Family History: Editing your recording into a story | Eric Douglas | Skillshare

Family History: Editing your recording into a story

Eric Douglas, Author, Journalist, Documentarian

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6 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project

    • 3. Developing a Story Hook

    • 4. Making Choices

    • 5. War Stories

    • 6. Woody Williams


About This Class

Developing a story hook and editing your family history interview into a single story. This class is not about audio or video editing, but about making choices about what to leave in and what to take out. 

This is the third class about capturing family histories. The first is about interview techniques and the second is about making the recording. 





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Eric Douglas

Author, Journalist, Documentarian

Life is an adventure for author Eric Douglas, above and below the water and wherever in the world he ends up. Eric received a degree in Journalism from Marshall University. Eric worked in local newspapers where he honed his skills as a story teller.

As a documentarian, Eric has worked in Russia, Honduras and most recently in his home state of West Virginia, featuring the oral histories of West Virginia war veterans in the documentary West Virginia Voices of War and the companion book ...

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