Faced With Fear: Conquering Your Fears of Illustrating Faces | Coloring Skin in Photoshop

Melissa Lee, allow yourself to fail before you succeed

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10 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Drawing Resource Recommendations

    • 3. Inking Your Pencil Drawing

    • 4. Digitizing Your Drawing

    • 5. Quick Tip for Generating Skin Tone Palettes In Photoship

    • 6. Shading and Highlights

    • 7. Demo - Base Colors

    • 8. Demo - Warmth, Shading, and Highlights

    • 9. Demo - Details

    • 10. Closing


About This Class


Welcome to the next session of Faced With Fear: Conquering Your Fears of Illustrating Faces! Throughout this series, illustrator Melissa Shaw guides you through the fundamentals of drawing and coloring feminine and masculine character portraits, from using basic shapes and line to build features to generating and implementing beautiful skin tone palettes.

In this class, Melissa takes you through her process for digitizing pencil and ink line art so that it can be used in Photoshop, share a quick trick for generating skin tone palettes, and demonstrate her favorite technique for digitally coloring faces.

The aim of this series is to provide you with the building blocks and knowledge you'll need in order to feel more confident in your ability to tackle drawing and coloring faces. That being said, you don't need to take the first two classes in order to benefit from this one. :]

All levels of skill are welcome!