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Facebook Messenger Marketing ManyChat Beginner

teacher avatar Marketing 6pack, Marketing 101 For Startup Entrepreneurs

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Install Manychat

    • 3. Dashboard and audience

    • 4. Default message

    • 5. Main menu and settings

    • 6. Sequences

    • 7. Sequence case study

    • 8. Send a broadcast

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About This Class

Want to learn a new marketing tool? Generate more leads, engage more customers, and build your brand? Do you want incredibly high open rate?

Master The Basics Of Chatbot Marketing

  • Gain followers
  • Build your brand
  • Engage your customers
  • Generate high open- and click through rate
  • Create automated Facebook messages
  • Build message flows

Start your Messenger Marketing now, while the competition is not too big. Because it's a new method, very small percentage of businesses use it. A year from now every brand will use it, so you can be a step ahead your competitor.

Learn the basics of ManyChat, this powerful Facebook Messenger Marketing tool, and start to build your bot today!

Look for my ManyChat Intermediate course too.

It doesn't matter if you have followers, or just start to build them. It doesn't matter what you sell, or how long you are in the business. ManyChat will bring some freshness for your fans.

Meet Your Teacher

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Marketing 6pack

Marketing 101 For Startup Entrepreneurs



In my courses, I cover different marketing tools from content marketing, through sales funnels to social media advertising. They are easy to understand and integrate in your business.

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1. Introduction: welcome to my course. Did you know that people who writes to a customer service email address expect an answer within 24 hours? And people who pushed the question on a social media business page expect the response within an hour. So let me just ask, How good is your customer service? And how can you make it better with Facebook chat messages, you can serve your customers right at their chat inbox and deliver answers to them quickly . But there's just one side of the story. How about building a subscriber list? Sending out automated campaigns and regular broadcast messages with content or sharing your promotions and offers? You can do it all with many chat. It's a platform where you can set up an automated chat boat that answers your customers questions. Send out automated messages and collect subscribers. Enjoy fast communication, high open rates, improved brand awareness and increased sales for your business. All you need is a business, a Facebook page and an Internet connection. Let's get started 2. Install Manychat: So here we are in manager dashboard. Many check is a tool. You can send automated chat messages to your subscribers. Everybody is your subscriber. Whoever ate a for sent you a message on your page, and I'm gonna show you how to get subscribers how to send them ultimatum messages, how to send them a sequence, how to follow up, how to sell them, your product and how to create a fun pop up in your website that directs redirects to Ah, your Facebook, Chet. So first you have to connect your page here. I'm already connected with marketing six back. You can add the new page or connect yours here. The pages I'm an ad mean in so I can connect any off these pages. But I don't want to. I'm going to show you the examples in this marketing six back page so you can see I have three subscribers. I just started this I d. So it's a test that everything works. Everything works fine. And let me talk about first this legal link. It's ah m dot me slash your page. In my example, it's m dot me stash marketing six pack and let me talk about it. If I click on it, it's gonna open up my marketing six back chat messages. So I'm Christina. Renee. Everything. What? I chatted with marketing six back. It's gonna show up Messenger message. So if I didn't talk to marketing six pack is just the bank page and I can message them. So how can you use it? You can put it on your website. Here is how I'm using it in my contact page. I say get in touch and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you click here to chat and if I click here to chat, it's gonna redirect exactly to marketing six pet chat So it's good for your customers. They can immediately chat video in Facebook. How can I do this? I go to my word breast website beer. There I go to contact Page and I just embed this. I am not me slash marketing six packs. So if you see this is the euro, if you click on click here to chat, you gonna redirect to this you Earl, which takes you to the Facebook chat. So this is how you start, we the manager in the next videos, I'm going to tell you how to create automated messages, how to create sequences, how to follow up, how to sell your products to them and how to create Ah, fun Facebook messages. How toe ask questions and get answers, how to engage your subscribers and every fun element off this page seeming the next video. 3. Dashboard and audience: So first here is your dashboard. You can see how many subscribers you have, How Maney subscribes. How maney un subscribes. How Maney Net subscriber. You can check out little charts here. How maney Net subscribers you have so each days how many subscribers you had. You can check out the subscribers and on subscribers which day how Maney subscribes and unsubscribed you had. You can see the next step is audience where you can see your subscribers individually. You can search by name. If you feel they're your subscribers by name, you can click on their name. You can see Ah, which sick sequence they subscribe. Let's see another prince. You can see How did they get Subscribe Open Opted in through my Facebook At landing page, You can see which sequence they are in his on the She's on the Facebook sequence off mine. Here is which tags do they have? You can add tags. You can subscribe them to a sequence. You can, um, start a chat with them. We're here. You can unsubscribe them manually. So if you start a chat with them, it goes automatically to your life chat. This is the life chat where you can see your chat conversations individually, you can click on the conversations and you can ah ah reply to them individually. 4. Default message: I want to cover three tabs under Manage it under automation. In this lecture, the default replied the welcome message and the keywords. So let's start with the default reply. Default reply is something. When you are in the conversation and your subscriber say something. What the boat doesn't understand. So it's not in the keywords. It's not quick replies. It's not, Ah, bottles and the but and the boat doesn't understand. What's that? Ah, that's the default reply. What subscribers get. I enabled this function because I felt it pretty annoying when every time my subscribers asked me something Ah, they got this default reply message that page name typically replies in one day, If you want to ask something, just president, talk to Human Baron And it was It broke the conversation in a very weird way. Um, every time somebody asked me something Ah, they get this default reply, which I didn't like it so you can enable or disable if you want ah to take advantage of this feature. The next one is the welcome message, which is, if somebody sends you a message and click on the get started bottom, they will get this reply my welcome message Reply is pretty simple. Hey, first name. Welcome to want to the family. Feel free to ask your questions. We will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. And the little instruction off me and the page. My name is Cristina Rudin. A funder off marketings, expect and a little instruction. What will happen? So what the subscriber expect we will send you messages about the best block post to be released and other news. But don't very not too often sounds fair. After two seconds, I my boss types and other message take two seconds and joy into the marketing six packs Facebook page barbecue. Milly, where we communicate with our full over. So you don't miss out this thing. And I have a like, now, Baron, which takes them to my Facebook page. Because even if they, um, send the message to my, uh, bought, they maybe didn't like my page. So to grow full overs, I send them to my Facebook page, which I'm active on Facebook. So that's why I send them to my Facebook. If I would have Twitter, I would mention it here. But I'm active on Facebook, so I leave this Facebook thing here, and after three seconds, they can get a message. You can subscribe with the worst stop. I think it's important to tell them, at least at the very beginning, how they can unsubscribe. You don't have to send this with every message you send, but at the beginning, I think it's Ah, it's good to know. Let's see the keywords you can. There are two main keepers. Start and stop. Start is to subscribe to your boat and stop is to unsubscribe. It's an automatic keepers. You can't disable this, but you can create more key birds. You can see I created an adds keywords. If they type ads in different ways, Ah, they get some action. So let's see how this work less. Make a new rule. Well, let's see Facebook create keyword, and then you can create a new reply. If somebody type Facebook, you can reply. Here is your Facebook guide. Then you can add the bottom and let's open this in a website. My Facebook at checklist and then third issue euro. So if someone type Facebook, they get this message. Here is your Facebook guide and the bottom to the, uh, Facebook guide. I just copy them, paste it from my website. Let's see what as you can do with the keyword Facebook, you can make an action. If somebody types divert Facebook, they can sips, for example, at ah, at the tag Facebook ads, you can create a new action. For example, Sips subscribes to sequence Facebook sequence. Here are some options what you can create as a new action. So here is how you set up your keywords. 5. Main menu and settings: recover. All right, here we are at many jet again. Let's talk about the main menu and the setting. So the main menu is under automation. We already cover the default reply, the welcome message and the keepers. We're gonna see the main menu in this lecture, and we're going to see the sequences in the advanced, um, many Chet block. So let's see the main menu, which is Ah, a menu you can find. I open a chat box with my, um, bought. And here is a little menu. Little three lines reach. Open up a menu. My menu items is the blawg and my Facebook page. Not everybody liked my Facebook page who sent me a message. So maybe they find ah, an opt in form on my website or in an ad or keywords triggered their subscription. And they are not my followers or like er's in my Facebook page. And because I'm active on Facebook with my marketings. Expect company. I put a link, so if there didn't like my page yet, they can go there and like my page, it's open up in your Facebook. Ah ah thing at marketings expect so they can go ahead and like it. So these are the menus. You can create it here. Here, you can see I have the blogger and the Facebook. And here is a little preview window. How it looks like you can add more menu items or you can delete or disable the whole menu system. So ah, you can they they can see the menus. Let's see. The next section of what I want to cover is the settings. So we have the general settings here. The greeting text is something they can see before they start a conversation with you. So I don't have any greeting text, so this is what they see. This is on their phone when they start a conversation with me, and then they have to create get started. But you can put some company in four here or click get started and we will get get back to you as soon as we can, or ask your questions. We answer typically in a day or whatever information is important to your audience who want to subscribe to your boat. You can see the live chat life should behavior notifications. Ah, if you wanna get notifications, how many subscribers and down subscribes you have. You can have a daily, weekly or monthly custom feared. Ah, you can create a custom field. Add means you can add or remove admissions from your bought and your billing information. 6. Sequences: in this lecture, we were gonna see the sequences how to create Ah, sequence. And in the next lecture, I'm going to go through and show you my sequences. What exactly? I write in them like a swipe file. You can use it in your sequences, or you just ah, use it as ah template to create your sequences. Because with my automated sequences, I ah, I drive the customer my subscriber to a sales funeral. So ah, first I build trust in the customers, I send them. Ah, have full information. Then I'm gonna ask them to buy my product. I'm gonna show you the swiped five for this. But first, let's see how to create a simple sequence what kindof features you have, how to build up sequence, how to build up a sequence message and what Ah, fun features. You can use it. So first, go to automation sequences and create a new sequence. Name your sequence. My name will be test and create. So here you can see all the different Ah ah, sequence messages. And on the other side, you can see when does the boat send it to people so you can set up immediately. You can set up minutes later, Hours later or days later. Let's see how to create one. So this is your manager says introduction content er and unsubscribe introduction. And here you can see a template. You can click on edit message and you can create your own. So let's say ah, well, come first name. Here is your first message. I just type something here so you can add the bottom over there. Um, these button, if you name the button, it can be replied with a message. So if you ask something, they can answer A or B. Let's say ask, um, do you want to learn about market research or blogging? Then I put a bottom market research and reply with the message, and the message will be. Here are my long articles and you can add the bottom and instead off reply with the message open in a Web site. So I just copy and paste my website, enter the euro here and create so they gonna see this welcome first name. Here is your first message. Do you want to learn about market research or blogging? We already created the market research. Let's say you create the blogging and the same thing replied with a message or open in a new girl. Here is it Had the button blogging opening website And here you created ah little conversation with them. What else? You can use it. You can mention it to unsubscribe. Ah, time diverse Stop. But you can also delete this Ah thing here So you can use quick replies. So we asked, Do you want to learn about market research or blogging? If they quick on the bottoms, then they it takes them to the next message and then they can go to the website and see the blogging thing. But the, um barons, we remain here. So when they see it in there, when they see it in their messenger here is it You can see the bottles here if I click the bottom. It says here it is blogging. It takes me to my website. But if I go back, the bottoms are still there. So I can go to the market research and get the other message. Oh ah! If you choose quick reply, you can say the same. Like what do you What? Are you interested Blogging or market research. You can use a crippling Greek rips, high market research, same thing you go there, create a new message here at the button so they can go to your website hopes so they can go to your website and my first message and blogging Create a new message here is it, But, um, blogging and open a website. Let's see how this looks like. No, I don't want this text. I accidentally click on it. Let's see a preview. Okay, so, blogging or market research If I click on blogging, it gives me the ah link with the with the website your ally already set in. But at the other quick quick reply which was here market research which was here. Market research. Ah, it it's gone so you can see the market research option anymore. So that's the difference between the quick reply and the buttons. You can add more text, it creates a new bubble, and you can enter more text. Um, like are Facebook page. You can add the bottom so they can like your Facebook page. You can create Ah, you can create. Um I really like it. The delay. It shows like if the boat is typing. You know those three dots in the messenger when somebody is typing, for example, for 33 seconds and then after that, let's move this here. So after it as the blogging and thing, um, it will say, like our Facebook page And then the two quick reply button you can ah put an image here. This will be my image you can at the card, which will be you have to choose an image, a title and the soup title and the you ever the card goes Ah, you can. At the fire, you can add video. You can add audio A list. Ah, gallery with more pictures. So there are a lot off fun features you can use to create your sequence. So let's go back to the test sequence. You created this Ah message. Let's say first message so you can see this is the first message here, and you can choose. I like to choose it days like send the next ah, that Send the next sequence message after a day or after several days, we will go through it in the next lecture when I'm gonna show you how exactly I use thes sequences and what I write and what is my delay and everything. And you click active it as and you can go to the next message. You can create your next message. Ah, the same Aziz. We created the 1st 1 And you, um, enable this message and send after five days. He said this. You go to the next message and you create as money, um, sequence messages as you want, and here is your test sequence. 7. Sequence case study: in this lecture I wanted to show you. How do I create my sequences? And what do I write in them To create a sales, you know. So we're here at the Facebook Growth tool, for example, I have an opt in message from here back. I'm Christina. Thank you for requesting the Facebook targeting guide you can download by clicking the bottom below on the little introduction about myself. My name is Cristina route name, marketing consultant and certified email marketing specialist. What's next? We already went through on when we created the pop up window. So I don't repeat myself. But this is the first message off the sequence when I deliver the lead mag net the Facebook targeting guide. So when they um let's see ah, here. When they click the button, they automatically subscribe to the Facebook sequence here, and they automatically get a tag like Facebook ads so they automatically subscribe to my sequence which the next Ah, messages. Four days later. Follow up message. I tested different full of messages I tested one day later and two days later and four day later Ah, for me the four days later work the best. I have the most click through rate and open rate. Ah, so I I decided to keep the four day. I don't think, um, it's a good idea to send too many chat messages to a subscriber because it can create more and subscribes. So this is my first message. Hi. First name. How did you like the Facebook guide on two buttons? I liked it or it was okay. If they click on the I like that, it goes to awesome. Stay tuned for more. It was okay. Let me know. How can I improve it? So this is the first message after four days after they got the lead magnet. It's a follow up message. Nobody. No questions. Just just one question. How did you like your Facebook guide? The next message goes out after five days. It's ah, it goes to a block post. Let's see how it looks like High first name. If you are running a Facebook ads check out this block post about cold, warm and hot traffic advertising. And after this, I put a little ah description off the block post. After reading this book post, you will know the difference is off the three traffic types and know exactly what kind off ads you should send them. Ah, yes. Show me button and no, thanks. Yes, Show me button. Um, here is the block post and another button. Go to the block Post V, the ah website. You are l So this is my second message of the click on? No, thanks. I just say maybe later. And I don't disturb them anymore with this. So this goes to a block post, which is tight to ah, the original lead magnets. So the lead magnet was Facebook Guide Block post where I send them in. The second message is a block post about Facebook advertising. So because they are on the Facebook sequence, they are interested in Facebook and Facebook advertising. So I send them to block post about this. The next message goes out after seven days to don't get too annoyed. It looks like house going first name. So you started running your ads, but the results are there. Here is another article. You can use it for your Facebook ads. Why? Your ads don't convert so the same but a show me or no, thanks. If they can show me it takes them to the block post if they click on No, thanks, I just say OK, maybe later. So this is the next message which steal a content. So why just with these block posts? I showed them my expertise. I keep them engaged and build trust in them. And my next Ah, Sometimes I put another message with another block post. Ah, the more you show them, the better. But after seven days, my first sales message goes out, which I start with a simple question. To use Facebook gets for your current business or you just plan to use them from square scratch. Ah, because you can start a sequence sequence message with the direct promotion. So I asked this question if they click on, for example, just planning. Um, it goes to another question. Do you know that I have a course? Ah, on the latest Facebook at techniques. If they click on that, say no, that goes another message, which I talk about the course. I want to sell step by step guide, how to market ah, how to do marketing on Facebook with the latest tools, features and ads from the table off content and I talk a little bit about my offer and another question. Do you want to hear more? You think like, yes, here is the link and you can see the course off course. It goes to the same sequence messages. If they click, they use their Facebook for business. Do you know I have a course on the latest Facebook ads trends? And again, if they say yes, then I repeat my offer Now with 90% discount for the fresh Facebook ads messenger EDS and retargeting. Here is the link, and they can go to the course what they can buy in 90% off. So this is my first offer promotions. So don't don't forget to not start the sequence with the promotion started with a question and after day interact with your bought or you answered the question. They can see the promotion. I usually sent the follow up message about the sales. Um, it waas just the follow up. Did you check out your course I sent you yesterday? Here's some reviews. More customers left and I attached a few reviews from my course. I usually sent out this after the sales message, but sometimes plea. People click on no thanks on the sales message. And if I follow up ah, it can be annoying for them or if they already about the course, and I follow up, then it can be confusion, so I don't use the follow up anymore. But I can do that if they click on yes, here, let's say they click on just planning and they click on No, and they click on Yes, they want to hear more. So here is the course. The course think I can make the bottom an action to subscribe them to another sequence which may be can start with the follow up. I don't know if it makes sense, but what if they bought the course and I send them another follow up, which doesn't look right. So I enabled the follow up message. But after five days, I send them another block post just to keep them engaged and show them its not all about promotion. I still provide them useful content. Here is another block post. You might like new faith features for Facebook group admissions and the little benefits about the ah block post. Give me or no thanks. So here is my sequence look like? And after they finished the sequence, they get regular broadcast messages I send out regularly, maybe twice a month. Not too often. I don't want them to be annoyed. Which which is another Ah block boss, my newest block boss. And sometimes another offer for them. So you can use these sequence. You can use my words or you can create your own. This is just destructor. How do I create myself? Funeral on manager. 8. Send a broadcast: all right back to many chat, and in this lecture we're gonna see how to send out broadcast messages where broadcast messages are similar than regular email message campaigns or email campaigns. You send out, um, a broadcast message to all of your subscribers or two different segment off subscribers. Well, let's see how to do that. You have to click on broadcasting. So here are my broadcast, if you see and let's see all above messages I sent out of broadcast that see the last one sent out to 201 people. 78.4% open rate, which is huge and 28.8 e. 98% click through rate, which is really, really good for an email campaign. It would be 25% open. Open rate, 25% open rate for an email campaign is good. It's really good, and it could be like 10% click through rate. If if it's a good campaign here with Facebook messages, people just live on Facebook. They they are on messenger, and if they receive a message no matter where they are, what are they doing? They receive that message and they're gonna check out within the next one hour summer, but usually immediately. So let's see my broadcast. It was I It was not a successful broadcast. Even if there was good open and click through rates because I had, ah, lot off on subscribes. But I'm gonna show you how to create, um how I'm going to show you another broadcast, So I send it a first name. If you're serious, Marketer, you should use many Chet as one of your marketing strategies and three bottles. I'm already using it. What's that? Or I don't care if they click on the button. If they click on, I'm already using it, they go to another. They go to a block post. If they quicken, what's that? They go to another block bust, and if they click on, I don't care. They just got a smiley face back. So this is this was not a successful broadcast. Let's see another broadcast. Hey, First name new on the block. I send out a lot off. Not a lot of broadcasting with new on the block, but maybe twice a month. So my best block posts where I popped published in the last couple weeks. I send out one off them and I don't wanna I I publish a new block posts like, ah to work for a week. And I don't want to send out two or four messages or emails about all of my block post because I don't wanna annoy them too much. Especially if we are talking about messenger. They can easily click unsubscribe if you overdo it, so don't overdo it. Give them time, give them space, let them do their own thing. And sometimes just to be in their mind just to drive them to your blog's just to make them to purchase. So that's enough that waas you can see the quick replies. I had a show me, which had 30% click through rate, and I had a no thanks, which had 10% click through rates. So pretty, pretty good, pretty good. Let's see how to create a new broadcast, click on, create new broadcast and write your first bossed, for example. Hey, I like a first name. It's nice. A first name. I have, uh, a couple new block bossed. You might be interested. Do you want to read email marketing or about more thing. Let's see about Facebook marketing and let's due to Butters e mail. Reply with a message. Create new message If they click on email, here is your block Bost and at the bottom go too long Open website and let's go to my blawg and click on an email. For example, Think you have to do to improve operates in your email marketing campaign? Let's them. Let's drive them to that block post. If they click on, Let's go back to post, create another button Facebook. You see, I asked if they want to read about email marketing or about Facebook marketing. They have a bottom for email. It goes to a post ah video email marketing. And now I create another bottom for Facebook. Create a new message again. Here is your lock Bost and the button opening website. And let's see another block. Bost about Facebook. Here is a Facebook. It's talking about manager, by the way. So, ah, if you are interested in learning more, I already attached um, the block boss to the resource is here, but you can go to my blawg and learn more about manager if you're interested. So let's put this girl here and I created a very, uh, very simple sequence here, Um, just to show you how how it works off course, you can add pictures you can add quick replies. You can, ADM or ah, messages. It is the same, like you are creating a sequence or like creating ah ah, single message or a single communication. So is the same you can. You can add the new action for each bottom, for example, at the tag and the email tag, you can subscribe or unsubscribe them from a list to a list subscribed to list. M O. C. Quiz. You can do everything with these messages what you can do in when you are creating ah sequence message. Ah, basically, that's your broadcast. You can send ah subscription road cast. These messages can contain ads or promotion materials, but can be sent at any time, regardless off time passed since their last user activity. So it doesn't matter when they did interact with your both last time. You can send it to everybody who is your subscriber, not the promotional broadcast. Promotional broadcasts are messages that contain ads or your promotional materials or your offer, but can only send to subscribers who are active in the past 24 hours. So who are interacted with your both in the last 24 hours to do to in order to get the most people received my promotion a broadcast. I send a subscription broadcast before I send out my promotional one. And with the subscription of Broadcast a lot off people will interact, answer questions or go to a link and eso When I The next day when I send out my broadcast, it will be more subscribers. We'll get my broadcast messages after a broadcast after a promotional broadcast. You can follow up after 24 hours for these people who were interact with your boat. You can target people, for example. Ah, those who have a tag are those who have who opt in in a particular digit sequence. Subscribers. So maybe if you just wanna send these broadcasts to ah, I have different sequence. It's Facebook marketing, email, marketing, marketing campaigns. And I said, if I want, I send out on Lee too, those people who are subscribed to, for example, my email marketing sequence. You can select gender, local language, time zone, full name first name, so you can create a lot off condition to send them. You can schedule your broadcast or start now, and the notification settings are so they can send it with the regular push, which means it's the same like you were receiving Facebook message. It has got the sound, and immediately it's on your screen. You can choose, um, silent bush, which is when they don't get the the sound notification. So I usually use the silent push because I don't wanna disturb them. If they are in the middle of work or they are doing neurons or doing stuffs. I I just let them know that I message them, and then they can ah, read my message when the time is right and when they are checking their phone and I want to send Ah broadcast now or I can send the preview. Let's see how it works. Here is marketing six back. Hey, Christine, I have a couple new block post for you. You might be interested. Do you want to read about email marketing or about Facebook marketing? Click on email and everybody who creaked, for example, on email, they can click on Facebook to so I click on Facebook because I'm interested both. So that's why I didn't do quick replies. That's why did bottoms Because because button stays creek quickly. Price. If there would be too quick reply email and Facebook. If I push email, the Facebook Creek reply would leave would disappear. So with ah, the butter's, I can send as many ah time as I want. And I still received the messages. And if I click on it, it goes to my block post. Hopefully and here we go. Okay, so this is how um ah broadcasts work, and now it's time to do your own.