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Fall Makeup Tutorial: Tips & Tricks For Everyday Makeup Application!

teacher avatar Heather Blood, Makeup Addict and Actress

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Step 1: Skin Prep

    • 3. Step 2: Eyes (eyeshadow, liner, and lashes)

    • 4. Step 3: Face (foundation, concealer, contour, blush, highlight, and brows)

    • 5. Step 4: Lips

    • 6. Step 5: Class Project & Conclusion

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About This Class

In this course I'll be going in-depth about how to apply each aspect of this fall makeup look, and include all of my tips and tricks along the way!

A few tips/tricks you'll learn in this course:

- How to make your eyeshadow last all day

- How to make any brand of shadow look bold and pigmented

- How to achieve perfect lip lines when wearing a bullet lipstick

- Ideal placement of contour, blush, and highlight

- Drugstore vs. High End Makeup: which works the best

- The secret to getting your perfect foundation shade

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Heather Blood

Makeup Addict and Actress


Heather is an actress by day, and a makeup addict/enthusiast by night. She owns more makeup than anyone you'll ever meet, and enjoys creating unusual makeup looks to wear on an everyday basis. Heather has a YouTube Channel (Vessel of Blood), and is an alternative model in her spare time.

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1. Introduction : Hello and welcome to my makeup class today. We're gonna be doing the tutorial on this look you see on my face right here and along the way, I'm gonna be giving you my tips and tricks for each makeup section, like how to get perfect lip lines using a bullet lipstick and also how to make any eyeshadow look more pigment in and stay all day. Now, I only use the one eye shadow palette to get this entire I look, including the glitter. So if you like to know what it waas keep on watching. 2. Step 1: Skin Prep: So before we put on any makeup, the most important step is to prepare and moisturize your skin. And you don't have to go too crazy with this stuff. You can just use your regular everyday facial cleanser. I've already cleanse my skin off camera, and that was going to apply my favorite daily moisturizer. Now, this really depends on your skin type where you be normal combo, oily, etcetera. For me, I am normal to dry, so my skin loves any moisture that it can get. So I'm gonna be using my Canyon ranch Soothing moisturizer. I got this when I stayed at Canyon Ranch a couple of years ago, and it is my absolute favorite daily moisturizer and you don't want to go too crazy with the moisturizer. I'm just taking about this amount on my finger and applying it. I like to moisturize my lips and face first because then, while I'm doing the rest of my makeup, it has plenty of time to soak and settle into my skin. And aside from my facial moisturizer, I'm also going to be putting on a lip balm. This is my favorite. This is by sold a Janeiro and This is called the Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter. I love how big this is. It covers my lips in a single swipe, and it smells delicious. So now that you're all prepped in moisturize, it's time to start with the fun stuff, the eye makeup. 3. Step 2: Eyes (eyeshadow, liner, and lashes): so I should have was one of my favorite parts of doing my makeup because it really informs the rest of my face. I usually tend to match my lipstick for my outfit with my eye shadow. Two of the most common questions I get about eyeshadow are How do I get to stay all day, and to How do I get it to be really pigmented Now the answer to both of those questions are the primer that you use for me. I love. Using my concealer is a primer sometimes, and it doesn't really matter. As faras, the brand goes, it could be high end. It could be drug store as long as it works for you and your skin type, then that's what's important. But I will say that one of my favorite products is the urban decay. I shed a potion. I love this stuff so much, I've been using it for years, and the main difference between these two is that the purple original potion is completely clear and translucent on your skin, and this one, which is the Eden, has a little more pigment to it, so it almost acts as a concealer where completely blanks out your lid and gives you a blank canvas to start your shadow for me. I'm gonna be using the original today because I know that the shadows that I'm going to be using are very pigmented. So I'm just gonna pop this on my eye and you don't need that much. A swipe will do for each would and then you just blend it out. Using your finger. You can also use a brush if you prefer. But I find using finger works the best. And I know I'm gonna be taking my eye shadow all the way up to my brows. I'm gonna be covering that entire area now for those. Look, I'm only going to be using one pallet from this company called Profusion Cosmetics. And this is their mirage palette, which launched recently. This is actually become one of my favorite palace lately. This just released last month from Profusion and you confined profusion in target, Wal Mart and Online and the majority of their palates run for $10 or less. What I really love about this palette is the press glitter, which we're going to use today. Now, before we put any eye shadow on our eyes were gonna put some tape down. And this is just your everyday office tape and what I do to make sure this doesn't stick and pull to my skin too much is that rip off about a two or three and strip I put it down on the back of my hand. Then take it off. That removes some of the stickiness, and then I just lay it down on my eye, and this is going to help give you that really sharp, clean line of eye shadow. And there you have it when I don't and you just repeat the process for the other side for about the tape, put it on your hand, take it off and apply. The trickiest part for me is matching one side to the other. But the good thing is, this isn't permanent, so you can take it off and put it on as many times as you like. One important thing to note when you're placing the tape when you're doing this, do not raise your eyebrows like this. Be sure to relax your face because if you do pull your I rose up, that's pulling the skin, and then the tape won't sit as cleanly when you relax your face later. So to start off, I'm going to be dipping into the shade called for a, which is a beautiful bright orange shade. I'm going to be applying that using a big, fluffy brush right in my crease. And as you can see, the shadow is very pigmented. I'm not using a lot of pressure, and I often find that the method of application when it comes to shadow is a lot more important than the brand, especially when it comes to pigmentation. Now, for this, I got a lot of shadow on my brush. I'm just gently pressing into the skin. I'm not really sleeping it or swiping across my lid because that tends to decrease pigmentation of a shadow. And I'm going to be placing this all around the lid in my crease. And again, I'm just kind of gently patting it into the skin. And there we go. There's your orange placement for four ago. Now that I have my shadow down where I want and I'm gonna be using the same exact brush, I'm not gonna pick up any more product just gonna use what's already there. And now to blend out this color, I'm going to be using a swiping motion side to side buffet gently upwards. And I'm not using a lot of pressure for this. I'm just using very, very gentle motions. And don't be afraid to bring this all the way up towards your brow. So now that we've got the orange down, we're gonna be dipping into a few more shades. Now, I love mixing eye shadow colors. I think it's a really fun way to get unique shade. So I'm gonna be dipping into these two shades called Desert on Marsala. I'm using that same brush more earlier. I'm a huge fan of just using one brush for an entire eyeshadow look. And when you dipping and equally to each pan, marsala and desert, I'm gonna place that right in the outer corner of the eye. We're gonna be bringing these colors onto the lid as well. So I want to say about half Way is where you should stop with this mix, and using a fluffy brush to mix all these colors together makes it really easy to create a seamless blend and the great thing about this eye shadow was that if you find that it's getting a little too pink for you, you can always just dip back into that first shade and go over the top of it. And it'll tone down the pink shade a little bit. Once you're done placing both of those shades, this is what it should look like. So now for that inner corner of the eye, which we've left blank up to this point, I'm gonna be dipping into the shade called Chatty. And this is a beautiful pearlescent shade. I'm just gonna be dipping into that with my finger. And from there is to be placing it straight onto my eye. I'm gently patting into my skin with my finger, and I'm also dragging it lightly across my Lydia's well, and I'm dragging that right to the halfway mark across my eye so it blends into the pink in the orange. Now, when it comes to highlight or Schumer shades like this, I always like to add that above my brow. So I'm gonna take what's left on my finger and just pop that lightly right above here to highlight my brow bone on your side. Now you can stop here with your I look, but I prefer to do a little bit extra, so I'm gonna be adding some press glitter on. This is my favorite shade from this palette. It's actually called mirage. Just like the palate on this press splitter is absolutely amazing. I've worn this out of money occasions and I find that it stays put. There's no he said that you need to use you. Just take it, Put your finger on the glitter and put it on your eye, which is what I'm gonna do right now. Someone dip right into here. There was nothing on my finger. Just circle around until your fingers completely covered, and then just apply it where you want it on your lid. Now the only thing I will say is that you will have to dip into it a few times to get the pigment that you want. But I kind of like that. This particular glitter is more buildable that way. If you decide that you just want a light wash of glitter one day you can have that or like we're doing for this look, you can add more and more layers to get a really pigmented sparkle. I'd say this is about two or three layers worth, and I'm just keeping it on the lid at this point, and I'm keeping it from here to here. I'm not going all the way up like we did with the rest of our shadow. But if any strength litter has gotten above your creates, you can just take your eye shadow brush and just brush it gently off. And then just to make sure that glitter doesn't transfer, I like to keep my eyes lowered until the glitter is completely set, which didn't really take more than a minute or two. So now that you're glitter is all dried, it's time for your island. Or now I know Islander could be a little daunting for some people, but hopefully these tips will help you. A SARS brands go. My personal favorites are Kat von D and Knicks, and today I'm gonna be using two of my favorite next liners, which are the Knicks big in Kleiner and the Knicks matte liquid liner. Now the main difference between these two is that the Epic Inc is a felt tip liner and the mat is a brush tip liner. I would definitely recommend either one of these for beginner. I will say that the epic Inc is waterproof and the map is not. Now, if you have shaky hands like me, one trick I use is to leave the tape on, so I just draw on top of it, and then you have a perfect line. But I'm feeling daring today, so I'm gonna take the tape off before I do my eyeliner. So just remove it like that, and then you have your perfect eyeshadow wing. I've also done looks before where I haven't used any liner at all, and I just used tape and use the eye shadow kind of by itself to give that really sharp winged effect. So, again, it's really up to you about what you want to do to customize your look, have fun and play with it. So one trick that I used to combat my shaky hands as I like to arrest the palm of my hand on my face as I draw my islander that really helps to study in balance my hand. And as you can see, I'm using short, quick strokes because it's a lot easier sometimes to use short strokes than try to do it all in one continuous swoop. And it's really nice that we have our eye shadow to guide us. That always helps to have a guideline to draw along. If they're just trying to do it on your own nowhere. Start off by drawing it really close to my LaShawn, as you see, and with the wing up here Now, the one time we use a continuous motion is when I'm drawing the wing backwards towards my I just like that. So I put the tip of my liner here at the edge, and I pulled down as I was drawing it, because it's easier to control that way. And if you pull down, then it will make your island or smaller instead of making it larger by going up, then you have to add more, and then you end up looking like a raccoon. It's always always easier to add more than to take away. So just go step by step, little by little, until you get to a point where you're comfortable to just do it all in one swoop. And then, if you're happy with your shape, you could just still the rest of it in. And I'm bringing the edge of my letter just to above my cheered upped. So doesn't go all the way into my inner corner. And then you repeat the process on the other side and must've put my general shape down with my mat letter. I'm taking my Epic Inc just to make sure that everything is very sharp. And Chris now, when it comes to island or not, everyone's eyes or shape the same way. I'm sure many of you watching have very different eye shapes from what I have. So what I've done is I've drawn two completely different liner shapes, so you guys can see the difference on this side. I've angled it much farther up towards my hairline, and that makes my I look a little bit more grounded. And on this side over here, John it much more flat and angled this way, as opposed to up and that kind of elongates my eye. So it's really up to you what style you'd like to do. You can play around with a different eye shapes, seeing what angle works best for your eyes and now for the final step for the eyes adding lashes now and it really depends on what you like. As faras lashes go for me. I've used both drugstore and luxury lashes and I find that the drugstore ones work Justus Well, and I'm gonna be using some from our del these air in the style. 8 11 Now, one common mistake that people make when it comes to lashes is thinking that every single lashes out there will fit your I perfectly. And that's not the case now for me. I find that I often have to cut off part of my lash because they're too big for my eyes. This depends on the style of lash. But if the last tapers from short hair too long, then I always cut from the longest end in and you apply. I always have a pair of tweezers handy. I'm gonna be using my favorite lash glue all time from House of Lashes. This is the dark lash glue, and this drives black, so it blends in seamlessly with your eyeliner. And I love this particular glue because it's latex free. So it doesn't irritate my eyes. And what I like to do for my lashes as I take the applicator and I put a little blobs of glue right in the end of each tip. So right in the front and right in the back. And then I fill in the rest of it using a little bit less glue. And then I set that off too dry for a while because you want to wait for the glue to become a little tacky before putting it directly on your I and I will do the same thing with this one. A little blob, but the top little blob end and then lightly feeling in the rest of the Lash Band. Now I do this because over the years I've learned that my lashes tend to fall off first in the inner and outer corner. So I add extra money to make sure they stay on all day. And now for the fun part which is applying them. So I like to go from the outer lash inwards when I apply it. So I take my finger. I kind of look in my mirror tow, line it up and see where I want to put it down. Then the glue should be tacking up, so it stays there by itself. When I take my tweezers and I kind of lined up the rest of the lash, make sure it's gonna go right room on it and then gently push it into place. And I'm just kind of tugging with my tweezers and pulling inwards towards my eye so that really sticks where I wanted to go. And there you got this one last time and the reason I'm putting on false ashes before my scary is I used to do the opposite for years, and I always found it really hard to apply my false lashes. I didn't know why, and then I started skipping the mascara before I put the lashes on. And it is so much easier now because the mascara covers your lash line and it makes the lashes really full of thick. It's hard to see where you're putting the last band, so putting on my scare afterwards is so much easier. And if you're not comfortable using tweets as you can always use your fingers, he was using it to push it down onto my lash line. I'm paying extra attention to the edges of my lash again because those are where they tend to pop off for me the most. And there you go lashes around. So now the falsies air on and everything else is done. We're gonna be using mascara as our final step. Now, I have three different mascaras that I reach for on a daily basis, and they range from affordable to more high end. The more affordable is the cover girl. Exhibitionist mascara. This is not waterproof. This is just a regular mascara. And then right after that is the ill mock yage mascara. I love this Miss Sierra so much especially for your bottom lashes. And finally, for my high end mascara, this is the go big or go home mascara from Kat von D. I just love the sheer size of this tube and of the applicator. And it gives your lashes that kind of full slash look without using any lashes. And honestly, it doesn't really matter which may scare you use because you already have on your false lashes. This is just to blend your natural lash with the fall slash. And for me, because my hair is dark brown, you could definitely see the difference between the stark black of the falsies and my regular lashes. Something's gonna blend that in using this mascara. And that way it doesn't look like you have to separate sets of lashes on your eyes. And for my bottom lashes, I'm gonna be using the oh Mok Yage mascara. I just love how much this lengthens and instantly darkens my lower lashes. So that's it for the eyes and let's move on to the face. 4. Step 3: Face (foundation, concealer, contour, blush, highlight, and brows): So when it comes to foundation, I find that using a primer always tells my foundation to stay longer and cover. Girl just came out with this brand new array of primers. There is one for oily skin, which is more modifying. And then there is a moisturizing one, which is what I will be using today again. My skin is dry so it can use all the moisture. Can get someone to take about this much on my hand and I'm going to smooth it into my skin . I absolutely love the way all the covergirl proper smell. They smell very fresh and clean. So I'm just smoothing that all over my face and just pressing it into the areas that I thought I need more help. I find that my forehead, my laugh lines of my nose over my foundation creases the most. So that's where I tried to press it and make sure the progress really in there now for foundation. Today I'm gonna be using the Knicks. Can't stop, won't stop foundation in porcelain, and I find the foundation is always very important to shake them before you apply because they tend to settle and you can use any variety of sponge, but I find that my favorite blenders are the beautyblender. And actually the Knicks Black Blender works Justus well, and it's not as expensive. So I'd highly recommend using this one, and I like to play it directly onto the sponge and then onto my face. Now, when it comes to foundation, less is more because you can always add more foundation, but you can't really take it away is easily so. I find it's better to start off with less than you think that you need. And I didn't wet my sponge beforehand. So it's nice and damp, and I also find that using the most foundation in the center of the face helps us well, because you typically don't need that much along your hairline and the way that I like to do my makeup. I usually dark in the outside of my face is Incontrera anyway, so that way I'm saving a little bit of product, and I'm just bouncing the sponge of my skin to apply. Now. One common mistake I always see people making is they tend to match their foundation to their face instead of their neck and then when they cover their face in that foundation shade, it's completely different from their neck, and it's very noticeable. So if you can, when you're matching foundations, try to match to your neck. That way I'd look more seamless when you have your face fully covered. And regardless, I always try to big my foundation down onto my neck a little bit, just so it blends seamlessly and then to brighten up your under eye. If you have dark circles or anything like that, I tend to use my concealer. Now I have to fever concealers at the moment. My first is the cat Bondi concealer, and I am in the shade l five neutral, and then my second is the ill mock yage BFF perfected concealer in shed zero to And today I'm gonna be using my cat, Bondi one. So I just like to put a little bit under my eye and then beside from under my eyes. Like to put it on any blemishes that I might have at the moment. And this really depends on the consistency of the concealer, but I find for cat funding if I let it sit for a moment or two instead of instantly blending it out that it has a lot more coverage And I'm blending out my blemishes using the flat, chiseled edge of my sponge And now I'm gonna be focusing on my eyes Now one common mistake I see people make is they take the concealer and they make a circle So it brightens up the under evident looks like you just have a band of white under your eyes. So what I like to do for my concealer is I like to make a sort of triangle shape. So what highlights and brightens this entire shape of your eye? And that kind of brings that part of your face forward and that way looks a lot more seamless rather than just having a band of white under your eye. So when she blend your concealer out, I like to use powder to set mine, because for me, I found it. If I don't set this particular foundation or concealer, it will crease. So I have two favorite brands of powders. The first is Laura Mercy Translucent Powder. This is amazing. I've been using it for so many years, and the second is NYC or new York color translucent powder. Now I find that both of these work very well for me, and I love them both. They just have very different price points. So it depends on what you can afford and what you like. I've tapped some of the New York City color powder onto the lid here to take my damp sponge , the flat end of it, and just put that right under my eye, which is where the concealer waas and all over my forehead again. These are the places that I find 10 decrease the most. I do not like to powder my entire face because again, I do have dry skin. And if you over powder dry skin and we just get even more dry and this powder from New York color is called smooth skin loose powder. So now I'm gonna add some depth and dimension to my face using some contour products. Now, you don't have to use both of these. 1 may be enough for you, but I just enjoy using both. And these are the city color contra palette. Andy Bahama, Mama Brown's air from the Bomb Cosmetics. Now, this was $5 for this entire pallet and the bomb is $20. Now, As you can see, this is very well loved. And I normally only used the condor shade what's actually broke? A one point. But I managed to put it back together using some rubbing alcohol. So I'm gonna be using this dark Commodore she to contra my cheekbones and I'm using this wet and wild contra brush. This was $2 it's my favorite brush. So I'm just going to gently dip into that contra sheet, knock off the excess and his forest placement. I like to put my contour halfway in between my ear and my eye, So right about here. And then I find when you're bringing your contour product down, you don't want to go past where the edge of your eye is on your face. I find that that is optimal placement for contour, and you always want to blend up with your contra. You never want to blend down because that just makes it look muddy under your cheek. I'm also gonna be placing this gently here on my forehead just to give it some dimension and to make it look a little bit smaller. If you have a small forehead, you can definitely skip this step and you can apply the same principle I spoke about earlier, where less is more. You can always add more to build up the coverage, but it's very hard to take it away. And then one of my favorite ways to blend out bronzer or contour is to use a big, fluffy brush like this. I'm just gonna use a little tiny bit of the Bahama mama to blend it even more now for blush , I'm gonna be using this gorgeous mineral baked blush called Toxic from Bill Maki. AJ, I love the orange tone is gonna fit perfectly with the rest of our look. Now, this is very payment blush. I just dipped very gently with my brush and then tap off the excess and then for me, wear like to put my blush is running the apple of the cheek. So I smile and put it right on the high point. And I also like the blood and a little bit with my bronzer and my contour as well. And if you find you've gone a little too heavy on the bush for your liking, just take your big fluffy brush and sweep it away. You can also take your beautyblender, which has some leftover foundation on it, and use that to also tone down your blush. If needed. You just tap right on top of where you placed your blush. Now for highlight. I do love to glow someone of using this. What in wild powder highlight in the shade moon tears. It's a very beautiful natural light bronze peach color, and I find that a little bit of this goes a long way. This is one of the brightest highlighters have ever used in my life, but it's so gorgeous and for highlight plays. But I like to put it from the tip of my eyebrow right to wear my ends, and I like to blend that down on top of my blush as well. I also like to pop a little tiny bit on my chin and my keep its vote. And now for the final aspect of the face, which is the browse. Now I have two favorite brow pencils right here again, drugstore and high end. The drugstore is the cover girl pencil in soft brown, and the high end is the signature brow pencil by Cat Bundy in the shade Graphite. Now what I love about both of these pencils is they're both very easy to use and the each having attached to a week. So that makes it really easy to brush the product through your brows. I find that both of these products work very well. The only thing that is different is that the cover girl is slightly lighter than the cat Bondi on for today's look, I'm gonna be using the cover girl. I'm just going to lightly start to fill in the parts of my browser little Spartz, and to give it a little bit more shape. I'm just kind of lately penciling this end and following the natural curve of my brow, and I do like to have a more arched brow, someone who just filled us in right here. Now I'm just using this bully to brush through my brow, get the hairs to go the direction that I want and to disperse the product a little more evenly. And then after that, I'm gonna go back in with my pencil and keep adding more product. No, but I really like about the pencil is that I can use short strokes and it'll make it look a lot more hair like and natural. And because of the pencil, I have a lot more control over where the product goes. Another great thing about this pencil is that it's self sharpening, so you never have to worry about sharpening it. And there we go. There, the brows done Next, we're doing the last step and my favorite, the lips. 5. Step 4: Lips: So for lipstick today, I'm gonna be using one of my favorite bullet lipsticks from Fenty Beauty. And this is in the shade. Freckle fiesta. Now, this is from their matting. Was that a line? So it's a map bullet lipstick, And I absolutely adore the packaging. Now, this is one of my favorite bullet lipstick. Because it is a matte formula, it will last a lot longer, and the shed is just perfect for fall. And for the longest time, I always shied away from bullet lipsticks because I like to have very crisp, clean lip line. And I felt it was nearly impossible to do that just with the lipstick by itself. And then I discovered a trick that really helped me to get perfect lip lines by using a bullet lipstick. And that is by using a lip brush. You could probably get these just about anywhere. Ultra Sephora online. This particular one I'm gonna be using today is from Revlon. That was really important is that it has that kind of rounded but pointy shape that will help you really define your lips. Now to begin my lips. Do you still have a little bit of that left over let border that we used in the beginning of this tutorial. But that's perfectly fine. But if there's too much lip balm or product leftover and your lips, you'll really slick. Just be sure blotted on a tissue or the back of your hand first. That way it won't interfere with the formula of the lipstick, so I'm just gonna dive right in with the lipstick straight from the to. I just use your lips to smooth it around, and you can apply it messily. Complied as close to lips is possible, however, you want to do it. So I've applied my lipstick and I've spread it around a little bit. But it is definitely not perfect. So here is where the lip brush comes in now, without any product on your brush whatsoever, just dip it right into your lipstick and start to trace an outline where you want your desire, lip shape to be and for anyone with shaky hands. I'm just resting at the edge of my hand in my fingers on my face and using that as an anchor to make sure my fingers on a lot less shaky. So I tried to do this freehand without resting my hand on my face. It would be a mess. And in order to get those really Chris moved lions. I use the brush like this in English, so the tip is pointing outwards. And with that, you were done with your face. So let's talk about the class project. 6. Step 5: Class Project & Conclusion: not for the class project. What I would like you to do is taken aspect of this. Look, eyes, lips space and create a look on yourself using the tips and tricks mentioned and then take a picture of video whatever you feel comfortable doing, and leave it down in the class projects below. And if you'd like to recreate this entire look as your cross project, feel free. I would love to see that. Please feel free to ask any questions that you would like about this project about techniques, application colors that you would like to use. I'd be more than happy to help and give me some feedback and that officially wraps up this class. Thank you so much for taking this course I hope you enjoyed. And hopefully I will see you here again for another class in the future. Have a wonderful day. And thank you so much for watching