Faced With Fear: Conquering Your Fears of Illustrating Faces | Coloring Skin in Photoshop

Melissa Lee Shaw, allow yourself to fail before you succeed

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10 Videos (36m)
    • Introduction

    • Drawing Resource Recommendations

    • Inking Your Pencil Drawing

    • Digitizing Your Drawing

    • Quick Tip for Generating Skin Tone Palettes In Photoship

    • Shading and Highlights

    • Demo - Base Colors

    • Demo - Warmth, Shading, and Highlights

    • Demo - Details

    • Closing


About This Class


Welcome to the third and final session of Faced With Fear: Conquering Your Fears of Illustrating Faces! Throughout this three part series, illustrator Melissa Shaw guides you through the fundamentals of drawing and coloring feminine and masculine character portraits, from using basic shapes and line to build features to generating and implementing beautiful skin tone palettes. The sessions are divided as follows:

Part One - The Feminine Face

Part Two - The Masculine Face

Part Three - Coloring in Photoshop

In this third class, Melissa will take you through her process for digitizing pencil and ink line art so that it can be used in Photoshop, share a quick trick for generating skin tone palettes, and demonstrate her favorite technique for digitally coloring faces.

The aim of this series is to provide you with the building blocks and knowledge you'll need in order to feel more confident in your ability to tackle drawing and coloring faces. That being said, you don't need to take the first two classes in order to benefit from this one. :]

All levels of skill are welcome! 

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This class has a lot of useful information. I am new to digital painting and found this super useful and encouraging.





Melissa Lee Shaw

allow yourself to fail before you succeed

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, and it's all I've ever really wanted to do. I started teaching myself how to draw digitally in 2010 when I got my first tablet, and since then I've had a growing fascination with the digital art world. It's pretty rad. I graduated from California State University of Sacramento with a BA in Studio Art and a focus in the Electronic Arts.

I knew I didn't want to go to art school for my master's degree because of the expense, but I also knew I wanted to continue learning about art and improving my skills. Discovering online resources for learning such as Skillshare has had a wonderful impact on my life. Since joining Skillshare, I've discovered a passion for creating repeating patterns, as well as cut-paper illustrations, and many other things that I never really considered doing before. :D

Portfolio: missabeeart.com

Email:[email protected]

Social Media: Instagram | Tumblr | Facebook

Shops: Society6 | VIDA | Threadless Artist Shop | Spoonflower (coming soon!) | Etsy (coming soon!)