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Facebook to Skillshare Explosion-Create a funnel from Facebook to your Skillshare Channel

teacher avatar Youshaa Motan, Online Teacher

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Facebook Explosion-Trailer

    • 2. Facebook Explosion Introduction

    • 3. Course Map Explained

    • 4. Step 1 - IMPORTANT!

    • 5. Step 2

    • 6. Step 3

    • 7. Step 4

    • 8. Step 5

    • 9. Step 6

    • 10. Step 7

    • 11. Step 8

    • 12. Step 9

    • 13. Step 10

    • 14. The Conclusion

    • 15. A HUMUNGOUS Thank You! [Please Review this class]

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About This Class

Attention Skillshare Teachers!


1000's of Students for your Skillshare classes! Using Facebook?

Master a sure-fire method in this class directly in Module 1 which will get you 100's to 1000's of Facebook friends which you can market your Skillshare classes to and empower them with Skillshare classes via Premium Membership while earning royalties.

I have used this method and I have over 5000 friends on my Personal Facebook page alone in just over a month...Nevermind my business pages with 1000's more. My case study is included with screenshots and all is revealed transparently holding nothing back.

These are your FUTURE Skillshare students!

Enroll now! 

Premium Teachers and Students link- http://skl.sh/2eYG5z0

To your Skillshare Success.

Meet Your Teacher

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Youshaa Motan

Online Teacher




An Online Teacher from South Africa, with years of experience in instructional design and the subject of personal development, Youshaa can be seen lecturing online as an Online Course Lecturer with Damelin College Online presenting his best-selling online course: Mind Power For Successful Managers as well as on his Skillshare Channel and online brand, Affirmation Nation TV.

Watch the explainer below.



How did Affirmation Nation TV start?


Youshaa started ANTV as a part-time project and quickly realised that he needed to share more videos in a world that has become materialistic, self-absorbed and self-serving as his projec... See full profile

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1. Facebook Explosion-Trailer: Hello, everyone, and welcome to this class. I am usually for sales tutor, and I'm also the managing editor off Sales Life magazine. I hope you enjoy this class as much as I do. Please watch the short introductory video if you like it. Hit the enroll button now and get started. Thanks so much again and happy learning with hundreds of millions of users, Facebook can help you connect with your customers and find new ones. Thousands of fresh new clients. Whatever your business go, it's easy to use Facebook to reach your goals, and that's by having thousands of friends and likes on Facebook. This course will help you explode. Your Facebook friend count and Post likes to the thousands in the shortest time possible. Step by step. You will master this easy process and start immediately using it in the bonus project. After the course to grow your Facebook account into the thousands, I've achieved over 5000 new lights in just under two months on just one off three accounts I own. And so can you with Facebook explosion, the only 10 tools you need to blow up your Facebook account without spending money on ads. So click the enroll button now and see you inside 2. Facebook Explosion Introduction: Hi, everyone, and welcome to Facebook explosion. The only 10 tools you need to block your Facebook account so that you have thousands are Facebook friends. This is part of the social media mastery CDs from Sales Duta. I'm USIA and welcome to this class. Let's take a look at the class course map and in the class course map, we're going to learn the skin practical strategies to explode your Facebook account into the thousands. Personally, I have 5000 friends on Facebook, and I've now had to move them over to another platform. I'll get into that in a minute, but there are hundreds of millions of people all across the world using Facebook. That's the market leader and social networks platforms in every minute of the day. People are using Facebook. According to D M R. 65% of Facebook users log on daily, 65% say huge number on. And as marketers, we know how critical it is to have a business Facebook presence. But we also know that it's becoming increasing. Challenging to stand out among appears on Facebook with over one billion daily active Facebook users, marketers need to be smart in terms of how they grow their audience and business through Facebook. It's tricky, but it's not impossible. And you're also going to be able to grow your students on skill share using Facebook. Yeah. 10 smart Facebook marketing ideas to help you explode and impact the social market scene. 3. Course Map Explained: Hi. Welcome back. We're not going to explore the cause. Met where Facebook will be used to explode your likes and Facebook, a current to the thousands. And you can then exploit or explore using these students or these Facebook friends on your Facebook account to market your skill share classes to. That would mean that you have more students for your skill shake classes and obviously, more enrollments and more money. Step number one is to target a super specific audience, and that's a niche step. Number two is to make sure your visuals will stand out. Step three. Video posts Keep it short, but powerful in Step four will be learning how to have eye contact and direct attention. Step five. Post content off dogs and cats Paving Weird. I know it sounds we had altogether, but I'll explain why in a few minutes, then we'll move on to Leeds. You already have in Module six or step six in a Step seven. We will clone your existing revenue that's doing well for your brand or your business or for your Facebook page or for you, for your company. Step at Humanize your brand, which is always adding value and benefit as a person, which is connecting to your clients or your Facebook friend. Then in step number nine, your when you're going to pay to promote your best content and finally in Step Tin will use smart in simple Facebook marketing ideas and ultimately, the conclusion and your class project. Let's move on to step one. 4. Step 1 - IMPORTANT!: hi and welcome to Step One, and that's to target a super specific audience using Facebook. All right, let's get straight into its Did you know that you can target French and English speaking women on Facebook using Facebook ads between the ages of 31 to 56? Let's say we live in a 10 mile radius off wherever you love who are foot mums off great school kids per se. You can do this with Facebook ads, but then you'll be spending money. Now. What is work for me is to basically depending on your brand, starting fighting people to be your friend on Facebook. Now, I've used this religiously over the last month and 1/2 and I already got up to 5000 of personal Facebook friends. It is a capital limit, or 5000 and so many more people have had to turn away now. But I've sent out a message to my followers, which I can show to your nine minute my Facebook friends. And unfortunately I have to move them over to my brands, which is sales Life magazine and sales tutor and, ah, you know, keep it businesslike and but I'll show you why I invite them on my personal Facebook page because I'm humanizing the brand. You then add value to their lives by sharing content that will benefit them. And the relationship is formed over time, where they now ready to respond to a call to action from you so slowly over days and a few times. But there you will be posting and you'll be posting something of value. This is usually two weeks later, after your posting daily at least twice a day toe eight times a day. I personally like to pose just twice a day because I'm busy doing other things you can possibly do up to eight times a day if you have time. But it's very time consuming. Only valuable content must be posted that they would appreciate and identify with no do jokes keep it formal and businesslike. But add the value perhaps a quote for motivation. As you see as you see here. I'm just going to quickly exit my PowerPoint presentation and I'm going to go to my desktop , and this is for my brand sales Duta and you can see all the Power point Instagram Veta quotes that I've got up here and I'll just open this one over here, which is with Mr Smiley. It's one of my favorites. And if you want to guarantee long term blind loyalty, go for the heart sales tutor and there's my you are l. Since you did not see order today, so I post these out at least twice per day, and that gets me the attention off my streets. Alright, and just moving back to where we picking up where we left off. Keep it formal in business, but at the value, perhaps a quote for motivation. As I said, enough to shown you, um, and you could also pose something in terms of a survey report on demographics or something to benefit them. A white paper, maybe an infographic. Whatever you feel will add value and keep them engaged. But keep it short and concise. Then, if you already have created a business page and Facebook, so this is important. You now have your personal profile. Mine is you, Shem Oaten. Yours will be job logs, for instance, And let's say you've invited 1000 people and out of 1000 people 500 the other five under. Think your weirdo there. 500 that have accepted our old hairy men overweight, and they've now become your Facebook friend. In any event, you're now going to create another page. It could be, Let's say, your business, Brandon. This could be Joe's pizza because Joe Blog's Bones Joe Peter. So in any event, keep posting on job logs. They're gonna love your content. So when you invite them to your chose pizza, they will go over willingly, and you can then post a personal message thanking them. And this is a surefire way to grow Facebook your Facebook account into the 1000. So you just export them into Joe's pizza from Joe Blog's account. And this is you're going to do this systematically over time and I've opened up. Let me just open up my Facebook account. This is powerful that sees the strategy that you're going to use to convert thes Facebook followers is such into your students on skill shape, and I'll show you. This is just my personal Facebook page, and I've got 5000 friends over here, And if I go to um, I cells like magazine page, you can see the engagement. You have got 20 notifications. One direct message. If I compete for some reason, my wife eyes slightly slow. Please excuse me, but if I go over here to my sales Life magazine page, there we go. That's the Post Reach 1343. Now, remember that sales life was only founded 1.5 months. Well, two months ago now and, ah, the engagement has picked up. Amazingly, I've got 18 notifications, the okay, and then we've got sales life sales tutor. But I'm cells to two over here, and this is obviously just social proof that it works. And you going to then market your classes, your skill shake classes on your brand the way I have, and I'll just show you very quickly here. There's one of the quotes and then I've got one of my classes. You have 25 free enrollments, hashtag optimization for Facebook, instagram and Twitter. And, ah, if you look at that, it creates 78 people. Okay, so imagine over time that from the 5000 cap you are now feeding people into your job. Joe's Pizza, Joe's how to make pizza courses. And these 5000 are being faulted into a couple of 100 each time soon will be probably on 10 or 20,000. And this is the way that sales duty is going. This is the method that we're employing and it's working. I should I shouldn't say we I should say I okay. And just moving back into the presentation, the consistent feeding off Facebook peeps and inviting him to your pages. The sure fire way to grow your Facebook fast. And, um, you can add as many people as you can tell Facebook blocks you. You can then add up to about 100 100 Facebook friends tell a message will pop up. And, um, don't be intimidated if they prosecute an automated message to say that your blood, if you there won't be any passwords, whatever, they will just quickly block you for a certain Peter of time, usually 30 minutes or more if you get asked. Do you? Do you know this person? If they're little pop up on Facebook while you friending people pops up, then just click. Confirm was just say OK and then continue if blocked with 30 minutes and start again and repeat daily. Now. This is a surefire method because, unlike Instagram and Twitter, um, Facebook, I just feel people want to connect a little bit more. You're not. You're not this sort of anonymous person that's hiding behind an instagram or Twitter count . Facebook is much more personal, almost like having a personal website. Now this is the first out of 10 steps and, you know, to some taking pretty long explaining this. But this now would mean that you're going to acquire thousands off Rheal people with websites. In other words, Facebook accounts, and they're going to. Then you're going to feed them value, and then you're going to invite them to your skill shit classes and because they understand where you are, overtime a week or two, you've built up that trust, and you keep feeding them into the pipeline so you can then download also the page manager , the app from the Play Store on Android, which will make it much easier to actually export or invite all your Joe's blog's friends to Joe Blog's Pizza Page for Business page. And um, that is the way that you're not going to get thousands and thousands off students for your skill shake classes and this moving forward is me explaining the method that I'm employing for my brand, which is Sales tutor and for sales Life magazine. Today's date is the 29th off. October make have made a note, make make notes used Evernote, and I'm actually looking at my analytics and the growth off my students as well as my Social media pages on a weekly basis. And there's a huge spike in the demographics in the analysis so that he step number one that's moving to step number two. But step number one is so powerful. I want you guys to employ it on a daily basis a few times a day. It will become easier as time moves on, and good luck with that. 5. Step 2: all right. Thank you for joining me for step two. I'm just going to quickly going to step to slide over the apologies. Right in. Step two, you're going to make sure your visual stand up. Now. I showed you in module one step one that you're going to use. Perhaps you could you use keynote, You could use Kendra. You could use power point. And that's to basically just add value for your posts on social media and Facebook. And it's just getting started story about that right now. Facebook. Make sure that your visual stand out and you're going to be using Facebook contest. They nothing new. I'm still new to them as well, but you've likely been exposed to many and have potentially even entered son. So I know I have, actually, personally, but have you actually tried running when yourself for your brand? While running a contest with a tempting incentive is one of the best ways to spur ad engagement on Facebook. What Burger lover wouldn't want a Burger King buffet? Now, the best thing about running a content contest is that it doesn't have to be overly complicated. Follow this lead, for instance, simply asking people to submit photos with your product in them and then choosing a winner at random for fun trip. Um, and that's step two, and now we're going to move on to step three. 6. Step 3: thank you for joining me on Step three, and that would be to focus on video posts short but powerful ones. So create short, mesmerizing, enticing video posts. So you've tried marketing your company with videos and Facebook, but people just don't seem to be interested. Perhaps, while this is likely due to one of two reasons your videos are too long, remember that millennials, especially, are starting to well, it's been proven that they have a very short attention span. But people generally across the planet as video becomes more and more powerful. And there's noise on social media on the news. They just about every device from every angle. The videos have to be short and impactful, or they're just not engaging enough. So Facebook users are looking to be entertained. They're spending their time on a social platform so likely to kill. Time was talk the friends so some entertainment value. So you need to divert the attention quickly, and you'll only have a few seconds to do that with entertaining content, colorful, entertaining content. Want better way then, To do that through your video, you could use a gift. You could use a few APS on your phone and make a quick video with some beautiful, intricate fund, and other marketers are catching onto the trend. You can see that everyone's going into typography and graphic design. The amount of average daily video views and Facebook doubled from four billion video views per day to eight billion between April and November of 2015 last year. And the amount of average daily video views and Facebook doubled from four billion video views Berg today to just about eight billion this year. Additionally, so successful online companies they figured out the recipe to drive video engagement, keep it short and sweet with a visually engaging thumbnail. Um, I spent hours watching videos on YouTube, myself and Mother Feeds, and I love short videos. Eso is a bonus for you, the marketer. Short videos are easier to form. Also in it, it don't go the long way. Simplicity is key 7. Step 4: find. Welcome to state five, which is to post content off dogs and kits. I know behaving weird. Well, I'm aware that the step does sound totally bizarre, but it does work. I've never quite understood it, but I'm a fan of psychology and people, including myself. We just love dogs, cats, babies, hamsters, cockatiels, parents, whatever animal weaken. Basically video acting silly, behaving like a human being. Um, um, whatever the case may be. Well, dogs and babies aren't related to your brand. I know, but really cares. Make them related to your brand by giving them hilarious brand related captions at the bottom or over the image. But a lot of companies are using this e poll in South Africa. I've seen a lot of, uh, cat videos with Purina, Um, and people love it and they cobble it up so it gets the attention for those couple of seconds, and then you're able to get into that window of opportunity and market your brand in their lives. 8. Step 5: find. Welcome to state five, which is to post content off dogs and kits. I know behaving weird. Well, I'm aware that the step does sound totally bizarre, but it does work. I've never quite understood it, but I'm a fan of psychology and people, including myself. We just love dogs, cats, babies, hamsters, cockatiels, parents, whatever animal weaken. Basically video acting silly, behaving like a human being. Um, um, whatever the case may be. Well, dogs and babies aren't related to your brand. I know, but really cares. Make them related to your brand by giving them hilarious brand related captions at the bottom or over the image. But a lot of companies are using this e poll in South Africa. I've seen a lot of, uh, cat videos with Purina, Um, and people love it and they cobble it up so it gets the attention for those couple of seconds, and then you're able to get into that window of opportunity and market your brand in their lives. 9. Step 6: great. And in step number six, we're going to focus on leads that you already have. In other words, Facebook friends that already your friends and then they have friends. You're going to focus on those type of people that may know you on Facebook. They're more likely to accept your friend request, obviously, because you connected in some way and it will say one or two or 10 or 100 mutual fins. There's no time for feeling shy and intimidated. You are in marketing. So you've got a market yourself when they ask you straightforwardly, maybe on messenger, you'll get a message. I get them all the time. Hi. Do I know you when they ask why you invited them? Tell them straightforwardly and honestly and be kind and honorable that you're growing your brand. And if exciting good is in store for them because you do, you're offering them your services. Then leave them with your details and say you will be of service and they may need just calling you whenever they need help. I use cells life to do that. My magazine, which is being circulated globally. I've got readers in just about every part of the world and it's growing. It's two months strong now. I'm very excited about it. And you can do that too. If you need help setting up anything, please contact me. I'm always ready to help. 10. Step 7: instead, number seven, we're going to clone revenue using Facebook lookalikes. It's something that I'm not totally proficient in, but we've discussed a few strategies for creating relevant audiences, and once you've acquired enough data, you can clone your top performing Facebook audiences. Facebook's lookalike audience feature allows you to take an audience already have an expanded reach by finding new leads that have similar attributes. You can pretty much clone your best customers. It's quite simple. I'll be covering this in a standalone lesson. Azzam experimenting and optimizing my approach. Now in terms of marketing, which you'll find after your complete this course in the next few days, look out for Facebook. Look like one a one for optimizing with this method. 11. Step 8: Hi. Welcome to step number eight, which is to humanize your brand. Facebook is really all about people. The original intent of Facebook was to interact with friends, not advertise your business. But it's easy for marketers to always forget this. The problem is pushing solely product related messages is only going to take you so far, so you need to add value. Show them that UK you need to show the people behind the brand to connect with your audience. 12. Step 9: I welcome to step number nine only pay to promote your based content. You're likely reporting on a bi weekly, monthly or even quarterly basis to see which content is resonating with your audience in terms, off page views, shares, comments and other engagement metrics. With all this knowledge at your fingertips, you should be using this data to decide where to focus your promotion budget. Put some money behind your best content, your best posts and ah, Facebook nine again will actually show you which post is potentially is not potentially is doing the best from all your posts. And it will give you a little box state to boost the post, and you can then give it even more exposure. Now is sales studio and sales lives growing? This is something that I'm looking into have already used to advert advertisement Facebook ads and I'm planning on doing a few more. But I want to grow my list organically before I start focusing on paying. Facebook was already making trillions, uh, you know, in dollars and going to be voting this planet at some point. My money 13. Step 10: it's step number 10. We're going to use smart in simple Facebook marketing ideas, I remember that adds with emojis, get far higher. Click through rates than ads without. Unfortunately, Google quickly caught on in emojis are no longer Lardin Edwards. A text are like emojis. According to Adweek, 92% of online users use emojis. I'm starting to use them in my emails as well. More and more. It's a process that don't tart and yourself start using them. Maybe at the beginning, with the end of your your title, your email title, you're hitting your headline, and frequent users feel emojis express their feelings more accurately than words. Emojis are kind of like cats and dogs and babies. People just like them. The model of the story use emojis in your Facebook marketing posts to add personality. An emotion to your text. We human beings we like personality. And according to Adweek, 1992% of online users use emojis and frequent users feel emojis express their feelings more accurately than words. All right, we're not going to head into the conclusion. I thank you for sitting through the 10 steps and remember want you to focus purely for number one. The step number one and then you can through the other nine are slightly more diluted, but step number one will gain you thousands for free organically, and then you're going to convert them, market your skill, shake classes to him to get thousands and thousands off new potential students, which is a I'll be doing my research and I'll be looking at my analytics over the next few weeks and months as I grow my skill shaped channel called Sales Tutor. So have a look at my other classes as well unskilled shape for the social media mastery. 14. The Conclusion: great. We finally made it to the conclusion. I'd like to thank you for sitting through the 10 modules and let's have a review of the course And what are what is rather the conclusion for thousands off Facebook friends, which are now They're going to convert into students over time for your skills, your classes behold, okay, consistent friending off Facebook peeps and then inviting them to your page. Remember, we used the analogy off Joe Blog's and Joe's Pizza, which is his business page, So invite him to the job blocks page to grow your Facebook friends fast. Remember, there's a limit of 5000 and systematically, before you even reach, the 5000 people will still be inviting you. You don't even have to invite them because people will start to talk. Do it daily at as many as you can, so Facebook blocks you, then wait 30 minutes and start again. It's just that easy before you know it, you have 5000 and then you're going to need Teoh. You have so many on the Joe Spitzer page will ever over 1000 then that will be obviously spilling over into your instagram and Twitter accounts and into your email account, and basically, they're going to now start seeing your your business. What skill? She that you were a teacher and automatically From there you can post and market your classes, get 25 3 students, give them free classes and you empowering people while you're doing it. You're sharing it with people that you don't know, and you could be changing their lives forever. Uh, that's the way I look at it. It's just that easy Before you know it, Facebook might become your fastest growing marketing channel, and I believe in it cause I always loved Facebook. And now that you know these 10 steps, grow your friends to the thousands and then tens of thousands and hopefully they're going to become your skill share students making you thousands of dollars. I just want to say thank you or watching this glass. My name's you Sha and my brandy sales tutor. I have a channel on skill share called sales Tutor, and I'll be having kins in tens if not about 100 classes really soon. I'm working vigorously to get all my knowledge and all my I've got 20 years of experience in sales. And I love social media. So I'd like to thank you for enrolling in this class. And if you like the class, please leave a positive review, especially. I'd like to hear your comments. Is Tom any fins? You know, liking your your business page and harmony friends you actually inviting and I accepting statistically. What percentage is that? 30%. 50%? 80%? Because maybe you're showing some cleavage or you're good looking guy. So glance to my other courses and follow me on social media. Please also follow my other class, follow me and enrolled for my other classes. Thank you. And I hope that you get thousands off new Facebook followers. Good luck. 15. A HUMUNGOUS Thank You! [Please Review this class]: Thank you so much for enrolling in this class. A massive super Thank you. If you like this class, please leave a positive review and leave comments. And if you didn't like it, please let me know. Shayt with your friends and family colleagues Other skill shared teachers Empower them. Don't hold the knowledge back. I noticed that it's happening more and more and you can feel it. So let's shared. Let's be open with each other. I'll follow you. You will learn from you. You learn from me Glance through my other classes, please. And follow me on social media. Follow me on skill shape. I'm dedicating all my resources to growing my sales due to channel Thank you for enrolling in this class part of the social media Mastery series. I'm trying to help other skill shit teachers What? Some of the knowledge that I have and that will help us get more students while classes Eso I encourage you to share this class Thank you again and wishing you all the success