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    • Innovating with Failure


About This Class

This is class is part of Skillshare's Creativity & Innovation series. Learn how to become comfortable with failure as part of the innovation process. In this 5-minute video challenge from the Skillshare team, we discuss how to find failure and why you need to keep pushing boundaries. Failure happens when we have the confidence to be creative, take on new challenges, and stretch your limits. This is how we learn.

Let’s get started.

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This is a really good class, It doesn't give much detail, but every project is different because everyone has different experiences.
short and sweet. i really liked it. i also appreciate that students shared their failure resume. that is a very brave thing to do.
I loved the concise nature of this little class. The "failure resume" is a great tool, I'm going to make one right now!





Ethan Bodnar

Designer and Gardener. Previously, at Skillshare.

Ethan Bodnar is an artist, designer, and gardener in Oakland, California. Previousily, he was an education designer at Skillshare. He served on national board of AIGA and graduated from the Hartford Art School.

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