Failing Forward: Improve Your Career by Embracing the Big “F” | Elizabeth Hague | Skillshare

Failing Forward: Improve Your Career by Embracing the Big “F”

Elizabeth Hague, Director of Creative & Marketing

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9 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Welcome to Failing Forward

    • 2. The Basics of Failing Forward

    • 3. Changing Your Mindset Around Success and Failure

    • 4. Basics of a Flexible Career Building Strategy

    • 5. The Right Way to Measure Success and Failure

    • 6. Practicing Failure in a Safe Space

    • 7. Using Logic Based Thinking Moving Forward

    • 8. Additional Tips and Important Re caps

    • 9. Special Message from the Teacher


About This Class

The Big “F” = Failure.

Have you ever felt paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake? Is your time limited and precious, making any failure feel fatal to your growth? This class is for you.

In this class we’ll be practicing techniques Innovative Executives the world over use to turn mistakes into ideas.  Our best and brightest companies are lead by the world’s top innovative thinkers that are proud to embrace continuous learning, (i.e. failing fast and moving on).

I’ll be giving you a peek into the mindset that will take you from a ordinary employee into an innovative team member ready to grow their career. I’ll be giving you advice on how to successfully handle failure, learn from mistakes, and how to build your courage to take more calculated leaps.

It’s time to ditch the fear and start making career decisions like a world class pro!

  • We’ll tackle the basics of a flexible career skill-building strategy, lifelong learning and de-stigmatize The Big “F”
  • You’ll gain new perspective and skills to move through failures faster
  • You'll reduce time spent worrying about things you can’t control
  • We’ll also discuss a more thoughtful way to measure success and failure
  • You'll hone the skills needed to take your failures and turn them into successes for next time

This class is all levels, but with an expectation that the student has experienced issues with failure and shows a strong desire to build their career better, faster, and more efficiently. This class also gives you a peek behind the curtain of what makes innovative thinkers tick.

If you want to grow your career but are constantly second guessing yourself, I’ll teach you to ditch the fear and move forward, using failure as a platform for success.