across here, so it's not sticking up a tour. Its hold, uh, in between the pliers fingered some next suppliers where I'm working so that the wire is supported. It's not going to try to get that back into focus way. It's not going to get distorted and bent here. I'm going to do way that we see. That's a bit better. Forget these back and focus without the distraction of the silvery Brooke behind us. Just going to turn the players that would shut this note white The turns I want it applies back in and go said God, If I they're walking stick a mixture Silver walking stick was going to do then is just cut the top of that walking stick off on that is group. So get Lee why crushers turned the only applies after the way. So you don't want anything? What happened to those flames? So two discs, two loops. You should also be hard to see that I've used a Sharpie to draw a line from the center of the dome to dis the back of the disc down towards the edge. And I want to solder the loop, my face and my tweezers. Be able to see it. Likely that my fingers being way I went to Seoul to the loop So this it is towards the age . You don't want it right in the middle. The study fittings actually go to go in the middle itself. I want this down here. This is actually another reason why I don't the desks. If the discs were flat, then soldering something like this on the back would have got in the way. As you're wearing them, the loop would have being pushed into your ear would be uncomfortable. But because it's being don't that edge of the dome is going to be held away from your ear anyway. Says enough room for the loop with 1/2 loop. To be so dumb about something else to say now is that I'm only going to be soldering one wrong off the loop in place. I'm going to be soldering it in place, down at the bottom down at this end and not on the leg of the you shake feel like that's closest of the middle. The reason for this is that I want to be on to re open up this loop, so that's why I can put the teardrop in shape. So once it's sold in place, I will use pliers just to twist it around as if it was on I loop and put the teed off in place so you'll see that more clearly Aussie when I get to that section. I'm just getting moment going to soldier one pro, close down the bottom. So I'm going to use medium soldier because obviously I've got two pieces soldering to do to each study hearing going to solve the leap from my something Start fitting. So medium soldier first cry by easy soldier so that moting the easy sold it doesn't re melt the medium soldier onda, but use medium pace soda. Pacey could use Palin's if he wanted to insert. I do have plenty of process that show you using the parents say, is that if you prefer so a little bit a soldier paste there on and we're going to do just melts that so replaced in place. Um, Silver, he sort of It fell off. So it's on the fire brick. I'm holding a silver up against it. Heats everything up. Okay. As I was touching silver to soldier, the soldier joined up again on that piece of silver, so it just heats up enough to melt soldier so that it is exactly where I want it to be. So going to do now is just make sure I've got everything positioned properly. I'm safely that would check us well, and you told me this across a little bit so that I've got room to put my hands safely. Andi also put my hands in such a way that you still see what I'm doing. There we go. So So I'm gonna do is put a bit of heat in the disc first before my lower the u shape in place because the disk is also the biggest. This silver still small but relatively speaking. It's a big a big silver says, going to need a little bit more heat. And by the way, the Sharpie mark isn't going to inhibit the flow of the soldier because that will be burnt off before everything gets a silvery temperature. And hopefully you saw there. The flow with soldier fighting tweets is offered to keep everything still when the heat had been taken away. So that soldier went solid again. But she actually got to see a lighter patch here with soldiers flown, but nothing up there because there wasn't any soldier. So put that to one site and do the same, but it so where to meet him? Soda that's now in place on the problem it doesn't take long for the soldier to melt and flow, even though it's medium soldier because it's such small pieces of silver. But those and now, really, there's not much shocks ization on these because the silver has already being heated up, It being a kneeled before I sent it for the rolling mill to get their every texture that's on the other side. So some of the copper had already being cleaned off the surface of silver, but even says, Enough there, Teoh maybe inhibits the flow off the soldier when I sold earthy stuff fittings on. So I'm going to quench these and put them in a pickle pot heat up before I sold to the stuff fittings in place. 8. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - soldering the studs: the studies have been cleaned up in the pickle on, and I've given them a rinse on a dry. So it's now turn off the stud post to be sold it in place. Andi, I've put little mark again that where I want those two bay now they are in line with the loophole hook that's are soldered in place previously, but they are still right, eat of this side of the middle. So I thought I'd give myself a little bit more room where the soldering is going to take. Place it a bit more room away from the problem here so that they is easier to be up to put the two dropping shape once I formed that, but also to make it far farther slightly for the soldiers from here all the way to the prom . And so fashion face when I don't want it to be sold into place. So we're going to be using solder paste again because personally, I don't prefer not to mix the two up to make the soldier paste Andi the soldier Palance so going to use. It's a soldier patients sweet but a little bit a little bit out. These tubes. He syringes do come with nozzles on the end. But I find that they are so fine that it's actually rather difficult to get solder paste out. So I take them often down into the top sentence. So easy, solder there on the end of that soldier s o that stud post. So I'm gonna melt that soldier. So he's actually wanted to be pushed on here. It doesn't smear about were over the place small with silver. That's a bit of Peter's. All that's needed to keep you to this first. Of course, I'm gonna keep an eye on phone to make sure that that meeting so it doesn't remember. So as soon as the soldier has melted for the stud fitting, take the heat away because you don't want to overheat everything. Make it more likely that that for was over steps over. If that does happen and you never know what might happen this one, if it does happen, just quench everything, cleans up in the pickle again and sold that back in place. But this this time, if you had to Europe her use easy, soldier, rather medium, and that one should be all right by the way, the reason why I soldered that 12 reasons why soldered loop in place before the sort of fitting was that I knew that I absolutely had to go there. I wanted to make sure that there was enough room for it if I'd sold the study fitting in first, I may accidentally, without realizing, not leave quite enough room for the loop. The second reason is the fact that this sticks up so far or nursery far away from such a small piece of silver. The piece of wire sticking up like this is actually more running water melting. So this one off see shorter, less vulnerable to melting. If I sold it, the study fitting on first or a soldier the loop on, I might accidentally melt this and spoil this. So it's just a safer way round. Direct say that one could be moved the way, uh, move out the way fabric there. Andi, who's second still fitting. Is there exactly sane? But some easy soldier on the end of this one. And then he chucked a re melt soldier to that position there. What do you make sure you pick up the right temperatures Soldier knew picked up the medium . Done. Get easy soda. You okay? That one sold it in place so they don't quite strange at the moment. Um, looks if they're going to be hearing from from this direction looking this this view. But those need to go in crunch pot to cool down and then the pickle pot to clean up, um on and months have cleaned up. I'm going to form the teardrops. 9. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - forming the teardrops: I've used an island. Your applies to straighten out a length off this beaded wire because it's now time to turn . They saw some of this into two teardrops on those teardrops are then going to Hein below the stunts was quite large teardrops maybe going down about that far from below the surface . These would be quite dramatic, Andi, because it there teardrops made out of wire that going to being nice open shape so that it's going to look quite a big pair off dangly stud earrings. They're still going to be nice and light toe where that went you the massive amount of silver. Um, you could use either wouldn't punches will be smaller ones. And these not this big with you. Peace Dowling. Torok this around. It would recommend that you did wrap it around something that was softened in some way. Eso that you don't mark the shape of this, but I'm actually going to use the, um, set. Mandel applies that I've got here. This side of them is cushioned. So there is going to be some nice protection. Um, now, one thing I have learned from working with this beaded Why is that you don't want to turn it through to sharp twist or turn, because the point in between each bead or each ball is a weak point. So if you bend that around too much moved around too much, then you could snap it. Um, that is a chance that I could snap it as I'm working. But if it does, then or I would do is show you that you can, with a very small piece of solder, just make fix out to solve it back into place. So I'm going to use the largest of the Mandel's here on we're going to do is 60. I turned up in that way. We gotta get her better view. Um, I'm going to hold the wire so she goes across that section applies horizontally. Let me go If I touch a bit better lined up with the camera his six going across horizontally Onda a Gotsche. But an inch to in house sent me to spending out there. So going to turn this into two judges by Hefley pending that, uh, and doing the same on this side, excusing my fingers in some strange a little bits of time until they meet. I'm trying to make sure that they meet, um, opposite in the middle, rather of supplies, just pushing impulse each other a little bit so that they spring back on meat. Andi, she think is going to see how that looks. So we hold the disk. I'm not sure for first try How much you pretty pleased with that. I think that's, uh, that's a nice look. So going to leave it at that? If I didn't like that size, then I Caffrey on Bendit, using the nine on your pliers. Smooth wire out and then start again. As always, your gender. With this, why don't try and bend it to forcefully or bend it through too tight curve. Then it is still faith forgiving Andi. You can reshape it, but you don't want to be too overly forceful with it. So I'm going to do now. It's just cut through in between. Those put my pliers. So put my wife cut society for each. That was a good idea, so I'm just going to use the cutters just sick in between those people's. So they go, let's say I'm going to do it's account the number, of course, this. I've coach on this and then cut off another piece of wire. And if you cut in between the balls you can use, why Carter's that we can use jurors. So? So if you for going to happen and reports here say number bores on the banks are in custody off again and then form another two. So I'm going to come back to you when I've done that and then show you how I'm going to prepare the chopped those teardrops in order to so to them. 10. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - filing 1: are shaped. Both of the teardrop starts in C. Andi the ends and I seek hosed up at the top. Um, I should before I go any further, I just want to mention the fact that I cut three with wire cutters. Andi, if you cut in between the boards and cutting through with wire cutters, is possible, but it doesn't believe such neat edges either side of the wire cutter. So if I am making something that needs the neatest possible ends, for example, find making a ring out of this type of why, then they were cutting between the silver boards or silver beats with your sore soc. It minimizes the amount of firing cycle and got to do so. I keep the shape of each individual bull a lot better, however, with something like this for the sake of speed, because these aren't going to meet up against each other like so their comings angle like that. I'm going to have to do some firing at the top here. I wasn't worried too much about them being really nice and neat cuts, so that's why I could I could cut through them with wire cutter bushel density now is there is always following. You probably guessed from having a fine out here. Needle file. Little bit of fine up at the top to get the neatest fish up at the top. So it hangs nicely off the like this I seldom back so fitting sort of goods do convey to file in between. So I'm just going to twist carefully. There we go. So I opened up The tip is still got you Look at it in that direction. Visited it more clearly. Still got the teardrop shape. But the ends are away from each other, so I can now file there. That won't easily said when to do from holding the needle file search. It's running along the length with the teardrop. We're just going to remove a little bit of silver. We're inside the dirt. I'm both sides around the same again here. All I'm doing is ensuring that the two ends of the wild, too beat it up pieces of silver and are going to sit, uh, more neatly up against each other. That's what's so join is going to be that's going to give a nice well, the neatest can do shake while like this, but certainly a much stronger so joint sort of interesting. Now same against spent twists back again. Should pull see each other. But she knows quite the right angle on this one. So, Frenchy, very carefully do it again. Your remedy. Was she too forceful with this? Uh, this one? That's much better. So just receive a little bit past where it needs to go. Same really is closing up jump ring So they now sit a little bit neater Can t seem to this one Twist every goats I need So initial knows which is going to give a song. So join So my next stage It's too soldier The tips clothes are then do a little bit of meeting up with the farm again up at the top here. But I want to soldier those tips closed first. 11. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - soldering the teardrops: it's time to soldier the tips off the teardrops together now sold them closed. Well, as I've used solder paste for the other submarine jobs in this project something you solder paste again for this. So I've got the easy solder paste here. I'm going to use a soldier Pick to, um, take some soldier from here and put it in place. If it will come off, here we go. And of a piece there, it's going to move this slightly so it's more inside the Children up there we go says just inside the teardrop. So that means I heat up the whole teardrop on, Then make the chip on the outside chip stronger. The heat of silver will get the soldier to melt and then so flow towards the hottest part here. So having the soldiers citing on the inside will mean that I'll be drawing the soldier through the joint so and heat up around the function take up first, remember? So the pace is really like the soldier if the plane going straight on the soldier feats. So for second transfer, I want to see this. We re playing just alone to go. That was just the kind of thanks. Very nice British change now So they come up with No. So this blown out of the top, move on to this one as well. He took the bottom If I were playing just there wait for the reddish tinge in silver Show me. I watched the white tip picture. Okay, your silver So free Rather the joy of chip. So those are now sold it together So they like the stud sections before them need to be quenched and then go in the pick. What to clean up? 12. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - filing 2: but to nicely soc other teardrops here this desperately trying to see if I can break that joy less. I can't. It shows that they are likely soldier together now. As it stands at the moment, the top of the two drops are little bit bulky. Andi I went to remove so that bulk, so it's easier for them. Toe hang in the loop, that is behind the stock is no massive amount of room there. So I'm going to do is use the flat needle file again just to remove some of the metal from talk here. It doesn't matter that that's going to change the shape of the wire top shape the balls because they're going to be hidden behind that cups disk. Anyway, doing is just using the for Remember the file. It works in one direction. It's where your months side teardrop at the moment, turn it around for a while to show you a comparison. Being following on this site you see her to this one has removed my slant of silver on that side as well. To turn it around, do the same on this side, the teardrop. This will mean that the Children because a little bit more movement as it hangs down. If the top that if that was stuffed into that loop with very little room for manoeuvre, they wouldn't be much movement tool. This way it's going to move about a bit more. I do like my earrings. If they've got separate components of these, have this one this one's like site separate. They're not sold together. I do not have a little bit of movement. Also going to file little bit took on and bottom again. Just at the tip. Show me really more material. No chop there. Also just checking that feels nice and smooth because although theorem is that this section isn't going to come in contact with your era tool, it's, um, always best practice to remove any shop sections. That's good. So it's going to do is move the key, the camera a little bit closer now so that you can see more clearly the difference between these two. Andi. Then I'm going to file this one in exactly the same way you should be able to see from this view of the teardrops that this teardrop has lost the two distinctly round beads up with the tip Was this to drop still has thumb. So by removing some of the metal form the tip here, I'm making sure that the teardrop hang mawr neatly. It'll high more freely from the start fitting. So my next job is to file this one to match on, Then go to put the teardrops understood fittings in the top upon a share together, and I shine so the next time you'll see them in the next section of classes when everything is ready to be fitted together. 13. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - finishing the earrings: way went to the last stage of making the earrings. Now, Andi, usually I will show you how to put everything together. Alehouse do the last couple of stages to the ear wire on, then show you the Finnish result. But this time I'm actually showing you one of the hearings finished so that it is easier for you to see what we're aiming at. So it should make actually pushing together and following how I'm putting the two components together a little bit easier, as you remember, sold it a little loop on the back of the two earrings. And it's that loop that the teardrops are going to hang from and firing some of the material away at the teardrop. The tip of the teardrop makes it a little bit easier to fit it in, but it's going to show you on this one. I moved. Those sites are not interfering with the focus of the camera. I show you on this one the loop. I've actually opened up quite a bit. I haven't just twisted it to open and you'd open up a jump ring, but I've actually pulled it backwards a little bit so that it is more of an open hook. Um, because the only way that I could have a closed loop on the back any way I could have the chip of that piece of wire. So I'm just trying to get everything so you can see it in office. Seat of focus. I don't see it without my fingers on the way. And trying to all of those things at the same time is not particularly easy. So the only way that I could have had that end piece of wire actually touching the back of the desk is toe have a much bigger loop that would have taken up too much space on the back of the disk and also stuck out too far on bond. Be more likely to dig into your ear lobe. However, this way it's still secure. That teardrop is it going to slip off the hook? It has been close enough to hold it in place, but it is still allowed. Dangle freely. Onda. Also, to stay even is not force behind one side. Yes, so show. You know how I do that with these two components here? I'm going to open absolute on the back of stud earrings with my flat nose pliers because they were hold across the loop nicely firmly but without putting marks into the wire. If I used a pair off round no supplies, then because they are smaller, they would focus all their force on just smaller section off the, uh, loop here and put a couple dates, since I don't want that to happen. So in essence, what I'm going to do is twist the loop round to start opening the loop pop. Think about it as if it is actually a full jump ring and not half a jump ring social the back here to open up a full jump, offering you to twist. So unless it's just going to twist one side off the jump rink. But I'm also going to do something I don't usually use thumbprints, and that's going to pull back a little bit now. There is always a small chance that you could snap the so to join down here. When you do this on DTI to minimize that, you want to do it slowly and steadily, and you don't want to over twist it. However, if it does snap off, then just final little bit. Remove any excess sold that still now, if you need to, and then use Easy Soldier, just a Soviet back in place. So it would be a little bit of a nuisance. But it can be solved. And if mine does not powerful ways that you'll get to see me do that as well, we shall see. So hold it Nice and family twist. Sorry, 20. I put my fingers where they need to be, not preventing you from seeing what you need to see Synthes twisting around a little bit see, should be had to see now that the loop this twist it round, twist around and pull back. Bitch, I was trying to see if I can get a teardrop under there. I can't yet. It's worth checking because you don't want to have to twist. Don't want to over twist it. So it's worth checking to see what you can get. Teacher open, Denise. At that point, I can't quite didn't think I would be out, too, but it's worth trying, just continuing to twist that one a bit more. Mika, whose did you get it in place that men should put it back out again. Let me guess. So that's I hope, Tom. The night. Do Just twist. He's back again. Okay, So city who A little bit too fast. Your twisted slightly pass? Um, so it's not quite in vine. It is stud fitting. That's better. I cannot. She pushed this closed a little bit more, push inwards a bit. Just making sure that that your job is secure. It's not going to step out critical. Dangle freely. So the very last thing I need to do is to put a butterfly ik post, and that is another Her off hearings finished. 14. Fancy Teardrop Stud Earrings - final thoughts: I'm really pleased with these hearings. I think the contrast between the floor pattern on the regular beads in the wire is a really lovely combination. The easiest way off adapting the design to materials and the tools that you have, however, is obviously changing those textures and swapping. Beated wife Plain wire if you do have beated wise, so another way of changing the look of that is to hammer it likely with flashing hammer toe flattened balls. That is a really lovely effect as well. As you know, this is an intermediate project because of the more delicate soldering involved. The best way to get the soldering to work right first time is to take your time to set things up so your hand is comfortable if you're holding everything to make sure that you've got everything lined up nicely. Andi, that's most importantly, to take the flame away as soon as a soldier has melted and flown out, there's no need to keep the flame on the silver unnecessarily, especially when you're working with a very small piece of silver. However, if some of the joints don't take or if you overheat, the soldier join on the local hook on the back of the earrings. When you're putting stud fittings in place, don't hike. Clean up any excess soldier that's left behind. Set soldering back up again. Take your time. Sold originally and remember to remove the heat as soon as a soldier was flown out. Soldering mishaps happen toe everybody, no matter what level experience. The key, though, is so You step back to he depressed. I'm trying again. It be great to see some photos off the projects that you make to see how you've adopted the design to make it your own. So please do upload those projects section of class. We also great if you could leave review to help other students. Thank you for watching.