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Fall Harvest: Homemade Applesauce

teacher avatar Allison Sattgast, DIY Whiz

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Choosing Apples

    • 3. Prepping Apples for Cooking

    • 4. Cook Up Some Applesauce!

    • 5. Intro To Processing

    • 6. Process with the Food Mill

    • 7. Process with the Blender

    • 8. Spice and Freeze Your Amazing Applesauce!

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About This Class

Make some amazing homemade applesauce that will blow store applesauce out of the water!

I'll walk you through my process as I get apples, then wash, cut, and cook them. Finally, I'll process the finished sauce through a hand-crank food mill (and some through the blender as an experiment — spoiler: peel your apples first if you want to use a blender!), then I'll spice the applesauce and put it up for freezing.

This is a no-sugar-added, no-sugar-needed applesauce, but if you really want to, you can add as much sugar to the finished product as you like. Just add and taste until you like the results!

Note: if you don't have a hand crank food mill, you can also make applesauce with a potato masher, but you will have to peel the apples before cooking them. Ditto for the blender — if you don't remove the skins first, you will have to process the sauce for too long in the blender and the texture and feel won't turn out right.

Meet Your Teacher

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Allison Sattgast

DIY Whiz


I'm a DIY girl who loves to try new things. I create and cook and design -- it's more fun that way!

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1. Intro: Hi, this is Allison sat gassed. And today I'm going to walk you through making your own amazing homemade applesauce. Now, you might ask, Why would I want to make my own apple sauce when I could just go to the store and get any kind of apple sauce? I want even organic. Well, here's the thing. I have never tasted a store. Apple sauce that tastes is good as a homemade wonderful natural, no sugar added bash of homemade applesauce. So today, I'm going to take you through the selection process. Um, we're gonna go to the farmers market and pick out some beautiful local organic apples. Then I'm going to wash the apples, walk you through, cutting them up and cooking them. Then we will process them into applesauce, using two different methods that you could compare. So this is gonna be a great class. Join me and roll and makes him awesome apple sauce with me 2. Choosing Apples: okay, before we head out, let's talk about what sort of apples you want for Apple size. Well, it's pretty obvious, but I'll say it. You'll want apples that would taste good if you were just eating them. So if you're making apple sauce with apples that are really bland and blonde, they wouldn't be fun to eat. Just you crunch. Those were not going to be good apples for applesauce. Um, so basically, you're gonna want to aim for very flavorful apples. If you want to do sugar free apple sauce, as I think is much superior, you're going to need sweet apples. And if you want to go really artisan like me, I'm going to try. Ah, blend of three apples, if I could find them. And that is sweet apples, tart apples and you know, kind of flavor balancer. Just nice, bold apples. So basically I'm looking for apples. They're all individually good quality, and that will work together to create a fun and beautiful and delicious apple sauce. All right, let's head out and hit the farmer's market and see what we can bring home. So here I am. I'm in the parking lot. Um, for the aggression farmers market just a little bit beyond the market. I've already made my purchases. I wanted to visit the pro form, um, produce stand because they're my favorite torture here at this particular market, and they are fully organic. So I got here kind of late, which means this election was a little low. But I was in luck. I was able to get enough apples for at least a first foray into applesauce making, and I think it's gonna be good. So here is my box of amazing produce. On the top, you might see some peaches, nectarines and pears. That's because I figured I might as well make up a box with other good things. Um, on far end our gala apples and the middle are mm there some sort of tart apple like I forgot Teoh to ask. They're not Granny Smiths. There's something else on dumb on this end are the honey crisps. They were almost cleaned out, so I was actually limited to what I could get because I wanted to do 1/3 honey crisps, which are really sweet and delicious, and 1/3 tart apples to give the apple sauce and nice flavor and then some nice, bold apples like Thes Gala's film. I'm hoping that the combination will be lovely and delicious. 3. Prepping Apples for Cooking: Okay, here. I have the apples that I'm going to start with. I've got my tart apples, my bold apples and my sweet apples cream bowl put in. This is Dr Bronner's Peppermint. So? So it's kind of nice and mild. Even though these are organic apples, it is still worthwhile wash. Okay, now that I got him, he's all washed. They're ready to process. So there are a couple of ways you can process apples for this now. One thing, obviously. Knives, you know, of course, Use nice knife safety. If you do that, however, I have this apple corer and slicer, I'm going to have to kind of my weight now. That's all right. That actually was not too bad. The main thing is, it sort of leaves at the bottom. This spot set aside the core to see for the chickens. Sure, they will appreciate. So this is the pan that I am working in. This is from Nike. A. It is a triple clad pan, which means that it has stainless steel. I'm either side and aluminum in the middle. So basically the cheaper and worse pan you used for this, the more likely your apples air gonna burn if you use, You know, like one of those super thin enamel pans. That's basically I mean, hardly better than air. You're going to get burning almost certainly so basically, the thicker and sturdier Harapan you can use the better, and this one ought to do quite well. I have never made apple sauce with it. In fact, it's a new pan. I've never made anything with it, so we'll see how it does. I'm just going to toss these apples in. Don't forget, if you have any trouble spots, you do want to take them out to be cooking this up with bad spots. If you can, I would. All right, so here we have are three sets of apples that really came out to quite a bit. It looks like I aimed about right for the capacity of this pan. So now we're ready to go 4. Cook Up Some Applesauce!: Okay, so here we are with our nice collection of apples, they're ready to go on stone. Except for one thing. It is wise, at the very least, of putting some water. And I'm also going to squeeze in a little lemon juice, and this is just unending peace. Basically, it's what I have on hand. And if I used an actual lemon squeezer, I'd probably get a little more out of it. Certainly, I could do a little more lemon than this. Then, if you don't want your apples, do you run into trouble? It is blinds, too. Put a little water in. I'm going to do just 1/4 cup partially because I have a really good can. And I trust that this Pan will not simply just burn like crazy. So we'll see. Worst case scenario. I get some Bert spots on If I keep stirring it and keep an eye on it, it'll probably do pretty well. So I'm gonna set it kind of high and put a lid on and give it a few minutes to just sort of get up to heat. It's been about three minutes. Maybe almost four. I can't resist the urge to check it out partially because I started here. It's starting to boil, and what you really want is for this to stay pretty low. So I'm just trying to move these around and put it down nice and low. And now I'm going to check it on and off and stirring around a little bit so that it doesn't. It doesn't stay too long. Anyone part of the apples down on the bottom and the longer you cook it, and the more water sort of evaporates off of it as you cook, then that will actually make the resulting apple sauce a little sweeter, a little more convinced. And of course, you'll have a little bit less of it because it doesn't have the water in it. Have to say it's, uh, it's starting to smoke really good in here Now. Some of these air kind of breaking down more than others. I'm going to open this just a tiny bit because there's a lot of liquid in there right now. Course there's liquid from the apples. They release liquid as they cook. So that's why I didn't want to put in some large amount like a cup of water. Even even 1/4 cup means that there's quite a bit of liquid in there right now that that's alright, some of it will drift out of steam. A man is good, So I'm gonna let that sit for a little while longer and keep checking on it. Okay? It's going to wear. These apples are mostly soft. There's one or two pulled out pieces that are not very soft, but we are going to process this further, so I'm not too worried about that. At this point, I'm just wondering about basically water concentration. However, these apples have been going for almost 30 minutes. So I am going. Teoh hit it on low, which it has been on low or around load this almost this whole time. I turned it down person because I saw it was heating up. So I'm just going to let that go a few minutes more with all this good steam, sort of concentrating it down into delicious stuff. No, I'm putting it all the way because that's kind of you know what? I am just going to sit here starting your payments because that is actually boiling consents, that it's popping I just don't want to get out. And you know what? I think that's good. I'm gonna call it done. 5. Intro To Processing: All right, So now I have to decide. How am I gonna problem since this apple sauce? Now, I really wanted Teoh get nontechnical. I couldn't take a potato masher and smash it in the pan. However, that's not the way I learned. I actually learned using this food mill set up. So basically, you just put some in there and go to town. That kind of removes the skins. I could do a blender version where I just kind of word up, and that will process the skins into the apple sauce, which, you know, maybe a little healthier. And it's definitely faster and easier. So I'm gonna try a little bit of both and, uh, and then decide which of the two I personally like better. I've never tried it with the blender, so that's an experiment for me. But I know some people do it that way. 6. Process with the Food Mill: All right. So you start with the food mill. I got a nice we have scooping here, So I'm gonna do, let's say around three big scoops. So the way this works is you turn it so that it catches apple under it as it goes past. And then the motion of it squishes it through this bottom grid of holes. So you just kind of have to grab it. No for it. And occasionally it does require stooping things down. In my experience, get peels. Don't really go through. He's all right. I don't necessarily want, but you seem like you kind of end up with a fair amount of stuff that doesn't go anywhere. So I will set that aside. And here is the apple sauce and I have to say that is a very pretty color. So a little apple styles into here, so I don't have to keep we're using are using new spoons. And it's my first taste of the new apple sauce. It's still pretty warm that Yeah, that's definitely that is plenty of Sweden does not need any sugar at all. Very nice. So I would say that definitely a grey. Now I'm going to switch. Try the vita mix 7. Process with the Blender: I have heard that you should not put too much apple sauce in the vita mix because it might go everywhere. So I figure the same about three scoops will be. I feel it all Ares looks and taste the little. So I'm gonna start this on low and then kind of move it up a little and just use my judgment about when it's done, okay? I'm already running into the issue. That stuff is kind of moving up, So I am going to switch out this live with the tamper. It's safe to use the tamper while it's going because it is not long enough to touch the blades. No, that is a nice feature of the vita mix that you may not have in yours. So be careful. - So I generally just blended the tar out of that and this is now hotter than it was when I started. Because this splendor actually keeps things up as it goes in there and then is definitely a very sort of fine grain. It iss probably a little more. It's a little more custardy, definitely so this has more texture left in it. This has very little texture at all. And for some reason it's kind of whiter, except for it does have some little flecks of skin that would not, um, would not get ground up. So to be up, I would have to say I probably over blended that, trying to get the skins done, and it is definitely not quite as nice. I like the texture of this better, and I think it also looks better just as a product. Yeah, this definitely has a little bit of a fiber taste. You know that. It's not just liquid. It's not apple cider anything. It's eggs. Applesauce. So the question would be basically good. I am. Could I do a badge of this? That is less, um, less watery? I mean, not water. Yeah, kind of liquidity. Probably good. But I have to say, this isn't that hard to use. And, um, he came up with such a nice product that I think I'm going to stick with it 8. Spice and Freeze Your Amazing Applesauce!: Okay, so I'm gonna do some final processing of this apple sauce. I'm going T o um, a little bit of cinnamon Teoh. This is a combination of apple sauce that was processed in the food mill and the batch that I did in the vitamins. I'm going, Teoh Mix it in, test it, and I'm going to prepare for freezing. These are little four announced boulders, canning jars, and these are the same ball brand, um, lives there B p a free plastic lids you can use on canning jars instead of having to use the awkward metal ring and canning lids. So, for for reusable purposes like freezing, that ought to be pretty good. So here's a French spoon for mixing in but half teaspoon. It was may actually being cinnamon applesauce because, my goodness, that is a lot of color. Okay, that's very pretty looking. It didn't take too much arm from 1/3 of it being a little over. But let's see if I have just over spiced it. If I do, then I'm gonna have some fun soon. Apple sauce and freeze. Yeah, that's just a tiny bit too much. All right, so in that case. Since I overdo, it's time to do about 1/4 teaspoon and just make make a virtue of necessity, and I will come out with some cinnamon applesauce. Yeah, that is just right. Take this food in 10 years. This is a canning funnel, so it's a specifically designed for this purpose. You want to leave a little head room if you're freezing because it will expand. But this is such a small amount of food, I'm just going to leave a little bit of head. So that's about what I'm doing. And also don't forget the label labeling is your friend. Otherwise, you won't know if you're opening up Apple sauce Cooking star is it spiced Applesauce is a plane. When is it made? All of those were good times to make sure that you you have sauce and this is not a super precise process. Seeing ISS. It's frozen, not canned, still going to try and make it approximately. And there you go apple sauce. Now this has cooled down a little bit. Um, before you put applesauce in any container, but especially a glass container, you do want to make sure that it's not super warm And also, if you're gonna freeze it, you might want to refrigerate your apple sauce a little bit before for using it. And it's also worth noting that sometimes being in the freezer can kind of neutralize spices, so you may not want to spice it before, and you might want to spice. When you serve it, it's, Ah, it's up to you. But being where the flavor of the spice itself may fade a little from being in the freezer . So it's time for you to do your project. I'd love to see your amazing apple sauce. Um, take a photo or a video or whatever you like a selfie with your apple sauce and, uh, share with me. How did it taste? Did you run into any problems? And I'll look forward to senior in the class form?