Facebook advertising ultimate guide for coaches, consultants and local business owners | Rihab Seb | Skillshare

Facebook advertising ultimate guide for coaches, consultants and local business owners

Rihab Seb, Digital Markter

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37 Lessons (4h 3m)
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About This Class

Following are some of the things you will learn thru this master class :

  • How Facebook works and what do you need to do to create successful ads.
  • How to create stunning photos for your products for FREE
  • How to create a converting video that will catch the eyes of your prospects and make them hit that buy button and pull out their credit cards.
  • How to create an attractive thumbnail for your videos.
  • How to enhance your copywriting and write better ads text that will seduce Facebook users and make them read your ad carefully.
  • The things you need to be aware of to not get banned from FacebookWhat is a Facebook pixel and why it is important for your business and how to install it on your website.
  • Which conversion event to choose for your pixel.
  • The secret that nobody shows you elsewhere to succeed in Facebook ads.
  • How to choose your campaign objective, your daily budget and the devices you want the ad to show on.
  • How to choose well your target audience, and this will save you a lot of money, because you will not be paying money to Facebook to show your ad to people that are not interested.
  • How to do efficient retargeting campaigns with different layers and not just basic retargeting.
  • How to create an ad with thousands of likes and comments and shares.
  • How to read data, and which metrics you need to concentrate on.
  • How to know, when to kill and ad and when to scale it.
  • How to scale well your campaigns both vertically and horizontally.
  • How to use effectively lookalike audiences.



1. Video de vente Skillshare: hi there. And welcome to the ultimate Facebook ads masterclass for coaches, consultants, local business owners and improper floors. If you are a cultural consultant and looking toe booster sales online, or a local business owner who wants to get more clients and double his avenue or an expert who's looking to sell his online courses, then Facebook ads is a must for you. Facebook ads is one off the best marketing tools that ever existed in the history of marketing. Facebook is by far the largest social media platform in the world, with more than 2.4 billion active users. That's insane. 1/3 persons in the world are active on Facebook. Combine that with the fact that Facebook ads targeting is insanely in depth. Then it should be no brainer for you, Toby on world and use Facebook ads to boost your business and take it to the next level. Hi, Dad. I am. I have a digital marketing and the best enter online instructive. With more than 19,000 students, I have helped hundreds off my students to launch their businesses succeed online, and it's with their 9 to 5 jobs, and in this course I am going to help you to master Facebook ads in order to create almost your business. Some people try to rely on the organic traffic off Google. They put out some videos on YouTube, some articles here and there. They might even try Google ads to promote their websites, and they sit waiting for traffic to come. Well, this type of strategies might work well, but the problem is that those strategies are not scannable. If you go this way, it means that people will find out about you on Lee when they go to Google and search for your products. Facebook ads are the best way to booster say's and to scale your business because Facebook ads are easily scalable. Once you found a perfect combination between your ad and you're offered, you can put it in front, off millions off potential customers in a couple of hours, and the generate hundreds and thousands off, say's and lease Facebook ads make you reach people all over the world. And not only that, it makes you reach exactly the people who might buy your product. Although the sames super easy and the promising the majority off people who try Facebook ads fail and quit from the first couple of days because the majority of people are afraid off investing. They are afraid off losing their money. So they start telling their Facebook ads with a daily budget off $5 per day. They only try one s copy and one as text. And when they see no results very quickly surrender and they go to social media platforms and they start nagging that Facebook ads don't work and that Facebook ads are very competitive. Well, I'm exaggerating a little bit, but I guess you understood what I mean. I can get it to you that if you master Facebook eggs, it will be very easy to you to launch successful campaigns that will boost in business and take it to the next level. After all, if Facebook ads are competitive, it's because they generate massive results for those who master them. If you want to be successful online, you need tohave a complete mastery off Facebook heads. You have to know exactly how to target the most profitable audiences, how to do efficient three targeting, how to design attractive photos and videos and how to scale very fast and This is what I will be covering in this master class. In addition, so many other things the Facebook ads stool is very advanced, and Facebook has a lot of information about everyone. Facebook knows your age, your sex. What's your favorite music? Your favorite sports team? If you have any your hobbies. What food do you like? What things do you enjoy doing? And Facebook even knows if you are single or in a couple and a lot more things. This will help you a lot, targeting the right people and selling them your products. Using Facebook ads, you can target exactly your potential customers. So if you think that single men between 27 38 years old living in Obama, who owned dogs and who are also fans off journal messy, are your potential customers, you can jr as to exactly target them. And not only that, you can also ask the intelligent Facebook algorithm to search for people very similar to those who both from you, and try to sell them another product from your store. Facebook ads offer tens and sent off awesome officially options that you can use to maximize your profits. The basic methods that used to work on 2015 and 2016 don't work anymore. You can never make money by putting a simple ad and giving Facebook some money to run this ed. No, a days. You have to do much more. And this is exactly what I'm going to teach you in this master class. This master class is the ultimate guide off Facebook ads for consultants, coaches, local business owners and improper roars. Whether you are a complete beginner or an expert, I am sure you will learn a lot from this course. This master class will not only offer you tons of valuable information and the strategies, but also you will be learning in a very funny and effective way. The majority off the lectures, our white board videos and with a lot off animations designed precisely to make you understand well, the concepts and to spare you any confusion, own lectures have some soft background music to help you relax and concentrate through these lectures, you will never feel bored or overwhelmed. I can get into you that the strategies you are going to learn in this master class are more advanced and more efficient from what you will find in our 25 hundreds group courses you find on the Internet. Following are some of the things you will learn through this master class how Facebook works and what do you need to do to create successful ed? How to create stunning photos for your products for a fee. How to create a converting video that will catch the eyes off your prospects and make them hits that buy buttons and pull out their credit cards. How to create an attractive Tom Late for your videos. How to enhance their copyrighting and write better eggs Text that will seduce Facebook users and make them read your ad carefully. The things you need to be our off to not get banned from Facebook. What's that Facebook pixel and why it's very important for your business and how to install it on your website, which conversion events to choose for your vixen. The secret that nobody shows you elsewhere to succeed in Facebook s how to choose your campaign objectives, your daily budgets and the devices you want. You add to show on how to choose well, your target audience as this will save you a lot of money because you will not be paying money to Facebook to show your ad toe. People that are not interested, how to do efficient retargeting campaigns with different players and not just basic retargeting. How to create an ad with thousands off likes and comments and shares, how to read data and which metrics you need to concentrate on how to know went to kill and head and went to scale it how to steal while you're campaigns both vertically and horizontally. How to use effectively that lookalike audiences This master class is the most complete course on the subject. If you master the messages, I will teach you here. You will definitely succeed or line, and you will be able starting off tonight to finally build successful campaigns that sells and generate leads. This course took literally more than 400 hours off dedicated work you will not find in this course what you use really find in traditional courses where you usually see a guy in his room filming his screens and talking for hours and hours, repeating 10 times the same thing with a lot off. Ah, and lost time this course Waas structured and built to save your time and help you to the maximum. All scripts were prepared in advance with many detailed examples. Every minute you lose by hesitating whether to take this master class or not is a huge waste. Starting from the moment two lended hear your excuses off. Failing Facebook ads are no more valid because everything you need to know in order to succeed is only one click away from you and role in this course. Now master Facebook ads and start taking your business to the next level. I know that your time is limited. That's why this master class Waas structured Toby detailed, organized and compact at the same time. Each minute off this master class is valuable. Each lecture is valuable. I highly recommend toe toe Watch all the electors from the beginning. Sylvie end. Don't rush out. Watch the lectures, take notes, rewatch them again and again. And don't start running your ads before you make sure that you have grasped all what's in this course. And always when you are not sure if you're doing things the right way, come back here and re watch the lectures that could help you. See you in a couple of minutes 2. FC Big Course S1L1: Hello, guys. In this lecture, we will see why Facebook ads Mystery is extremely important to our business. And I will show you what you will exactly learn in this master class. I know a lot of you might feel the urge to skip this introduction lectures, but I invite you to stay till the end because this lecture is loaded with information and you might learn a lot. If you are a coach or a consultant or an improper more or a local business owner, you might have tried to reach your customers using Google Edwards. Well, this method is very good, and it works. But the problem is that you only reach people who are aware of what they want, and they are searching for it on Wogan. But a lot of people nowadays are not aware of their problems or their needs, and they are not searching for a solution. So you need to goto those people, show them that they have a problem or a need, and the proposed to sell them the solutions. And this is what we will be doing using Facebook ads. We will goto people instead of waiting people to come to us. If you are a local business owner who sells patch gadgets, you can't target dog owners on Facebook and try to sell them at the color. The color is a piece of material you put around the neck off ago. A caller might be used for restraint, identification, fashion or protection In your ad, he explained to dog owners that their dog might be endangered without this color because he might be exposed to car accidents at night. So you are making your allegiance aware of the problem, and you are showing them what could be the solution, and you are selling it to them. Imagine that you only did Google ads to sell this color. Then you will have to wait till someone search on Google's and find you this news that you would miss a lot off sales, especially from people that are not aware of the importance of having adult color. Let's take another example. If you are a consultant who had small businesses to develop their business as take it to the next level, you can use Facebook ads, target with owners, show them what might be the problem and saw them how you help other business owners to boost their sales. And then you ask them to book a recall with you to provide them with a quick audit for their business. This is much better than waiting for the client to search for you on Google. Another example. Let's suppose you own up in the restaurant. You can target people in your region and tell them that there are 15% discount if they order in the next three days off course in exchange off their email so you could market to them later. You could be a chef who's selling his e book on how to make sushi at home. You will make a small introduction video and show it on Facebook or instagram to sushi lovers. If done well, I am sure you will get tons off sales. Well, I'm not telling you that Facebook ads are always better than Google ads. In some industries, Google ads performs very better. But in the majority off cases, if you are consultants trying to sell his services for a coach who's telling his online courses or a local business owner, you have domestic Facebook ads in order to scale your business and reached your maximum potential to really succeed in your Facebook ad campaigns. You have toe put the right product or service in front off the right person. Let's say, for example, I want to sell this doctor. This color is not increased the safety off dogs because it lights at night and it makes vehicles spoke dogs and avoid them. So your potential customers, or, in simpler words, that people who might be actually interested in buying this product are the dog owners. If I don't have a dog, your product means nothing to me. So in order to make saying you should be able to put your product in front of people who might actually buy it and in our case, that dog owners. So how are you going to do that? So we want to sell this product for dog owners, and you want to target them. What most people will do is they go to Facebook and they started people who has an interest in dogs. Well, yeah, obviously you have thought about doing the same, but sadly, this is not a good targeting, because there are a lot of people who like dogs, pages on Facebook. But do not own dogs, and it's a complete waste of money to target. People just know dogs because they are not going to buy your product. They don't have dogs. What you should be doing is to exactly target people who are dogs. How to do that. Well, instead of targeting people who love dogs, you target people who are interested in duck food and in dog training at the same time. So let's go to Google and type dog food. Let's see, here we have, for example, bedspread. We go to Facebook at retail Facebook to target people who are interested in this food brand and induct training at the same time. So if someone like Food Brand page on Facebook and if he's interested in the training, his most likely adult on the priority of having someone interested dog food and dog training without owning a dog is very smart. Now let's say, for example, that you want to sell iPhone covers. You can market for that using Facebook ads toe iPhone owners. All you have to do is to write iPhone owners and you target them. Let's suppose you are consultant, and you help businesses double their say's using Instagram. You could run a Facebook campaign and started the business owners. You either tell you were done for you services or our life course that you prepared on this topic. You can use Facebook ads. Target business owners. You do that by using the following targeting 1st 2 with business owners. Then you add an important condition that the people who are targeting must be paged Edmunds . And this is very important. And a lot of people forget this because if someone owns a business and wants to boost it on Instagram, he most likely has a Facebook page for it. If he doesn't have already a Facebook page than most likely, he's not a potential customer for you. Many people say that Facebook as are complicated and it's hard to deal with them. Well, this happens to people who didn't put any effort on learning and trying and testing. When you finish this course and after watching all the lectures, you will master how to use Facebook ads to enhance your business. Using Facebook ads, we can target people based on their sex, their age, their job, their revenue, the fun they use, the country they live in the language they speak, whether they are single or married, what type of connection they used, and many, many other options. And not only this Facebook allows you to target people based on how they interacted on your website. You can target people who both from you and market tow them a new product. Or you can target people who added to products toe that card and didn't buy, and you can offer them at a discount to buy your products. You can target people who just visited websites or people who watched more than 30 seconds off your video ads and many, many other options. So are you fascinated with what Facebook ads can do? Well, wait to hear what's coming. Facebook algorithm is very powerful. You can even use it to target people who are similar to people who, both from you. The algorithm will analyze your buyers and seek common characteristics They have and then search for people that they have the same characteristics and target them. This will most likely increase your sales and decrease the US coast. This kind of audience, it's called the lookalike audience, and also in the coming lectures, you will discover how to work with it. So let's say some here, for example, has both your product. When you asked Facebook to target people who look alike, Sam Facebook will analyze stamps, characteristics, his age, sex, the pages he likes. The post he shares. The eggs usually clicks on, and then Facebook. We search for people who has the most common things with sand, and Facebook will show you add in front of them. So if Sam boss from you people who have so much in common with him are the more likely to buy from you If you master Facebook ads, you will be definitely able to boost your sales. Whether you are a complete beginner or an expert, this course will teach you all powerful strategies you need to know to master the Facebook ads. In this course, you will learn how Facebook ads works. What's Facebook pics in and how to add it to your website. How to create highly coverted Facebook ads, how to create your at photo and videos and how to write your a text to make it attractive. Help started Facebook ex campaign. How toe Pick your objective, your daily budget. How to find your target audience and many other things. How to analyze with Facebook results so you can figure out whether to scale your ads or you kill them. How to minimize your budget by mastering how to do efficient retargeting campaigns and how to create lookalike audience. The exact marketing strategy we used to make our ads covert and increase our profits. This is not just another Facebook ads scores. This is a master class in here. You will find everything you need to know and order to run successful Facebook ads. That's why I recommend you watch all this course starting from the beginning up until the end. Don't miss any lecture. Don't miss any minute. Don't say the structure is not important. I'm going to miss it. No, every lecture year is very important. Watching all the lectures is very critical for your business future because in each lecture you will be learning something in you. So stay tuned with me and let's meet and the next lecture 3. FC Big Course S1L2 Skillshare: Hi there. And welcome to this lecture. I know you have been using Facebook for years. I have been using Facebook for upto 11 years. Can you believe how much time passes quickly? Well, yeah. So you've been on Facebook for years. You use it to communicate with your friends. Maybe to spy on your high school clash, maybe to let your family who live the road check out the photos off your Children. You like your friends photos, You congratulate them on their achievements. Maybe you use Facebook to check out your cell every two years or to check out the latest names in simply Red's. You use Facebook for fun. Facebook is not a traditional advertising platform. Facebook is an entertainment platform. And in order to master Facebook ads, you should understand this fact. Very well. People are on Facebook toe, have fun to laugh and to enjoy their times. They are not there to buy, because if they wanted to just buy something, they would goto Amazon to ev A and not to Facebook. A successful Facebook at is that Ed that can give Facebook users what they are seeking entertainment. So you need to create an entertaining ad, something that the audience who are targeting enjoy seeing. Facebook wants to see people interacting with your head, clicking on the links, commenting, liking and sharing. Facebook wants to improve its users experience. The more engagements you get on your ad, the more Facebook will know that your ad is well received by its users. So Facebook win. Show it to more people you're at. Costs will go down and do the prophet. When directly go up, try to create an awesome video and the creative at copy to make people enjoy their time while seeing your EDS. Because if you're F copy is boring, people will just keep scrolling and your city are will go down and the at cost with skyrockets. So your aim is to find an outstanding offer to optimize your F copy, your video or image and truth, a perfect target audience. Then and only then we will start talking about making money through advertising on Facebook and about choosing the amazing features off the Facebook ads stool to scale your business. Facebook Ads Manager is one off the smartest marketing tools, and it holds many fascinating options and one off its most powerful options is the one that allows you to target people that there are similar to the ones that already both from you. This pizza, if done well, will definitely decrease your at coast and increase your profits. In this master class, we will explore everything related to Facebook ads starting by how to design your at photo and your ad video and how to write your at text and how to use Facebook as toe target. Exactly the right people. Also, we will see how to use effectively, very targeting and how to use Facebook pixel and look alike audience to boost your business and many, many other topics that will let you master Facebook ads and skyrocket you states. 4. FC Big Course S1L3: hi there. And welcome to this lecture To master Facebook as, and to really be able to use it to scale your business and to take it to the next level, you should first understand what our Facebook as campaigns and how they are structured. A Facebook s campaign is divided over three Elevens. In this lecture, I will walk you through these three levels and explain to you with the options you can control at each level. The three levers are the Campaign 11 the exact level on the ad level. Each campaign can contain different exits, and each exit could contain multiple eggs. When you go to ads manager and you proceed into creating your first at Facebook books to step by step through creating your campaign first, you're except next. Then you'd ads at the campaign level. We have to choose our marketing objectives. We have to explain to Facebook. What exactly do we won't do? We want to reach more people. Do we need to do some brand our nous? Do we want to get more traffic to our red side, or do we want to do the rate leads or maybe simple through this massive class. We will dig deeper in each one off these objectives, and you will explain to you which one you should choose to get maximum results for your business. But for now, we are only going to introduce you to the different campaigns. So let's get back to the exact level at this 11. You choose the schedule off your head when it starts, and when it ends, the audience you want to target and the ad placement, let's say I want to target people in France and people in U. S. A. And I'm not sure which location will work best for me. I can create two separate at sets, and I tell Facebook to target people in France and the first asset and people in USA in the second at set in this way, I will be able to be in control. How is that? Let me show you when I start running my ads. And if I see that friends at Set is working better, I can't keep it running while I can shut down the U. S. A one or try to optimize it. Also another example. If I have a certain doubt that people having a hobby will be more interested in my product than people having an iPhone. Then I will create different at sets, each one targeting people, having a specific phone and see which one converts better and then shut down or optimize the 2nd 1 Personally, I prefer creating multiple at sets in orderto have more control and to see which one is performing better than others and skated after we have seen the 2nd 11 which is the exact level, will move to the third level, the ad level. At this level, we will choose everything related to our the copy, the images that fill you and dealings and everything. You can also put different ads under the same at sets, which is something I personally prefer not to do. I prefer toe only put one ad under each, except in this case, all the budget will go through this ad and I can really measure its performance because if I put two ads under one at Set, then Facebook will assign the budget that will go to each and I really don't like this, So if I want to test two adds to see which one is better, I create to add sets, and I put one ad for each excess and then I start testing. I know a lot of you might be asking, but at which stage do we precise? The budget that we will spend here? Is the oil off the famous TV Oh, which stands for campaign budget optimization. Woods will be the topic off the X lectures. This structure is only meant to give you a quick introduction into Facebook ads campaigns. So if you felt anything unclear or blurred, please do not worry because on the coming lectures we are going to dig deeper into the different Facebook ATS campaigns levels. And we are going to reveal to you the best practices you should use in order to scale your business and make more profit. So stay tuned with us and let's meet in the next lecture. 5. FC Big course S1L4: Hi there. In this lecture, we are going to talk about CBO, which stands for campaign budget optimization. In order to understand the CBO. Let's take. I look about how it works before Facebook decided to introduce this new feature. So in 2017 and before advertisers chose the objective off the campaign as the campaign level and they assigned the budget for each at set. Let's say you want to send a product so you create a campaign go version as objective. Your target audience is located in three countries. Yes, A friends and India. So you create three at sets, the 1st 1 to target the U. S. A. The 2nd 1 to target friends and the 3rd 1 target India, and you need to assign a budget for each at set. Let's assign $20 per day for the 1st 1 $15 per day for the 2nd 1 and $5 per day for the 3rd 1 In this configuration, you have the control on the budget spent for each attack. Then you have the possibility to create three different ads for each that set. What will happen in this case is that Facebook will decide amount off money to spend on each. For example, for the first at set, Facebook could decide to spend $15 on the first add $4 on the second ad and $1 on the 3rd 1 off course. It's not a random decision that Facebook takes. Facebook assigns a budget for each ad in order to make maximum results. Some advertisers used this method in order to compare their ads and see which one is performing better. And it could work for you. But I personally had little success with this. So if I have three ads and I don't know which one is better, I prefer to create three exits and put only one ad in each one. This way I have the controls on the amount of money spent on each egg, and if I see an ad performing poorly, I kill it manually because sometimes Facebook could go extreme and allocate 95% off the budget on one. So you should know that before 2017 you precise the budget only on the exact level. On the eight off November 2017 Facebook introduced the campaign budget optimization for the city Oh, which allows ads manager toe optimize a campaign even further by deciding how to divide the budget Between that sets, not just EDS. Let's check the definition off CBO Given by Facebook Campaign Budget optimization is a way off optimizing the distribution off a campaign budget across your campaign ad sets. This means Facebook automatically and continuously find the best available opportunities for results across your ad sets and distributes your campaign budget in this time to get those results, this option was optional, so at the campaign level, you can choose to use the CBO or not. This means that instead, off us dedicating the exit. But it and how much we want to stand for each target will simply tell Facebook how much budget we have for the entire campaign, as the algorithm will distributed as it sees fit. So let's go back to our first example if you choose to run the campaign using CBO instead off telling Facebook to allocate $20 for us A $15 for friends and $5 for India, you with a stein, a budget off $14 for the whole campaign. And let's Facebook decide how he will distribute it in a way to maximize the conversion you asked for. For example, Facebook could decide toe allocate $5 for US A $15 for friends and $20 for India. And he always keep adjusting in order to get maximum conversions. For example, if he saw that Indian audience is saturated and the course off purchase is increasing, he decreases the budget off India and allocate more budget to friends and U. S. A. In addition, you have some Troy, for example. You can tell Facebook the minimum and the maximum budget you want to stand on each audience . For example, you can tell Facebook to spend a minimum $2 per day on the Indian audience and maximum $10 per day. Let's sum up before we continue. If you want to have food control on the budget for each at set, you have to use the classic method. But if you want Facebook to decide how much to stand on each at set, you should work with CBO. A recent decision by Facebook to make it mandatory for selected accounts starting Sept 2019 has put campaign budget optimization in the spotlight. So, for some account, starting Sept 2019. The CBO is mandatory, and those accounts must choose CBO if you are one of them, and you still want to have control on your budget for each at set. Don't worry, I have two solutions. Let's suppose you want to create three EDT sets and allocate $10 per day for each one, and you must use CBO. My first solution consists off creating three campaigns one I said for each campaign and put $10 as a budget for each campaign. Since each campaign has only one set, then all the budget goes through this. My second Solutions consists off, creating one campaign with $30 per day budget and creating three exits inside. Off this campaign and for each set, you have to add spending limits, as I should do before and for each set, you have to add spending limits as I showed you before. You have to precise the minimum standing as nine daughters and the maximum standing as $12 . This way, each set will get an average $10 per day, But so after understanding the CBOE and the difference with the classic method, I will share with you the medal I use myself in my business. So let's say I am testing than that sets. I create 10 campaigns with 10 different exits, one except for each campaign. And I am locate the same budget for all of them. This way I have all the control. After testing for a couple off days, I choose the best. Performing adds. Let's say three ads performed good, so I keep them running and I kill the seven other EDS. I then create a new CBO campaign and I put those three at sets in this video and I increase the budget to let these three winning at sets compete against each other. I know it was a very long lecture. Hope everything was clear. See you in the next one. 6. FC Big Course S2L1: Hello, guys. In this lecture, we are going to talk about a potential business model that you can use if you are a coach or a consultant. So let's assume that your audience is called. What I mean by Cole is that they don't know you yet, and they don't trust you enough. So what you can do is to run a Facebook ads campaign and direct people to AL any page. In this landing page, you offer your visitors a free video course in exchange off their inmates. For example, if you add a consultant who helps business grow, you can offer them a free today or course how to double your sayings in less than three months. If you are a court helping people lose weight, you can offer them a three course about how to lose £10 in less than one month without starving, so that so people who often get your feet cores will be redirected, a paid in which they will find your video. In this video, you will explain about your method and how your method is unique and powerful and can really help them solve their problems. This video should be between 30 and 90 minutes. And at the end, off this video, you invite people to book a free strategy session with you or with someone off your team. And at the end of this session, you give them a new offer to work with you. For those who didn't book a session with you, you keep sending them emails, toe, push them to do so. Let me give you an example. I know the numbers I'm going to give you will be different, depending on your knees, your target audience and your EDS. But I would give you an example of the numbers off one off my clients who I helped boost his business for every $200 he sent on Facebook. He gets between 20 to 40 inmates between sport and six people. Book a session with him, and he finally get one or two clients. He charged each client 11 off $1200. So he put $200 on Facebook ads and end up making between $1200.2400 dollars. Isn't that great? Well, that's it for this lecture. Hopefully you understood everything in here, you and then expected 7. FC Big Course S2L2: Hello, guys. If you have a local business and they are looking to boost its using Facebook ads, you can adopt this business model. Let's suppose you have a local Goga club where you teach sugar. All you have to do is to create a video off you and your students doing yoga and do some quick interviews with your students, maybe to show some social proof. And then you create a Facebook ads campaign in which you invite people to subscribe for a free session in your club. Off course. It's better to ask them for that in May's before they subscribe. And when they come for this free session, you do your best to convince them toe, continue taking lessons with you. That was the case off one off my clients. For every $100 she put on ads, she had eight people who subscribe and five who showed up to this session to off them became regular customers, paying $100 per month. If we ask you a six months average subscription length, it means she invested $100 made $1200. That's awesome. If you add a restaurant, you can make a limited offer off 15% discount on your pizza off course, taking into account the 15% and the price are putting on Facebook ads. You might be ending losing some money. But don't worry. A lot of people will like your pizza and they might become regular customers. Think about the lifetime value off a customer. That's it for this lecture. Hopefully, you understood everything in here state doing and let's meet in the next one. 8. FC Big Course S2L3: Hi there. In this lecture, we will discuss the business model you can adopt if you want to sell your online courses or your software online. But before we begin, let me give you a small tip. Ah, lot of people prepare an online course. They price it between $47.1997 dollars, and they go on Facebook trying to sell it. If you are targeting called audience, which means people who don't know you, it's almost impossible to make them by an online course with a price like that, you will definitely lose money if you do this. What you should do first is to warm up your others, let them see multiple content off yours and then try to sell them. For example, you can invite people to our be not make them watch the webinar and at the end, try to sell them your product with your bonuses. Another business model consists off getting your visitors emails in exchange for an e book or a free online course, and then send them a lot off in May's so they can know you more and trust you more and then try to sell them your product. Another business more than that worked very well with one off my clients, its first to sell a very valuable product for $7 Only then, once the prospects, both it we have put several up cells and down says, in order to increase the average card value, selling only the front and the product was not enough. Our Cosper purchase was around $23 we were getting only $7 because off the up cells and down cells, we reached on average card value off $34. So each time we injected $23 in Facebook, we got $34 in return. Just Osama. In this lecture, we have learned three business models we can use in order to sell our courses or our software online. 1st 1 using that would be not 2nd 1 using in male marketing and 3rd 1 by selling a product under $10 then putting ah, lot off up cells and down cells. You can also makes the three strategies for maximum results. I hope you enjoy the structure. See you in the next one 9. FC Big Course S3L1: Hi there. In this lecture, I'm going to show you how to create a photo for your Facebook at. People nowadays are distracted very easily while browsing the Internet, the amount off concentrated time an Internet browser can stand. Checking something without becoming distracted is very short, and this applies to when they are checking their Facebook news feeds. That's why images are very important. Human brain processes images quicker than words and remembers them for a longer time. Also, images in social media platforms get more engagement. So if you want to get more engagement on your ad, you should make sure that your ad image super attractive and that can catch your viewers attention. So you need your images to stand out and to look different. That's why you should be putting some effort in designing your ads images. So now I am going to show you how to design the photos for your ads. I'm going to use to different Softwares. The 1st 1 is Power Point. I always use power for it because I have it already on my BC and everyone around me have it , so it's a very easy, softer to use, and it almost does everything. Second, I'm going to use an online tool. It's called Con Ver. I'm pretty sure many off you are already familiar with it, and we are going to design two different kind of photos, one for coaches and consultants and one for local business orders. I'm going to start with the one for coaches and consistence, and I'm going to use four point for that. So the first thing you have toe do is to take a photo off yourself. It's better to get a photo with a white background or with one corner background. So in this case, it would be easier to remove the background off your photo. I have picked a random photo from the Internet and I'm going toe inserted here in Power Point and show you how I'm going to remove the background. So I have picked this photo off a man with a white background. In this case, removing the background will be very easy. I'm going to format, remove background in here, and I'm going to play with that. So this is it. The background is removed. The second thing you should be thinking about is your ad image size If you are going to advertise via Facebook, you should know that each ad placement has a different size for the photos. If you go in here, you can find the different photo size needed for each placement. So and here you can change the placement and you can get the dimensions and the specifications. From here. I'm going to design a photo with the issue off 16/9. This is the different ratio given by boiling point for the slight size. But in case you want the line a different size, you just have to go in here toe design. In the slide size, you put your custom size. You just have to modify. You just have to covert the pixel dimensions. Facebook asked about into inches. And to put it in here, you can cover these dimensions on Google. Just type convert fixes into inches. So this is it for now. I'm going to keep the same slight size, so I have the coach photo in here. I want now to modify the background color. I have just flick in here and click four months Lego, so I'm going to pick this color on now. I have one background color for my photo and I'm going toe design it. Now I'm going to insert, and here you can insert different kinds of shapes and you can modify all of them. I'm going to answer this shape like this, and I'm going to send it to backward. This is it. I'm going toe change the color off this off this shape. Let's say I picked this color, for example, is a different one, given by pull point. But you can change everything about it. Here you can change the shape fun. You can change the shape outline and you can change the shape effects. I'm going toe move the photo in here. Also, you can add a glow for this photo. If you want to add a colored edge for your photo, you just have to go to format Here on the picture effect, you goto blow and you add a certain glow. See, now I have a glow for the foot. So I'm going to add thesis text. So I'm going in here. I'm going to answer. I will insert this shape and I would write inside free training on I'm going to change the color of the shape toe black like this. And I'm going to decide the shape. I'm going to use a bigger front, I guess. Like this was born on, I'm going to these eyes. My cheeks. So this is it, then? I'm going to add the second next. This one. I'm going to copy this text. I'm going in here to insert text books on. I'm going to baste it. I would use a bigger phone like this and I would make my text centered on. I will make it over two lines. School like this. Now, I still want to add one element on this is this element toe. Push my viewers into taking action. Some going in here, I'm going to insert also shape. This is the shape I'm going to answer. And I'm going to change this into this on. I'm going to pick this design. It's nice. And I'm going to write Caesar. No, I'm going to change the color, text and toe black using a bigger phone may be born going to center all the text. I will try to make this one a little bit bigger. After finishing all of this, you have to make sure that your text doesn't take more than 20% off your whole image size. This is something Facebook asks for. This is it. Here you can find it. Image that consists off more than 20% tax may experience Reduce delivery to test. If your image has more than many percent text, you go to this tool text off relate tool. You upload your photo in here, and Facebook will tell you if the image sex is acceptable. If it's low, if it's medium or if it's hard, I'm going to save this image like this. Five. Save as I'm going to save it as a G PG in here, I'm going to call it PG, and I'm going to call it coach. Just this one. I'm going in here to the oil. I'm going to click on upload. I'm going to upload the image. I will re open my browser. I will upload the image from here, so my image texts OK and my advert will run. Normally. A Facebook gives you a different result. You just have to go to back to power point and immediate modify that size off your text so you can see how with design the photo and just a few minutes now I'm going to design at the photo. And now it's for local business owner and I'm going to use at difference often. I'm going to use comfort. This is the photo I'm going to design and I'm going you I'm going toe walk. You step by step through have to design a photo like this one. So the first thing to do is here toe click on, create a design. I'm going to click on custom designs and I'm going to pick these designs these designs fit and the right column placement in here. So I'm going in here and I'm going to click on Create design. Sercombe offers many off three things and they things. If you want a toe to go with the free ones, you can go with them. They are enough and you can design awesome photos using them here. You can check out the template. We are not going to work with the templates because we are going toe pick to design our own image. Here, you can take the photos offered by coming vote. Here we have the different A graphics and we are going to use them in this. In this photo. Here we have a text we have. You have many textiles. You have already formatted text styles. If you want to try them and you can't pick a background for your photo And here you upload your own photos. So I'm going toe graphics and I'm going toe find grids. These are the grades. I'm going to pick one of them. Um, you can't choose. There are many, many options you can work with the one you like, but I want to choose this one. So I have already uploaded photos for a restaurant. I have big police photos randomly from the Internet. But if you have a business, you have to take photos for your own products and as them. So I'm going to add the photos like this just by dragging them. So I have my photos and just a few seconds, then I'm going to graphics again and I'm going to click on find set Search for shapes. You can pick any shape you want. I'm going toe pick a This one, for example. It's free. Also, I'm going toe like this. Now I'm going to pick this one this one is better. I'm going to believe this. You just have to click on it and click on it. I'm going to pick this one. I'm going to rotate it like that. I'm going to move it in here. Modify that I mentions. You can also modify this like this on. I'm going to change the color off this shave. Awesome. And I'm going here to text. I'm going to add a text. I'm going toe Change the front off this text and use a bigger one. This is too big, too big. Let me try this one. This one is great. I'm going to change the phones in here. There are many options. You can try them and pick the one that took to the most. This one seems nice to me. I'm going to change the color text. I want something that was trust more with the red, maybe. Why? Awesome. I'm going toe. The text was centered. I'm going to center the text like that. Awesome! I'm going back toe graphics. I'm going back to shapes. I will click here on lines. I want to think this'll ein As I told you, there are many options you have just scroll down income ver and see what offers. So, uh, this is it. I will make this a little bit bigger, so he and I'm going to change the color off this two orange, for example. Awesome. And I'm going to add attacks in here. This is the thing I'm offering. I'm offering a free dinner. Four talk. So I'm going to make the text bigger. Awesome. A little bit smaller. Maybe 36 would work fine. I'm going to make a boy on. I'm going to make it twice. I guess making these letters capsule would be better. Well, this is a spelling mistake for two. I'm sorry for that. So when a free dinner for two Awesome. To save this image, just have to click here on download and download the image between all your work will be saved in cumba. So if you want to go back to this image, for example, to change anything, you can always do that. There are many options in convert that you can work with. It's up to you toe. Pick them and to play around with it for this image as well, you have to make sure that attacks overlay does not exceed 20%. Hopefully, you love this lecture, and I hope it will help you designing bows and photos for your ads. Stay tuned and let's need in the next section where we are going to talk about how to design a video for you. See you that. 10. FC Big Course S3L2: hi guys. In this lecture, we are going to learn how to create and edit videos for our Facebook ads. Videos are very important because using them, you can provide deep explanation about your products and services and convert more people to buy from you or to give you their inmates. If you are setting any book, you can shoot a five minutes video explaining about how your E book help people solve their problems. If you are saying you're consulting services, you can shoot an interview off one off your clients and use the review in your advertising campaigns. In this lecture, I will teach you how to shoot and edit your video before shooting your video. You should start by writing. You'd be their script and practicing it, especially if you are not very familiar with the standing in front of a camera. You should the same video several times, and you use the better Virgin. So what is the best structure for a Facebook ads video? First, you start by attracting your viewers attention while they are scrolling, and you invite them to activate the sound and you add this as a text in the video with an aim. Article second, you propose that problem. Three. You introduce yourself for you. Introduce the solution. Five. You invited viewers to click on the link they find about the video and you point out by your hand where they should be clicking. And remember to always add subtitles to your videos because some people don't activate the sound. So you need to add subtitles in this way you make for that they will understand the ideas behind video without activating the sound. You add white text with a black background for yourself, titans, and I'm going to show you how to do that. So in order to shoot your video and in orderto have a good quality for your video and for your sound, I recommend you to use professional MMA teachers. Here are the materials I used to shoot my videos. You need a camera, a professional one, a microphone, a voice recorder, a commander Stan and and anything softer. I don't recommend you to use the voice recorded by the camera because it will be very noisy and it will be very deep. You need a microphone microphone will give you a very clear and very high quality voice. So let's jump toe Camp Asia and let's see how toe attitude video in there. I will start by importing the media's I'm going to use in this video. So I'm going to import the video and the sound. After important these two files, you need to synchronize them. So I'm going to add the video in here to the first track, and I'm going to add the order. You just have to click on it and describe in order to synchronize these 25 you just have to a large in the view in here to scroll the order in here. If you want, you can hear the voice and see if it's synchronized. Way can see that it's synchronized. If you want to get better and easier secularization, you just have to start your shooting by clapping your hands. In this way. You will see a pick in here like a high line off voice, and you can synchronize both files in this line. Anyway, synchronization is very easy, so no need toward. Now I want to show you the difference between the audio recorded by a camera and the older recorded by the microphone so Let's say I want to try in this area in here. I would roll. I will lower their voice off the microphone. So this is the audio coming from the camera. Now let's check the audio coming from the microphone. And remember, at the end of this video, see that the finish is a huge. That's why I recommend you to always use a microphone. So after synchronizing both fires now, I want to change the size off my video. If you are going to use this video to advertise on Facebook and on Instagram, it's better to have a squarish video. So I'm going here to file. I'm going toe project settings and I'm going toe. Choose here customized and I'm going toe pick a squarish size. So now I have to grow my day off to make its quench awesome. So this is my video, and it's squarish. Also, if you are going to use this video for Instagram and for Facebook ads, you should keep in mind that videos for Instagram EDS shall not exceed one minute. So you have to write your script keeping this in mind. Let's say now I want to trim this area I do like this and I trim this area. If, for example, I want toe trip this area, I do like this. Why shooting? Who will be making a lot off errors and you will be repeating the same things over and over again. So you need to trim several parts. So you just have to do that by scrolling like this and trimming. So let's say I have finished anything this video and I'm now at going to work on my end product. I have to start by first inviting people toe. Activate the voice. So what I do is I go toe annotations and I add something like this, for example, a black box in need to click on the arrow in order to be able to change the signs off the shape. So this is my shape and it's black. I'm going to add a text in here. I'm going toe right. Activate the sound to change the size and the color of the stacks. In here, you can change the font. We can change the size and you can change the color. Let's say I want to make it a little bit larger on. I'm going to add some emerging here in Camp Asia. You can insert Jeffs. I'm going toe insert a Jiff. I have already downloaded. This is it. It will attract the attention off my viewers. I'm going to add it like that and I'm going to minimize the size. It's rotated. So I'm going to fix it like this. Perfect. And I'm going to add it in here. Sure, you can work on finalizing this on making it look better. So this is my video, the first part of my video. Then later on, I will be adding the subtitles Also at the bottom of the video are up here. It's up to you. You can add that's up titles with the same background and with the same text. So, for example, if you if I want to add subtitles I just have to copy. I like them. I copied these two and I faced them. They are in here. I move them like that And in here, if this is the location off the text, I want to write, this is where I will have them. You can modify the size off the timing off the's on notations by simply doing the following like this, you can keep the same shape all over the video, and you keep adding your videos and you keep adding your text seeing after seeing in a way toe have subtitles for the entire video, and after you finished with your video, you can add a background music if you want. You just have to click here on inside track below. You go in here to library. You get you Goto music tracks and you pick one off them. Let's say I want to pick this one. You can use a music track from your own library if you want. It's up to you. So after adding the music track, I will roll. I will lower the voice off this track because I want. I don't want the voice off this track to be higher than my voice. So I'm going to lower the the voice in here to 10%. For example. You can maximize that like like this. If you want, you lowered the voice more so after finalizing video. Now you have tow produced this video toe. Have your final product final video, the one you are going to use in your as you go in here to share you goto custom production . You click on new custom production and you pick and before you pick next and you don't have to change anything in here, they are all changed in a better way. We can minimize a little bit the quality to get a smaller video size A 70% 75 is good and you click on next and you problemas de video. It will take a few seconds and it will be ready to be used. Hopefully you love this lecture and it will help you creating also videos for your heads. Stay tuned and let's meet and the next lecture. 11. FC Big Course S4L1: hi there and I come to this lecture in the structure. We are going to talk about copyrighting for Facebook ads. Many people treat this point lightly. They think that the small text we put in our ads is not that important. Well, that truth is totally the country. If you want to sell online, you should master copyrighting copyrighting is the art and science off writing copies that can sell your product and service and convince perspective customers to take action. If someone saw your ad and you're a text was not appealing, he would not click on your ad and he would not by the A text is extremely important. It's one off the most important factors that will make your target audience take actions, click on your head and pull out their credit card. Learning copyrighting takes a lot of time, and it's a vest domain. If I want to explain everything about copyrighting, I need Ah hole course for this. In this lecture, I will teach you the basics copyrighting techniques you need to know in order to ride good at copies and boost your saves. The first thing you need to understand if you are a consultant or a coach is that short ads have low chances off succeeding because you are not opting for a impulsive selling. We are not doing drop shipping and e commerce. You are helping people to do a certain transformation, and you need to take your time to convince them so you cannot show up and shout out loud hair. Guys, give me your email. I would give you a free course on how to lose 10 kilograms. It's not work. You need to create a relatively low copy. At least 200 words. Some off. My clients had 2000 waits at copy, and it converted very well. Second, your ad should not seem like an end. It seemed like a normal post. It should be homogeneous with the newsfeed off people, You should seem like one off their friends. I will show you an ad for some, opens the founder off consulting that come. Sam is one of the most successful entrepreneurs. He helps people sat and grow their businesses. I like the text of this ad so much so we will analyze it together. So first he begins with a sentence to grab attention. He uses the words Apax Predator. For those who don't know a fax predator, it's a predator who is the top off the food chain. It could be a whale or a shark or alliance. What he means here by a fax of Predator is someone very successful in business. Then, he say's that he will define the trades that matters in a competitive environment, and he states that he spent years to build that list to emphasize on its importance. So you can see that Sam begun his ad by playing on the ego and the desire. Who wouldn't want to be the ultimate affects predators, and the most powerful thing in this ad is that it doesn't seem as a so people can consider it as a normal Facebook post. Let's move on to the next sentence. So here is defining the traits you need to have in order to become an affects predator. And here he explains more about each off the threats he teach you, that it's not skills and experience that matter the most. You need to be intelligent and capable to analyzed and learn and sensitized. He tells you also that you should think in unorthodox way, you have to be different, to be able to invert. That's that scope and all this is not enough. You need to work heart. You need to work more than nine hours each day. Let's continue reading, and now comes the most important part in this head. He's telling us that he started from zero and he didn't have results. And he emphasizes on this by saying that nobody is born with these traits. What he wants is to tell us that even if we start from zero, we still can build these traits and succeed a life. Look how we was the ego off there, either by saying you are the Arctic and now he's concluding. If you want to succeed in business, you have to do X y and that, and he ends up by a call to action. He's inviting the readers to subscribe to his training, to learn how to become intelligent, unorthodox and at least in order, to succeed. So let's sum up to see what we can learn. If you are a consultant or a coach, your aim is to help people move from what they are to a better state, your aim is to move them from State A to state B. It's clear from the ed that Sam wants to help people to become successful in business. And he tells people that in order to achieve your goal, you have to become intelligent, unorthodox and actually. And he explains why. And he tells them that anybody can learn and make this transformation so they feel motivated. And then he invites them to a free training in which he will explain to them how to do that . So in your ad, we should understand clearly that you want people to move from point A to point B. You have to explain to them what do they do to move from A to B, and you should tell them that it's feasible and they can do it, and then you invite them to take action to buy your course, to take a free training with you or to book accession with you. I hope you enjoy this lecture. Stay tuned because in the next structure we are going to talk also about copyrighting for Facebook ads 12. FC Big Course S4L2: Hi there. Let's examine another brilliant ad with this marketer. He's a Facebook ad specialist, so let's take a look. So in this ad, he is targeting people who used Facebook ads. First, he begins by providing value, and he uses some wow effect, he say's that the targeting is the most important component in your Facebook ad campaign and not copy, not the images or that any pages. If you want my personal opinion, I kind off. These agree with him, and I think that all the components he mentioned are very important, and you should optimize them to the maximum. But this is not our topic in the structure. So let's continue analyzing his ad copy. Now he is emphasizing more on the importance off targeting, and he is introducing a quick, funny joke to make his add more appealing. And he comes a shocking sentence. What am I making a big mistake? How does he know? You see, it's how effect sentence he's telling his allegiance that they are making a big mistake, and he doesn't tell them what this mistake is to make them curious. After this sentence, you will be more interested to continue reading to know about this steak and you are eating more curious because he said, that Facebook guy that wants you to make this mistake. In my honest opinion, I don't think that Facebook wants to do mistakes, but I think he's using this sentence to make his allegiance more curious. And here he is, giving a clear demonstration on what happened when he fixed one off these mistakes. So the reader might start thinking, Oh, what if I'm doing these mistakes? Imagine what will happen if I fix them. And here this is the first call to action where he is inviting you to go to his landing page. And he is saying a simple tweak to illustrate that anybody can implement it directly and get results. And now he add some urgency. He's not sure how long he will keep it available for free, so he is inviting leaders to take action now because it might not be free in the future. And he and there's another call to action. So in this act, coffee Witco is providing some value first and then uses community and urgency to drive the readers to take action and go to his landing page to know his tricks. Curiosity and urgency are very important. Don't hesitate to use them in your ad copies. That's it for the structure. See you in the next one. 13. FC Big Course S4L3: Hi there. Let's take another ad off Sam Opens because I want to point out something very important. So here is the ad. Let's read it together. So Sam here is focusing on pain. He's asking his allegiance. Are you a consultant who struggles to get results? Focusing on pain is very important. Imagine consultants who lives in the U. S. A. And only making $900 from his activity. He would feel concerned with this ad, and he will most probably continue reading. And now, in this sentence, some uses his well effect. Now I can hear a part of leaders saying what $1 million per month? I want 10% off as I would be happy. And here Sam wants explains what are the most important three problems that suffocate most consultants. We will not continue analyzing this ad because it continues in a classic way. Some explains more about the three problems and then invited readers to a free webinar, and he describes what they will learn indeed, days in this would be nice. Let's sum up what we have learned about copyrighting. Short copies don't work very well. If you are consultant or a coach. You have to take time to convince people with your vision. Your edge must look like a normal Facebook post, and it does not look like a less. It would be natural. You are helping different to move from where they are a better state. It should be clear in your coffee. You have to move straight to people that it's easy and they can do it even if they don't have experience. You have to use urgency. You have to tell them that what you are offering now might not be available. You have to show you others some empathy. You have to show them that you understand them and you understand their struggles. You have to the most read their return on investment off your method. Curiosity is very important. Do not forget to use it. So I invite you to think deeply about these points. That's it for this lecture. See you in the next one 14. FC Big Course S4L4: copyrighting for local business owners. Hi there. If you are a business owner, then copyrighting is much simpler. You don't need a long copy toe. Convince your audience. All you have to do is to play on their desires and make them want to consume your products or services. Let's suppose you have a pizza restaurant. Here is an example off what you can write. Do you see how he is describing the pizza? Imagine eating this a beautiful text and seeing the photo off this pizza. In the end, a lot of people will feel the urge to command. No. So if you are a local business order, all you have to do is to awaken the desire off your badges and give them a small discount toe. Push them to take action. Now that's it for this lecture. Hopefully it waas Easy, Antoine. See you And the next one 15. FC Big Course S4L5: hi there in the structure. We are going to talk about the common mistakes that could cause you problems. And Facebook could ban your at account because off these mistakes, it's not allowed to use immunity. If your video or your thumbnail contains some sexy elements, you are taking risk. Also, try to not use words like porn Texas community in your ad copy. So if you are selling lost weight products, pay attention to your content. It's not allowed to show hate, sexist or Racists in your content. Try to not offend people's because they will report you. It's not allowed toe promise, precise results. For example, you cannot say to people use my method to lose 10 kilograms in three weeks. You cannot say make $1 million or lines in less than five months because simply you are not sure that your audience will achieve those results. Your picture or some nail should contain maximum 20% off text. You can use the stool to check that everything is OK. - You should not be negative. You cannot start your ad by saying, Do you feel that you are a big loser? You have to always stay positive So you can say, for example, do you want to explore your attention? Try always to use short links. You can go to Google and search for links Ortner and use any off the tools you find to short the new length. If they are long, try not to be sort of peasant. If people saw the same ad five times today, they will end up reporting you. So these are the stakes that you should be avoiding. That's it for this lecture you in the next one. 16. FC Big Course S5L1: hi there, and welcome to this lecture. You know, these things alive, the things that change history, and we use them as a reference. So we say before this event and after this event, Well, Facebook pixel is one off these things in the history. Off marketing. You heard a lot about it. Everyone is talking about it, and now it's the right time to understand it and to know how you are going to use it in your business. Facebook pixel is the most important element in your business. Without a Facebook Dixon, you can never make money or line. That's why it's very important to understand what a pixel is and how it works. Installing the Facebook pixel in your website is exactly like installing surveillance cameras, system in your store, the fixing nose and registers everything that happens on your website. The pixel literally knows everything. Every time a person enters to websites of pixel will detect this. Every time a person gives you his email, the pixel will detect that if you have a store and someone added an item to the card or in shape, check out or both an item or entered and left with doing nothing. The pixel will detect and register all what happened. It's freaking. I know Big Brother is watching you. Well, it might be freaking, but it will definitely help you. Since the pixel knows everything, it will help you boost your sales and your revenue. Let's say a person initiated check out but didn't buy you care. They target him on Facebook directly by your ad and you remind him that he forgot an item on his car. And you can't give him another opportunity off buying or if someone was from you, you can tag him with an ad showing him another product with a discount. Maybe. And you push him into buying again from you because Facebook pixel let you know what's happening on your website. There are plenty off possibilities off things that you could go toe booster things, look at and even see all of this in the days later in this course. I hope you honest with the function and the importance off Facebook pixels through this lecture in the coming one, I will show you how to install this pixel in your F site and how to make sure it's installed and working fine. So stay too 17. FC Big Course S5L2: Hi there. In this lecture, we are going to see how to add your pixel to wrap site. First, I'm going to show you how to add your pixel to your WordPress website. You go to your Facebook ads manager and you search for pixel and you go to this page in here. Click on set out pixel. There are many options. Either you choose to add the picks it using a partner or you add it manually. This option is the 1st 1 I'm going to try, So I'm going to click in here. There are many options in here. You can pick anyone that suits you if you are using different Web hosting than WordPress or out if you have a different case. But I'm going here to choose WordPress. Hey, Facebook will walk me step by step through house and stole my picks in. I'm going here to click on Continue. I'm going to click on download because Facebook now is asking me to download a plug in that I'm going to add to my WordPress in order to add the pixel. So I'm going to click on download. The plug in is already downloaded. I'm going to click on. Continue. Facebook now is asking me toe ad. That's plug in to my WordPress website. So I'm going to my WORDPRESS website in here and I'm going toe plug ins on. I'm going toe plug ins and I'm going on to click on add new. I'm going toe upload a plug in. I'm going to choose the fight I have already downloaded and I'm going to click on Install. Oh, so now I am installing this plug end on my website. I'm going to click on Activate Plug in. So now my plug in is activated. Let's go back to Facebook and let's see what Facebook is asking me to do. I'm going to click on Continue. And now Facebook is asking me to install the plug and we have already done that. Now I'm going to click on Continue now. Facebook is asking me to activate a plug in. This is already done. Before proceeding into this step, we have to enter our pixel idea in our end up like and we have added towards press. So we go back towards press and we click in here and we based our pixel idea in here. I will show you in seconds where you find your pixel idee and I would click on save changes . So now my pixel is activated. I'm going back to my Facebook in here, and I'm going toe based my web such and like this. And I'm going to send that traffic test to make sure that our pixel is activated on my website. The test will take few minutes. You just have to make sure that they result. Event is active. So this way you will know that you're pixel is working on your website and it's registering all the things that are happening there. Here, you can set up different events for your different webpages. You can do that. You just have to enter your rucksack. Terrell. In here, you open rap side and you give each page the specific event you want to give it. It's very easy. You just have to follow Facebook instructions, and you can find a lot of information about this and Facebook caps and you click on Continue. And this is it. We have added our pixel to our WordPress website. As I told you, I'm going to show you where you find your picture I d. Your picture idea is found in here and you just have to click on it to copy this idea. Now there is another way to add your picks it to store, and it is to add it manually. You click here on set up vixen, you click on manually add pixel court website. You copy this court and you add this court to your WordPress heather section To be able to add this culture had section, you have to install this plug in and toured the press website. After adding this plug in, you will be able to insert any court, your head section so you have to pick between these two options and to make sure that in both cases, that pixel is activated. Now, if you have funnels and you are using a funnel builder toe, build your funders usually in all funded Wilders. That is affection where you can add the code manually, toe the head section off each page. So you copy the code from here and you usually have a section where you can add this court in tow. The header section and this is it. Hopefully this lecture will help. You're stalling regardless off what kind off websites you have built, or what kind off funnel builders who are using a stoning. Your Facebook pixel is a very easy step. Just follow Facebook instructions, and you will be there in this lecture. I tried to show you an example off how to install your pixel. So don't worry if you are using a different kind off software's. Installing the pixel is very easy. Stay tuned and let's meet in an extractor. 18. FC Big Course S6L1: Hi, everyone. And welcome to this lecture as I promised you before. In this lecture, I will be taking you deeper into the Facebook ads campaign objectives. So let's go now to Facebook as manager and let's click on Create New Company. The first thing Facebook will ask you to do is the truth. The objective. Off your campaign. Many people read the step lightly. They pick any objective and move on. Well, this is a very bad thing to do, because if you choose a bad objective, you could end up throwing money in the garbage. And if you choose the right one, you can end up making a lot of money. In this lecture, we will discover the different main objectives off a Facebook ads campaign, and I will show you the difference between them and tell you which one is the best for your business objective. Number one brand awareness. The simplest translation off this objective is increased the awareness off your brand by reaching people who are more likely to be interested in it. If you want to establish a brand, this objective is beneficial to you. For example, if you open a new restaurant and you want to brand it. It's good to do energy with this objective, but not with a very big budget. Maximum $100 for this campaign if you are a small restaurant and $1000 if you are a big one as a consultant, infra preneurs or local business owner, your objective is to get leads or say's. That's why you don't have to put a lot off budget on this objective. This objective will help you build your brand, but will not help you get direct leads or, say's objective number to reach the simplest translation off. This objective is sure your add to the maximum number off people I campaign with. This objective will cost you allow. Facebook charges you for each 1000 impressions. So the more you show your ad to people, the more you pay. In order to succeed, you have to put the right product or service in front off the right person. So if we want to make say's or generate leads, we don't want to eat a huge number off people. What we want instead is to reach people who are interested in our product or service and who are willing to buy or give us their inmates. If you have some peace off news spread that each objective might be good for you. But this is not our case now. Object the number three traffic. The simplest translations off this objective is sell more people a destination on off, such as a website and app, or an essential conversation. If you choose traffic as an objective, Facebook will send a lot of traffic to restore at the first side. This might look interesting, but let's big, deeper when you pick this objective. Facebook will search in his directory for people who like to click on it, and we'll show you add in front of them. Well, don't be surprised at the and that's what you asked Facebook to do. You asked Facebook to give you traffic, but this is not what you want, because we all know that people who click on ads will not necessarily buy your product or services or give you their email. So targeting people that click on our links is not the most optimized option. The traffic you want is the one that clicks on ads and boy objective number four engagement , the simplest translation off this objective is get more forced engagements. Page likes event response or awful place. If you use the engagement objective Facebook, we show you active people who particulary engaged a lot with content. This means that Facebook will show it to people who, like ads, right Commons, share content and take their friends Well, yeah, with the super cool, we all need and want engagements on our s. Well, don't be surprised. Now, when I tell you that this is not true, we want more engagement, right? But we want engagement from different rules, really by people who usually engage with ads are not necessarily buyers. So this objective is not the optimal objective and it will not bring you mastered states. However, sometimes we use this objective in some off our campaigns. We use it when our objective is to get social proof. We spend $20 in order to get likes and comments and shares in some of our ads because we know that social proof will definitely increase the value of our products or services and increased convergence. Don't expect. Don't expect this objective to bring you direct sales because when you ask Facebook for engagement, Facebook will give you engagement, not say's nor leads objective Number five lead generation. The simplest registration off this objective is collecting reviewers in maize, and this is a very important objective for us. If you are looking to sell your online courses online or if you are a consultant looking for clients or if you are a local business owner, it's better in 90% off cases to get the amaze off your prospects and use any mail marketing campaign to transform these prospects into clients. So this objective is very efficient if you want to generate leads because Facebook will search in his directory for people who are most likely to give their emails and sure add to them in this way, you maximize your chances off getting more qualified leads objective number six conversion . The simplest train station off This objective is dry, valuable action on your upside in your app or in messenger pay attention. Conversion objective helps to drive valuable actions on your website. And what are the valuable actions on your sore? What are the actions you want people to do on your store? Well, I'm quite sure you want people to act card and then to purchase. If you choose this objective, Facebook will up the minds your campaign to target people who do valuable actions on websites, and that is exactly what you want. So to sum everything up, the most important objectives for your business, our leads and conversions. If you are creating a campaign in order to work with email marketing, it's better to choose leads as an objective. If you want your prospective customers to do valuable actions on your website, such as a card or purchase, it's better to work for convergence. But if you prefer to do something else, you can start with a ned with engagement objective to get some social proof and then move later toe conversion or leads in the coming lectures. I would show you how to do this. I know you might think this simple. Well, it's not. So Don't rush out your ex manager now and started campaign. Stay with me. You have so much to learn through the coming lectures, things that you might think are simple when in reality they are the reasons why some people massive Facebook ads and excel, while other states hope you enjoyed the structure in the next one, we will dig deeper in the exit level and you will learn new awesome things. 19. FC Big Course S7L1 part 1: Hello there. And welcome to this new section after choosing the right objective for your Facebook s campaign. Now it's the time to dig deeper into the exact level. We will start by giving a name toe the outset. You can choose the name you want in our case. Let's call it at set one. When you are running your ads. When you finish this whole course, first try to be organized. Name your assets in a way that makes sense. So if you are running the front at set for each country, include the country name in your exact name. The more organized you are, the more working with Facebook ads. Dashboard would be easier, so as discussed before. If you want to sell directly a product, you have to Truth co version as a campaign objective. And if you truth conversion, you need to tell Facebook which type off versions to optimize for In this lecture, we are going to talk about the conversion objective. If you want to run campaigns to generate leads, I invite you to skip this lecture and the following one. When you say, like a specific conversion event toe optimize Ford. Facebook will show your ads to people in your audience who are likely to complete that specify version action. So if you want them to view the content off your website, you just have to select view content, and Facebook will do his optimization to get you more content of you. Facebook will work as follow. Facebook will put your ad in front off people who usually click on ads similar two years. When you're Ed, get more clicks. Facebook will analyze the people who clicked on your head that go and search within your audience. For people who are similar to the ones that click this way, Facebook will be optimizing toe get you maximums content of you if you choose purchase as your converted event, then every time someone completes a purchase on your website, Facebook will collect this doctor and takes not off who that person waas. As more people purchase, Facebook builds up more and more data about the people that are purchasing Facebook then will search within your audience for similar people, toe the one who already both and show your ad in front of them. Facebook is constantly learning and adjusting its algorithm to show your ads toe people who are also likely to purchase. The more purchases you have, the more data Facebook will have. The more Facebook will be able to optimize, and the more your ad will perform better when picking your except conversion event, there are three strategies that you can work with, and I will be explaining all of them clearly in this lecture. If you want to sell your e book your software or your or lie course, the best option to begin with seems to be the purchase event. This seems easy, right? I will pick conversion as my campaign objective and purchase as my at set conversion event , and my ads will skyrocket. Well, unfortunately, this is not enough. There is something very important that many people are not our off. And I bet if you have tried working with Facebook ads before and failed this waas one off the reasons. So are you curious to know what I am talking about? Well, Facebook states clearly that at a minimum, you're set needs to be getting 15 to 25 off the conversions. It's optimized for burn week to have a chance at success 15 to 25 is only a bare minimum, 5100 is ideas. So if you optimize for purchase and you didn't make at least 25 purchases in one week, then you don't have a chance to succeed because Facebook needs data. Facebook needs to know what kind of people are buying from you in order to be able to optimize your ad and show it to people who are more likely to buy from you. So if you are the mice for purchase, you need tohave. A minimum 25 purchases bird week so Facebook can optimize well the ad and give it maximum chance to succeed. So if you go with $5 at per day for one week with picks it up the minds on purchase, it would be extremely difficult to make these 25 purchases unless you are a genius or your product is extremely powerful. If you want to go with purchased directly, you have to put a budget on it. Let's take an example. Let's say you are selling a product, and this product costs you $5 so you want to sell this product for $25. This means that your margin is $20. Now, in case you are standing any book or an online course, your courses are negligible, so your margins is equal to the price off your product. If you are selling at $20 e book, you can consider your margin as $20. So if you want to have 25 days per week and you have $20 margin for purchase, then we have 25 by 20 equals $500 profit per week, which means that you can spend up to $500 on your ass per week and stay on the safe side. What I mean is, if you spent less than $500 to get these 25 days, you are still profitable. However, you are not sure that you will get this 25 days at the end of the week, so you might be risking all the $500. So what to do? Went risk is always there, and unless you are willing to take the risk, you will never succeed. But in this master class, we intend to teach you how to minimize your and how to do things that I weigh so you can get into the highest probability off succeeded. So what I recommend you to do is $500 per week is a little bit more than $70 for a day off . At spent. You take these $70 divided by two, which gives you $35 per day. I don't command you toe. Put a $35 budget per day for three days and see how many saves you get. If you're Cosper, purchase is less than $20 which is rule margin. Then it's good you can scan your ad, then $100 per day in order together 25 days per week unit. If you're Cosper, purchase is more than $20. You need to reconsider your ad or your product, so to sum it up, if you want to go with a first event, you have to put some budget in your ads in order to get a minimum off 25 days per week. So what you should do first is to calculate the margin and multiply it by 25. The number you get you will divided by seven to know your daily, but it But since we are not sure that will be making these 25 days at the end of the week, we will minimize our risks, and we will divide this number by two, and you will use it for our daily budget. It's after three days. Your ad is profitable. Then you must apply this daily budget by three in order to get these 25 states. It's after three days. You are not profitable. Then you should analyse the numbers, and if they are bad, you should cut the set. Let's take another example. If you are selling any book for $10 then your margin is $10. You must apply it by 25. It will give you $250. Then we divided by seven and we will get something need $36 then we divided by two. So our daily budget is $18. We try it for three days, so the total off three by 18 equals $54. Ad spend. So if you made six days or more, it means you made more than $60 off safe. Since your margin is $10 it means you are profitable. Since you only spend $54. In this case, you will multiply your daily extent by three for the four days left in this week to try to get the 25 days needed. It means you will operate on $54 per day for the last four days. If you get 25 sales or more than your ad has a chance to success. Well, I understand this is a lot of risk and money for many off you when you are starting out. Most probably your website is not very well optimized. Your echo peas, your photos, and maybe your products are not very well chosen. So if you are beginning, I don't recommend you to begin on purchase directly. I only recommend that for people that have a little bit off experience. 20. FC Big Course S7L1 part 2: Let's get back and analyze other options for conversion event. The strategy I will present to you now costs less than the 1st 1 But before we move on, you need to keep in mind that this rule you should select a conversion event that's being completed at least 15 to 25 times per week is applicable toe Allco version events. Let's talk about view content. Their price that will cost you to make someone see your Web site depends on a lot of factors, especially the country you are targeting. But usually it's between zero for $3 the $3. If you are getting a price for click more than $3 you should review your campaign unless you are an expert selling high ticket items like cars, for example, in this case, that leg might cost you much more so if every page of you course 50 cents in order to get 50 page of use, you need to consider a budget off $25 per week, which means less than $4 per day and because the cost is very limited and the small I recommend you to get more than 50 page views and go with a 7 to $10 budget per day. After one week, you will definitely get more than 50 page views, and Facebook will have data to use it in order to optimize your at. Let's say, after one week you have 120 klicks, 27 at the cards and five purchases. Now you can see that you had more than 25 at the card. This man now you can move the pixel conversion from view content toe. Add to cart already create another asset with the conversion event as add to cart. If you didn't get your 25 at two card, you should still invest some budget in the view content in order to get more than 25 at two card in a week in order to be able to start optimizing for at two card. So now you are optimizing. Put at two cards and after one week, let's suppose you had 249 clicks, 67 at the card and 33 purses. Now you have more than 25 purchase in one week, and you could start optimizing for purchase. So I let summer begin with view content wants to get more than 25 ideally 50 at a car you start optimizing for at a car, and once you have 25 purchases, ideally 50 you start optimizing for purchase. So now, after finishing up strategy number two, let's move on to stategy number three. The engagement objective That stuff G I will teach you now is also very powerful, especially when the targeting off your audience is difficult. So the strategy consists by first picking an engagement objective and then by choosing a large judges, let's say one million person or more. So why I start with an engagement objective? Well, because engagement is much less expensive than conversion because there is less competition , and when you have a large audience, it's better to target them with engagement. First, with engagement objective, you can show your ad too much more people with the same budget. So first, to put a daily budget equal to your march in, let's say, $20 per day for three days after one day. If your price per click is more than one daughter, you should kill the ad and try another ad copy or another image or video So let's say you got six thousands view videos off your product after three days. And let's assume there are 1500 people who so more than 50% off the video, it means there are 1500 persons interested somehow in your product. You create an audience out off these 1500 persons. I will show you later how to create a new audience out off people who watched a certain percentage off your video. Then you kid on that set, and this time you choose conversion as the objective and you target again those 1500 people using one off the two strategies. I thought you at the beginning off this lecture. And now you have a great chance to make massive states because you are targeting people who are interested somehow in your product. If you had a beginning without a low budget, this strategy could be very good. I know you are overwhelmed with all these information. That's why I recommend you to see this video again. If there is something not clear. So to sum, everything. If you have some experience and you have a budget, go with purchase and apply the first method I showed you in the structure. If you are a beginner with a small budget, go step by step view content first, then Acto card and then purchase. Or you can start with an engagement objective and then target people interested in your product again by using a conversion event. But always remember, there are no set rules with Facebook advertising. It's important to test different options and see what works best for you. All the strategies. I give you our strategies that work for me. Hope you enjoyed this lecture. See you in the next one, where we'll go in depth in the exact lavish. 21. FC Big Course S7L2: Hi there. In this lecture, we are going to talk about two strategies you can apply if you want to run a campaign with the objective of getting leads, and we are going to talk about the budget for each one strategy. Number one. In this strategy, you have to choose leads as an objective for the campaign. So after creating your at set, you have to choose a budget for this campaign. But before we calculate our budget, we have to take into consideration the Golden Rule off Facebook ads. At a minimum you're at that needs to be getting 15 to 25 off the conversions. It's optimized for a full week to have a sense at succeeding. In order to have a chance to succeed, you need to get at least 25 leads per week. So if you put a low budget, you might not get you 25 leads in one week, and then your campaign will face the price off could go from $0.5 to $25. It depends on your knees and your audience. If your audience is in Africa, leads gonna be relatively sheep. But if you want American leads. You should pay much more if you are in the U. S. A. Elite coast, usually between $5 to $15. So if we consider that the average lead price is $10 if we need 25 leads per week, at least then we need to stand $250 per week, which gives us a daily budget off $35 per day. If we see after launching the ads that our lead is costing more than $10 then we should increase our budget in order to make more than 25 leads per week. Strategy Number two Last energy I will teach you now is very powerful, especially when they're targeting off your audience is difficult. This is Strategy consists by first picking an engagement objective and then choosing a large audience. Let's say one million person or more So why I start with an engagement objective because engagement is much less expensive than conversion because there is less competition and when you have a large audience, it's better to target them with engagement. First, with engagement objective, you can show your ad too much more people with the same budget, so first to put a daily budget equal to, let's say, $20 per day for three days after one day. If you're price per click is expensive, you should kill your ad and try another ad copy or another image or video. So let's say you got 6000 video views off your product after three days. And let's assume that there are 1500 people who saw more than 50% off the video. It means there are 1500 person interested. Somehow in your product, you create a new audience with these persons. I will show you later how to create a new audience out off people who watched a certain percentage off your video. Then you create a net set with an objective leads and you target again those 1500 people using one off dust allergies. I thought you at the beginning, off the structure, and now you have a great chance to generate massive leads because you are targeting people who are interested somehow in what you are offering. If you are a beginner with a low budget, this is technology could be very good. I hope you understand everything in the structure. If something is still blurred, please do not hesitate to rewatch the structure. Stay tuned and see you in the next one. 22. FC Big Course S7L3: Hi there. In this small lecture, we will talk about ad schedule. Let's imagine that it's 3 p.m. And you decided to launch a campaign. So you start preparing everything the audience, the picture that videos except there and that six PM you are ready to launch. And let's suppose we decided to begin with a budget off $20 per day. If you say the Facebook to spend $20 per day, then he will spend $20 per day. So if you lounge the campaign at six PM, Facebook will have six hours to stand these $20 the next day he will have 24 hours to spend the entire budget, and this will damage the optimization off you. The best thing to do is to start your ad at midnight at 12 PM Exactly, because if you don't do this, Facebook will spend your budget quickly in a couple of hours. Now, if you have a super product, it will still make say's whenever you lounge your ads. But in order to get better optimization, the best way is to begin admit nights 23. FC Big Course S7L4: hi there and welcome to this lecture. Targeting the right audience is the number one key off success in any marketing plan. So in this section, we are going to explore urges and we are going to see together how to tell Facebook toe which people he should show your heads while setting up your headset and shooting your ideals. You will be taking several decisions and we are going to show you how to make these decisions in the best way possible. The first decision you should be taking is in which countries you want to say. In order to maximize yourselves off success, you have to sell to countries in which people actually buy online and stand there money or line. So here is a list off top online standards by country threat to the country in this list that you know it's cultured and its restrictions that waas the more you are familiar with the audience you are targeting, the more you can address this others easier. Now, after choosing the country, you want to market productive. We have four important options and to know how to deal with them, you have to ask and answer the following questions So you have chosen new location back. Do you want to target everyone in this location, including tourists who are visiting this country for one week and might not speak their language of this country? Most probably know if you are targeting French people, you are most probably interested in targeting people who live in France. You don't want to risk from all over the world to see your ads, especially if it's written in French. So in this case you don't choose everyone in this location. But you choose people who live in France. So with the same logic. If you are targeting tourists to sell them some tourist gadgets, then you have to target people who were recently in this location. In most off the cases, it's better to target people who live and allocations we are targeting. Let's move now to see age and sex, but before choosing which age and which sex to target. Let's suppose that you are targeting people who are practicing yoga to sell them yoga lessons or gadgets. Let's go together, toe others insights and shoes. The United States as a country and do with type yoga in the interests And because your ad is written in English, you should choose English as the language. And I will tell you in a tin why this is very important. We can see directly that there is 40 to 45 million people interested in yoga in the U. S. A. Which is a very good numbers, and we can also see that 75% off these people. Odd woman. So when we choose the Sex and Facebook, it's better to begin with women off course. We will not forget about men. But when we are choosing our first audience, we are maximizing our chances. So that's why we choose Woman concerning age is also here. Received that ages between 25 54 are the most concerned in yoga. So using the audience inside tool, we choose to target women aged between 25 64. Concerning languages. It's very important to truth, the languages you need to target. I'm going to give you an example on how choosing the wrong language can reflect that the on your head, my friend is living in Switzerland, and in Switzerland, a part of citizens speaks French. Another part speaks German my family only speaks French and he keeps seeing ads on his new speed in German. So by showing these ads, my friend, the advertising is definitely standing. Move this money because he's not specifying the language. I recommend you to always choose the language in which the attacks certain Alexe lecture I will show you how to do the take targeting. So hit the next button. Admit me there because in the next lecture you will learn tons off awesome new information . 24. FC Big Course S7L4 2 1: hi there, and welcome to the structure. This lecture is one of the most important lectures in this master class. So pay super attention and before explaining to you my targeting techniques, it's very important to understand that the difference between and and or if you say to Facebook, I want to target married people or people who practice yoga. Facebook will go and show your ad to singing people who practice yoga or to marry people who don't practice yoga or to marry people who practice yoga. So the A Ownby A without B or B without a or A and B together. But if you say to Facebook that you want to target married people at people who practice yoga, it means that you are searching for people who are married and the practice yoga at the same time. So Facebook will only target people that sets five both conditions, and it's very important to understand this. Imagine you want to sell ah, high ticket item to rich people. Let's say, Ah, high end piano, Then you will target people interested in piano and people who are in top 10% earners. In this case, Facebook will show your ad. Only two people interested in piano and have enough money to buy it. Now that you have, understand the difference between and and or let's go to Facebook and let's explore what we find in the detail targeting section They were graphic in this section. You tell Facebook, which is schools your audience extent, what they do for work. Are they single, married or engaged? What's revenue do they make? What life events are they passing through? Are they new parents for maybe friends for newlyweds? Or maybe, are they celebrating their birthday suit? Under education, you can't choose your audience education level. So if you want, for example, to sell a backpack, you can target people who are in high school or in grade school. You can also target people based on their feet off study. The school they went toe the year they graduated on. These would be super helpful. If you are running a print on demand business under financial, you can target people based on their income. So if you are selling ah, high ticket products you can issue, you are addressing people who have enough money to buy it under life events, you can target people based on the important events on their life or on the lives off their friends. You can target people who have at university school like you can't targets man who have their marriage. Universities within the next 30 days educate offer them to buy gifts for their beloved lives. Oh, you can target people who are away from their families and from their hometown, And maybe you can try to sell them a digital frame for their family photos or whatever product related to their current states. You can also target people based on the date off birth by months. Very helpful for someone who sells gadgets with the months related. Or you can target people based on the events in their friend's life, and you can offer them to buy gifts based on these events. You can target people who have a friend birthday and 10 days and try to sell them your product as a gift for their friends. But you can also target people who are in a long distance relationship or people who newly got engaged or got married and people who recently moved on. If you have a store that says Children and babies related products. You can target parents based on their kids ages. You can also target people based on the relationship status or based on their work, or maybe based on their employer interests. With this section, you can target people specifically interested in a subject related to your product so you can target people based on their mentors that activities on the page they like. For example, if you are setting people at online course on how to grow their instagram page, you can start by targeting people interested in Gary V. If you have a basketball academy and you teach your kids to play basketball, you can target people interested in basketball. If you add a local business owner setting kitchen accessories, you can target people interested in cooking. Let's say I want to sell this book like I can go here and tell Facebook to target people interested in reading. People who read will usually like reading related pages. Facebook collects this data, and when you ask Facebook target readers, Facebook will target them based on the data collected behaviours. I like a precise interest behaviours allow you to target people by purchase, history, intent and more. You can tie people based on their classifications as wires. So if you are selling a high kick it product, you can be sure that you are advertising for people who might actually buy your product. And these people are the ones who prefer high value goods. Here, for example, you can target people who, both on Facebook in the last 30 days or 90 days. People who already paid money buying from ads on Facebook are more likely to repeat the same act and by again. For example, if you are selling a technology related product or service, you can use this option to target your potential customers. And you can execute people who own all cell phones, devices or old operating systems. And if you are standing cell phone covers, you can target people raise on the phone they own. Also, you can target people who have been owning the same cell phone for more than two years and offer them to buy a new phone. Or you can target new phone owners and offer them especially accessory or cover for that phone. And you can also target people who are currently traveling or planning their next trip or people who are repetitive travelers, and you can send them products that might be problems over for them like this one. And one of the most important teachers we find here is the ability to target Facebook most engaged shoppers, and these are the people who click the most on the bottom by now on Facebook ads. 25. FC Big Course S7L4 2 2: now, after getting a little bit familiar with Facebook Targeting, let's take an example and let's work on it deeply. Let's suppose you are selling a gold related product or service. You might be a golf coach or you might be selling an ally course, teaching gold tactics for beginners. Or you might be a local business sailing golf equipments. So you need to target golf players. So first thing I would do is to draw a table like this one. Now I need to search for gold for players. If you are familiar with gold a little bit, you would know the name Tiger Woods. He's one off the most famous girls players. What most advertisers will just do is to go to Facebook and target Tiger Woods. And this is a huge mistake because if you say to Facebook to target people interested in Tiger Woods, these people might be just fans who watched goal and not necessarily play goal. Or they might be tightened Woods fans only. So you have to choose a golfer player that's less known than Tiger Woods. That's why we are going to Google and we are going to type goes player and see what you will find. So here we have the official girl Franking page. Let's check. What do you have here? So we are searching for not too famous birth players, but also we need known goal for players to be able to target them on Facebook. Because if it shoes on a known one, we are not going to be able to target him on Facebook. So we need a player in the middle, someone famous enough to be within Facebook interest, but not too famous. So anyone will know him. So we are going to try some of these names and see how many people are interested in them. So I'm going to start with this one. I'm going to copy the name and I'm going to face it in here and Facebook audience insides. And here we notice that we have 300 K off 350 K off people interested in this name. So we are going to keep this player and I'm going to try a different one. Let's try this one, for example. Here we have a smaller audience off 80 Kato 90 k but it's OK. I'm going to keep this name also. Now I'm going to try a different one. Here we have an audience off 100 Kate, 150 k Also a good Adele's. You can search for names with bigger audience if you want, but this audience is fine with me. I'm going to remove it on going toe. Try a different one like this one, for example. You can try any names you want. It's up to you on. I'm going to base it in here. Here we have a larger audience off 500 K to 600 K and I'm going to keep it. So now we have the names off our four players and we are going to write them inside of our table. So now, after having all these names, we are going to create our first others, and we are going to tell Facebook to target people interested in golf and in that least one off the other players we have put in this statement. This is what we call flags targeting when we use the end condition, and that's how we have narrowed our targeting. A person that's interested in gold and in at least one off our players is more likely to be a girl for player, then someone who's only interested in Tiger Woods Nattering your audience is very important because in this way you can make sure that you are targeting the right audience. We can also go to behavior and truth, engage shoppers. Facebook knows who are the people who shop online the most, So why not targeting them? - You can also play around and create different audiences. For example, you can create a Na jin composed off people who are interested in Tiger Woods, people who are interested in girls and people who are also interested in at least one off our four players. There are many options that you can work with. That's why it's very important to create several audiences, toe test them and to choose the best one for you. Now let's move on to golf magazines and let's stop on Google Top Girls magazines and USA. Let's try each one off these magazines on Facebook insights and see what numbers we will get, so we will start by Golf Digest. This one has 1.5 million persons, which is a great number. Let's move Toe Golf Magazine. This one has 300 50 k 400 k which is also a very good number. Let's try the 3rd 1 Golf course. Architectural. Well, this one is not on Facebook inside, so we are going to skip it for Gold Feet magazine. We have 250 K to 300 k which is also a good number, so we are going to keep it. So now I can create a flax targeting Hodgins composed off people who are interested in Golf Digest and people interested in at least one off the other magazines. And they are also engaged shoppers, the same thing you will be doing for golf stores, golf books and girls clubs. Using this method, you will be having between 5 to 10 audiences between 100 k toe 500 k persons. You can also use this to exclude a certain type of people, which is also a very important option. For example, you can exclude people with G connection because if their connection is sport, they will be having problems toe access your content and do the conversion action desire. You can also exclude all their devices and operating systems. If someone has a very old phone. It will not be easy for him to go to a store and make a purchase. So in order to reduce we're spending, it's better to exclude these people unless you are advertising for them in order to sell them a new four. You can also exclude Facebook pages admits. So in this way, your competitors will not be able to see you read. Also, here you have the connection section. For example, you can choose to target only people who already liked your page. You can target the friends off people like in your page, or you can exclude people who like your page. Let me give you an example. Let's say you are a consultant that helps local business toe grow online. You can target local business owners if you have an Ally course, and you want to sell the people who wants to boost their online businesses. You have tow target people who are fans off Gary V and Tony Robbins, for example, and people who are admin off business pages because you don't only need to target people who follow and enjoy the content off Gary V. You want them to have an online business Also, that's why we target admits off Facebook business page is because most a probably they spent some money on Facebook ads, so they are more likely going to buy your product. The audience section is extremely important for your business. Choosing the right audience and putting time and effort in dissection will definitely help you get more sales and leads. I recommend you to take your time understanding and mastering this section. See which targeting could be relevant to you at your store. Hopefully, you enjoyed the Structure State June and meet me in the next one. 26. FC Big Course S7L5: Hi there, in this tractor and in the coming ones, I will talk about the optimization and delivery section. At the exact level. This section is a little bit big. That's why I have divided it over several lectures. This way, it would be easier for you to understand all what's in here. Optimization for delivery. In this section, you choose the optimization for your ad delivery. If you choose leads as an objective, you don't have to worry about optimization and they living because Facebook will show your ads to the right people to help you get the mostly. It's if you choose conversion as a campaign objective, then nearly will be choosing between these options conversions, lending page views, link clicks, impressions and daily unique rich. So which one to choose? As a general rule, I always recommend you to select the option that's the most closely aligned with your top level gold. In our case, it would be definitely conversion. You should know that Facebook do not show your eggs toe all your audience in your audience . There is a segment off people who are more likely to click on ads. There is a segment off people who are more likely to commit or life company. And there is a segment who is more likely took over, and that is also a segment who does nothing. When you choose conversion, Facebook will show you add to people who are most likely to covert, and this will give you the best results. Let's move to the second option, which is the conversion window. It's a very important section, so get your pen and paper and start taking notes. Here you have four options you have one day after clicking seven days after clicking one day after clicking or viewing seven days after clicking or one day after viewing. I know all of them seems difficult and you are wandering now. What's that? My head is spinning. Well, take a deal. Press at Countdown. We made this detained and animated course to save you any frustration. What you are feeling now as hard and complicated will be crystal clear at the end of this lecture and the coming Once we will start by reading what Facebook tells us about Cole version window. Select the amount of time it typically takes for someone to complete a valuable action conversion after clicking or doing your head. We use that generated using this time fame to optimize at delivery. For example, if your conversion window is one day will optimize by using data from conversions that a cured within one day from someone interacting with your s to find out which conversion window is best for you. Ask yourself this question well, so I expect a person to complete a purchase. To make things easier, I'm going to give you an example. Let's go to the vet. You are selling high ticket items. Let's say you are selling computers at $1000 a person waiting for his train to arrive. So your ad on his mobile? He likes that click and went to the website. Most probably he will not buy directly. He will think of it. He will check out the features of the P C. You are selling, and maybe, just maybe, he will add it to his car. Then he will close your website because the train came and it's time to leave. The next day, he went to his office and did some research about the computer he saw. And after three days, while sitting with his wife. He saw your other game and remembered that he needs EPC. He discussed this matter with his wife. I decided to pull up with the credit card and buy it. In this case, the purchase conversion happened four days after clicking that if you think that this scenario might happen often with what you are selling and your are just might need a couple of days after clicking on your ad to take the decision toe by then, you should choose a seven days conversion window after clicking. Because if you choose a conversion window a fun day after the click, then Facebook will not attribute the same to the click. That happened day zero because the purchase happened outside the core version window. And this is a very important doctor we need in order to electricity knows which type off people are more likely to cover. So if the purchase happened after four days and we chose a one day conversion window, we are telling Facebook toe not count this purchase in his optimization. So imagine that the majority off people buys your product after three days. All these days will not be taking into account for optimization and Facebook will not attribute the stay for the click. Facebook will consider that the same happened by coincidence, and it's not related to the click that the customer did on your at Facebook will not as them as data and will not be using them for optimization. And this is extremely important because Facebook has taken into account this doctor off your buyers. Facebook would be able to search for people who are similar to your buyers and try to sell them by telling Facebook to consider a one day conversion window. You are telling Facebook that the majority off your sees conversions happen in the same day people click on the add, and any sales conversion that happens outside this window is just a coincidence. So in this case, you will lose that. That's why if you think that your audience will take a couple of days to buy after clicking on your eggs, then it's better to choose a seven days conversion window. Let's consider another scenario where you are selling a $7 product. Honestly, a $7 product doesn't require three days off thinking before buying. If something costs $7 most probably a person will take a buying decision directly in the minutes or hours after clicking, either to buy or not. If you expect the majority off people to buy the same day after clicking, then you should choose a one day called version window. Some people try to outsmart table by putting our conversion window off seven days thinking that this way Facebook will gather all the doctor possible. Well, this is not something I recommend you do, because this might cause your travels in your ads and let me explain one if all the purchases are supposed to happen after one day after clicking and if someone both after five days due to a coincidence and not because you saw you at Facebook will register this by it, even though he didn't buy because off your ad and this might you on the optimization off your ad because Facebook collected in 11 Doctor. Besides, if someone saw your ad and he didn't buy in the 1st 24 hours after clicking then Facebook Wickus follow him as a known by it, and Facebook will try to avoid putting good ad in front off people like him. But if you choose a seven day conversion window while expecting that the majority off your states will happen in the first day. Then, if someone clicked on the ad and didn't buy, Facebook will still continue to optimize and try to sell this person, which will cost you a lot because Facebook will be trying to sell people who are not interested. So let me sum up everything I know. You might be a little bit over well with all these information. If you think that the buying cycle off your products a seven day, then you choose a conversion window off seven days. If you expect people to buy your product within one day, then we choose a conversion window off one day. And if you don't know exactly, all you have to do is to split. Test your on to add sets with two different conversion windows, and you see which one performs better. Pulled me. I usually sell products between $30.1000 dollars, so in 90% off cases, I used a seven day conversion window. Well, it remains one decision to make, and this decision is between two options. Should we choose seven days after clicking or seven days after clicking or one day after ad viewing. If you think that people might be interested to buy your product after one day off doing your ad or buy it within seven days after clicking, then you should be considering this option. Let me give you an example. Let's say that is putting an ad on Facebook to sell their new shoes. People might see the ad on Facebook as they can go toe under store without even clicking on the Facebook at and buy the shoes in the same day. If you think that this scenario could happen with you, that one off your customers just after seeing your ad ghost your store without clicking on your egg and buys your product, then you should consider choosing the seven days after clicking or one day after viewing option. But it's not easy to answer this question. So that's why, in order to choose which one is better, you have to split, test and figure out which one is truly better for you. Well, in order to not complicate your life, if you are a beginner, you can begin with seven days after clicking, or one day after ad viewing stated with me and let's meet in the next lecture where we are going also to talk about optimization and add delivery. 27. FC Big Course S7L6: Now we talk about cost controls, which is optional. If you want to use this option, you have to precise on average cost by conversion, which means the average amount of money you are willing to pay in order to reach the conversion event you pick. Why building your if you have a safe funnel in which you have a product to sell, and then several apsilos and down cells? After running ads for a little bit, you will be able to know the average basket for a client, which is equal to the average amount off money a client spends on your funded. Let's consider that the average baskets off your client is $35. If you are sending an Ally course, then your margin is $35 because the considered that the course for online courses are negligible. So if your conversion event this purchase, you can tell Facebook to optimize the ad. In order to obtain a purchase and less than $35 Facebook will try to make one purchase was less than $35. This is what we call manual buddy, but if you are setting a physical product, you have to subtract its cost in order to compute the margin. So if the average basket is $35 your cost is $15 per product, then your margin is $20. In this case, you will ask Facebook to make one purchase with less than $20. Let's talk more about it. Facebook. This is viewed as the election former. When you are creating a new campaign, you are joining a huge worldwide oxen. You will be competing with hundreds of thousands of advertisers. Facebook will try to satisfy every advertiser. The space for advertisements is limited. Sometimes Facebook won't be able to fulfill all the requests. When this happens, the highest bidders will get the most placements. That's why the course that he spent reach a user will depend at least partly on the bed that you make to reach that. Choose it in other terms, If you are selling a product related to gold, and there are a lot of people that are selling toe people passionate in gold, the price Facebook will charge you will increase. In most cases, Facebook automates bits. This is the default option. Advertisers often complaints about cost stability, some of them want to control that cost for a certain type off conversion. So that's why Facebook allowed value. LBD advertisers can choose Toe Many really been in a left to better control their costs. The primary goal off a manual bit is to get cost with purchase or any other desired action statement. Let's big secret. Let's support Facebook has to sports display ads and there are three advertisers bidding. We estimate that the only defend by their bed the reality is much more complicated than this example, but it will help you understand. Advertising a bits for $0.4 at the time would be mixed $40.7 advertisers see bits for $5. If we have only two sports, then more support. Lee Advertising A will get very few impressions. Advertising be will get a good amount off impressions at a price somewhere between little $ dollars. And advertisers see will most probably get more impressions. Enterprise just slightly above the price paid by advertising big at birth accuracy will never pay a price close to $5. He will only pay the least amount necessary to be advertising. There are two important takeaways here. First, if you talked a bit to know your campaign, my not get the exposure it deserves and you won't teach your goals. Two. Don't worry about bidding on a high amount. You would still end up paying the lowest amount possible in the auction to get your ads. Let me tell you now about the strategy I used for manual bidding. In this case, I choose to optimize for purchase. The first thing I do is to calculate my margin. I know I keep repeating this during the scores because it's very important for you to know your numbers. The margin is that the finish between your selling price and the course of your product. If you are selling a product that $50 it's costing $26 it means that your margin is $50 minus $26 equals $24. What I would do is to divide this margin by four so 24/4. It's $6 and I create a first accept and true $6 for manual bidding. And then I create another except but this time I double that. It it means I would be using a bit off $12. Next, I would create 1/3 except, but this time I will happened a bit, so I would choose a bit off $18. As then, I will create 1/4 at set with a manual bit equal toe my margin, which is $24. So now I have four exits running with four different amounts off manual bidding $6.12 dollars, $18.24 dollars. I would consider a daily budget equal to double off the margin for each. Except this means I would be putting $48 on each set. Then I will run all my at sex for two days. I would analyze my results and the EC set that gives me the best costs. I will keep it running and I will scale it, and I will kill all the other assets you. Now, if you're optimizing for after cards, you will not use the same numbers because if your margin is $24 your aim is to obtain a nectar card for $18 it means you are in a bad situation. That's why if we are optimizing for actor card to be used smaller numbers, for example, $1.2 dollars, $4.6 dollars etc. Which set performs some of you must I need okay, but $48 each exact is a huge having four sets. It means almost $200 a day. Those pallets, I would explain what, personally I only use manual bidding after optimizing my father's. So, first I begin with automatic bidding when I optimized my funnel, and I am sure that everything is OK. Then I try the manual bidding to see if I can get a better course for purchase or better cost for lead, which means when I put $200 per day, I don't have a huge risk because I know it will send or it will bring leads. And I know that I will not throw these $200 out off the window, and this is what I recommend you to do. So I first, who was automatic withing and when I am sure that my funnel is working well, I start using manual beating, and I compared the results with automatic bidding. If automatic bidding results are better, I keep them running and I killed them manual bidding campaigns and these Verceles state owned and meet me at the next lecture where we are going also to talk about optimization and delivery. 28. FC Big Course S7L7: Have you ever wondered how Facebook decides how much to actually charge you for your ads? Well, it depends on how you set up them. In most cases, you will pay based on either how many 1000 impressions your ads get. Or for every link, click on your ads in case you are optimizing for conversion or for Leeds, Facebook will charge you by each 1000 impressions. So you are not paying. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay only by each 1000 impressions. Meaning if 1000 people. So you're as and you got 150 clicks, you will pay the same amount of money. If 1000 people so you add and 20 persons click Well, this will push you to create the most attractive ads and target the right audience. As a general rule, I suggest that Julie of this as the different options Facebook have actually done a pretty good job of setting up people's that get to good results in most situations. In our case, if we are opting in for conversion or for generating leads, we are always charge by each 1000 impressions and we cannot do anything to change this, so don't think a lot about it. Now let's move on to delivery time. Facebook offers to delivery options, standard delivery or accelerated delivery. The standard delivery is the different options. When you lounge Facebook eggs, it will try to deliver your ads in a way that's evenly distributed throughout the day. In this case, Facebook will prioritize the optimization off the ad over the speed off the living. That's why the entire budget might not be used. S Facebook is trying to maximize your opportunities to get full versions at off from 11 with the accelerated delivery method. Your as will be shown as frequently and quickly as possible. Esto as real ounce your country Facebook. Will it prioritized speak over efficiency? In my case, I really used the accelerated delivery. I prefer to give time to Facebook to optimize my ads and give me maximum conversions. So I recommend you to use stand there delivery. In some cases, excellent delivery might be useful. If you have flesh stays for a couple of hours, you want maximum people to see you as then. It would be wiser to use accelerated delivery. I know the optimization and that delivery section was a little bit difficult for you. That's why I recommend you to really watch these three lectures and make sure that you have understood everything before moving on to the next lecture. 29. FC Big Course S7L8: hi there, and welcome to the structure. In this lecture, we will talk about placement. What does that mean? Placement of the section at the exit level, where we precise, Where do we want to put our heads? I personally always added the placements, and I don't go with the automatic corn. So let's check out the different options we have and discovered what could be better for your business. First, you should choose if you want to put the ad on mobile or on desktop to take this decision. I always run toe that sets one on more wine and run on desktop to see which one is performing. But if I see that one of them is performing much matter than the other one, I killed the other one, or I try to optimize it. Now concerning the platforms, let's take a look to see the options Facebook newest feats or, in simpler words, Facebook com page, where you see your friends updates and the updates off the pages you like. In addition, toe EDS. Instant articles. A listen article is a document that loads very quickly on Facebook. Instant articles give you the ability to tell Richard stories in a branded and customizable article. Former that renders fast on Mobile Instant videos are the eggs that show when we are checking Facebook videos. That column. It's the one we see next to our newsfeed's suggested videos are the videos that Facebook suggest toe us when finishing a video we were watching. Facebook Marketplace is a digital marketplace where user stand arranged to buy, sell and trade items with other people in their area. It's not available in all countries and can access on more by and stories. We have also instagram fees and stories and messages, inbox and stories. As for audience natural, it's a way to advertise outside Facebook while using Facebook ad system. Personally, I shut down everything and I leave Onley Facebook feet. I have run many tests, and I have found the best performing ads for me are the one in the new speed directly. Usually, once I find a woman product, I then start trying other placements, and I picked the placements that performs the best escape concerning the mobile devices. I always prefer to target people connected to WiFi. I think that this option saves me money because in many situations people who are not connected to WiFi might click on eggs without proceeding toe purchase, and I will give you a small example about this. Imagine someone in the subway and is seeing you add with all the people around him. He might click to check on your ad and check the product you are selling, but he's less likely to make a purchase. Many things might distract him. Or maybe he was simply lose connection underground. And he will forget company about the ad click. I hope to enjoy the structure. Let's meet in the next one. 30. FC Big Course S9L1: hi, everyone, and welcome to the structure. After learning how to set up your ads in this lecture, we are going to discuss how to read your ads, results and how to analyze them. If you want to really optimize your business understanding, that is a key element. If you have a good understanding off data, it will be very easy to you to take your business to the next level. And it will also be very easy to know if you are profitable or not. I'm not sure if you have already tried running subheds. But whether you have tried before or you are going to start now, analyzing Facebook data could look like a year nightmare. Facebook offers too much decays, too many numbers, and they all seem with and tough to you, especially if you don't like numbers at math was never your favorite thing. Well, don't worry. I'm here to hold you back in this lecture. I will explain to you what are the most important metrics use it folks on in order to optimize your store. This will help you get rid off any frustration and will make dealing with Facebook data way easier so Let's start. Let's begin with the most important metric, the CPP or the cost for purchase if you remember. Well, we have talked about Morgan. No, we are going to call it the Prophet. So you have to compute the prophet to are generating from acquiring a client to see how much you should spend on ads to acquire this client. If your client Spain you $2000 for a consulting mission and you have to pay $1200 for consultants working for you, it means your profit is $2000 minus $1200 equal toe, $800. So now, if you spend less than $800 on ads toe acquired this client, it means you are profitable. If you spend more than $800 on ads, it means you are not same thing for a local business. If you are setting a yoga lessons membership in your town, you have to compute the average profit you generate from one clients. Then you can know the amount of money you are ready to put on ads in order to acquire a client's. For example, if your yoga membership is for $50 per month, and you expect a client to stay six months on average, so you are generating $300 per client, but you still have other costs, like electricity and rent. So putting $50 on ads to acquire one client could be a good budget. Again, every business is different, and there is a lot off factors and calculations to do, and this is not the subject off this course. But you have to keep in mind the amount of money you are willing to put on ads toe Esquire . Your client. Comparing your margin to recip E P is the most accurate indicator you can use to know if a net is good or not. If your margin is $20 your CPP is $8 well, that's great. You end up with $12 profit. If your margin is $100 you already spent $30 on ads, that doesn't mean that your ad is not good. You are still able to spend more on ads in order to sell this $100 margin product. So if you end up with a state after spending $75 which means your CPP. $75. It means you are left with $25 in the pockets, and that's great. But imagine that your margin is $12 your CPP is $17. Well, that's very bad. You are losing money. No. If your objective is to generate leads, you can apply the same logic. So let's say from your experience, if you have 100 qualified leads, you can generate $900 out of them, so your lead is worth $9 for you. So if you spend on a lead less than $9 you are profitable. If you spend more than $9 it means your campaign is not profitable. And this metric you use year is called CPL, or cost per lead. So if your cost relief is less than the profit you are generating from each lead, then you are profitable. If you are not a that offend and you don't like to spend lots of time analyzing that, you can only use your city or your CPL. And they are sufficient to know if your campaign is doing good or not. But if you want to analyze your business more and If you want to boost it further, you need to look at more. Metrics like the city are, for example, which is equal to link click through rate. It's the percentage off times people so you add and perform a link click. In other words, it's how many clicks you get when 100 persons you, A lot of people ask me what city are good? Well, the question is a little bit complicated because it depends a lot on your niche on your product, on your echo p and on your audience. But as a general rule, a city are less than 1% is not good again. If your CPP is good, then don't worry and don't kill the end. When the city are is less than 1% it means in most off times that you should change your target audience or enhance your at. Or it could be in that your product is not tired. A city odd between 1% 2% it's considered good, but you should aim to do better. A city are above 2%. It's considered very good, and the city are about 5% is considered excellent. Another important metric is the CPM or course for 1000 impressions. This is a metric that measures how much you are paying to reach 1000 person. Using this data, you can compare your assets if one accepts is costing you much more than the others. You should figure out what to do either to fix this at set or to kill it again, even if your CPM is big. But if your CPP or your CPL. Is good, don't kill that. You should expect Ah higher CPM in the fourth quarter, especially in North America and Europe, because, as you all know, at this time of the year, there are a lot off occasions where people buy products to give them. Another important metric to consider is the R O A s, which stands for return on ad stems, which is equal to the total sales divided by total ad spent. Let's see an example. If you spent $1200 to advertise for a certain product and that SEZs were $3600 then the R. O. S is equal to $3600 over $1200 equal to three, which means that every time you spent $1 on Facebook as you generate $3 in stays. But the R. O. S is not sufficient to measure your success because this formula doesn't take into account your cost. So imagine that you're cost is $2500 you add to them the $1200 had spent. It gives you $3700 costs for $3600 in revenue. So it means that in this case you are not profitable. What you should do is to measure the R. O I, which is the return on investment. Another important metric to consider is the Air O A s, which stands for return on ad spend, which is equal to the total sales divided by total ad spend. Let's see an example. If you stand $1200 to advertise for a certain product and the sales were $3600 then your O A. S is equal to 3600 divided by 1200 which is equal to three, which means that every time you spent $1 on Facebook as you generated $3 on saves. But the O. A. S is not sufficient to measure your success because formula doesn't take into account the course off your products. So imagine that the products close to $2500 at them to the $1200 on expand. It gives you $3700 as coast for $3600 in revenue. It means in this case you are not profitable. What we should leisure is the our or I, which is the return on investment. Your arrow I is equal toe say's minds. Cost divided by cost. If you're at a O, I is positive. It means you are making money. It's negative. It means you are losing money. So if you make $20,000 on stays and you have $5000 as cost, it means that your hair Oh, I is equal to three. It means that for every $1 spent, you May $3 profit. Now let me show you how to keep track off these Matics on your Facebook business account. 31. FC Big Course S9L2: Hello, guys in the structure, we are going to talk about how to break down your data. This lecture is very important because it will let us know where your say's or leads are coming from. For example, you can begin with an age breakdown to see which ages are buying from you more and which ages have the lowest course per purchase or course relief, and then you can check the sex to see, for example, which sex is buying from you more. There are many other options to break down your data. For example, you can see people from which regions are the most interested in your product or your service is. You can see the device breakdown. In this way, you can know which devices are performing better. You can also see if people on Instagram are converting better than people on Facebook and many, many other options. So let's suppose that woman between 24 35 years old living in Houston and using android move eyes, have the best cost per purchase or cost per lead. You can create another at set targeting this segment with ah high budget. This will most probably get you more results. So let's go to the Facebook as dashboard and let's see how to break down our data there. 32. FC Big Course S9L3 SkillShare: the harsh truth that everyone tries to hide from you. Is that more than 95% off people trying to make money with Facebook ads? Faith? Well, yeah, and I'm not saying that to discourage you off course. There are many reasons behind failures. Some people don't really optimize their websites. Others don't even bother themselves with writing attractive descriptions for their products or designing attractive photos and videos for their ads and many, many other reasons. The reality is more harsh, even because if you design the best website and optimized every single area off it in order to boost conversions and hired the best copywriters to write your products descriptions and your ad descriptions, you could still fail. And a lot of people faint even after doing what I already said they feel because they don't manage toe, put their product in front off the right people to succeed and Facebook ads. You have to put the right ad in front off the right people. That's why if you don't optimize your Facebook campaigns, you will never be able to succeed. The majority of people throw an ad with $5 per day for a couple of days, they see no results. So they s you directly that the ad is not working. They dropped the ad and they start another one and the same procedure goes on and on. And when all the X fail, they go to you tube at Facebook and they start getting that Facebook ads doesn't work, and the Facebook ads is a scam. Best thing is the secret. No one know in advance what will work and what will not work. So let me give you as a strategy to follow. First thing is off course toe build a good website or a good fun and in order to achieve the desired convergence. But this is not the topic off this course. If you want a good introduction about how fun is work, you can go and check this course where you can find excellent template if you are a coach or a consultant. Next thing to do is to choose between 5 to 10 audiences, toe test and test them ideally with $10 per day each for three days. And if you don't have a lot of budget, you can begin with $5 per day each for three days between these audiences, one or two will perform well. You could see a couple off stays or leaves maybe 10 to 20 at two cards. Analyze your data and you will definitely know which ads are performing well and kill on the other ads that are not doing good. Now you need to choose four different ads to see which one is better. So what you will do is to create four different ads with four different texts for different photos and videos, and you lounge for different. It sets $10 per day for three days. You will definitely find that one off the fort at Sets is performing better than the others . So now you have the best agents on the best ed. But we didn't finish yet. We have to do more optimization. You have to go and analyze numbers to see which age is converting better. Which device which sex? Maybe which town you have to go and analyze all the data and make conclusions. After analyzing, you could find that woman aged between 18 and 24 using a mobile and specifically with android operating system living in New York are converting the best you could find, for example, that man aging between 45 54 having an iPhone nine living in Houston are converting method , so you create your audience based on these conclusions. So now, after we finished the first phase off testing, what you will do is to create another asset and optimize the targeting and function off what we have found above you. Target the segment that's bringing the best convergence, but now you have to put more. But it you remember the conversion event and the budget lecture. We will apply now the same strategies we have learned in the lecture. You apply those strategies and after you finished, if the results are promising, you start skating and you will cover how to scale in the following lectures. So before we finish this lecture, let me recapitulate. The strategy. First tests 5 to 10 audiences with $5 per day for three days and choose the best agents next test for different ads for the best agents for three days, with $10 per day each. In orderto truth, the best. No, you have the best audience on the best head. You have to analyze the results and see which segment in your allegiance is buying the most and have the lowest cost for purchase. Then, once you have the best ad and the best segment in your others to market to you apply. That strategy is you learn in the conversion event and the budget lecture. If everything went well, you start skating. Remember, the key to succeed and Facebook ads is testing. You have to test this test, get data, analyzed data, then test test test and wants something works you escape. Don't worry. We'll talk later about skating. See other extractors. 33. FC Big Course S9L4: hi there, and welcome to this lecture In this lecture, I'm going to show you how to create an and with thousands off likes and shares. I bet you have seen a lot off ads with thousands off likes and views and hundreds off comments and chairs these likes shares. Concurrence attract people. They are strong social proof. They show that a lot of people are engaging with your post and this. Encourage new people to click and engage with your post. Imagine that you are not down and searching for a restaurant to eat. You are standing in a street full off restaurants and in front off one off these lessons you see alone Cube. This will most probably encourage you to go to this restaurant because you will say to yourself, since a lot of people are interested to eat that it should be a great restaurant. So let's go. Well, it's the same thing with Facebook ads. When you have thousands off people engaging with your ad, it encourages other people to engage also, and this is a huge say's booster. So how to achieve this social proof? Well, you go to your page and you create the post there on your page and not from the ad manager . And then when you create your ad at the ad level, you click on using an existing post, and you choose the post you have created. So this way in the testing phase, when you create, then at sets, for example, each off the assets will use the same post. So all the likes and shares and comments coming from each at set will sum up. So if each at set broth you 15 likes. So if you have then sets in the testing phase, you will have 150 likes, and that's a good beginning. A lot of people create the at at the head level, so if they have 10 assets, it will result in the creation off 10 different heads, and the likes will be distributed on each off the ads. That's why you should create the boss on your page, and each time you want to market your product, you choose your existing post. That's how the likes will communicate. Over time, I will teach you another tip that some off the marketers use. I don't personally use it, but you can do it in order to boast your social proof. You create that campaign with an engagement objective, and you create your at set, and you target people in countries that have no coast. EDS. If you search Google, you can find a list off countries where Facebook ads cost. Look, you target them, and you choose at the ad level, your existing forced this way. If you put some budget, you will have lots off engagement on your post, and these likes and comments and shares will stay, and they will help you boost your saves. So after collecting all these social proof, you go back and you start using your post and your other assets. But now, with a conversion campaign, so these are other to the field methods to get high engagements on your post. You can work with anyone of them, or you can choose to work with both of them, stated with me and let's meet and the next lecture 34. FC Big Course S9L5: hi there, and welcome to this lecture in this lecture we are going to discuss When should you kill ended? A lot of people debate about this topic on that. If you have a net set not performing very well, what do you do if you keep it? You risk losing money. But this asset could take time with Facebook algorithm to optimize. And if you kill it too early, you risk missing a winner. Except it's a hard decision to take in this lecture. I will give you the method I use to decide whether to kill an ad or no. Let's take an example toe. Analyze it. Together we will take five sets that we have run for three days. Let's consider that you are sending any book at $15 so your margin is $15 because in the book case we neglect the costs. Let's calculate our daily budget by applying the rule I have told you in a previous lecture I would multiply 15 by 25. It will give me 375. Then I will divide it by seven and then by two. I get the final answer off 26 so I would run five different. It sets for three days as $26 per day, and I will use purchase as my conversion. Even I know a lot off. You don't have this budget. That's why you can choose the other method I have given you in the budget lecture before. Let's analyze the results after one day, so the first thing we have to do is to look at a set number C we see here. No say's. The cost per click is over. $1 on the city are linked. Click is less than 1% and we have only 18 clicks. If we call said this, except to others, it's too low. This excess is clearly not profitable. I will definitely kill it after they want. Let's analyze at that one low way C zero sales, but we see a good number of flicks and relatively good secrecy. We also see 14 at cards which demonstrate some interest in this product and that good city are make above 2%. So I relieve this attack for low. I said to, and that's it for our great they made ST. The city is less than the margin which is $15. So we made some profit here. The CPM is also great. I will definitely keep these two x set for later. At that. Four might be a winner. One concerning at that. Five we've made a safe recipe is not that good. We have only eight at two cards relatively low if we compare it to other exits, so I would keep it to see the results off the second. Let's move now to analyze the results of the four remaining assets after two days. After two days, we can see to purchases for the except one. That's why it was wise to keep it because the CPC is acceptable and we have seen a lot off at cards. But our CPP now is $26 which is higher than our margin. So we are losing money, but it's OK for now. We are still in the optimization face so we can accept to lose some money in order to let Facebook algorithm optimized. Our concerning at five we didn't make any saying in the second day. The CPC is above $1 which is relatively high for products having a $15 margin. The city are has dropped on a CPM increased and the most important data is the CPP. We already spent $52 to make one save so we lost $37. It seems that the one say we have made this asset Waas by luck for all the reasons about I will shut down the exact for concerning asset toe we have only made one save and they too so three stays in total. The TPP increased from $15 to $17.33. So we are losing money now because the margin is equal to $15. The TPP also increased to $0.55. I will keep this except to see what will happen in Haiti. Let's analyze except for no. So we have made 90 days until no Mississippi P is $5.7 which is better than before. The cost per click is Okay, So the results off this s set our great will definitely keep it. Let's analyze now the results after three days. So after three days with these that sets, we have seen that at set to begin well, but it didn't perform well later, the tpp is $26 the margin is $15. So we have lost $11 for each state. I will definitely kill this Exits at such one. Begin with zero say's but a lot off clicks and after cards, which the most great interest from this others on the second day it brought to sales and in the 3rd 1 for safe. So Facebook algorithm took some time, and now this exit is performing much better. The city is 13 daughters, which means we have made to donors for state. So overall $5. I know this is not that great, but always remember that it's only the testing face. You should not expect to make a lot of money. Your objective year is together. Data, which will help you later to optimize your ex at SAT forward, is our will. It, except with 15 stays in three days and with the CPP equal to $5.2 which is way less than our margin, this is the best ad so far. So what will happen now is that I would only keep at that one and that set forward and do more investigations on both of them. So let's do a small calculations to see the results off these three days. In the first day, we sent six by five equals $130. In the second day, we spend 26 by four equals $104. In the third day, we spend 26 by three equals to $78. So in these three days, we stand 130. Last 100 for last 78 equals $311 and we have made a total off 25 days. The margin each state is $15 so we made $375. So our profit is equal to $375 minus $311 equal to $64 which is around $21 per day. Well, I know this number is not that good, but this is very normal way are in the testing phase now, and we have to spend money on ads in order to get data and in order to help Facebook algorithm optimizing our ads. But once we find a very well optimized except like except for we can scale and make much more money if you are running a campaign to collect leads. You have to know how much you are willing to pay for lead. If you can make $15 off every read it means you can spend in adds up to $15 to acquire that , and you have to do the same analysis that I did. But the difference is that you won't have any car, and instead off CPP, you will us TPL or cost burley. I hope you enjoyed the sector and you understood well when you should be killing your If anything they clear, please do not hesitate to re watch this lecture again. Thank you for watching this lecture. 35. FC Big Course S9L6: hi there, and welcome to the structure. In this lecture, we are going to see how to use retargeting. A retargeting is one off the most powerful ways you can use to boost your stays and lower your costs. If you want to succeed in your face as campaigns, you have to master the art off retargeting. I'm not exaggerating when I say that without having a deep understanding off how retargeting works, you will never succeed. Retargeting enables you to show your ad toe people who are already engaged with your ad or perform a certain action on your website. In simpler words, Retargeting enables you to show your ad toe. People who have shown some interest in your product the Internet in general and Facebook particulary are crowded with ads. We see ads every day, and everywhere people are selling and buying more and more online. That's why when someone your ad for the first time, he might like the product. But this might not be sufficient for him to pull up his credit card and purchase or to give you his inmate. However, if he saw your ad several times, this increases your chances off convincing him to buy from you, and this is what the marketers call the rule off. Seven. The rule off seven is a marketing principle that states that your prospects need to come across your offer at least seven times before they really notice it and start to take action. Your prospects can be exposed to offer more than seven times, but they need to see it at least seven times. This helps them remember you among on overwhelming amount off marketing messages and other information, and increase your chances of getting better results from your marketing efforts. And here is the importance off setting up properly retargeting campaign that will boost your story 95% off. Marketers don't know how to set up an efficient three targeting campaign. They just tell Facebook to target people who visited their landing page regardless off what these people did on this landing page. So what they do is the following its client A entered the website and quit without buying or leaving his email. They re target him with the same at if client be entered the website and added a product without buying. Also, they targeted him with the same at its clients see entered the website and both a product or left his email. They also target him with the same ad for the same product. This method is a clear ways off money because using it, you are treating that person who just bought from you in the same way as the one who only clicked on your act. You should retarget people depending on what actions they did on your ad or on your website . You have to create different players off retargeting. Let me give you my strategy. If someone both from me a product, I will retarget him with an ad that shows another product related to the product. He both with a 10% discounts. If someone in shaded check out for a certain product, I retarget him with an earth for the same product with another photo or video or another ethics, and with 5% or 10% discount. If someone added the product to the card, I retarget him with a different ad for the same product, maybe a different photo or at the syringe video, and I would remind him that he left a product in his car. If someone visited my website or interacted with my ad. I will re target him with a different ad for the same product or service and maybe with a different placement. But that's how you create an effective retargeting campaign that will boost your Saiz or get you more leads concerning the budget. I always recommend to divide the budget that you are putting on your campaigns by three. So if you put $30 per day on your ad, you put $10 a day for the retargeting. Now, let me show you how to do it in your ad, Senator. So the first thing to do is to go toe asset librarian here and toe pick audiences. Here you have three different options. Custom audience. Look, I like audience or safe Hodgins. We are going to create a custom audience. So I'm going to pick this option in here, and I'm going to click on it here. I'm going toe pick website traffic. And after that in nearly had the different options off retargeting. You have purchased you content page of you at the card lead. It's up to you. You can't wear the retargeting you want to do in here. I'm going to do a retargeting for people, for people who added a certain product to their card, a certain products from my store to the card. So I'm going to pick at the card after cruising at two card. I want reform all options to exactly target one product. So I'm going to pick in here on option. That allows me to do that. You have different options in here. The only one that would give you exactly the product you want is the content ideas. If you pick value, for example, you might be retargeting. Two different at two cards, two different products at two cards so you can choose content ideas. And I'm going to show you how to fight a content idea off a certain product. If you remember this, a chrome extension. We have used it before, so you have already install it on your crown. You go to your store, your product page exactly on up. You can't take here from here. You can choose that. I can find the content ideas off each product you have on your store so you can't beat this number from here, and you base it on your own your ad manager in here. And this way you can retarget people who exactly added this product not any product this product to their card. So you can be target them with the net off the same product and pushed them into taking action and buying from you. You can choose any option you want to catch was purchased. You can choose at a card. You can choose the option you want to retarget. You can do all of them in the same way. I hope you enjoyed this lecture. They don't with me and let me in the next one. 36. FC Big Course S9L7: Hey, guys, and welcome to the structure in this lecture. We are going to cover one off the most important topics in this course, which is skating. Scaling is so important, and if you know how to do it properly, you are gonna make a lot of money. This is the power off Facebook ads. It's scalable. If you have a physical store, you cannot scale easily. You have to invest a lot off money and time toe open another physical store. If you are relying on organic traffic, you cannot scale because you have to wait until someone search for your product on Google and finds you. And by but with Facebook and nearly two billion users, you can show your product in front off potential buyers all over the world and make a lot of profit in a short amount of time. So once you're finished testing and found the best converting campaigns, it's time to scale. There are two ways off scaling vertical scaling and horizontal scaling. Let's begin with vertical skating. Vertical scaling means you have to increase your budget, but the question is how to increase it. Should we increase the budget on the same winner Asset. Or should we let the winner except running and duplicate this asset and increased the budget on the new one? A lot of people stayed that increasing the budget on the winner at set might kill Saiz. That's why they prefer to live there at set, working on the same budget and applicator did and skate on the new one. And others prefer to increase budget on the same at set. For me, it doesn't matter if you are ready, made all the tests, and you are respecting all the strategies. I thought you in this course and already found a winner. It will sell whether you duplicated the asset and increased the budget or whether you decided to increase the budget directly. You have to keep this in mind if you have a converting at set. All you have to do is to give Facebook money and it will sell. Don't waste your time on basic small tactics. What's important to know is how to skate Well, my preferred method off scaling is a step by step. What does that mean? Let's say my ex set is spending $20 per day. I would increase the budget for $25 keep it like this for three days to leave the Facebook algorithm adapt and to give him time to optimize. If everything is still okay, I would move toe $35 for three days and then toe $50 then to $70 then for $100 then for $150.300 dollars, then $500. I begin by increasing by small steps, and once I see that it's working, I begin to increase my steps further and further. Some people prefer to directly move from 20 to 100 maybe 2 $1000 it could work. But I prefer to be patient and decrease the budget slowly. But you have always to keep in mind that a winner product will always sell as long as you give the necessary money to Facebook. To optimize that's another method to scale vertically is to put the best performing at set in a CBO campaign with a big budget. For example, if you have three assets that are performing very well on a $20 per day budget, each you can duplicate them into a CBO and the put $100 per day for all of them and let them compete. And then if you see that the campaign is working well, you increase the budget step by step. Now, after a certain point after you have made a lot off say's you city are will begin to drop down and you see PP Cosper purchase or your CPL cost per lead will go up because your ad will become repetitive and annoying to your audiences. At this moment, you need to start to think about scaling horizontally. Scaling or is entirely means you need to start searching for new audiences. You can start by creating a set off different lookalike audiences. You can start searching for new audiences, or you can also start thinking about advertising in other countries or maybe worldwide targeting. And if you are making money for more than four months with this product, create your brand rent our house in the country in which you have the most say's. This will reduce the delay off shipping, and this will make you unbeatable. Imagine when you can deliver the product in one or two days while all the other competitors deliver it in two weeks. So let's sum everything up. I recommend you to start skating vertically by increasing the budget in small steps. Then, when you reach a certain threshold where the CPP is too high, you start thinking about scaling horizontally by using look alike audiences and by searching for other profitable audiences. I hope you enjoyed this lecture and you understood well how you are going to scale your ads and your business. Stay tuned with me and let's meet in the next structure. 37. FC Big Course S9L8: Hello there. And welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we are going to talk about the lookalike audience. The lookalike audiences one off the most powerful features you can use to make Facebook s Camp A's skyrocket. In this lecture, we will learn everything you need to know about it. So take your pen and pencil and get ready. Imagine that you have found a winner product and you have made more than 200 sales, and your best audience is composed off 250,000 person. After a certain extent, if you keep advertising for the same audience, this audience will be exhausted. The same persons have seen your product so many times that your product became warning for them. Your city are would go down and your CPM will go high, so you find yourself forced into finding another, others to market your product to and one off. The best solutions to this problem is to use the lookalike audiences, and I'm going to show you why. Let's go back to our example. Your product already made 200 days and Facebook knows a lot off that about two fires. He knows their sex there. Each the pages. They like the type off as they click on the worst they used when they are chatting and a lot more data when you use the lookalike audience. Facebook research in his directory off that for people who are similar to the ones who wants from you, people who are similar to the people who both from you, are most likely the people that will buy from you. I have done this for a lot off my winter products, and I'm going to give you an example. I was selling a product with a $24 margin. My casa per purchase was around $11. When I used the lookalike audiences, my casa per purchase dropped to $4.2 which is awesome. I only recommend you to use that lookalike audience on your customers only if you had made more than 100 sales or more than 100 leads. If you have less than 100 days or leads, that data will not be that accurate, and Facebook will not be able to create the lookalike audience that can highly covert. And if you don't have this 100 days, no panic, you can create a lookalike audience using people who added your product card. But off course you still need to have at least 100 active card. You can also create a lookalike audience out off people who interacted with your ad or out off people who watched more than 75% off video. And there are plenty off possibilities. But off course, the most powerful lookalike audience is the one you get from people who already both from you, because this will make Facebook search for people similar to the ones who both from you, let me give you a small example. If I create a lookalike audience out off people who interacted with my add Facebook windows in search for people similar to the ones who interacted with my add, and this will increase the interaction on my post, but not necessarily essays, let me show you now how to create a look alike on this out off people who both from yourself. If I store when you want to create a lookalike audience, you have to click on asset library, all tools, then Agins. Then you click on create audience lookalike audience. You have to choose the source with Ches, the others that you won't Facebook to search for people similar to the country and the audience size. So for the country, it's easy. You have to choose the country you are targeting. So if you are targeting the U. K you choose United Kingdom, for example, now let's talk about the audience size. Let's consider that in the UK there is 40 million Facebook users. If you choose the 1% Facebook will calculate the 1% out off 40 millions, which is equal toe 400,000. And he will search for the 400,000 people in the UK that are the most similar. Your Sourcefire, if you choose the 2% Facebook research for the 800,000 people in the UK that are the most similar to your source fight. So what I recommend you to do is to create three lookalike audiences with 1% 2% and 3% and see which one converts better. In order to create a lookalike audience out off your customers list or your leads list. You just have to go to our Facebook ads lunger and to create a new agents out off your customers list. Then you create their lookalike audience out off your previous audience. So how to do that? Let me show you. You go in here and your eye. Oh, GIs. So here you click on create a question audience and you choose customer list. And you chose this one and use a leg from directly from customers. Here. You have two options. Either you copy and paste your data here. All you import this data by by a CBC or a text file, you can download our five template from here to know how you should be giving your data to Facebook. You click in here and you can see that the information will be giving in an excel sheet. You put your viewers, you put your customers information here the emails phone number the first day of the second name. The last name that zip the country Everything. If you want to know more about these days, you just have to go to Facebook. Help and it gives you explanation about each off this column. If some of this information are not available to you, just leave them blank. So after the after entering your customers information in here you have toe save the file and you import this file here and on Facebook, and you will be creating a new urgency out off people who already both from you are out off people who already given you their inmates after the creating this audience. Now you go and do create. I look, I like audience out of this audience, and here I will import my fight off customers and I we click on next on this Saddest off my customers. I will click on, create, upload and Create, and here I have created my test audience. So now, after creating my audience now, I want to create a lookalike audience out off this audience. So I go in here and I click on Lookalike Hodgins. I choose my Hudgins. From here on, I like the location. Let's say yes A Let's say this location, for example. Here I choose my audience size and I click on Create Audience. So this is how you create a look I like audience out off your customers is I hope you enjoyed this lecture and thank you for watching