Facebook Marketing for Small Business: 10X your Business with 1 Simple Facebook ad | Vignesh Vijayendran | Skillshare

Facebook Marketing for Small Business: 10X your Business with 1 Simple Facebook ad

Vignesh Vijayendran, Social Video Strategist and Consultant

Facebook Marketing for Small Business: 10X your Business with 1 Simple Facebook ad

Vignesh Vijayendran, Social Video Strategist and Consultant

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8 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. About the Course

    • 2. My experience with Facebook

    • 3. Why Facebook Lead Ads

    • 4. How to target the right audience

    • 5. Facebook ad template

    • 6. Effective Lead forms

    • 7. Respond faster to the leads

    • 8. Conclusion and Project

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About This Class

Hello business owners, in this course I am going to teach you how to grow your Local/Small business with a simple Facebook Lead Ad at a very minimum budget. This is a proven strategy which has helped me and much other business owners to get more quality leads and clients.

In this course, you will be getting a Facebook target template and a Strategic Ad template. 

As part of the class, you will need to craft an Ad for your business.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vignesh Vijayendran

Social Video Strategist and Consultant


Hello, I'm Vignesh educator and social media consultant, I run a digital marketing academy in Bangalore, India. I love helping business owners to get more leads and sales through digital platforms. I'm excited to be part of this wonderful teaching platform where I can share my knowledge and find new friends around the world, would love to stay connected.  

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1. About the Course: Hi. I'm big nish, passionate, educated and formed. Ready land toys. Are you a freelancer or a small business owner on Entrepreneur? I'm going to teach you one simple method in Facebook to generate leads on more customers at very less cost. It's a proven system used by real estate industry, small business owners, Onda training centers like mine on. I'm personally using the system to get more students on lead for my business. If you are in any off these categories on super except juicio in this course, let's jump into the course. 2. My experience with Facebook: Hi, guys. Welcome back. I was extremely hopeless and disappointed with Facebook. Well, I have spent more than $300 I didn't get any evidence. Then I realized I waas trying to sell things directly in Facebook. And if you are trying to sell something, are just having a high ticket price directly. It won't work. So you should always see any social media platform as a park. Why do we goto park just toe? Relax, dog walk made friends. Andi, it's our own personal space. So why do people come to Facebook? They come to Facebook just to relax and chill out and see what is happening around. So if we are trying to sell something to them and they're not in the party s moon, they obviously a wide it. They obviously negative. So this scenario, it happens in park also, if you are going to a park on what will happen if everyone in the party is trying to sell something to you, then you will hide your face. What? You won't even go to the park. If you see them, they will just move in a different direction. So we should understand the nature of this platform on gets a social, please. They come down to relax and chill out. And if you can do what What's the one thing which we can do is we can share a very interesting off a unique offer for them where we can grab their interest. That is the first thing. And that's the one leading which we need to focus initially when we run the first ad for a product, it should not be a direct from sees and second thing ISS second mistake, which I was making us targetting I waas struggling with targeting. I was targeting the wrong audience. I didn't keep my lead structured the lead form properly. I was getting unqualified leads or like a proper leads. I was not getting most of them and I called Bag. This is they don't even know that they have signed up. They have just randomly click. So in upcoming part, I'm going to teach you how to target the right audience on how to get quality leads. So always consider Facebook or any social media platform as a part on how to be pleasant on grab their attention in the social platforms. So come on, Let's move into the next class. That is how to talk it that I don't. Hey, I forgot to tell you one thing. So after making those corrections off, targeting on making my lead forms, right? The next ad, which I have spent is about $50 on Did give me returns off for $50 on. That's the point. I got my hope back. Thank God Facebook is working. From that moment, I realized the things on most off the campaigns, which I land is giving me a good amount off profits minimum three extra 10 accidents I'm getting from the Facebook ads now. Yeah, we'll jump back. 3. Why Facebook Lead Ads: Okay, guys. A big applause for you. Thank you for being in the third session. Off the course on. Now we're going to see why leaders. So I have chosen leader for two important reasons. One s. You need nobody about a website or landing page. All you need is a single ad to grab your leads. That's the number one reason number two, the cost. It's very cost effective. You need not set up a separate landing page as well as you are getting people from Facebook on within Facebook. So Facebook doesn't like to send people outside Facebook so that cities in social media contributes only 10% off the global Internet traffic. So all these platforms, like do you have people inside their platform itself, So lead at dozens and people outside it this inside, so you can get leads at very less cost on third on important reason to get leader Virilus. Costas, you should keep a very, very attractive. Come on. Let's jump in tow the next. But 4. How to target the right audience: how to target the right audience in this video, I'm going to beat you. Target the right audience on this is very, very crucial toe. Reach out to the right audience and this place of major rule in success off your at campaign. So target. You're right audience. All you need is to ask three questions. Now we'll see. What are those three questions And as part off the section, I'm going to give you a template which will help you figure out your right audience which will help you toe target the right audience. The template iss your You should ask three essential questions for us. This who they are 2nd 1 What do they use to solve their problems? What do they need to solve the problem? 3rd 1 is whom do they go to solve a problem that people who follow the brand which they follow on associations. So first question like who they are the rules deeply Arctic Sea was our students. In my case, I have I'm targeting executives who are like early stage and job seekers. Most off may audience are like student so recently employed and corporate exitos. The search for jobs are they have six months off experience. Still, four years off experience. And this is the age group. I am reaching out just 20 to 35 people who are part off, start up small business and to praise to track. And what did they use to solve the problem? So they read books like What kind of books would have blocked us therefore lower magazines ? And whom did they go to solve? Their problem is about the website, which they regularly visit to get their job done on the brands, which they follow the thought leaders like for me in the Alec, mostly Extra the following Attentats Azim Premji Place, Mark Zuckerberg. So job related on stuffs and companies, which they follow the search for opening. So when you ask these three questions who they are, where do they used to solve the problem, and whom did they follow and whom they associate it with? This can help you out to figure out the exact target audience you can. If you have existing customers, you can take their database and you can get to know water. There averages group. What is the lifestyle they have or you can send them questioner, and then you can get to know their interest and stuff. So the books they read, the tools they regularly use, the blocks they daily. This it our girls. If you want to know about this age group or your particular target audience, there is a fantastic tool from Facebook that's called audience insight. We will see that now. Audience insides. Yeah. So this audience inside inside Facebook ads Manager Just just pick it out inside. Adds manager can go here. All tools here this audience in tights want to click this. You get the option to see have your audience behave where you can choose the location. India us can choose the location, choose the age group and choose their interests. Suppose if you our audience at, like, foodies and then you can just give for these are food lovers. Then it will tell this data, which is the demographics. I'm looking this the percentage off men and women that age group and relationship status average average off that sort off audience on education level. What is a job title? Which industry? They are mostly in tow. What pages they're liking and following and Facebook. So now you get to know your audience are hanging out at thes pleases and they're following these stories so you can use in targeting section. And Facebook can use people who like money of are you can attack the people who like and follow your story People who follow Visa so I can add the's categories in my Facebook Targeting. So my Advil short So the exact audience whom I'm looking for and if you see activity. So here we just like this aborted pastor release activity. So two pages they have, like the only on post 31 post. On average, they're liking it on ads that picking up most 21 at the click in a month. This audience so device, they use location. Okay, So which part off the country which status? Having my target audience, who which has more influence or more likely, toe by my project. I get to know the interest level on different states. This gives you a good picture on overview off of your audience. Use Facebook and what are the pages they like and how to get them. Okay, cool. So how do we tell you? So next part is, we had one Todd get them. And Facebook. So all we need to do is have to go to Facebook. And Yeah, this is the ad creation page is there at creation page. I'm going toe klik. The generation here because we are seeing lead at lead generation, have turned off the slipped out digital medicine turned off and continue. You need to have a brand page to then add No, I'm not trying catalogue. So I quickly jumped down toe, create new audience. So in India. So I'm choosing bangle BNG a bank loan 25 miles on bank Cool. So it's group targeting people. So always ensure that you target people who have the buying capacity. Suppose when you're targeting kids, then obviously have to target the parents who's going to buy the product for the kids. So 22 toe 30. Choosing right sided reassured the audience defined size how many people I can reach so languages and just keeping it english. And now comes the detail targeting part He'll first thing. So as I am teaching digital marketing as I'm teaching the stuff, I want college graduates, they should have a degree. So I'm choosing education level in which associating the and college grad. Bless Doc Tree. No, no, no, Replied, is this a degree college grab on any professional degree they would have done? So I'm going to narrowed his audience. They should have a degree place they should have interest in. Did you tell marketing good development and you can use the suggestion off options also. So Facebook suggests some options on an advertising. Could you have done so linked in monsters? Don't call indeed, Jump Street. So really, my job job hunting got a suitable for the job. So yeah, professional development, Internet marketing. So this is how you do it. And Facebook has a huge set off targeting. If I'm running a restaurant than I can go get people who are interested in different verity off foot. Yeah. So 11 last thing which you need to do is usual target people who can buy who have the patraeus capacity. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to for the Nadal them on in rich angle to just behavior. So consumer classification in India, people who prefer I really good people who prefer Medway meant high when the goods and then one blasting shopping editors. But this behavior and get chocolates court so good. This is quite a decent bit off targeting, and this can almost hit your audience straight so you can save this audience if you want to , can give a name to the set off audience, and you can see when you see. Then you get to know if this set off audience are working, then always you can choose this audience to do your upcoming ads Placements. I don't allow it automatic, so I need to keep it on my control. So I keep one. The Facebook I'm not doing it for Instruct them. So if I want, I'll do a separate ad for Instagram. Budget and schedule. I go with daily budget. I love the art of run for one or two days and then I tested. I just give ₹300. Yeah, it is equal to $45 approximately. It only adds continue yesterday. Cool. So yeah, like untouched based on the pushing. Okay, continue. So I left said, If you see from objective with lead generation, then for which page we're running, it's not catalogued than we have different. The audience on placement is about bad. We're placing that side, replacing it in Facebook or Instagram. So we chose Facebook. Now I have budgeted and schedule the air, and now I'm looking this country new button. So I'm going to do a single image ad. Cool. So now, before we agreed this act, before we create this ad, you need to know about the ad structure. So I have a small template with which can help you to divine different. Very good. Andi, Let's see that before we create the ad. 5. Facebook ad template: It's always good to keep your ad ready. So this is a simple template which will help you toe prepare the advertisement. So we are breaking the simple Facebook are into four components like attention, interest, desire and action so attention where we have to call out our exact target audience. For example, dear jobseekers, Are you struggling for a job or dear jobs? Because is finding a dream job was a nightmare. I have a solution for you, so the solution has to be very, very unique on it has to be very interesting, so touch their fear on until pain and then interest. So your solution are the offer should grab Their interests show that in a second or third line off your at first line is all about calling on your exact audience on touching their pain. On second thing, it's about their interests. Give them what they are interested in publican, which means that keep it unique, so it has to be attention grabbing on this air. So desire is nothing but the outcome off your solution. So they are going to be happy after taking your solution so you can have a happy presents phase or image place together, use the text and the text has to be only 20 to 25% off the end, their image. So Facebook doesn't like us to have more text in the image. So the less texted us, it is good. So actually, this one, I designed it for skilled chair. So you need not take this as a complete example. So you can have similar like this. Get one extra you can have like this. So grab their in dressed show what they desire ing on, so gets that create a contrast. So I can say it's a free workshop where you will learn how to become a digital marketer in one. Not so in one night. I'm going to give a 10 weeks plan and schedule off how they can prepare themselves for good digital marketing career, and I'm giving this absolutely for free. So when I do this in the office environment, it gave me about like $50 gave me more than 50 leads, correct 55 physics leads, so single lead was costing me $1 from that I was able to sell for $600 like about 500 to $600 seals happened. 5 to 6 people came for the life, even in which three people purchased the short course and then action. A very important area where every contact, every art, would have calls to action. Keep it very clear, showcased the value off your product valley off your workshop valley off your e book and why you are giving it for free. And this is only for a very limited time, so scattered. The element is there, so just reserve your sport now by clicking sign up. So we have made it irresistible, so calling for their audience showing what they're interested in showcasing our unique concept or the solution on creating a wonderful offer for that, making them take the action so you can just use this template. Make it a copy. And what about your ad? Do this image, and you can use can want to do that because they have some people good templates they have . So we'll see have put this ad and Facebook. So we chose single image so that one image on the text on by telling that interesting story in the air, we are goingto get leads from those library. I'm going to use image use image which I used previously on which work well for me. Yeah, is the one. Imagine choosing confirming it. Cool. So I have used the dimension off 9 20 into 10 aged. And this is how your ad will look. Particularly dishes for mobile newsfeed that stop instant articles yet can have a preview off it on here. When you give the text, you are job see cars, seacoast. So whenever you type, you get that directly detox because Okay. Are you rusty? I don't, you know, marketing. Then this is our guy. Call out to them. I call me exact podiums. Then I have a solution. Okay. Which is it can be up one day free workshop. I could see he under the solution for that again elaborated one day for the workshop in which waters they will learn and comes the outcome. Here, display link is optional, so I can give it if you have what? Joyce not gone. So that is an interesting course in skills itself. It's on cooperating. I'll put that course in this link on. It's a wonderful course. Your new copy that you can practice there and things works like this when you put it into a bracket and mention it like free workshop or B something you need not use caps everywhere fully. So just for free I'm using all caps. Rest just going to be natural on. And you have to be very clear about the Facebook I left. Oh, I waas using this three exclamation symbol in my island My took so long to get published They think it is a scam when you three exclamation and say, Make money become a 1,000,000 a single day So does things a little bit about it. Yeah, pretty worked up. So no, the ultimate vision Marketing workshop Water piece 5000 for free. Or I can give something that so I'll tell you become me. Did you mean don't weeks command in demand in demand? Yeah, become an in demand Did still make it from 10 weeks. What? I can see how to become an in demand digital marketing. 10 weeks, three walks on. Then comes. It's not a perfect copy of just writing it. Show how the others being turned on news, freed description, linguistic from this is the calls to action which were speaking about It's nothing about this workshop is valued as much on only for a limited time on one before forced on the people I'm giving it for free, off cost. So sign up now on Sina. But enough kept get with a pure in desktop news. We'd it doesn't show so fine. Yep. This is how you create this leader. 6. Effective Lead forms: on. The most important part of lead are is setting up the lead form on. I'm going to set that up now, Like previous lead forms of that on lead forms. Ensure that you will be getting quite qualified leads by asking them right questions. So creating a new lead form us simple. Just click this. You leave your form and you can name your form Elsie Skill. Charlie, get a shot. He just he just just giving teachers. Okay, fine. Yeah. No, I want more One. You have just that. So in draw. This is optional. Don't it off directly. Get more to the questions. So by default that sees email on fooling again, it will be briefing by Facebook. So when you keep a lead form with, like, email and full name alone where people need not think and answer anything So people facebook will refill this. What happens attain people here they have just randomly click dead on, and they have sent the leads. So I was receiving leads, and when I called them, I was not able to connect with them. So then I realized I have to ask the right question on they have to think an answer. And if they are doing it, they remember they have signed up for theirs. And the response is good building wrap this good with him. So what I want to do is questions. Yeah. So, email for him. They have other options. Also. So four number city, postal, gold, ST Street address, zip cord can choose what we want and like data. But this score. So now I'm going to make create one custom question. Okay, If your offer's extremely good little bit, you can ask. Like to custom questions. That is good. Don't go for 34 custom questions. It can be like your leads. Cost will go high and most of them they will click and mostly won't sign up. Sometimes the former's so long So one question. So I want the choice. Short time publishing. So why do you want a magician one become Yeah, cold. So no one question is added like what do you want to have a type? Sometimes I would be giving a multiple choice question. So to build my career, to grow my business or to start no free narrative so can give multiple choice, instead using multiple choice option on privacy policy. If you have a privacy policy, Europe side, please don't mention it here. If you don't have what you can do this, you can use your page, for example, and Atlanta Facebook page Is that right? So I'm seeing it on land choice. But I was appointed. You can give a text here. What is the link repair? If you have your website, you can mention that ordered. You can't mention you are Facebook page. You are. You can get yeah court. So then thank you. Section I have mentioned you have you website and Web site Lingus Atlanta choice dot com. So? So the farmers ready now have to save this form and once deceived, just have to click. Finish. Things are fine and I have to go down and just click. Confirm. Once I click, confirm the ad will be submitted for review. This book team will review bit on. Then they'll be publishing the ad, and the next parties have begin lead directly to your email so that you can dress one faster. That's what we're going to see. The next video 7. Respond faster to the leads: responding to the leads as soon as they sign up is very, very important in Facebook. When someone signs up, usually it goes. And so the Facebook leads list. You can download it and an eccentric. Then you have to You talk to them. So when you use a tool like lead sing when they sign up in your lead form, it directly sends the leads information to your email. So this lead zinc you have tow, create a connection in it. So for page name a land choice, I have chosen this lead form. The candidate won 21 to 25. I can't do the floor. Recently, we created a new form called Skill Shatti. Just so I have to get that yo skill Chatty 01 Picking this up on email, Gonna email is way off connection. So I'm just going to update its notification. So when someone signs up in this skills that he just lied form, I'm going to get there lead directly to my personal email. So now I have received more than 1 43 e mails on. We quickly respond to them in email as well hasn't worked up. So the connection is more personal with our audience. So that's it, guys, I'm having a dining announcement will see that in the country. 8. Conclusion and Project: So congratulations, guys. You are now really launch your leaders. So I'm actually happy toe or teach the scores and skill chair. And I would like to see your average use. All templates would have given create at Try it and please do shadow ads in the projects section. Ah, Now let me see. Your ads will discuss about that and thank you so much for being part of this course. And I enjoy the process. And this is my first course on Would love to come with new courses, So dry it out. Like even for exports. Couple of ads fail or off. Then, like 45 ads will fail. So don't worry about it. Iteration is the game and enjoy. Keep it up, guys. See what the next course by