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Facebook Marketing and ads for Business

Jerry Clark, Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur

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    • Facebook Marketing and Ads 2016 for Business Part1

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About This Class

Learn to Create Powerful Facebook Ads to Increase Your Sales and Revenue Promoting Your Business All Over the World!

In This Course, You Will Learn How to Reach Hundreds, Thousands or Millions of People on Facebook

And You'll Learn How to Use the Facebook Pixel and Retargeting in Your Ads. Retargeting Is One of the Most Efficient Digital Marketing Tools Used by Large Corporations Like Netflix, Amazon and Google

How to Monetize Them Selling Your Products, Services and Ideas to All Your Followers

You Will Learn How to Exponentially Increase the Number of Likes on Your Pages, Views on Your Videos, Names and Emails on Your Autoresponder Sequence and Inspiring Your Followers to Take Action and Buy Your Products or Services





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Jerry Clark

Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur

I love digital marketing and everything that comes with it. I'm partner of a successful digital marketing agency and I've done work for EU, UN, World Vision, Hennessy, Vespa, Corona Extra, Krispy Kreme, Canon and Hyundai (just to name a few). I was in the education sector for over 13 years, and I loved it, but then transitioned into digital marketing and eCommerce (more freedom when you work online). I realized I didn't want to give up teaching, so I decided to teach online.

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