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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies & Materials

    • 3. Autumn Inspiration

    • 4. Pumpkins

    • 5. Acorns in Watercolors

    • 6. Acorns. Adding Contrast

    • 7. Sunflowers

    • 8. Autumn Leaves in Watercolors

    • 9. Autumn Leaves. Complex Shapes

    • 10. Berries & Rosehip in Watercolors

    • 11. Filler Berries in Watercolors

    • 12. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to the class! In this class you will learn how to paint:

- pumpkins

- acorns

- sunflowers

- autumn leaves and branches, and

- a variety of berries in watercolors in a loose style!


 The possibilities of use are endless! It will be great embellishment for wedding invitations, greeting cards, gift tags and other stationery projects, you can paint as individual elements stand alone as well you can use them for painting beautiful wreaths, pattern designs, wallpaper or wrapping paper, digital products.

This class suits to anyone who enjoys painting with watercolors, it is a begginer friendy class.

So, are you ready to dive into this class? Grab your brush and paint with me! :)

x Nina

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nina Watercolor Lover

Artist, Loose Watercolor classes


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1. Introduction: Hello. I'm Nina. I don't want the color lower. This class is dedicated. That right here off autumn attributes which we can use a grading our administration way are going to make a beautiful, vibrant colors on trade Sunflowers, bumpkins, acres, different lusa on branches on I blended it up This class will be suitable toe Anyone who is in love Always what? The colors If you are the beginning off your college or no words Oh, classes are in real time so you can take a long does this channel Welcome on. Thank you for joining me. Press a follow button on the top another not to me. So my next glasses and let's get started. 2. Supplies & Materials: So for our autumn, a watercolor classes will need the following things. What? The color paper. You can take some sellers One for practicing on before painting as the main composition. You may just be better one now with katana content or 100% cotton paper, we will need what? The colors we will need, uh, water port and some brushes. Uh, just take a different ones. I e have here, uh, this door imitation off squirrel hairs and number eight and number six Then I have are smaller ones. So for details is that this is a Kalinsky several number one and number two on day one, which is is this is also school a limitation number seven that is more like a mop brush on duh number three off Kolinsky Sable. So just, uh, grab different ones. That so that they would have bigger ones, medium ones and small ones off work. Some details. Gentle Also for removing the extract thing. Onda also sama autumn inspirations. It just go out to some Forrester or nearby park. Andi, try to collect a different type of, um, leaves are on. Um, buries up like this ones. Another to have some interesting materials the Workways are under from where to get this inspiration. In this class, I will use the following colors Cadmium, yellow, light, cadmium, yellow, dark golden yellow or probably you can substituted with cadmium orange rosiana. My agenda kept me. I'm red light. Yeah, mother read burnt sienna olive green violet And indeed you can use is the same color said If you haven't your what the color say with the color said If no, you can substituted Zama with the ones in which you have also the color says so that you could see them a properly I will blow to them A. In the class Project resources. 3. Autumn Inspiration: and this is a part of the glass we will paint. I will tell you how to paint pumpkins, which is one off the main, Um, autumn colorful attribute on another is a course. Actually, I have found that there are really lots of variety off a currency, probably depending on the area where you live. You can find really different shapes because this one's like in my childhood, I had seen only, uh oh, oak three. Um, I'm going to enter. They had to quite small, sir. Let's see, uh, on there's this one is really, really sharper with the some needles on the belief. Say, you see that it's not the oak tree leaves say that this is just more like a Christmas tree , really sharp, with also with some needles. But it seems like the best harmonies from this kind of acorn, which will fix it. And also there is another type of off that is also a corns, but look that it has completely different the capped different color, different shape. Andi went in a completely different lives, and that is really great, that the house is such a her idea off Mundell. So for Brendan 4. Pumpkins: we will start there with a bomb. Bank. Bank, it's on. Um all right, I'm taken number eight brush and we will start with, uh, yellow lights. Mother, too. Two outlines the main shape. Okay, Because they make so should be quite see. And this started just Yes, I am willing to veto yellow duck. That was a shape. So first you are painting this in jobar here. I'm using just seven. Most paper. It's fine breakfasts in these use normal scheduled sleeper, you will find their color combinations which you like the shape which you like, So it's quite a lot off. And for me, painting and low style, it's quite a lot off knowing yourself on discovering yourself because I think that this one of the style So where is impossible to get that? People will get exactly the same results. That is like where you can express more your regionals, A world on the simple subjects of flowers, leaves, ranges. Yeah, I am. And in the sections off the banking tryingto offline The general shape here also the small business, the back part of the banking which we can see on the main idea leave for this white spaces between the sections because this will give also a William to the bunking And now is a smaller brush that the number six Well, let some more days Problem orations don't work here. I'm using golden golden you know, color and I will just in some places some orange, warm orange were Asians The color on the darkest parts were three shadow That is a near their stamp on the news way Burnt Sienna When were they didn't burn CNN's this color compared to does this make stars is more concentrated The thing should be freely get really , um, mixed with those areas me shall be already It was the first layer. It doesn't get spread. Just help Was a plane crash on here. I see that I still need more. I still need more contrast for my fun thing. It could be also yet where's the resell like doing decades? Uh, next section on the bumpy could introduce also being dark out. God, you need this. You have some extra brain you can remove with, So let's paint another punking. Meanwhile, this one is getting dry and then we will back. We will be back with this one that you and Justin So again, uh, first layer is with why diluted the yellow nice. Or you can pick up some of the colors which you like. - You can try to think about things in many shapes. You know that there is really little variety shapes and colors. Probably this combination is my favorite one. So that's why I'm showing you this one. This really transmit the feeling All these bright colors also pay attention so that the first layer, when you're introducing the dark colors that the first layer should be steel. Quite what? Otherwise they won't the emergen wait well for these purposes, the first layer should be quite juicy. You are so that you will have enough time to add the dark, dark, um, colors. Then we it's burnt Sienna. Is that the baby's life? Different strokes. You know that Trust me, shape and dick the ones where which work better for you. So here we have another spoken some funny stump. So for your pumpkins for step, I'm going to use Rosiana. So let's make I know that sometimes they grow into him Really nice. Is this kind of vans and but this and while it is wet. Let's add a bit off. Only bring No. It is a mixture that makes it darker. Version of the green was great. And from that below there the lower part, those this tablets and that don't bring moral, William. So let's paint the assistance. - And a small of Russian It said that Dr What a good don't give it more. Yeah, I'm like what we can and more that this, uh, more interesting. The lower parts of banking said to make the shadow more prominent. I just concentrated burns you, huh? Is it those parts which are on the boat on Nias and with a clean brush on this old and making soft edge with the people on the brush? No, I was talking probably a little bit more central. It seems like this, but this is the same and more now make it so and washing my branch. Er with what? That and then extra would I removal with the baby so that it won't be too much water from the brush while I'm making the soft edge and then just spreading. Don't No. We have what? We're getting more that is here. Some light. Miss them with dark. All agree Late 5. Acorns in Watercolors: on a more or less. It's the same principle. First, let's make. Also, I would suggest you like, uh, in order to understand the shape for acorn tried toe paint just to draw the shape just with the simple pen. You know that understand? How goes the lions on? Then it will be easier to bein toe in. What the color missing. We started them with it for juice, a mixture off life yellow and let's paint first on the one A. J. I believe some waste spaces for in the England for highlights. That would be just white, uh, coming people. And then we will start to introduce Dark. Where is this? I will makes Yellow Dark Bernstein. But you want any more? The darkest parts off acorn is going to be here, where it's touching to the surface. Let's say yeah, just below zero cap and then these parts we are making more concentrated also. Okay, now let's said, uh, I am regions the same goals the mixture all like, you know, we with, um, back yellow. I'm just outlining the shape was a general shape. Okay. Also leave white space between the main body saying corns a corner between very so care. We care them anybody. And now what? Darker. Yes, it will be dark part from this site where it's and also where will be them here, like the Trust me, there's a shape the small earlier he had to the main body oil. So on introducing because if anything, getting dry and uh, darker color so which we are busy, get ready Drink as the final effect is that it is a keeping in those places where we had installed the paint, doesn't get distributed and merged so much. If, in your case that you are going on the pain, just get in merged quite significantly. Then wait a while until it will get dry a bit more on. Try toe again. The marker is in. Darker areas will help me that there's a I'm trying please like small, but just the texture off there. And no, let's start to make paint. Don't a corpse. So you see some white spaces, white paper, some space between the main body and kept that part which is below that Okay, but and another 2nd 1 Let's painting different colors because you know that there are sometimes which are like this. Not brown, but green. And like the first they actually the agreement later they during the so for disease will use it. Thanks, Rosiana. Where is the main body? Just a diesel like yellow. Bigger Russia shape. And now let's sends a mixture. Rosiana was all agree Dr Different proportions. - And Tom more concentrated on a great we're starting with thanks for and lets it even darker bar that is going to be Holy green Next. It was a big off you go. That will be okay. That is going to be on the light and now we leave them to dry. 6. Acorns. Adding Contrast: Let's add some more details on the dark areas toe are equal. Taking quite concentrated. Grosjean burnt Sienna. Okay, it's on their good colors. Lights, let's make selvage. This one seems good Try, but let's finish first. Was this one? We'll let, uh, small, tiny oak tree leaf that we want to do with Hello on mixed with, uh, main with zero Shia. Next was a big idea, Please. Okay. Um uh um let's make it in these directions transition. I'm just trying with moments to transmit the general. It should be quite juicy, the mixture color mixture. Otherwise, I think it should be more transparent. So you are making this kind of flush. So here we have and no, let's at, uh, only bring I didn't bring just on going on the outline on the out there angels. Any probably more concentrated green with a bit off India. Learn. Is that before? No good. So here I have for Simon in the dollar fund, and I'm making any extra Andi. Also, you can have, um, even darker shades by mixing rosiana Oh, sorry. Burnt sienna mixing burnt sienna with a big win when you get really busy. So chocolate color. Nice, you know? Yeah. Good. Right. And for this one are we will let Beato really dark green. These are You shouldn't be really cold one. So that's why you pay attention to add the more olive green rather than indigo as a wiser. If you let too much in goods, I should meet that I am more, uh, fana off this color combinations out off guns, houses and green ones. Let's send, uh, a small bridge. That's that small brains with disease cores that this dark olive green and I'm beat, please. And let's try to paint this kindof lives. At one point, I'm using mix. So Olive Green was Roshan. Yeah, and was on break. But this week's all started green with With another corner, we can get more details. 7. Sunflowers: after another main element which I wanted to show you how to paint this, that this, uh, some flowers, you know, that automates also seasonal when there are all these tasty sits appear on one of the day stair states ourself hours It's I don't know about you, but I am really big fan off some for our seats and some flowers as well. And even more they still think he's a sunflower or home mates on. That is a really great ingredient for tasty Celts We will being, you know, So I will show you it's the that is going to be one part is the central the center off the flower on Uh then also will that, uh, let's talk as the center of the flower weeping with, uh, my yellow makes the wind ingestible color weeks show and no started the most, either. Still, that we will start there different color mixtures. Yeah, make other text gives it texture to the center. For this, we will mix magenta really dark, and we'll start to it more or less than leaving the shape off. Aiken, the center really dark. Andi as well. Uh, veg on the center should be quite Let's and more so, actually, airplane with different proportions or magenta with give up, another you more color play of color I was in and the final layer where did not quite concentrated evil uses that, uh, dealing off really black since there. But in fact, it's not like so as it's not pure black color, it gives us these really beautiful shades of black on really dark colors. Hey, this, and let's leave it for a while. It shouldn't be. Get that you didn't get dry completely, but just a bit. And then we will have the better. And now let's come back to our, uh, sunflower. We will use quite deluded light. Yellow petals were places this So is that this? Actually, um, I'm holding the brush and then move in different directions and also live with some white areas between the pedals. Best practice was his. Also for as a psychic in turn your paper, that's fine. And now it's really beautiful effect. We're going to use the same lie for second player or this first of all, have leads on dry on for a second layer of leaves were going toe for you, Assad Russia are quite make it completely full of with yellow color, which were produced in the 1st 1 and then the beaks off the brush you have toe like to put with quite concentrated that burnt Sienna burnt Sienna, which is on the people's Ever I should be. Why it's concentrated compared to the first, uh, and let's start to make a second layer. I think this one No, I have to much rosiana. So what I need to do is a game two more. I have taken so much Rosina one to keep off the rush. Yet this one is best yeah, presented, I was looking for on. In between you are agencies darker, so just play with, um the concentrate, like the mixture of colors and that it won't be too much or burnt Sienna. Otherwise, it's going to be like this better just completely was burnt sienna. But also it's not enough for us, and it will be the ones we haven't got. The exact Russia even take seconds through gives also someone to call. So no, we have our floor. It's really paint interest. I so give three loads all. It's simple, but it gives a really this kind of my Nissan, which is looking at you. That kind of feeling 8. Autumn Leaves in Watercolors: Now let's have a look at the right ear off different leaves on the color mixes with which we have in autumn that it could deal exist structure, um, this'll ones. The small one. So or we will start with a simple one. Okay, that is farro inspiration. This will for referees. I'm going to use, uh, my brushes number six and number eight. Then Aziz leave. It has quite simple shape. So let's make the first layer. This is like, you know, and I'm just making And now let's introduce some It's and then let's use up. Read aboard. The usually the border of leaves is brighter and darker than the remaining part of the leaves. And you are reading the color on tryingto at the same time to make this kind off tiny points in other to make position for their burnt sienna. Let's mix up. Read my The red is some parts. So here we have our first. Now we'll expect issue. Is this one these shape. So the game, the first layer we will make it makes off like yellow. Okay, Mr Beato burn and I'm just packed in with some genital trip trying. Keep in mind this one. And now let's it Red green. It's not right there was this color. Um, we're actually modeling the shape off there. End. Yeah. Then we had and a to make it to give it more contrast. Let's add a bit more concentrated Retz. A dream disease like where there is, um, the deeper parts the I like the deeper part house early. Probably. There will be dark it there would be dark areas. Does that make it? They need more kill. Let's make because it's when I If you have too much base, you can remove with just, uh, just washers your brush on, then remover and extra water with. So here we have another leave on. Now let's die with this one. This would be a bit more complicated. Yeah, I will take probably Let's make smaller one. That is going to be easy. Uh, yellow life, my brushes going using and the game I make ends in general, just be some brush strokes that is here in close. So just pure imitation. How you see your loose interpretation off that shape of this need to act quite quickly, otherwise it will get right Also depends on which, uh, paper you're working. My one in this case is, uh, Senators One. Yes. No, let's at some shades, O Byrne, It's like me alone next with burns. I'm working with there. Rush. And we can have also a little, um, read trades for the time mix in my read one of green. Yes, I think more had the big more of this sharp things just play around. Always brush strokes and the color combinations, which you like. Blissett, some darker areas, more concentrated mixture all matter at with every let's say so. This picture off darker color and also that we're reading is already when the pain starts to get dry, it should be quite concentrated. So the rule is that when you are in the next color, uh, it should be more concentrated rather than as that color which already present in their, uh, subject, another tie. Wait, some like this. In fact, when it gets us some kind of, uh, like snow effect, let's say you lazy. So here we have disease. Um, this live that's more for a combination of smaller leaves. Let's do this one. Let's make it with my gin. So he always thought, uh, music then general. Probably Let's also beat off Matt Guerette This color also with moments of your brush. Try to me more. Be ready. I like this combination. It's really warm. And on the left, let's make you can see that this side is saying that is a little war part that this color I like and let's move to another one. Where is this time? We will leave the rosiana That is going to be for sure. You have seen this kind more. I'm pressing my impressing my brush Another toe. Get this part. See that, um be quite juicy. So you're pressing And then when you're getting too, then you start to make it The wider drowned she just practice was also you can go to use these drugs. Sienna on is a deep off the off the brushed with olive greens. Probably too much, too much. That's another weight. Rosie and I was burnt sienna in those parts which has already right. Let this to make it smooth, soft edge. Just a wet brush you make that is a mixture for Russia more six 9. Autumn Leaves. Complex Shapes: What's that? If we can make that is the combination that is also they said, complex from the nation of yellow on on the tip off the brush a bit off only green. And this time we're going to make. I just bring so rushed, so it's going to be around it, least no, but in my brush in yellow, on the delivery on that it does. It brings on the brush, but great. So just practice there with Prince off your brush. What you and as a less spending us a type of brain chant another color combinations for thesis. I will need the mix or, you know, dark yellow with dark yellow and on the people who brush a bit of burnt sienna. And you're just pressing Onder moving. Yeah, so that is that the effect which we have been making in some flowers medals and so far with that come on doors. You have really beautiful, beautiful autumn colors. If you are painting and it's a rainy day out there for sure, your day will be really sinew with these cars. Okay, on one more type of branch, I would like to show you with autumn colors So for these, we can use two different color combinations. One is rosiana with olive green on another one that is always greener. Always India Defensa which color combination on the moon to be looking for so them the brush and be good for your brain on this. So I tried to make the lives quite long and use this feeling off. Really tenderness. You can mix, some observes. Amazing just wrote. I think it's and others Dorsey and Green. I try to make different directions off the leaves, different sizes, the shape of the bridge. - This I really like. It's really it seems really tender in race, this type of brain just and another called a partial that is only green practice . It was this kind of stroke and then also let's first get there. Dr. Greene lets you will get so for dark. Agree, like have mixed the olive green with that, uh, indigo. Quite beautiful combination were all agree on cold. Oh, you know. But also you can use olive green and the deep off the brush. And don't the tip of the brush a bit of a fever. Then also, you'll get quite nice. You little effect, I told How can now, Yeah, yes, it is beautiful Shadow. It's you, some, some some lives to make them just green. That's like going until the tip of the brush. Not only green on you, this one. So here we go. And if I know touch for our autumn leaves, that could be a big up twins can indicate that is the picture. Oh, so it depends what you help your race about. That is a mixture off Amanda Red there. We all agree smaller. That's nice. Once you can take the distress of some main once I sent from which there are some secondary ones, just let it another red These colors. Quickness. Red lounge. Yeah, I also like it's, but that is after you. If you would like to add them or without them, it's also it's fine. So that's all what I wanted to show you about. Branches on the autumn branches on lives 10. Berries & Rosehip in Watercolors: and our final part off elements for the, uh, autumn rates are going to be Berries. Let's start with some simple what's that is, maybe better. So will be more like a feeler for your ease. And, uh um that this life cadmium red light and you can add a bit off Ross una just to make it uh like that. And we're making just many small circles live in some parts white. Their color me jay is quite watery. Very seconds to be quite transparent. - I am using the brush number six between. There is one day even close one another. Leave us like tiny, tiny line off a white paper. This will help also to transmit the volume. Very. And also, Dr Toe make varies in different sizes, some smaller ones, some bigger ones more concentrated. That is going to be like branch with betters. So now let's it so some of the better sleds and be more color, I won't be all the same. And now, with Rossia, I will take a smaller, smaller size brush that this number does. Let's make a lesson system quite beautiful combination of colors because, uh, Rosie and I has really calm, pale effect on the Randy's quite bright girl. It's a combination after gives this really beautiful balance or brightness on, uh, come. And another very weakened wherever in debates is going to be like this ones, even how he are like a life example. House is very for this. We're going to make some agenda. Was that indigo? How already is a mixture? It should be quite deluded. Then let's thank you. That is destroyed. I did should be quite water. Try to leave. White consists. You are just anything things. A shape? No. Let's it introduced darker color or sees the color Mr Should be more condensed, more concentrated. That is the same mixture off magenta was indeed my foot this time, and it should be more in bigger than magenta. Use some duck so you and once it will get dry. If it's necessary is and we will let a bit more or a bit more off darker contrast. Then we will edit it more practical. Just Meanwhile, let's paint wild roses varies there really bright and region, I think let's use yellow makes Joe always, uh, cadmium yellow light. It is going to be yellow. These get mail read. It's almost like orange. That's while I just All right. Okay. List, right. Okay. More shape. Let's introduce some Get me on red light, then for the darkest areas we're going to add now the rent mixed just to make it right. This. And let's start another call. A combination that is going to be just very diluted. Get member at Yale. Cadmium red light very is going to be just next to the front. Remember the loses white line, which would be separating letters. Then what's it is a mixture off moderator with only green, I just more. Yeah. So, Robert, you can also some white spaces for highlights. We had a we don't know as well on the darkest areas are going to be Yeah, yeah, that is it. My the red with, uh, for every and the last one. No composition off there's, but well, let the diesel give me a red light. I'm general finished with it in to the Mr Mother roadways. And while it is still wet where we left, I was olive green bullets. Some that there Would you They have no sleeps or it's called. That is just small on, Let's make the bridge that is always on a free Let's anyone that I'm using on a grid and then literally every door, dark areas with a mixture off olive green always or here I really like. It would be quite that some sort, but way on another. Quite nice Barre, which we can add. It's not almost it's not completely very, but that this grenades, uh, for my grown up granite. I think that in English it's grants. Oh, my grandad's okay, I will bank them here. Well, understands what? That also could be also as main element off the res or also could be as a dealer. So it's up to you on then we're I start with yellow light on. Then I will let David darker. But let's eat. Right? Right. I'm now eastern. All minarets mixture with olive green. Yeah. So now you will recognize talking about this guy Fruit grill. A tasty one on there. Really, Uh, Route 61 wants is a really measure More undressed? Yeah, just below that. So also, you can do this 11. Filler Berries in Watercolors: one more really interesting berry. Mm. This will need some golden yellow that's has really dying near Mary's and they grow quite go one to another on many birdseed in these various in window That's rich brush much. Does anyone in right? - But this Let's And until the moment that we will leave this barrister get and let's come back to our These are were very I think that it's like Mary would make so no Well. And, um, is there a step? Do these very rule makes Magenta with Oliver really warm color, which I was looking for? Andrew Lenses, your sleeps. He's looking that also one thing here we have ready. And also I think that it's we've got already, right? Let's it, Osama back it parts of is it legal? And now, with uh, Rocha burnt Sienna makes it burnt Sienna with a veto when it get and will make some stamps since his this very and the teams is that it's not dry completely right now, let's wait a beat, then go ahead. Uh, senator, Meanwhile, I will show you one more Berries. I hope that you are in tired off painting Berries that is going to be Rendon's in white space. White spaces for highlights on Does well, only white space between. And then let's introduce a bit off as a picture. Dr. Parts, a mixture of all time at the red was on uh, while they're getting dry. Uh, while our Berries I getting dry. Let's add small plates for this we will makes a great It would be nice to help culture and shade of their greens. Let's no So here we have visitors and then one off my favorite also feelers on branches. So for this, we will need dark yellow and some of the peoples of Rush. Maybe don't for burns. Yes, and let's make uh, stem. And that's that. Yeah, so making this leaps. But also leave some space between the lives for Barry's, which were lead like that really a beautiful combination. Yellow is so deal with him over is our betters good dry? Let's at the tiny dots, which is amazing. That was that We're going to use a mixture or burns. It's the color of chocolate. This just no. So they get some as well, uh, our very they will so and now let's people know with our Newberry's forces branch. We will need to make the stamps for these Berries. This image is burned, you know. There's that's between beliefs are really and no, let's very where Zwolle mix my gender. That was I want to be herbal matters. It was a combination of colors that is quite juicy is a mixture on now, with really thank you're quite a nice contrast was his range um a really beautiful combination of colors. So here we have on the last range of Berries. So here we have and know the final brain job there is that is I want to be with, um that, you know, on the people off the brush with, uh, burnt Sienna on Let's make again damn on. You are going to be all there is But let's an hour that is going to me Quite deluded. Yellow on. Let's make them was different. Science is bigger ones, medium ones. Small ones really sign your so the color mix color should be quite juicy and try to leave White space is Let's go burst una birthday and I should be more concentrated compared to do their first color. We met at art wars they understand to make interest. So here we have a very aunt. Let's end their lives, and you will see how beautiful they are. I didn't on every the mixture should be it. Warmer color. It should be dark green. Find me at sound. Mixing much. Yeah, so way have what we can. It's also some that's to this various and also dead son. Just colors. That is a mixture of burns, please. Uh, lead it. French is No. And here we have our Barris. I hope you have enjoyed painting Barish with me. 12. Final Thoughts: Thank you for joining means this glass. I hope you have enjoyed it. If you like the class, please leave a review and upload your project in the class Project gallery. I would love to see if you're going to show your artwork on Instagram. Please take me so that I could see something will be the second part off this glass to paint. They're not armory fusing elements which were hammered the pain. So see you in my next classes, but