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Facebook Timeline Cover: Make Your own Timeline Cover Today

teacher avatar Adrian Yeow, Adrian Yeow

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1 ( Free images )

    • 3. Lesson 2 ( Editor )

    • 4. Lesson 3 ( Quotes )

    • 5. Lesson 4 ( Revision )

    • 6. Lesson 4 ( Pic Monkey )

    • 7. Assignment

    • 8. Conclusion

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1. Introduction: and everyone in this cause. I'm going to show you how I will make my own Penland cower using some free source from Internet and that three majors for all commercial use. This is a simple some the cower that I made. I will show you how to get free images from Web site, how to edit pegs on timeline, cower and how to make some courts off the thing. In this cost, you should be ready to make your own Tellem cover video minutes. See you inside a cost. 2. Lesson 1 ( Free images ): Hello, everyone. In this video, I'm going to show you how you can make your own Facebook talent cower with some free resource and imagers. The resource that I'm going to show you today is timeline. Cower, Bender, Just do a creek message for you and you can click on the link now I do. Now it's gonna start designing Facebook, our and this dish off time. You can either choose free majors. There's free for commercial use from the website itself or you can start with bling background. I state that my options in our absolutely background now would be for uploading a background. I'm going to choose a suitable image to use. I'm going to show you a website. They allow you to use their image with all free commercial, used and no attributions. Quiet is peace. A beta come Okay, can you and select which never emission days appropriate and do a quick google quick piece of basis for sense it. Once it's done, I do the big ground. Address it to the proportions that you think is suitable and you can click on their step now. Just done the cower when you're satisfied with the result and you're done, See you in the next video 3. Lesson 2 ( Editor ): you know, a one in the last video. I shouldn't you how you can make your own talent cover and using some three d mission is some color to it today. I'm going to show you how toe indeed the talent cower. And at some text on it, it's USIA. I gotta tell him. Cover being in dot com actually on you And frankly, our start designing Facebook, Howard. But today I'm going to chew some radiant make template, and I'm going to go for the business section. Now this Carlos Nice to me on you and I just start anything now what different is with this through t? They look similar. Now this one looks more perfect on paper. Yes, I can show you a little think on it. This is my business name is my shop. Now you can choose your phone type, but in this case are justly ages Is it takes kind of it takes No, it's some for number. And I would choose this teeth a play on this place. And I was the editing. They say that 24 number Do you want to tree 456 they with Okay, you can see the telephone numbers in Rick Tyler. They know the comforting of what? So I just changed a kind of careful number in a few color station. The color off my preference. This case you'll be white. It takes six months. Maybe will be smaller. Just eat to become Be good. Just a rookie. Drink it around here and you're done. Now look at you. This u b a kaur for some text on you? No, when I'm done, I used greatness thing and I'm really Doesn't my cover soon? Next for you. 4. Lesson 3 ( Quotes ): L A one. If you're on Facebook, you're probably not this. That's love. People like to quote some famous people, and today I'm going to show you exactly how you can do that, too. On your term cover, of course, they quote yourself will be a different style. No, in this day, angering to choose Scrapbook, Kinka degree and I, yes, shoes on this but insists off looking office work our maker do the and green clay courts. Coward. I was like, You open up a new window, they said. You can see the Essex has to choose the wording and choose between course in Jim Pro. What's and this winter trustees and their promise to cherish with whichever cover it suits our necks classes. I'm doing my demonstration. Facebook. Our I'm just click on this once. It's quick. As you can see, you render the attacks on the cow itself, and you can see how really good text looking is. But if this is not the stuff that you're looking for is on the phone. The snow, the color you're looking for, it's perfectly fine. It's shoes Next. Once you read the new forms for you with a college not for you. Just next color and to your city straight. The result. Of course, Once you are satisfied, you can either safe is PNG or your picnic. I was just say for Jipping and Garden. Congratulations seeing the next week. 5. Lesson 4 ( Revision ): you know you want in this friend and costs I'm going toe walk your true everything that we have learned throughout so far You start by choosing a Carol Mika and we can't It takes if you want to Since this ship there But love and just a call me text This one looks nice to me AP Photo Down to us They come to you Now here's the tricky part. If to adjust it to the exact right proportions, you may take some time. - Perfect . Now, when you are done, just have the quickness Step and down. Both picture. All right. Go to the grass. Photo. Yeah. This one. This nice with me. What's co maker use already? This? That. I'm just going to choose a long one. Feasible. Cover the ways a bit difficult to see. Seven years going to choose different force. Yeah, this is much better. Maybe a different color so that we can see it clearer. Okay, When you're done, just cities extra pickle, PNG, and you're good to go 6. Lesson 4 ( Pic Monkey ): no everyone, today I'm going to show you ended this site which you can use to make sure on Facebook hand cover is pic monkey. I did the research for you, actually. Cognac. Now I'm going to say for this button I have to say this button. Do you problem you to either select your pictures from computer Facebook or Dropbox? I just take this for now. You could choose the right. The outfield feeds both hand cover over the layouts and had to choose Facebook. However, against the lady, The optional fees. Steve, please. Now I just open some picture up with administration purpose. This point over here? No, with them. Done. Get it some text and you fix a mute. But I do know is click on the edit button. Why? Basically, Minister, you couldn't come back and change the assuring them off. The opening in a I'm satisfied your feet in 18. This, however, is I'm picturing it. I just said name this for it takes and stop it Monday. No, Nish is power can jacket over here. It doesn't seems to be a wreck on trust. So what does what kind of do? Much better. Yes, I see is there would be they put in the corner. Nobody's over eating a ship. It's on the corner of this picture. You can make uh, calling the bit wrong. Just Trickett overhears can see It's starting to take effect now. Yes, it's very just clean plate. Does it some more effects on them? Yeah, it's almost nice when you see some some kind of Krohn shit with ease This issue, Minister, desire for your future. And you couldn't use it because you have picks, traveled them. - You could see what I'm doing When I am done, just click on safe. But then rename it Simple Ken Lay. No nation is power safe to your computer and you're good to go now. 7. Assignment: Hey, guys, for the project is same. In part he suppose up the time cover. They were made, I think A show Castle words for all the members to see. 8. Conclusion: Congratulations. You have finished a lesson. Don't forget to post up your work on the project assignment site so that we can know what we have come up with after taking a lesson with me.